The power of entitlement

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The power of entitlement
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Entitlement is rampant in Los Angeles. Caroline's entitled to be a mother. Ridge is entitled to be child-free. Steffy's entitled to be a victim, and Wyatt's entitled to victory over Liam. And Ivy? She's entitled to be the biggest bitch on magazine covers. Never mind what these people think they're entitled to -- let's scoop on what they actually deserve.

This week on the Bold and the Beautiful, there's a lot of talk about what people deserve. If they can't always get what they want, they pout and blackmail to get what they think they're entitled to. Caroline has the best attitude, which is to silently pout and be grateful for all that she has. Ivy and Wyatt are very grateful for what they have -- a blackmail video for their advancement. It's working just as well for them as the pouting is for Caroline. Ivy's selfishness is catapulting her to the catwalk, and Caroline's selflessness might cause Ridge to stop her biological clock right in its tracks.

These days, Ridge has kid problems. He's busy training Thomas to put designs on paper -- not on Caroline -- and training Steffy to concentrate on work instead of her personal life. On top of that, Ridge is CEO and head designer. He has no time to potty train a toddler. Caroline claims to accept it, but Thomas is busily convincing her that she's entitled to motherhood.

What neither realizes is that Ridge is softening to the idea of fatherhood. Ridge is contemplating giving Caroline a baby to keep her happy, but when Brooke popped in to remind him of R.J., another kid he made but wasn't paying attention to, she warned him that he couldn't hand out kids like he did engagement rings and strings.

Brooke reminded Ridge that a baby comes with an eighteen-year prison sentence, but really, in Beverly Hills, raising kids can take up to forty years. Just ask Eric, who still can't get Rick out of the house. Rick is adding hordes of dependents to Eric's taxes, not subtracting. We can ask Bill, too, who's paying his sons' mortgages as they play house with their girlfriends and fight over power and women.

I suspect Ridge already knows this, and it's probably the reason he's gun-shy about making another entitled bundle of headache. Like Bill, Ridge has two grown kids he can't seem to shake. Ridge's kids followed him on his Paris escape from Brooke. When he returned to L.A., they followed him there, too. Now Ridge spends more time accommodating them than running the business the way he sees fit.

In Ridge's vision for the future, he is CEO, living in the moment, painting Caroline's bits and churning out masterpiece designs for his daughter to model on the runway. Thomas and future kids were nowhere in the picture, but that all changed when Thomas arrived to town and Caroline's divorce finalized. Now Ridge has to show Thomas how to design -- again -- and get these baby ideas out of Caroline's head before he mourns another dead child because the social media princess was so busy posting that she forgot to take their baby out of her hot car.

Brooke is anxious to defend Caroline's biological clock, but believe me, it'll take a licking and keep on ticking. It's not like Caroline is thirty-seven and has been in a relationship for seven years without so much as an engagement ring. Enough about my past. The point is, I doubt Caroline has even one gray hair "down there" yet. Her biological clock still has some battery bars left. If Brooke can get pregnant after rearing grown children like Rick and Bridget, Caroline has plenty of soap time left to be a mother.

Thomas talks like Caroline is entitled to gestate and even has her picking out genders, which we know parents shouldn't do. But take it from me, an unmarried forty-two-year-old woman with no children, Caroline is not entitled to anything when it comes to love, marriage, and children. If she wants it, she'd better get out of that relationship and find a man who's ready before she winds up alone and childless while Ridge moves on to the next woman.

I understand Ridge's view, too. After getting out of my long, dead-end relationship, I wanted to live in the moment, and I thought I was safe doing it with my own "young Caroline," whom I'd known over a year before we got involved. He was twelve years younger than I was, and like Caroline, he wanted direction in the relationship.

