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Killer looks, cat fur, tickle feathers, and pigeon poop were flying all over the place -- and not just at the modeling shoot in the Dam Square. A smidgen of truth sneaked up and choked a Los Angeles resident or two, while the minds of some loitered in the Land of Make Believe. Hold up your bowls and smell the aroma of burnt jealousy as mental implosions send the Spencer bridges crashing down in this week's Eye on Fashion Two Scoops Edition.

This week, The Bold and the Beautiful took viewers on another picturesque adventure. An HFTF photo shoot landed Ivy, Liam, Hope, and Wyatt in the bridge-speckled city of Amsterdam, named for the dam that held back the Amsteel River. Dubbed the Venice of the North, Amsterdam boasts having more than one hundred kilometers of canals and over twelve hundred bridges connecting ninety islands.

The killer looks, cat fur, tickle feathers, and pigeon poop were flying all over the place -- and not just at the modeling shoot in the Dam Square. A smidgen of truth sneaked up and choked a Los Angeles resident or two, while the minds of some loitered in the Land of Make Believe. Hold up your bowls and smell the aroma of burnt jealousy as mental implosions send the Spencer bridges crashing down in this week's Eye on Fashion Two Scoops Edition.

Bill's back at his desk but counseling Quinn more than working. Liam's off boating in the Netherlands, so Eye on Fashion only managed four major headlines and a few interesting tidbits. Let's flip it open and see what's inside.

Killer-Look Drones Shot Down During Peace-Keeping Mission
Killer-look drones spotted all over Amsterdam were shot down by Wyatt Spencer and Ivy Forrester, who simply weren't having it out of Hope and Liam this go-round.

If looks could kill, Ivy might be dead right now, and Wyatt would be severely wounded. After watching Hope and Liam exchange longing and knowing looks throughout the flight to Amsterdam, on the city tour, on the bridge, and in the boutique, Ivy and Wyatt decided that enough was enough.

Hope also caught a superior attitude at the suggestion that Ivy model. Ivy and Wyatt figured that the stink was about Liam and separately confronted Hope about it. Hope told Wyatt that she was tired of Ivy invading Hope's life, and to Ivy, Hope said that if she wasn't taking long enough to get over Liam, it was just too damn bad for Ivy. Hope sounded tough, but Ivy sent her out of there in tears.

Hope had a point when she asked why Ivy had even invited Liam. I was scratching my head about that myself. But the simple fact is, Ivy is dating Liam. She can invite him wherever she wants to, and Hope wasn't worried about how Steffy felt when she was on the jet with Hope and Liam, flying off to the Italy wedding. Hope wasn't trying to shut Wyatt up or hustle him off when he was gabbing to Liam about the ultrasound appointment. And Hope sure as hell was standing there expectantly when Bill tried to force Liam to say something at the wedding reception for Hope and Wyatt at Brooke's house. So why hope thinks she deserves a pass on the agony and crow appetizers is beyond me. Eat it all Hope, because just like Ivy told you, you're married. Live with it.

Meanwhile at the hotel with Liam, Wyatt tried to drop some moving on hints, like saying Ivy's bags had been delivered to Liam's room by fate. Liam wouldn't let Wyatt push him toward Ivy just to shore up Wyatt's insecurities, so Wyatt had to get direct on Liam. Wyatt said to his brother what he should have said to his wife. Wyatt told Liam that staring at Hope was disrespectful to Ivy, and Liam needed to move on instead of waiting for something that would never be.

When Wyatt said that, I thought two things. One, did "fate" manage to get Ivy's bags delivered to that room? Because the only "fate" Wyatt knows is Mama Quinn, and the hotel had shut her down when she tried to merge Ivy and Liam's reservations. Secondly, I thought, Oh, Wyatt, I can't wait until Liam tells you the same damn thing about Hope -- to move on and stop waiting for something that will never be.

After that conversation, Liam seemed to pay more attention to Ivy the following day, which frustrated the makeup off of Hope during the photo shoot. Liam saw Hope struggling and asked if she was okay. "I'm not okay with any of this," Hope said with a disillusioned stare.

