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It has been a whirlwind of a week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Deacon figured out that Bill was behind Ridge's accident in a whole five minutes. Ridge is a man of many talents. Not only can he raise a hem, he can fly a helicopter as well. Bill admitted to his evil deeds, Maya has set her sights on a new target. Get your dishes ready; it's time for another hearty helping of B&B Two Scoops.

Hello, Scoopers! I hope everyone had a bold and beautiful week. I would like to give a special shout-out to Deacon Sharpe for providing the entertainment while Quinn is away. From walking into houses unannounced and uninvited to the catchy phrase "winner, winner, chicken dinner," Deacon had me rolling. Thank you so much for the comic relief. It was much needed.

Deacon rolled up into Brooke's house as if he owned the place. I swear, with all the money these people have, you'd think their security would be on point. Anyway, Brooke and Katie were once again talking about Ridge's suspicions about Bill in regards to his accident. Of course, Deacon overheard the sisters talking and then remembered he had a way into Bill's world. That way was through Alison, Bill's trusty secretary.

A few years back, Bill broke Deacon out of jail to break up Liam and Hope's wedding in Italy. During that time, Deacon hooked up with Alison for kicks. Using her kindness as a weakness, Deacon used his bad boy sex appeal to get valuable information about the whereabouts of the Spencer helicopter. Of course, Deacon took the information and reported back to Katie and Ridge, sending Ridge off in a frenzy, ready for revenge.

Watch out, Lieutenant Baker, Deacon Sharpe is gunning for the role of top-notch detective in Los Angeles. The man is dying to find his way back into Brooke's life and bed. What other way to do so than to expose Bill for his shenanigans.

Eventually, Ridge got his revenge. Bill admitted his crimes to Brooke. I'll get into the details later on. I think that Bill should have admitted to his part in Ridge's accident. Yes, the man was angry, and he had every right to be. Ridge came and interrupted his wedding with a stupid picture and sucker-punched him. Mind you, the sucker punch was hilarious.

I think that Ridge stealing the helicopter was kind of lame. If you think about it, Ridge pretty much did the same thing that Bill did. I wish Bill had admitted his part in the crime from the beginning. The two men could have duked it out. Ridge could press charges for attempted murder, and we'd call it a day. I bet five dollars that Bill gets away with his crime again. Think about it. Does Ridge really want to put Bill in jail? I think not. I think he just doesn't want to see him with Brooke.

If Justin goes down for his role in Ridge's accident and nothing happens to Bill, I'll be very upset. I'm tired of Bill getting away with all sorts of trickery and nothing ever happening to him. Yes, technically, Justin was piloting the chopper. Yes, he could have and should have said no. So, technically, Bill is in the clear. Wow, come to think of it, Bill is a genius. He's a puppet master. He gets all of his flunkies to do his dirty work, and his hands are squeaky clean. I have to clap it up for Bill. No jail time for Dollar Bill.

Who thinks Bill and Deacon will get into a fight, mixed martial arts (MMA) style? Bill is going to be very mad when he finds out that Deacon set his downfall in motion. Wait until Bill finds out that Deacon wants Brooke all to himself. I guess Brooke's milkshake really brings all the boys to yard. These men can't get enough of her.

Let's get back to Bill's admission. His cockiness was amusing to me. He was like "Yeah, I gave the order for Justin to cool Ridge off. No one sucker-punches me and gets away with it. I thought he would swim to shore!" Bill then looked at Brooke and said, "Try to understand." Of course, Brooke stood with a dumbfounded look on her face. Katie was in the room, looking at Brooke like "Yeah, he's changed so much since he's with you. Girl, please!"

I love how Katie didn't get into a verbal battle with Brooke when Brooke said that Bill had changed since he'd been with her. I just wish that Ridge would finally take that raggedy red string off of her finger and put a ring on it already. I like Katie. She deserves to be happy for a change. Hopefully she'll find happiness with Ridge.

The question is will Brooke forgive Bill for harming the father of her child? My guess is most likely, but not anytime soon. Knowing Brooke, she'll cry her single tear, say she needs time to think, and then run into the arms of another man for comfort. In this case, the other man will be her other baby daddy, Deacon Sharpe, or should I say Sherlock Sharpe.

Scoopers, help me out with something. I'm a bit confused. Exactly what is up with Liam? Does he not have a job at Spencer anymore? Why is he always at Forrester Creations? Why is he sitting in on meetings that have nothing to do with Spencer Publications? What happened to his sprained ankle? Is he just hanging around to keep an eye on Wyatt?

Aly made a valid point in the HFTF meeting. Exactly what is the purpose of Wyatt still working at Forrester? From a business standpoint, Wyatt serves no purpose. I thought that Ivy Forrester was a jewelry designer at Forrester's Sydney boutique. Is Ivy designing the jewelry and Quinn Artisan Jewelers executing the designs? I'm just a bit confused.

I think Ivy has a hidden agenda. Watching her interaction with Liam this week confirms my suspicion. She wants him. While chit-chatting with Liam about Australia, she mentioned that the Liam/Hope/Wyatt saga was a hot topic. She also mentioned something to the effect of how the Logan women have an effect on the men in her family. Am I sensing a little Steffy-type hostility?

While making a video blog for her mom, Ivy noticed and recorded a private moment between Hope and Wyatt. Will Ivy pull a Quinn and send the video to Liam? Probably not. I think she'll keep it for safekeeping. Speaking of Quinn. I miss her. I need her to come back immediately. Wyatt needs his mama. Deacon needs a playmate.