Just as in Caroline's case, there was a "young Thomas" buzzing in my young buck's ear, using her friendship with me to turn him toward her. From experience, I have to warn Ridge to wake up before Caroline is married to and pregnant by Thomas, and Ridge is wishing he'd told Caroline he wanted more. Ridge has to recognize that Thomas isn't innocently spending time with Caroline solely for work purposes. Just like Ridge, I was unsuspecting of my "Thomas" hanging around with my "Caroline" right up till the moment the diarrhea hit the fan.

Just like Ridge can see the signs on the soap, the clues were right in my face in real life. My Caroline had betrayed his last girlfriend. On the show, Ridge had actually participated in his Caroline's betrayal of her husband. The rule is that if a person does it to someone else, then they'll do it to you, too. I should have known it and ended it before my Caroline had a chance to make me his "someone else" victim. I watched my pair joke around just like Ridge is doing, and I don't know why Ridge isn't suspicious of Caroline helping Thomas design just as she helped Ridge. Wake up, Ridge.

Ridge can't be so basic that he doesn't see that Thomas is working with Caroline to earn more than just a design title. Thomas has done this to Ridge before with his "taboo" relationship with Brooke. But just like I did in my situation, Ridge is enjoying his kiddy relationship and has developed an ignorantly blissful trust in those who will betray him.

I don't blame Ridge. My Caroline acted just as into me as Ridge's does to him. My Caroline didn't jump up on me and snake his legs around my hips like Caroline did to Ridge -- and kudos to Linsey Godfrey on her ankle recovery -- but my Caroline did happy dances when he saw me and sent goofy texts that said only, "Hey." Just like Ridge, I completely trusted my Caroline and wanted him to realize his dreams. And just as I did, Ridge wrestled with giving in to it, and neither of us had any idea that our Thomases were busily coveting what we had.

Ridge seems ready to give Caroline what she wants. If he really is, he'd better tell her about it fast because Thomas just let Caroline know that his sperm is cocked and ready to fire straight into the right woman's bassinets. Don't get me wrong, Thomas isn't the only guilty party. Caroline's lapping up the attention when she should be lifting her feet and noting that the same crap is on her heels as was there when she stepped into this same mess with Ridge and ruined her marriage to Rick.

Instead, Caroline's laughing and giggling as Thomas does his best Ridge imitations to appeal to her. Thomas mimicked the role of the troubled designer who needs Caroline's magic hand to heal him. He's even trying to paint her on a canvas but only managing a smiley face. Well, either he was trying, or he was out to mock the most sensual scene B&B has filmed for us this decade.

Ridge wants to be foot-rubbing and fancy free like Quinn and Deacon, but if he truly is deciding to father another child, he should know it really isn't a prison sentence. For example, Bill has Will, but Bill still climbs mountains and tips helicopters for fun.

What do you guys think? Can Thomas ever be as romantic as his poetry-quoting, candlelight painter, and world-famous designer father? What are your opinions about biological clocks, age differences, and meddling third wheels in relationships? Is Brooke right to dissuade Ridge from having a family with Caroline after she got Eric to do it again at a late stage in his life?

Two couples that better never add the title of parents to their résumés are Steffy and Liam, and Ivy and Wyatt. I think we're safe because, with all the blackmail, self-entitlement, and self-pity going on, the last thing on these four peoples' minds is picking out baby names. Besides, Ivy likes the title of lead model, and a baby bump won't help a career like that.

Monday's episode opened with a shocker, didn't it? I grabbed some popcorn -- even though I have no business with it because of my Paleo diet -- when Ivy started talking out of the side of her mouth to Quinn. Quinn's brows rose over her glasses, and my brows rose, too.

"Oh, you really don't want to release the kraken, girl," I thought to myself. From across the room, Wyatt looked worried, too, as he should be. Quinn's been in her own happy land, minding her business -- for the most part -- designing jewelry and being a newlywed. She'd even kind of made a friend in Ivy and had helped Ivy, as friends often do. Quinn helped Ivy get what she wanted and even siphoned a Forrester gown for the wedding. That was why the last thing I'd expected was for Ivy to get raw with Quinn.