Zoolander-Ego Showdown at the Dam
Seasoned model Hope Logan pummeled newcomer Ivy Forrester in a modeling smackdown in the Dam Square. The Forrester gowns are reportedly on life support after succumbing to pigeon poop.

B&B has hit it out of the park with the location shoot gowns. The Paris gowns were drool worthy, and the Amsterdam dresses were rich with colors and textures. Kim Matula's striking poses were the things of Oliver's wet dreams, and Ashleigh Brewer sold her role as a fish-out-of-water model during the modeling standoff with Hope. Hope won the model-off, but Ivy turned Hope's blue eyes green when the camera and Liam fell for Ivy.

The pigeons refused to vacate their hangout in the center of Dam Square, and they undoubtedly dropped stink pellets as a show of appreciation for the photo shoot invasion. It's no wonder Ivy looked so nervous when modeling at first. She was probably afraid she'd smile, and a pigeon would crash into her teeth. That didn't happen, but Hope seemed more than willing to break Ivy's teeth out for her when the modeling showdown continued inside the Forrester boutique with closeup shots of the jewelry.

Fresh off the outdoor shoot, Ivy and Hope dragged their poop-hemmed gowns right on into the posh, clean boutique, and in front of the camera, Hope mugged harder than Derek Zoolander at the height of his career. Ivy elbowed Hope for a place in the spotlight, and I could have sworn I heard the rap lyrics, "Move, bitch! Get out the way! Get out the way! Get -- Get out the way!"

Hope insisted that she wasn't competing. Ivy swore she wasn't, either, but as Liam and Wyatt fanned their noses from the stench of jealousy, it was obvious that Hope's ego needed a good bath.

Cursed HFTF Diamond Reeks Havoc in the Netherlands
Hope Logan's jealous meltdown in Amsterdam dispels the myth that the blue diamond bestows good fortune upon its owners. The newly self-inaugurated "Queenie" of Forrester, Maya Avante, ordered attorney Carter Walton to annul the partnership between Forrester Creations and the diamond.

Yes, the diamond in its spidery spindle setting crept into the boutique, and Hope stared at it, sadly remembering everything that had befallen her since Wyatt had gifted it to her for the Paris trip. If Liam's not going to say it, I will. I told you so, Hope! I told you, I told you, I told you! Oh, that felt good.

I can't feel sorry for Hope. Liam has been telling her for over a year that Wyatt was the spawn of Quinn, and the Fullers were manipulators. Liam warned Hope of what that diamond gift was all about, but like Michael Jackson, Hope kept saying, "No, no. That's ignorant, Liam. That's ignorant." Now, look at her -- married, pregnant, jealous, depressed, and the she-devil's daughter-in-law.

The tear-filled Hope told Ivy that she accepts that she's not a threat to Liam and Ivy. It's a pitiful admission, and Hope makes it after trying her damnedest over the last two months to be a threat. Hope asked Ivy to have sympathy because it takes time to move on. That's rich coming from a woman who got married to someone else after Liam was nanoseconds late to meet her for their wedding.

Later, Hope found Liam on one of Amsterdam's many bridges and reminded him of that fateful moment in Paris -- as if he hadn't been reliving the repercussions of it daily. The moment had turned the ex-lovers toward opposite ends of their tattered Lope bridge to find new bridges that they'd cross without each other.

Since Hope's wedding, Hope and Liam have been standing in the middle of Lope's rickety suspension bridge, and the ropes holding it together are unraveling. Ivy is at one end of the bridge with her hand out to Liam, and Wyatt is on the other, reaching for Hope. The boards beneath Hope's feet are cracking, but she remains frozen, unable to move forward. Liam has almost made it to the other side.

Liam was just about to take Ivy's hand and step into a new life when, on the bridge in Amsterdam, Hope's tears struck him at the knees. Hope sobbed that it was so hard to move on. Liam held her but quickly let go and stared at her stomach as if the gestating Mini-Quinn had kicked him in the balls.

