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The B&Best and Worst of The Bold and the Beautiful 2015 (Part One)
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It was a year of kidnappings, divorces, and weddings galore on the Bold and the Beautiful. Let's scoop on the best, the worst, and the dumbest schemes of 2015.

This week, Ivy Forrester's love wires were short-circuited, and Nicole's pregnancy made Zende's stomach turn. Sasha sashayed into town, claiming to be Nicole's bestie but acting more like Zende's new lover. Steffy narrowly avoided prison time for ignoring a restraining order, and Liam got the shock of his life when he realized that Ivy was dead serious about rekindling their relationship.

As this week proves, our characters have gotten themselves into some pretty big quandaries, and I have to wonder who's happy with how the year turned out and who needs to make New Year's resolutions to change some things.

Best Wedding: Just the two of us

Caroline and Ridge get the best wedding of the year in my book. It's mainly because they said to hell with everyone, and they sneaked away to do it without all the fanfare and lemon bars. Ridge planned the whole thing in two seconds and proved that you don't need a cake, wedding favors, guests, or a mother-daughter dance to make it happen.

It was just Ridge and Caroline and their honesty and commitment to each other. Well, maybe not honesty. Not on that day. Honesty came later when Caroline realized she was pregnant, Ridge was sterile, and Thomas had given her more than a shoulder to cry on during their foggy night together.

Thomas and Caroline vowed to never bring the night up again; however, she flip-flopped confidences when she told Ridge about it, and the newlyweds made a resolution to keep Thomas forever in the dark.

Part of that resolution means that Ridge needs to act like he has some civility with Thomas, but so far, Ridge seethes every time he sees his son. Can Ridge and Caroline pull off the baby caper in 2016, or will Ridge's playboy of the year son have to exchange his womanizing ways for diaper duty?

Worst Wedding: I now pronounce you husband and citizen

Ivy wins it this year for her Immigration shotgun wedding. The dress was nice, though, compliments of Quinn's sticky fingers at Forrester. We knew how long that marriage would last the moment we learned that there hadn't even been a "wedding night."

Ivy implored Liam to at least try to make it a real marriage, but after Steffy brought Liam's house down around him, the marriage was annulled with barely a whimper. The gown is the only thing that truly qualified it as a wedding. The wedding photo Liam never posted is what makes this the worst wedding of the year.

Ivy's not done with Liam yet, though. While sampling a relationship with Liam's brother, she sampled an affair with her cousin. The raven-haired Goldilocks decided that one man was too naughty, and one man was too nice. Liam Spencer, however, is just right, in her electrocuted brain. Steffy had better watch out because Ivy's New Year's resolution is to get back with Liam.

At every turn, Steffy has outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted Ivy. Is there any way Ivy can pry that engagement ring off Steffy's hand in 2016, or will Steffy kill a cousin to make it to the altar?

Best Storyline Twist: Maya is (or rather was) Myron

The biggest gotcha moment of 2015 had to be when Nicole said to Maya, "You're my brother, Myron." It was the "What the hell?!" heard round the world! Maya was once a man? What about her baby? What about Carter? What cliff is Rick going to jump off?

Many viewers were confident that Rick wouldn't have it. First of all, Maya was lying to Rick, who'd shot up the office this year because Caroline kept something from him. Second, that's got to be a lot of humiliation for the opulent-tie-wearing tycoon -- or for any man who thinks like Julius. Third, Rick wouldn't understand that Maya is a woman and not a man. The affair was clearly over, most believed.

And that leads us to twist number two!

Not only did Rick understand, Rick was still head-over-heels in love, ready to get married, and desirous of a family with Maya. Rick said to hell with you, you, and you if you don't like it. Right before our eyes, Rick declared that Maya's past didn't matter, she was all the woman he needed, and they were going to the altar or bust!

This is where the best actor and actress in a 2015 storyline get a nod. Karla Mosley did a phenomenal job with the transgender storyline, even if that idiot Maya fled the cabin without hearing Rick out, causing Rick's accident. Jacob Young made me believe Rick really loves Maya no matter what.

I hated that couple. I deplored them for how they behaved at the company. When Rick accepted Maya for who she was, I just couldn't do it anymore. If he likes it, then I love it. Go, Rick and Maya. It was a watershed moment for the couple, who some viewers believed was destined for a comeuppance like no other.

