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It was a week of joy, sorrow, powerful goodbyes, and lost Hope. Relationships will never be the same. Get your dishes ready, because it's time for another hearty helping of Two Scoops.

Before I get started on this week's Two Scoops, I would like to take the time out to give a shout-out to the very talented Kim Matula (now ex-Hope Logan Spencer). For the past five years, I've watched this actress blossom from a young, timid actress into a confident actress not afraid to tackle a role, no matter how far-fetched the storyline might be. She has done an amazing job at playing a character we Scoopers have come to love or hate. Good luck to you, Kim. You'll surely be missed.

The week started out with Hope at her baby shower, surrounded by her aunts, sister-in-law, friends, frenemies, and an obsessive mother-in-law who lurked in the shadows, hoping that her daughter-in-law would have a heart and let her attend the shower of her first grandchild. Here is my question. Why on earth is Hope having a baby shower when she's barely pregnant? I mean, she's not even showing. I just found the entire event a bit odd.

I did like that Katie and Donna made a reference to Bridget, Hope's sister. It would've been nice to see her make an appearance. Too bad viewers never got a chance to see Hope and Bridget bond as sisters, considering the fact that Hope's bio daddy was Bridget's ex-husband. I digress.

The only things decent about that shower were the jabs between Caroline and Maya. My girl Caroline is clueless to the fact that her cheating husband is still mixing it up with his sidepiece, Maya. What self-respecting woman would agree to be someone's sidepiece in the first place? I guess a woman whose ultimate goal is to live by the lyrics of the great Sheila E. She just wants to lead the glamorous life.

I know that Quinn has done some horrible things. Yes, she tends to be somewhat of a menace. I still felt bad for her. I don't think it was fair that she was banned from Thanksgiving dinner, a time for family and forgiveness, and her daughter-in-law's baby shower. Whether Hope likes it or not, Quinn is her family. Hope made a choice and married Quinn's son. When she did that, she inherited a crazy mother-in-law.

We got to see Liam pull a Quinn and walk into her house like he owns it. I couldn't help but laugh at Sherlock Spencer as he drilled Quinn about her "sweet tooth" as he examined the piece of cake that Quinn had managed to cut at the shower before she escaped unseen.

Things quickly took a turn for the worse after the shower. After Liam confronted Quinn about her presence at the shower, he took it upon himself to go and tell Hope. Why? Why did Liam feel the need to tell Hope that Quinn had been at the shower? Did Quinn interrupt the shower? No. Did Quinn go over there to intentionally hurt Hope? No. She just wants to be a part of her family. Liam had no business sticking his nose somewhere it didn't belong. Didn't he just profess his love to Ivy? (*Rolls eyes*)

If she didn't know, why bring it to her attention to aggravate the woman? You know, I've been reading The Bold and the Beautiful message boards along with the Soap Central Facebook page. A lot of people are blaming Quinn for Hope's accident, which in turn caused her to miscarry. I haven't seen anyone blame Hope or Liam in this tragedy.

The reason I would shift some blame to Liam is because Liam has a big mouth. If Liam had kept his mouth shut about Quinn attending the shower, Quinn wouldn't have felt the need at that time to call Hope and plead her case yet again as to why she should be involved in Hope's life. Yes, I know that Quinn is fifty shades of crazy, but I don't think she would have bothered Hope who was already aggravated at her because she was incognito at her shower.

I would also shift some of the blame to Hope because Hope knew what she was getting herself into when she married Wyatt. She knew that Wyatt and Quinn were a package deal. She shouldn't have expected Wyatt to cut all ties with his mother just because she wanted it that way.

Also, why did Hope let Quinn into Brooke's house when she showed up to plead her case? Why didn't she just slam the door in her face? Why did she follow Quinn out onto the infamous staircase where Ridge let rose petals fall to his adoring Logan?

Lots of viewers are saying that Hope shouldn't have been wearing heels so high while she was pregnant. Her heel would've never gotten caught, and she would have never taken the nasty fall that caused her to miscarry. I say that's foolishness. Hope could've been wearing tennis shoes or even have been barefoot. The point is, she lost her balance and fell. It's not like she was doing something dangerous like riding a motorcycle or something.

While all of this was going on, poor Wyatt was faced with the decision of serving his mother with a restraining order. I can't imagine how he must have felt having to cut his mother out of his life. Unfortunately, he had to make the choice between his wife and unborn child and his mother. In this case, baby will always win.