Talking about getting too entitled for your titles, I couldn't believe Ivy had the audacity to insult Wyatt's mother -- and in front of Wyatt! What the hell is this younger generation coming to? Even Rick didn't do that to Julius, and believe me, I was waiting for Rick's arrogance to flare up like a hemorrhoid at the wedding. I was raised to know that you do not insult your elders, especially for no damn reason.

In the same fashion that Julius refused to be called out at Maya's wedding, Quinn finally asked Wyatt who he thought he was talking to when he told her not to get on Ivy's bad side. I'm glad Quinn said it. Yes, just who do you and Ivy think you are talking to, Wyatt?

I used to be Quinn's biggest hater, but she's redeemed in my book. My chest puffed up a bit when these rookies acted entitled to make Quinn bow her head. The only reason Quinn should bow her head to Ivy would be to see better while slicing Ivy off at the knees.

As much as Liam and Hope approved of Ivy's jewelry, Quinn's the evil queen of blowtorches and jewels. When have we ever seen Ivy hammer out so much as a butter knife? Never. The thing Ivy's most skilled at is pressing "play" on her phone. She's even better at that than sex. Seriously, who watches "murdah" porn before, after, and during sex? Watching Steffy bash Aly probably gives Ivy orgasms.

Ivy has forgotten who she's messing with. Liam had to remind her this week that he'd rescued her from the Seine. Ivy better watch out before she's struck down by jewel poisoning at a photo shoot.

Quinn has it pegged. For all the cooing and canoodling, Wyatt isn't enamored with Ivy. He's up to something. He's knee-deep in poison Ivy and all the trappings of entitlement. The biggest question for me is where Wyatt thinks he's going on his magic coattail ride with Ivy.

At least on the ride with Hope, Wyatt had a significant role. He was doing the jewelry and the marketing, and Quinn Artisan's Jewelry stood to gain from it. Back then, he was in a much better position as Hope's husband, but what is he getting out of this entitled alliance with Ivy? Booty?

Granted, Wyatt hasn't had any since Hope left. It's been a while, but is rolling around in poison Ivy as good as he claims? If it is, would Liam have reached for the Steffy calamine lotion? Okay, I guess we're comparing poison ivy to rocket crotches at this point, and we know Liam's preference there.

Even if Liam and Steffy have traded in motorbikes and Bob Hope movies for couches and Bob Hope movies, in his book, it beats the boomerang game. Isn't it funny how "Hope" always pops up with Steffy and Liam, even if it's in movies? Yes, Liam's boomeranging, waffling days are done -- for today. He's sticking by his crotch rocket. If only he can shake the self-righteous entitlement about his ex.

Liam was mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore in defense of Steffy, who's realized that the victim role will get him to ride to her rescue and stick by her side. He charged in to give Ivy an ultimatum. Ivy's wrong. There's no doubt about it, but Liam is dead wrong if he thinks he and Steffy are entitled to Ivy's mercy. I laughed when he told her she had two options -- go to the police or delete the video. No, Liam. You have two options -- go to the police yourself or shoot the shut-up juice.

Why are these couples playing a game of chicken about who'll go to the police? If Ivy is so sure it was "murdah," why is modeling more important than catching her cousin's killer? And if Steffy is so sure it's self-defense, which it was, then why can't she just go to the police herself and tell them to confiscate Ivy's phone and analyze the video for the rock in Aly's hand? The rock is there. Forensics will either find it, or it will be inconclusive. With no other proof, there is no case.

I'm not even sure why Ivy thinks it's so impossible that Steffy is telling the truth. Steffy's a man-stealing skank. That is true. A murderer, she is not. What makes Ivy think that, on the way to a party after a successful fashion show, Steffy's on the road, changing a tire in the exact spot that Aly's mother died, and just suddenly decides to bludgeon to death, for no reason, Aly -- who had no reason to be there in the first place? Why can't Ivy even give it one ounce of thought? Her entitlement to hate, that's why.