Hope was nauseous from Livy fever, but she perked up when she overheard Wyatt booking a romantic boat ride. Hope couldn't wait to get away from Ivy and Liam and have the attention centered right back where it should be -- on Hope -- and no one does that better than her feet-rubbing, waffle-making, salad-bag-shaking husband, Wyatt, who she just knew was surprising her with the boat ride.

Hope dubbed Wyatt "Mr. Romance," and it just might be true. Wyatt had Lars deck the antique barge-style cruiser out with hors d'oeuvres, champagne, and curtains that actually close. So fancy. There's probably a basket of handcuffs, whips, and ball gags inside, too. (Wyatt is Quinn's son, after all.) Too bad Hope doesn't get to enjoy a moment of it. Wyatt set it all up to benefit his brother's dusty scoring card. Liam hasn't gotten busy in over a year, and if Wyatt's romantic rendezvous can't get Liam laid, then God bless him.

Of course, it's not all for Liam's benefit. Wyatt never acts without consulting his best friend, ulterior motives. Wyatt's sick of the wanton looks between Hope and Liam. He's tired of Hope moping around like another dog stole her chew toy, and heck, he wants his feet rubbed, too. He wants his wife to remember that he's the winner, and she got a huge diamond as a consolation prize.

As you scoopers recall, Quinn gave Wyatt the bright idea to make sure Liam and Ivy seal the deal, and Wyatt was more equipped than Quinn in Paris. He had his own binoculars ready to spy on Ivy and Liam as they frolicked through the canal outside the hotel. Hope grew impatient waiting for her surprise boat tour and revealed that she heard him book them a romantic cruise.

"Uh, yeah...That was for Liam and Ivy, not us. We're gonna stay here and raid the mini bar." Wyatt confessed. Hope was already mad that Ivy was encroaching upon Hope's life. Imagine the steam blowing out of Hope's ears when she heard that her own husband had arranged for Ivy to have a romantic afternoon with Hope's true love.

Wyatt claimed that he wanted to help his brother. "When have you ever done anything to help Liam?" the outraged Hope asked.

Good question. Let me think about this. Do de do de do de dooo. Do de do de dee-dup-te-do. Nope. Can't think of one time Wyatt has done something to benefit Liam.

Along with the other things he's tired of, Wyatt is apparently also tired of the pretense in his marriage, and he decided to stop giving a damn about Hope's feelings and to start introducing her to reality. Hope was busily giving her tired speech about hating lies and manipulations; however, Wyatt interrupted the bull with an order: let Liam go. Wyatt said Hope's his wife and carrying his child, and she has to let Liam move on with Ivy.

"But -- but you don't even know if he wants Ivy," Hope stammered. Oh, Wyatt knows. He saw how Liam was looking at Ivy's lady lumps. Mr. Rogers taught Hope well, and she kept going with her "Land of Make Believe" excuses and blaming Wyatt. Wyatt admitted his manipulation. Wyatt probably doubts Liam will care about this particular manipulation, and Wyatt voiced that Hope shouldn't, either. But in her head, Hope keeps hearing Eminem singing that Liam's world "feels so empty without me. Na-na-na na-na, Na-na-na na-na-na."

Then Wyatt said the words that made made the record scratch and me swoon. "No. You know what? You can't have us both. You chose me. You married me. Liam has to move on with his life, and you have to let him!" he asserted.

Meanwhile, Ivy and Liam were cheek-to-cheek, and they cruised the canals without a care in the world about what Wyatt and Hope were doing. Liam was smelling Ivy's hair, kissing her cheek, and falling in love. Ivy was grinning with her cute, heart-shaped lips, and batting her eyes at her new love.

Back in the hotel, Wyatt whipped out some demolition plans for Hope's bridge to nowhere with Liam. Wyatt demanded that Hope cut out all the looks to Liam, concentrate on her marriage, and cook her honey-do some ham and eggs from time to time after a hard day's work. And if he decided to take a shower, she'd better join him instead of hanging out in the living room or on the patio, thinking about Liam. Wyatt declared that it was annoying, and it needed to stop.

Hair was growing on Wyatt's chest at super speed, and with every truth out of his mouth, he was filling those size thirteen shoes of his. With mommy dearest halfway around the world, Wyatt was becoming a man, and Hope didn't even know what to say to him anymore.