This is where Maya and Rick get the Most Changed award. They went from corporate duplicity to domestic bliss so fast, it made my head spin. Outside the office, Rick is happier than he has ever been in his life, and Maya proved that she really does love Rick the man and his money, not Rick the CEO and his money. I can tolerate the couple now, but I'm not ready to give them best couple. I'll let Mike do it.

Rick and Maya are so happy and in love that they want a child to share in the joy. Maya conned -- I mean convinced -- Nicole that the greatest gift of all was ovulating inside of her. Nicole readily donated her virgin body to the family as a way to thank Rick and Maya for her new life, a career opportunity, and a chance with that fine-assed Zende.

Zende became resolute to stand by Nicole's side. "We can still have sex, right?" Zende wondered, I imagine. As it turns out, no, they can't, which leads us to a subplot plot twist. Zende's not in the mood for love!

This week, Zende could not wrap his mind around the fact that he can't have sex with Nicole as long as the "occupied" sign is flashing on her belly. His New Year's resolution is to make himself have sex with Nicole whether there's a baby on board or not. It's a decision that is bound to clash with Sasha's resolution to be the one coming between Nicole and Zende instead of the baby.

Should Zende have listened to himself in the beginning when a little voice inside him said he couldn't handle it, or will Nicole's resoluteness to see them through prevail?

Worst Storyline Twist: Liam Spencer, the most coveted man in the galaxy

Forget Wyatt, forget Thomas, and forget the muscle-bound Carter. This is the year of Liam Spencer. He's got it all, and every woman wants a piece of him. His father likes him best. Quinn was even trying to find a way to get on his good side. Liam's got lady luck in his pocket. He holds executive positions at two different companies, his father gave him a bigger house than his brother's, and all the ladies his brother wants choose him instead.

Wyatt just wants a girl. The problem is, no girl wants him -- not as first choice anyway. Wyatt learned his lesson after Hope and Steffy. The lesson was to go after women Liam already dumped, not the one Liam is currently seeing. Wyatt picked Ivy up off the curb and dusted off her self-esteem after Liam had signed the annulment papers and Steffy had booted Ivy from the company. Ivy expressed her heartfelt devotion -- until she didn't quite feel it anymore.

It didn't even take one night for Ivy to cheat on Wyatt with Thomas -- and only one hour for Steffy to blab Ivy's secret about it to Wyatt. A freak electrical accident caused Wyatt to forgive Ivy for the transgression, but her brain short-circuited, and now she wants Liam again.

I was shocked but angry about this plot twist. My mind screamed for it to not happen again. Not another triangle with Wyatt and Liam. Been there, done that with Hope. Not another freak accident that makes a girl want Liam. Been there, done that with Steffy. Even though this twist just unfurled this week, it gets the worst twist because I'm just tired of women wanting Liam, damn it! He's not all that!

The best part about this horrible twist is that, this time, Liam actually knows where he stands. At least this week, he does. Reminiscent of Bill with Quinn, Liam told Ivy that he'd moved on and is engaged. Ivy seems to think that doesn't mean anything. After all, he's not married.

I'd ask if you think Liam will stay with Steffy or choose Ivy, but the better question is do you even care about Liam's love life anymore?

Most overused phrases: "Didn't put a ring on it", "we are family," and "Murdah, she videoed"

Talking about Liam's harem reminds me of the most severely overused phrase of the year, only second to "murdah." That phrase is whatever variation the charactets use when they point out that someone isn't married. Last year, being a boyfriend was fashionable. This year, you better put a ring on it.

Caroline wasn't married yet, so it was okay with Thomas to bed her while she was half-blitzed. Ivy isn't married to Wyatt, so it's okay for Thomas to talk her into being wild and crazy. Liam isn't married yet, so it's okay for Ivy to try to give it one more go.

Oh, Ivy's happy with Wyatt -- if she has to be -- but if Liam's available, well then, Wyatt can rub his own feet instead of hers.

Next up is how everyone loves to talk about how they're family unless it's inconvenient. Steffy didn't give a damn if Ivy was her cousin when she was busily taking Liam from her in the spring. Thomas was quick to point out how he and Ivy aren't related when he wanted to jump her bones, but when it came to getting information at the hospital, he was totally her cousin then.

Thomas is also quick to point out how the Spencers are not Forresters, but Thomas isn't one, either. One person I'm sure wishes he wasn't related to Thomas right now is Ridge. I'll bet Ridge's New Year's resolution is to find some documentation to prove that Thomas is really Thorne's and not Ridge's.

