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It has been a very interesting week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Ridge's memory is still hazy as he tries to put on a brave front at his homecoming celebration, Quinn and Deacon decide to form an alliance for the sake of their children and Brooke. Maya and Wyatt are pining over lost loves. Get your dishes ready; it's time for another hearty helping of B&B Two Scoops.

Hello Scoopers! I hope everyone had a bold and beautiful week. Let's get started by scooping about Ridge's homecoming. It was nice to see the Forrester and Logan families come together in crisis for the sake of the family. We all knew that Ridge would be found, and apparently, so did Brooke. She made that perfectly clear several times during the party. Bottom line, Brooke found Ridge because they're destined to be together. Brooke didn't say it, be we all know that's what she was thinking.

Brooke looked like she bit into a sour apple as she looked on at Ridge and Katie reuniting and professing their love for each other. Brooke made a speech on how she didn't want to see it, but she can't deny the love Ridge and Katie share. Sadly, Ridge barely remembers his relationship with Katie, and he's just going through the motions not to break her already fragile heart. We all know how this storyline is going to end. Ridge will remember everything. He'll then expose Bill and Justin, and Brooke and Ridge will reunite. Does that sound about right?

For all of my longtime viewers, didn't this storyline kind of remind you of the Barbados storyline? For the newer viewers, Brooke lost her mind years ago when Eric and Stephanie gained custody of a young Rick and Bridget. She was lost, wandering around Barbados with two baby dolls clutched to her chest. No one could find her, only Ridge. I digress.

I'm not sure about the Katie/Ridge pairing anymore. At first, I was for it. I love Katie, and Thorsten Kaye's portrayal of Ridge has won me over. I think they look great together. I wasn't too happy with the way they got together, because in a way, Katie did the same thing Brooke had done to her. The only difference is that she and Ridge never took their relationship to the bedroom. I'm rambling. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if Ridge and Brooke are going to wind up together, just let it happen sooner rather than later.

So, was anyone else tired of Hope and all of her speeches? I swear that girl can manage to turn any situation and make it about her. I don't dislike Hope. I really don't. She just irritates me. How many times do we have to hear how much Ridge means to her? And how happy she was to be able to get a chance to tell him that she loves him? Once or maybe twice is good enough. Thank you.

It was great to see Thorne at the festivities. Also nice to hear that Kristen and Felicia Forrester were concerned about their brother and will be making an appearance as well. Also, Ridge's children with Taylor, Steffy and Thomas, would be making a visit. Of course, Steffy and Thomas' visit would happen off-screen, since their alter egos are not on contract.

On to other news, Brooke and Liam were in for quite a surprise when Hope told them about Daddy Deacon being in town. Immediately, Brooke was upset. She said she wanted Hope to keep her guard up. She didn't trust him. That's funny, Brooke. You weren't saying all of that when Deacon was married to your daughter, Bridget, and you were getting it on with him.

Remember? You loved him! You were sacrificing your happiness for Bridget's. That's why you married Whip. That's why you agreed to Whip playing your baby daddy. There I go, rambling again. I think Brooke should step aside and let Hope determine whether or not she wants to have a relationship with her biological father, seeing how she was denied the option when she was younger.

Liam wasn't very happy to hear that news, considering the last time Deacon was around, he tried to ruin their wedding in Italy. Geez, Liam, Deacon didn't do that all on his own. He had help from your father, Bill. Here is a quick crash course for the new viewers. Dollar Bill Spencer arranged for Deacon to get out of prison to do Bill's dirty work because Bill wanted his son with Bill's ex-sidepiece, Steffy Forrester. Here we go again, another thing Bill has done to harm someone that Brooke loves, yet she still claims to love him. When will Bill ever really be held accountable for anything?

Quinn has really buried herself in her own grave this week. Not only did her actions help seal her son's fate with Hope, she lost her contract with Forrester Creations as well. Now, the blue-eyed beauty is doing everything she can to make things right for her one and only son. What did she do? She decided to make a deal with the devil himself, Deacon. Or is it the other way around? She agreed to put Deacon up in the warehouse for his services in regards to getting Hope and Wyatt back together.