There's a thin line between love and hate, and it's about damn time Liam learned that lesson. I just wish it wasn't at the expense of dear Aly's memory. Liam can't understand how Ivy's completely changed, but he must not know the song lyric, "the sweetest woman in the world can be the meanest woman in the world if you make her that way."

One could definitely argue that Liam made Ivy that way. A few months of scoops back, I researched some direct quotes Liam made to Ivy about his feelings for her. He'd renounced his past with Steffy and Hope about seven different ways, and Ivy told him time and time again that she didn't give herself lightly. She said she'd stand by him the way that Hope and Steffy hadn't, but what did he do? He shoved Ivy off Break-Up Bridge.

In that respect, Liam and Steffy deserve what they get. Ivy and Wyatt are entitled to something, too, and it's not what they think they deserve. I wish I could drag Wyatt back up under his outdoor shower and hose him down with some facts. Fact one, he never had a chance with Steffy. Never. Fact two, if he wants to get ahead, he needs to be in his father's office, not at Forrester.

Bill made Liam Spencer, and he would make Wyatt Spencer if Wyatt would ride on the Spencer coattails for once. But, no. For some reason, Wyatt thinks Forrester and Liam's women are Wyatt's ticket to his dreams coming true. I'm disappointed in Wyatt because he's looking for validation in winning a woman from Liam and being elevated above Liam instead of by his own merits.

Wyatt is in such need of love and validation that he won't recognize what a bitch Ivy has turned into or that every word out of her mouth is video, murder, Liam, and Steffy. How can Wyatt possibly believe he's building something with Ivy, based upon vengeance? Yeah, it worked for Rick and Maya, but they each made sure they were getting something out of the deal. I do not know what Wyatt gets out of this. Do you?

What do you think? Is Aly's death something to play power games with? Steffy claims that she'll fight back, but how would she look to fight back any other way than going to the police herself? Is Liam right that the Forresters would turn on Ivy for putting Steffy in jail, or would they be glad that Ivy exposed the so-called "murdah?" Liam might actually be right. Recall that the family has a long history of closing ranks and protecting their criminal members, from Thorne shooting Ridge to Rick shooting Grant.

No matter how the Forresters might react to the video, Rick and Maya are on their way back, and I'm interested to see how Maya likes sharing the camera lens. Will Rick get a whiff of the video and delete it so that Maya can hog the limelight again, or will he and Maya stir up new troubles of their own?

Through the news, you might have heard that The Bold and the Beautiful has a new bisexual character named Christian. With a specified sexuality, we can assume his storyline will be about his sex life. Maybe he'll be paired with Zende, who likes women's swag bags. If not, I vote for him to be a welcomed third wheel in the Sharpe marriage.

As we speculate what might happen in the future, I want to touch on an interesting thing that happened Friday. Caroline found Pam's anxiety medication, and when she couldn't put it into Pam's locked desk drawer, she tucked it into her own purse. Caroline's actions are curious because it isn't like kids run around at Forrester and might get their hands on it if she'd just left it on the desk.

From a plotting standpoint, why do those pills need to be in Caroline's purse? I'm assuming she'll take them. That means something terrible needs to happen to make her want to do that. What could happen to make Caroline so upset that she turns to pills?

Rumor is that Ridge has a secret. If so, could the secret be that he got irreversibly snipped and can't have kids even if he wants to? The finality of the kid question with Ridge might drive her to the pills and Thomas' bed -- wherever that bed is located, because we have yet to see where he lives.

Booze and drugs are go-to excuses for mistaken sex and pregnancies in L.A. Can Caroline and Ridge survive if Caroline has drugged-out sex with Thomas. If this does happen, will Ridge have a murderous daughter and rapist son on his hands?

Tell me what you think, and until next time, you know what to do -- stay bold and beautiful, baby!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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