Lastly, let's talk "murdah," a phrase made famous by Ivy after she videotaped Aly's death. Ivy was adamant that Steffy "murdahed" Aly, and Ivy's just as adamant that Steffy meant to push Ivy into the electrical panel. Once the latter happened, "dangerous" became the new "murdah." How many times before the ball drops will we hear Ivy say that Steffy is dangerous? Ivy's resolution needs to be to ditch the repetition.

Best new family: the Avants

I'm not talking about Nicole. I mean Julius and Vivienne. They've been the greatest addition of talent to the show since Rena Sofer.

Julius arrived as an old-fashioned man's man who didn't know nothing about raising no transgender girls. On the other hand, Vivienne's an old school wife, but one that will be heard. Julius makes the pair due to his complex, conflicting ideas about manhood, and just when you think he's a jerk-of-all-trades, he shows that he cares in his own way.

Julius has a secret. It's on the tip of newcomer Sasha's tongue, but he might just cut out that tongue to protect his family. I'm on the edge of my seat about this one. Did he have an affair with Sasha's mother? Were Sasha and Myron switched at birth, so Julius could have a son? Did Julius have an affair with Sasha? It's kind of gross, since he knew Sasha as a child, but hey, Ridge changed Bridget's diapers, didn't he?

Worst new character: Nick

Though I appreciated having a real transgender person on the show, I could do without the constant PSAs coming out of Nick's mouth. You can't shoot the messenger, though. Scott Turner Schofield has great acting skills. He managed to give me some good banter with Julius during the rehearsal dinner, too. It was the biting cynicism for people who don't agree with body dysmorphoria that turned me off.

If the storyline was about acceptance and freedom from judgment, I was hard-pressed to find the tolerance for alternative beliefs. There was only one belief on B&B this year, and if you didn't share it, you were a bigot. Many viewers, according to message boards, were turned off by the politically correct lectures.

Best man of the year

My best man of the year in 2015 is Wyatt. Not only can he strip with style, but he certainly knows how to turn the haterade into wine. I hated Wyatt for a long time. I couldn't wait for him to get his payback for horning in on Hope and Liam's relationship and snatching Hope right out from under Liam.

The payback happened, but it came after Wyatt had already suffered enough, in my opinion. The way Wyatt lost Hope and the baby was bad, having to grieve alone was worse, and coming in second to Liam was the icing on the suffering cake.

I wanted Wyatt to have something with Nicole. I was sad for him when Bill and Liam's plan blew it out of the water. I was glad he missed the Steffy train but happy that he'd found Ivy. When Wyatt wanted to start the fashion house this year, I was elated for him. It was heartbreaking to hear Bill tell Quinn what he really thought about Wyatt. Whether Bill was lying to Quinn or not, the damage was done for me.

When karma knocked on Wyatt's door in the form of Thomas, I wished Wyatt hadn't bothered answering. To get Ivy, Thomas pulled practically every trick Wyatt had pulled with Hope but with less style and taste. On the other hand, some viewers were glad that Wyatt finally learned what it felt like to deal with an interloper.

How do you feel about Wyatt Spencer? Has he changed a lot in the last year? What would you attribute that change to? Losing Hope or outgrowing Quinn? If you think he's the same old weasel, why?

Worst man of the year

A lot of viewers would give worst man of the year to Ridge. My pick is Thomas, and it boils down to something he just said to Ridge and Caroline the other week:

"When opportunity strikes, a man has to act," Thomas smugly said in response to Caroline's question about Thomas going after Ivy while Wyatt was out of town.

I can't believe he said it to Caroline's face. She has been stressed out about whether he'd taken advantage of her at the hotel. Back then, he'd told her that he'd never do such a thing. Yet after Ivy's electrical accident, there he was telling Caroline the exact opposite, which was that he'd act if he got the chance, even if it was disrespectful, as Ridge indicated that it had been in Wyatt and Ivy's case.

I tried to give Thomas the benefit of the doubt, okay? I tried. He blew it. I'm just as done with him as Ridge is. Thomas' New Year's resolution is to work on himself like his father said, and I hope Thomas does it off-screen, so I'm not subject to anymore sockless days with high-water pants.