Why does she even want her son paired up with someone who has conflicted feelings? Should she want her son to be with someone who is completely in love with him and him alone?

Exactly what is Deacon supposed to do anyway? How can he convince Hope to be with Wyatt? Deacon has no influence in Hope's life. Yes, he's a troublemaker, but I honestly don't see how his involvement can benefit Wyatt.

I know I've said this before but I can't help how I feel. I feel really bad for Wyatt. He looks like a sad puppy moping around after Hope. Hope is an idiot. She shouldn't blame Wyatt for his mother's dirty deeds. With Wyatt, Hope doesn't have a dark cloud named Steffy looming overhead.

Yes, I know that Steffy is gone, but she's like a jack-in-the-box. She can pop up at anytime. Yes, Liam turned her away the last time, but the fact of the matter is that Wyatt is a one-woman kind of man. He brought out a sexy, flirty side of Hope that was kind of refreshing.

Deacon made his rounds this week and ended up on Wyatt's doorstep. I guess he wanted to introduce himself to his potential future son-in-law. As Deacon entered the beach house, he complimented Wyatt on what he'd done to the place. Deacon mentioned he used to live there. I thought that was a nice use of history. Deacon and Bridget lived in the beach house when they were married. Naturally, Wyatt was concerned for Hope, wanting to know if Deacon had made contact with her.

The two men proceeded to bond over their love for Hope with a bottle of scotch. Why is Deacon drinking? Last time I checked, he was an alcoholic. Anyway, Deacon went on to say that he only wanted what was best for his daughter. Deacon said that although Liam is likable, it was odd that they could never make it work. Wyatt told Hope's daddy dearest that Wyatt was the best thing for Hope, blah, blah, blah.

Honestly, I think Hope needs to leave these guys alone, go to school, get a degree, and then attempt to be in a relationship with someone who is not related to the Spencer family. Think about it. Since the character of Hope was introduced, she was involved with Oliver, which was thwarted by Steffy and Brooke. She was supposed to go to college, but decided not to. She got involved with Liam, which was thwarted by Steffy and Bill, then got involved with Wyatt. When is Hope going to do some self-reflecting?

Wyatt went on to tell Deacon that he loved his mother, but she didn't know how to maintain her boundaries. He feels that everything that has gone wrong in his life is due to his mother's meddling. Quinn doesn't realize that her actions have consequences. In this case, Wyatt has lost his girlfriend (which he knew could happen regardless, due to Hope's indecisiveness) and his job.

Quinn had me rolling this week when she once again walked into Liam's house as if she owned it. She genuinely looked shocked when Liam asked her what she was doing there. Has Liam not learned how to lock a door? Does he not have an alarm system? Why hasn't he filed a complaint with the police yet? Is Lieutenant Baker still on a hot dog break?

Anyway, Liam and Quinn continue to go toe-to-toe in regards to his relationship with Hope. Liam called her a stalker, and Quinn bluntly told him she was worse than a stalker. During the exchange, the mood seemed to simmer down when Quinn made a plea on Wyatt's behalf. She admitted that she shouldn't have done what she did, but Wyatt had nothing to do with it and didn't deserve to be fired.

I agree. Wyatt didn't send the photograph. Although no one told Ridge to hop on a plane and travel around the world to show Brooke a photo, Wyatt didn't deserve to be fired. Quinn also made a very valid point. If Hope and Liam are so solid, why should it be a problem if Wyatt continues to work at Forrester alongside Hope?

I can tell you why that would be a problem. It's because Hope still has feelings for Wyatt, and it's obvious. I think that's why Quinn has stepped her meddling game up into full gear. I think her love for her son and her hatred for Liam are a dangerous combination.

As Liam proceeded to throw Quinn out of his house again, Quinn thought she was being dismissed and shooed away like flies at a picnic. This form of hospitality has really sent Quinn over the edge. Quinn said she doesn't respond will to bravado. Before she left, she told Liam to remember that if he lives by the sword, then he'll die by the sword. To send the message home, she grabbed the sword and gave him a friendly stab.