"I need some air," she muttered and escaped to the balcony. Too bad the air got sucked right out of her when she saw Liam and Ivy kissing on their cruiser. Below Hope, Ivy had just blurted out that she loves Liam, and he'd confessed that he loves her, too.

Which brings up a question about the diamond. Does it wield curses or blessings? It's been nothing but a curse for Hope. For Liam, it's a true blessing because, upon its probable final appearance on the show, Liam has made it across the rickety bridge in the nick of time.

Which brings up the that question about the diamond. Does it wield curses or blessings? It's been nothing but a curse for Hope. For Liam, it's a true blessing because, upon its probable final appearance on the show, Liam has made it across the rickety bridge in the nick of time.

Evil Grandmother prophesies Birth of Her Mini-Me Omen
The search is still on for missing Amityville patient, Quinn Fuller. Reportedly obsessed with watching "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Omen," Fuller is armed with a feather Taser, which she used on hospital security guards during her escape.

What drugs are Quinn's therapists giving her? Are they FDA approved? She's worse than Aly with the Darla Headroom. While visiting Bill to yet again plead for his interference in his sons' lives and to unload a bunch of grandparent garbage on him that he doesn't want, Quinn took her own trip to the Land of Make Believe, and her fantasy was Hope's worst nightmare.

When a psycho grandmother obsesses this much over a grandchild's birth, one starts wondering what kind of creature is gestating in the womb. While with Bill, Quinn envisioned a mini-Quinn crawling out of Hope's belly like a horror movie. Maybe I exaggerate. It wasn't crawling, but I sure thought of the 80s V television movie when Hope screamed upon seeing baby Quinn Headroom in Hope's arms.

Quinn tired of Bill trying to talk sense into her. She went home to Deacon, but he was also talking a little too sanely, which caused Quinn to drift into an even more bizarre fantasy involving Hope, a tickle wand, and bondage. Quinn imagined tickling a bound Hope into professing that she wanted the leather-clad "Mama Quinn" in her life. Sick stuff.

Months ago, Hope confided in Brooke that she was afraid to have Quinn's genes multiplying inside her, but Hope could never have predicted Quinn's special brand of horror. Can you scoopers imagine the look on Brooke's face if she knew what was spinning in Quinn's fragile eggshell mind? In the fantasy, Quinn said she loved Hope, but could she be in love with Hope instead?

In other news, rumors, and tidbits:

Ridge Forrester's Older Children Unearthed During Dr. Hayes's Los Angeles Expedition

Another love bridge might have crashed in Paris. This week, Taylor visited Eric and hinted that she and Thorne weren't together. Eric didn't miss a beat in letting Taylor know he'd be there for her if she needed him. She also mentioned that Thomas was dating -- but Steffy, not so much.

While it was good to hear about the forgotten Forresters from Taylor's branch of the family, I was sad to hear that the spunky brunette might not be moving on. In my Land of Make Believe, Mrs. Spencer had torched her Leffy bridge was probably deejaying and partying on the international club scene, not wallowing in the ruins of Leffy's bridge collapse.

Taylor was wary when Eric kissed her cheek in front of Stephanie's portrait, but he assured her that Stephanie and he had worked things out. Why Taylor believes in Stephanie's portrait but not Darla Headroom is a mystery. After Taylor left, Eric said he'd pulled one over on Stephanie. The portrait crashed down off the wall and hit the fireplace grill, and embers threatened to pop out onto the living room floor. Face it, Eric, your Stephanie is a Douglas bridge. It will never fall.

Caroline Spencer Fights to keep the QBIC Title

Caroline proved this week that she's a better dresser than Maya, and as the Queen Bee in Charge, Caroline's not going down without some more catfights. In her Cassie Geometric Relief Jacquard Top and black skirt from BCBGMaxazria, Caroline defended her steel-reinforced Spencer/Forrester bridge with an offensive attack on the wanna-be "Queenie," Maya Avant.