Back to Hope and the fall. Liam was there to pick up a fragile, broken Hope and ordered Quinn to stay away from her. In the same breath, he accused Quinn of pushing her. I'm so glad Hope told the truth about the situation. Here is my question? Why didn't Liam or Quinn call 9-1-1? Are you supposed to touch someone after they've had such a nasty fall?

Sean Kanan (Deacon) had some powerful, yet vulnerable scenes this week. I loved the range of emotion he showed when he found out his daughter had taken a fall that had been inadvertently caused by the woman he is currently sharing a bed with. I enjoyed watching him act like a comforting father to Hope. Even prior to the fall, when Deacon tried to plead his case about the restraining order to Bill and Wyatt, it came from a place of sincerity. It is refreshing to see his character being portrayed as a doting father and lover, not just a typical, drunk schemer.

I loved how Liam and Wyatt bonded as brothers during this tragedy. It would be really nice if these two could have a real brother/brother relationship.

My heart broke for Hope when the doctor told her that the baby's heartbeat couldn't be detected. I think that news should've been shared with Wyatt present, but of course it didn't go that way. Why was that? Why did Hope and Liam get to grieve the loss of Hope's baby, but not Hope and Wyatt?

I know that Hope was in total shock. I can't nor do I want to imagine what it must be like to lose a child. With that being said, who else wanted to slap the taste out of her mouth when she blamed Wyatt for her accident? Yes, Scoopers! She blamed Wyatt. I am trying so hard to wrap my head around this concept.

In Hope's eyes, if Wyatt had gotten the restraining order when she had asked him to, none of the tragic events would've taken place. Newsflash, Hope. People trip and fall every day. It could've happened anywhere. Hey, Hope, why didn't you demand that Liam put a restraining order on Bill? He's done much more damage to your relationship with Liam than Quinn has done in regards to Wyatt.

Then, I really wanted to jump through my television set and shake this girl. She had the nerve to say that the only reason why she and Wyatt were married is because Quinn orchestrated everything. How heartless can this woman get? No one forced her to marry Wyatt. She made that decision all on her own when Liam was ten minutes late meeting her at the Eifel tower. She chose to take a "leap of faith" with Wyatt in Monte Carlo. Yes, Quinn had a hand in orchestrating Liam's delay; she did not have a hand in Hope's decision to marry Wyatt. Just like when Liam chose to marry Steffy, twice.

I was very proud of Wyatt when he told off his wife. He's right. It seems like Hope always wants what she can't have. Wyatt has been nothing but devoted to her. And this is how she treats him? Like a piece of chewed gum at the bottom of her shoe? What Hope should have done was annulled the marriage if she was having so many doubts, baby or no baby, not string Wyatt along. That was not fair.

I do believe that the Hope/Wyatt fans were cheated out of a goodbye. I think the way Hope walked out on him was very childish. Yes, the woman is grieving the loss of her child. I think she should realize that Wyatt is grieving as well. Try grieving together. Running away isn't going to solve anything.

I did like the fact that Liam went to check on Quinn. At first, he seemed sincere about it, considering everything she's put Liam through. Then he had to throw in that little dig about Wyatt and Hope being over and add that the accident was pretty much her fault. Liam knows that this woman is unstable. Why would he go over to her house to taunt her again? I'm not shocked that Quinn was contemplating suicide by the end of Friday's episode. Her son is done with her, her grandson is gone, and she feels responsible. It doesn't help that Bill is in the background, encouraging her to take the leap either. Even though, deep down, I think he'll be able to talk her down. We'll see.

If you were a Hope/Liam fan, their goodbye was very sweet and genuine. You could see the mutual respect between Kim and Scott in these scenes. Their alter egos have been through a roller coaster of a ride. I just wish Hope had at least 1/10th of that sincerity with her husband, rather than her brother-in-law. I guess, in a way, I can't really blame her. Liam was Hope's first true grownup love. They've been through so much. It's hard just to turn off feelings for someone that you've loved for the past five years.

I didn't like the way the directors made Hope fade away in the closing scenes. To me, when a character fades away, it makes me think of death. Hope didn't die. She just went away to find herself in Milan with Brooke.

I wonder how long Hope will be away? Rumors are flying around that the character will be replaced with another actress. All I know that that Kim's successor has big shoes to fill. Like it or not, Hope is a central character of the show. I hope this new person will bring her A game and a new perspective to the character. Lord knows I'm tired of the whiney, woe-is-me Hope. I need this new Hope to come back showing signs of maturity and some spunk.