Most dangerous woman of the year

Most Dangerous Woman of the Year is probably a title Quinn's glad she's no longer in the running for. In 2015, the competition is between the killing cousins. Ivy swears it's Steffy, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere near a "dark Aly." Yes, Steffy hulked out and tore up Liam's little dining nook. Okay, yeah, Steffy hit Aly with a tire iron, and slung Ivy into live wires, but Steffy had good reasons for it, I swear.

What's Aly's reason for trying to run Steffy down? Aly was crazy as hell and spent too much time up in her room, playing with her little paper-doll family members and making hate boards for Maya and Steffy. Aly hated short skirts, lingerie, bikinis, and Steffy. Plain and simple. When the rubber flattened on the road, one of them had to go, and it just happened to be legacy character Aly Forrester. Who was more dangerous in your opinion? Aly, who played with dolls and talked to her dead mother, or Steffy, whose mantra is, "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry?"

Most overused plot device: Listening at doors

This year was a bad year for doorknobs. They never seemed to be used to pull the doors enough so they'd latch in the doorframe, leaving conversation after conversation vulnerable to exposure. A cracked door led to Maya's secret getting revealed -- almost three times! Wyatt heard something, Liam heard something, and Carter definitely heard the secret loud and clear. One also led to Ridge and Caroline getting shot at in the office. It was through a cracked door that Steffy heard all about Ivy and Thomas.

Most underused characters of the year

I'm afraid that there are too many underused characters to count. Carter tops my list, but I'm hoping he'll get a storyline now that Sasha is in town. Where is Brooke lately? Why does she keep dropping in and out of plots? The last time Brooke had a decent plot, she was too drunk to remember it. The same goes for Bill and Katie, who always just come by to say "hi" before playing hooky or making sandwiches in the kitchen. Deacon Sharpe's also on my MIA list.

For the writers, the resolution needs to be to get the mature characters back on-screen with plots of their own.

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Unexplained disappearances

On the subject of where Brooke is, where did Thorne go? His daughter dies, he swears to get to the bottom of it, and then he's never seen or heard from again. What was up with that? Where did Oliver go? Did he even attend Aly's memorial? He dropped off the planet right along with Justin and Alison. Lastly, where is Will? Did we even see him this year?

You can guess who my biggest unexplained disappearance belongs to. The cold case goes back to 2014. Bu. Where is Bu the cat? I guess if Steffy ever coughs up a fur ball, the mystery will be solved.

Besides the discovery of Bu's bones in Liam's attic, there are some things I'd like to see in 2016:

Nick. I thought he was Maya's bestie? Why isn't he over at the mansion, celebrating the baby?

A return to fashion. No, for real. I don't know what California Freedom was, but it's time to stop playing and start designing again.

Continuity in storylines. In 2015, the storylines meandered, kind of like a reality show. I'd like to see storylines with a beginning, middle, and end instead of wondering if the writers dropped a plot.

Carter and Bill shirtless. More please!

Respect for B&B's history. Our beloved show is almost thirty years old. Congratulations to the writers, producers, and fans. In that thirty years is a lot of rich history, and in 2016, I'd love to see more nods back to history. I'd like the current writers to avoid rewriting history. Without its past, B&B would have no future, so writers, as you look forward, please also look back and respect a character's true history.

Location shoots. I miss them. They are glamorous and romantic. And, no, we don't count Maya and Rick's flashback honeymoon as a location shoot. Take us away on Bill's yacht again. Get Maya back to modeling somewhere other than the Forrester pool. Take us back to Aspen, Cabo San Lucas, Amsterdam, and Paris. We promise to pack light!

Moments we will never forget

Maya's portrait replaced Stephanie's on the wall at the mansion.

Caroline and Ridge painted the night away.

Ivy videotaped while Aly died.

Deacon made an honest woman out of Quinn.

California Freedom debuted with transgender models

In 2015, there was a whole lot of hitting going on, as usual, but some violence, too. Thomas punched Ridge. Steffy smacked Liam. Quinn slapped Brooke. Rick punched Bill -- and Ridge. Aly had murder on her mind but wound up dead. Steffy tore up Liam's house, and Rick shot up the workplace. All these incidences make me wonder if 2015 was a big year for violence on B&B. What do you think? Can characters learn to keep their hands to themselves in 2016? Ha, ha. I doubt it.

Thanks to each of you for reading and commenting on the column this year. The Scoops team wishes you lots of drama, action, romance, mystery, and location shoots in 2016. Till next time, stay Bold and Beautiful, baby!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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