First off, Maya is definitely riding Mr. Rogers' choo-choo train to destination nowhere if she thinks she can advance as the model on Rick's arm. All she has to do is compare that huge emerald on Caroline's hand to that dinky bangle bracelet Rick gave her to know her significance in Rick's life. If Maya wants to be a real player at Forrester, she'd better get to reading Stephanie Forrester's biography and stop prancing around as if the lead model job was for anyone over the age of thirty.

"Out, damn Caroline. Out, I say," was Maya's quote of the week. Oh, Maya thought she was clever as it rolled off her tongue in response to Caroline suggesting Maya play the role. Doesn't Maya know that Lady Macbeth could not get the stains out, and things kinda sorta ended badly for her? Really badly? The same will happen to Maya if Caroline has anything to say about it.

Right now, Caroline can't seem to get her twerp of a husband to listen to a word she says. As the Queen Bee in Charge, she needs to give him a talk about the birds and the bees because he apparently can't tell the difference between them or understand that having sex is worse than kissing.

Oh, but it's Ridge. Anyone but Ridge! Yeah, well, I'm sure Caroline would have preferred that Rick copulated with anyone other than Maya. Rick doesn't have a leg to stand on, and I'm sick of Caroline groveling to him while he acts as if he hadn't betrayed his own wedding vows.

What Caroline needs to do is roll up in there with an attorney -- Connor, not Carter -- and a mile-long scroll that outlines everything she's about to get out of him for marriage abandonment. We'll see how fast he'll talk without an appointment then. We'll see how many bendy bracelets he'll be buying Maya then. He won't even be able to afford to give Maya a penny for her thoughts, not that they are worth even that.

I hope this is settled by Thanksgiving. I'd hate to see Caroline sitting beside Maya when Hope tells everyone to say something nice about the person to the right. The cat fur's already flying with all these kitten fights between the women. By the holiday, they'll be two bald cats scrapping while Rick and Bill bark at Ridge.

The question is, will Katie join the fur fest? We haven't even seen her in a while. I almost forgot she existed until Pam advised Ridge to ditch the string for a real ring. Speaking strictly in terms of gold-digging, with Katie's string and Maya's tiny bracelet, it seems that the emerald might be the only thing worth scrapping for. Maybe that's why Caroline keeps fighting.

Goodbye Hope Logan, the Candle in the Wind

Okay, Scoopers. The reel news is done. Time for some real news. I didn't know I'd be sad about it until I prepared to write this, but hey, it's been five years. We watched Hope Logan grow up, become a woman, and struggle through some really tough stuff. She was almost date-raped. Her mother slept with her boyfriend. She got hooked on drugs. Fame hounded her to no end, and she lost the love of her life to her own misguided morals, selfishness, and impatience.

Hope Logan also built a powerful brand that empowered women across the world. She became the voice of responsibility and environmental awareness. With the help of her husband, she opened Forrester to a whole new product arena. She's been an innovator at Forrester just like her mother. And after this week, I'll add that she's a fierce model.

When I heard about Kim Matula's BB exit, Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" came to mind. Not because I think Hope will die, but because of the other lyrics, especially, "Seems to me, you lived your life like a candle in the wind, never knowing who to cling to when the rain set in."

That has been Hope's life. Always looking for someone to cling to. Her father wasn't there, and she was ashamed of her mother. She rarely understood how she fit into the Forrester family. Steffy had bullied her and intervened with Liam, the one person who Hope believed she'd had all to herself. By the time Hope understood that she'd been just as wrong to Liam as he'd been to her, it was too late. She was married and pregnant, and he was moving on.

Matula is her best Hope when Hope suffers. She makes Hope's pain palpable, and it always comes through. Matula's been doing a fantastic job of showing Hope's demise as the Lope bridge crashes down. From all the Two Scoopers, Kim, we wish you the best, and we thank you for being our Hope Logan, our candle in the wind. Shine, Kim. Shine.

But one cannot help but wonder, what will happen to Hope? Will she be off-screen for a bit and then return with a new actress in the role? Will the show make an effort to recast Steffy and bring her back when Hope is written out? Will B&B go for the gusto and recast both roles?

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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