Yes, Scoopers! Quinn stabbed Liam with the sword. I mean it wasn't like a real stab to the jugular; it was just a warning poke. I'm telling you, Quinn has made this show very entertaining.

Of course, Liam is going to milk this for all it's worth. He called Wyatt over to show Wyatt his battle wound with Wyatt's mom. Of course, Hope entered with her overdramatic self, and Wyatt left looking like he'd lost his best friend. He's tired of getting blamed for Quinn's shenanigans. I would be too. It's not his fault his mom is ruthless. That is the point that Quinn is trying to get across to everyone.

Back at the warehouse, Quinn was hard at work. Of course viewers were led to believe that she was making jewelry. I think she's making a sword or a knife similar to the Spencer sword. She's going to use it to kill or do bodily harm to Liam. I mean, she pretty much told her new roommate, Deacon, that she was going to kill Liam.

Deacon's reaction to Quinn's statement of killing Liam was priceless. The look on his face was like, "Yeah, right." So Deacon, not taking Quinn seriously, started plotting ways to take Liam out. He suggested running him over, poisoning him, or just shooting him. Quinn looked at Deacon and asked if he'd ever killed anyone, but he threw the question back at her. Quinn responded to never underestimate a mother's love. In other words, Quinn has probably killed before, and she'd do it again. Deacon, you better run.

It looks like Quinn is starting to make good on her word to Liam. She proved that she was much worse than a stalker by spooking Liam -- again. Liam had a great night with Hope. After cleaning up and checking if all doors were locked, Liam went to bed. Then he heard a crash. Boy wonder grabbed his flashlight and checked the locks again. As he turned around, Quinn was standing in front of him, flashing her baby blues.

Poor Liam. I don't know what to say. Quinn warned him to back off. She warned him not to dismiss her like a pest. Do I think Quinn is taking it a bit too far? Yes! But I can honestly say, I haven't been this entertained by a storyline since the Sheila Carter era.

Rena Sofer has breathed new life into The Bold and the Beautiful. Her character, Quinn, reminds me so much of Sheila. Is she as diabolical as Sheila? No. Sheila is in a league of her own. But I do think that Quinn is following in her footsteps.

The chemistry between Scott Clifton (Liam) and Rena (Quinn) is undeniable. These two actors play so well off of each other. I can't wait for the day these two fall into bad and have hate sex. I know, I'm grasping at straws, and it'll probably never happen. But all of us soap junkies should know that we should never say never when it comes to a storyline on this show. Anything, and I mean anything, is possible.

Well scoopers, I was right. Maya is thirsty. That's why she drank a gallon of haterade this week! This girl has shed her sweet, innocent doe-eyed good girl image and morphed into a spiteful skank. This week, Rick and Hope called Maya out on her recent HFTF photo shoots. The brother/sister team said that something was missing in the once bright-eyed model. Well, apparently, Maya is missing Rick.

This girl had the nerve to take a steam with her ex-boyfriend/boss, Rick. Of course she was all sneaky walking into the steam room, giving the man a massage. As he turned around to kiss who he thought was his wife, he got the shock of his life -- to see it was Maya.

Maya was in the steam room, acting like their encounter was harmless. Rick had this "Are you for real?" look on his face as she rambled on and on about how he didn't have any children with Caroline and how she was only engaged to Carter. She wanted to be Sheila E. and live the glamorous life. I was glad when Rick checked her. He told her that he loved his wife and has no intentions of leaving her. Hey, Maya, pick your face up off the floor!

Rick did the right thing and told his wife about his encounter with Maya. Caroline wasn't having any of that mess and read Maya the riot act. What should have happened was Caroline demand that Maya get back to Dayzee's and bus tables, since she can't keep her hands off Caroline's husband.

Speaking of Dayzee, she was right to be suspicious. It turns out that all Maya wants is the glitz, glam, servants, jets, trips to Paris, Milan, etc. We heard it when Maya confessed it all to Oliver. She pretty much said that she couldn't get those things with Carter.