Wyatt is secretly formulating a plan to woo Hope by using the Hope Diamond. This magical diamond brought them together before, why not let the diamond do its magic again? I wish he would just sit back and watch Hope and Liam self-destruct. It always happens. It's only a matter of time. Hope and Liam will try to arrange a wedding. Someone will interfere, and the wedding won't happen. It's the typical Hope and Liam saga. I'm over it.

If Hope accepts the diamond, I'll be very surprised. I don't think she should be accepting extravagant gifts from anyone but her fiancÚ, Liam. The man she loves. The man she chose to be with.

In my last column, I called out Maya on being thirsty. Well, this week Maya's thirst was unbelievable. I swear, whenever Maya comes on the scene, Sheila E.'s "Glamorous Life" needs to playing in the background. This has to be her theme song. If not "Glamorous Life", then it needs to be Kanye West's "Gold Digger." First, she wants Rick. Then she dumps him. Next, she starts with Carter, the thirst was still killing her. Carter dumped her.

She was furious that her little plan of using the recording of Oliver backfired. So, Maya decided to set her sights on a bigger prize. She set her big brown eyes on Eric Forrester. Yes, Scoopers, Eric Forrester. If you don't believe me, follow me on Twitter (@T_AnnBlair) and view the conversation I had with Karla Mosley (Maya) in regards to her character's gold-digging thirsty ways.

Carter, Rick, and Oliver all noticed how Maya was hanging on Eric's every word at the HFTF meeting. "That's a great idea, Eric." The entire room, including Eric, noticed it. He was looking at her kind of sideways. Maya has completely lost her mind if she thinks that Eric would give her the time of day. Oh, man, think about what will happen when Donna finds out about Maya lusting after her honey bear. It ain't happening.

I'm very disappointed with where the writers are taking Maya's character. I think it's sad that she has to be portrayed as a thirsty gold-digger. Why couldn't she be portrayed as a confident woman, trying to do something with her life? Or if the writers continue to go down this gold-digging road, why can't she set her sights on Thomas Forrester? He's cute. He's single. What's the problem?

I was proud of Carter when he dropped Maya a like hot plate. I was disappointed at the fact I didn't get to see him get his ring back.

Will Ridge press charges? Should Justin lawyer up? Will Brooke forgive her stallion? Does Deacon stand a chance of getting back with his baby mama? Will Hope accept Wyatt's extravagant gift? How will Liam react when he finds out that his brother is back to his scheming ways? Has Maya finally found a Forrester man that can quench her thirst?

Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• When Deacon stepped into the office and picked up the picture of Brooke's bedroom and had that flashback.. WOW -- What chemistry SK and KKL shared, Explosive!

• I know the storyline with Breacon disgusted most -- but they sure did have chemistry that set the screen on fire! I see a different chemistry with KKL and DD -- more like an "older couple in love" but wow the chemistry with Brooke and Deacon -- let the fireworks begin! -- Sanj0003

• I mean no offense at all to those out there that still like Liam and Hope together. Having said that, in my honest opinion, I saw more chemistry between Liam and Ivy today in their short scene, and more naturalness, comfort and ease from Liam, than I have seen between Hope and Liam in a VERY long time, like not since they were a brand new couple. Liam was being goofy and fun but it didn't feel forced like it does when he's with Hope. Yes, Ivy giggled, but it didn't sound forced or too much as it does when Hope does it with Liam. I'm thinking I would not mind an Ivy/Liam pairing and I'm hoping the writers go there. -- SPF5

• I am proud of Aly for keeping her composure and being classy at the meeting. A few months ago Aly would have blown up at Wyatt and everybody else but I think it's showing she's growing up. On top of that, I think she made a point about Wyatt. And I know everybody loved Wyatt, (myself included) but I feel like that needed to be addressed and I'm glad she let it go. -- Sharon

• Katie and Deacon have way more sizzle than Katie and Ridge. Their funny banter and one-liners, the way Katie looks at him with that skeptical one eyebrow raised and a half-smile on her face! They're funny, witty, and energetic together. Katie is much more interesting and animated in her interaction with Deacon. Now there's a match I could support! Get Katie away from miserable, self-important, brooding, soul-sucking, life-leeching Ridge and put her into Deacon's orbit! -- Naturenut

Yes, the chemistry between Sean and Katherine was very hot, back in the day. The question is can that same flame be ignited? Like SPF5, I noticed the chemistry between Ivy and Liam as well. That's why I think she's going to tag team with Wyatt. They both have an agenda.

I bet Wyatt and Ivy will be best friends. I think we can thank Oliver and Bobble Head Darla for Aly growing up. Aly seems to be the only level-headed person at the boardroom table.

Deacon and Katie play well off of each other. I thought their one-liners were funny. That would be an interesting pairing. Will it work? I'm not so sure. Because, yet again, Deacon was with Brooke first.

Thanks for flooding the message boards with your comments, Scoopers! It's really cool to see everyone's opinion on the various storylines. Keep them coming. I love reading them.

**Just a thought**

I miss Queen Stephanie. If the Queen were alive and well, she would've had Maya's head on a platter for the stunt she pulled in the steam room. She probably would have given her a good old-fashioned double backhanded Stephanie Forrester slap for making eyes at her man.

The Queen would've destroyed Dollar Bill and his faithful sidekick, Justin, for bringing harm to the crown prince, Ridge.

I wish Susan Flannery would consider making a ghostly appearance. These people are in need a good shake-up, Stephanie Forrester style.

Mike will be back next week to cover the latest trials and tribulations of the Forrester, Spencer, and Logan families. Until next time, Keep Watching, Keep Reading, but most of all Keep Calm and stay Bold and Beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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