Rumors are floating around that Darrin Brooks (Wyatt) will also be taking time away from the show to film a movie. Good for him. I love Darrin. I think he brings some comic relief to the show. However, I have to admit that I like it when the younger generation isn't hogging all the airtime, and the veterans like Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Heather Tom (Katie), Don Diamont (Bill), John McCook (Eric), and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) are on. To me, their storylines are much more interesting.

Time to switch gears. It seems like the powers that be are going for Bill/Katie round two. I was once a huge Bill and Katie fan. I thought these two brought the best out of each other. Then, the writers had to go and ruin their relationship by involving Steffy in the mix. After Steffy, they went ahead and put the final nail in the coffin when Bill decided to carry on an affair with Brooke. How can Bill and Katie bounce back from all of this?

A part of me wants Katie to curse Bill out and then laugh in his face. Katie was always loyal to Bill. She never had eyes for anyone else. Bill always complained that whenever he and Katie had an issue, she walked out on him. Looks like Brooke did the same thing. Another part of me wants Bill and Katie to try again. Yes, I know after all the crap that he has put her through, she'll only be portrayed as a huge doormat. I guess the heart wants what it wants. I know that Katie genuinely loves Bill, but does Bill love Katie?

It seems to me that Bill is fed up with the eldest Logan sister and her shenanigans. He's come to appreciate the wife and the life that he once had. He knows deep down that Katie still loves him. I think that's why he planted that big, wet kiss on her. Katie knows that she liked it too. She looked like she was about pull a Fred Sanford and have another heart attack.

I think Katie knows that she and Ridge aren't going to work. I mean, seriously. She still has that stupid red string on her finger. I think that deep down, she is hoping that she and Bill will reconcile, especially since Brooke is out of the picture for now. My question is why doesn't she just end it? It's obvious that Ridge cares for her, but I don't think he loves her. He doesn't have the passion that he has for Brooke. He doesn't look at Katie the way he looks at Caroline.

What are your thoughts on the tragic events that led Hope out of town? Is Quinn solely to blame? Do you believe that Hope and Wyatt's marriage was a mistake? Will Hope return to reunite with Liam or to patch things up with her husband? Should Bill and Katie make another go at it in the romance department? Please be sure to express your thoughts in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• I don't think Bill and Katie are going to work. It's sad to me, in a way, because I do like Katie, and I loved Kridge at the beginning, but her behavior lately has me excited that a breakup is coming. She says she can't be with Ridge because she doesn't have "all" of him, but she's sharing part of herself with Bill now, and that makes her a hypocrite. -- ASC'sMom

• I would see Katie and Bill get back together. They make a cute couple. If they do get back together Brooke will come back and start sniffing around him again. When she left she said she wanted them to get back on track. Well she needs to leave them alone and see if they can become a happy family again. -- JUDI

• A sad day for watching B&B. Saying goodbye to LOPE as they were the reason I started watching a few years ago. I'm glad that Liam and Hope and their special time. It is a bit sad as well that Hope left Wyatt with few words including even a goodbye. However, he acted most of the time like Hope was conquest he made and he was obsessed for months with taking her away from his brother. So, you know what they say about paybacks. Again, touching last scenes. The chemistry between SC and KM will be hard to duplicate in the future if or when they recast Hope. -- MsShellB

• I cannot believe the last scene with Wyatt was her walking out of the house after saying those sick things to him. And we got to see her confess her love for LIAM AGAIN right before leaving. What kind of dramatic ending was that??? It was normal LOPE garbage. Worst exit of a character EVER. Steffy's exit was a lot more dramatic and heart wrenching than this. -- LittleMan16

I agree with the post about Katie and Ridge breaking up. It's inevitable. Time to cut the ribbon, Katie.

I see that some Scoopers are in agreement with me about Hope and Wyatt's goodbye. I wasn't pleased with it myself.

Why didn't anyone think to call Rick to inform him of his sister's accident?

What about Ridge? He practically raised Hope as a child. I think he would want to know what was going on.

Well, it has been confirmed that fan favorite Jacqueline MacInnes Wood will be bringing Steffy Forrester back on the scene for a handful of episodes starting sometime in January of 2015. Who do you think Steffy will be mixed up with? Will she bring her stock into play at Forrester Creations to help her father take over the reigns from Pretty Ricky? Combined, she and Ridge own 45% of stock. Think about it. Will she interfere with her cousin's blossoming romance with her ex-husband?

Please join Mike next week for his take on the entire year of the trials and tribulations of the Forrester, Spencer, and Logan families. That's right it's part one of our year-in-review Two Scoops spectacular! Until next time, Keep Watching, Keep Reading, but most of all Keep Calm and stay Bold and Beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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