That whole conversation was prompted when she saw that Oliver had gotten a new car. She then said that Aly was job security for him, and he shouldn't be leading her on. Ollie saw right through all of her jealousy and told her again that his intentions with Aly were true. He truly cares for her. Where was Maya when Thorne and Oliver had the "What are your intentions with my daughter" talk?

Aly and Oliver were having a cute moment. He told her that Maya wasn't cutting it as spokesmodel and that she should step in as lead model for HFTF. I think he's right. Aly is young, fresh, gorgeous, and a Forrester. She exemplifies everything that the line used to be. Maya heard all of this, and decided to play part of her recorded conversation with Oliver to Rick and Caroline -- of course, claiming that she wants to "protect" Aly. I can't wait for Carter to find out what Maya did so he can drop her superficial butt once and for all.

Maya annoys me more and more every time I see her. She is a fake. She claims she wants to protect Aly, when we all know that she couldn't care less about the girl. She's just trying to solidify a place in the company. Her dilemma? How can she solidify a place in the company when she doesn't have ties to a Forrester?

Maya is grasping at straws since Rick married Caroline. I don't think she got over the fact that, after she and Rick broke up, he immediately married Caroline. I think she wants to be Caroline. She wanted to be Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr. Caroline is a smart cookie; she better check that girl and put her in her place. What she should do is place her on a plane back to Springfield. She's got to go.

Carter needs to do the same. For such an intelligent man, he is so clueless. Why can't he see that Maya isn't feeling him anymore? How long does it take to pick a wedding date? Hasn't he wondered why his fiancée is so concerned about Aly and Oliver?

It is awful that her greediness is going to be at Aly's expense. It's obvious that Oliver and Aly have something special. Oliver even hung out with Aunt Pam and Charlie at the medieval knight festival. What will Aly do if she finds out Oliver wasn't all that into her at first? I hope she takes an axe to Maya.

Should Liam invest in a home security system? Should Rick have Carter draw up termination papers for Maya? Will Deacon interfere in Hope's love life? Is Brooke really over Ridge? Will Brooke and Bill make it to the altar? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• Maya in the steam room reminded me of when Steffy used to try to use her body to steal Liam away from Hope. If only Liam respected his woman the way that Rick respected Caroline. He told Maya that he didn't want any of what she's selling. Caroline is a lucky girl. -- DeeStar

• So Deacon supposedly wants his daughter in his life? Why is he keeping company with a woman who keeps snarling on about her little boy who apparently can't keep a girl? This woman is now talking murder. Hey Deacon, do you want Hope to have this nutcase for a mother-in-law? Do you think Wyatt is man enough to protect Hope from his own mother when Wyatt can't even win an argument with her? Deacon may surprise us and actually watch out for [his] daughter. -- Eight

• I'm glad Hope hung up on Wyatt. She chose Liam. Why would she want to "hang out" with Wyatt? Would she want Liam hanging out with Steffy? [Wasn't] Quinn always criticizing Liam for having any connection to Steffy? But it would be OK for Hope to "hang out" with Wyatt? Wyatt has exhibited stalker type behavior since the start. I would not be surprised if there was a former girlfriend of Wyatt's out there who had to get a restraining order out on both Quinn and Wyatt. -- Daisy1984

Thanks for flooding the message boards with your comments, scoopers! It's really cool to see everyone's opinion on the various storylines. Keep them coming. I love reading them.

**In other news**

Newcomer, Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy Forrester) is slated to make her debut very soon. Ivy is Eric's niece, who happens to be an expert in jewelry design. Maybe Eric hires her to work with Wyatt on the HFTF line. How will Hope feel if Wyatt and Ivy hit it off?

Congratulations to Crystal Chappell (Danielle), Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), and Hilary B. Smith (Dr. Stacy Barton) on their Daytime Emmy Award win for Outstanding New Approaches Drama Series -- Venice.

Mike will be back next week to cover the latest twists and turns in Los Angeles. Until next time, Keep Watching, Keep Reading, but most of all Keep Calm and stay Bold and Beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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