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One honeymoon just began, but the honeymoon for another couple is irrevocably over. This week, the rescuer got rescued from Quinn -- again -- and Liam and Steffy came face-to-face. Brooke tried to throw Katie back on the wagon, to no avail. Katie had better hope Will's nanny never hankers for a granola snack. Let's dish on Liam's escape from Eden and Katie's new liquor hiding spots this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.

Don't you hate it when you want to bread some fish, but in the flour container all you find is a pint of vodka? What about when you have a taste for your favorite granola bar, but a fifth of whiskey moved itself into the granola bar box? One person who won't encounter these issues is Bill Spencer with his non-granola-bar-eating, non-cooking self. Bill probably doesn't even know what to do with flour, but if he takes up adventure shark fishing with knives, the jig is up for Katie.

One jig that is already up belongs to Quinn. For those who don't know what a jig is, it's a dance, and this week, Wyatt revoked his mother's dance card at the psychos' ball. It wasn't a moment too soon for Liam, who realized that he'd been doing the horizontal mash with the monstrous Quinn and that everything about his so-called life in a three-room cabin was a lie.

I got a feeling that, in Bill's eyes, Katie's empty snack box secret will pale in comparison to Quinn's Garden of Eden pet secret. For right now, Bill na´vely believes that his wife's vodka well has run dry, enabling him to focus on the fact that Liam has been MIA for months. Bill's attention became firmly focused on finding Liam, giving Katie the time she feels she needs to say goodbye to her vodka.

After Steffy and Wyatt's ceremony, Katie was proud of herself for having fun without shots. Bill was proud of her, too, but the moment his back was turned, Katie raided the granola bar box. Before she could crack open the vodka bottle she'd stashed inside, Brooke walked in and caught her red-handed. "Oh, crap! Another five minutes without a drink!" was the pissed-off look on Katie's face.

Katie probably also thought to herself to remember to fire the nanny for letting Brooke in the house. Katie stashed her bottle back in the granola bar box and slid it to the back of the cabinet before Brooke could even formulate an idea to pour it out. "There you go. All put away. You can go now," Katie said, most likely hoping those lightning bolts on Brooke's shirt would zap Brooke out of there as fast as they zapped her in.

Brooke tried to convince Katie that it wasn't so simple. What Brooke should have been doing was inspecting Will's Cheerios, snack boxes, apple juice boxes, and all the stock in the bottom cabinets before Will winds up wobbling into the kitchen and passing out on the floor after getting into one of Katie's stashes.

B&B has tackled female alcoholism before, and each character has had her own, unique story. Brooke supposedly aggravated Macy's alcohol itch by sniffing around Thorne. Taylor's ignited when Taylor thought her life was spiraling out of control due to Brooke. Here we have Katie, who fell into the bottle when she began believing that Brooke was after Bill. Never mind. The stories aren't so unique after all. Brooke always seems to be the common thread, even in her own booze cruise escapade.

Katie's drinking story seemed to be headed in the direction of a concerned husband protecting his son from his wife's issue. When Bill carried the confused and crying Will out of the room on spaghetti night, it painted a vivid picture of how alcoholism could destroy a family. The writers should steer back toward that path and drop the storyline about Katie pressuring the "mouth-almighty, tongue-everlasting" Brooke to keep Katie's secret from Bill.

Everyone knows Brooke can't even hold a fart, let alone a secret. It's just a matter of time before she burps Katie's business out to Bill. "Katie wants to keep this private...but you might want look out for granola bar happy hour," Brooke will hint.

What surprises me about Brooke's visit to Katie's house is that Katie didn't start imagining Bill ripping off Brooke's drummer pants and pounding her on the countertop. Did Brooke look like a middle-aged steam-punk drum major in that outfit, or was I the one hallucinating things? While I'm hallucinating, I could have sworn Katie looked like a shimmering cliff at the Grand Canyon in that dress.

Speaking of cliffs, viewers got treated to three cliffhanger episodes this week, courtesy of our cuckoo for Liam Puffs Quinn. Wyatt did the same thing any groom would do the morning after his wedding -- he paid a surprise visit to his mother. There, he found her locking lips with his brother -- half-brother, that is. Let's clarify -- we don't want to make this plot any sicker than it is.

I already had to hold back the vomit when Steffy answered the phone by telling Bill that she wouldn't call him "Dad." Well, when you busted your trench coat open in his office, I could have sworn I heard you moan, "Oh, Papi..." Hallucinating again -- about the "oh, Papi," not the trench coat scene.

For Liam, all illusions vanished on cliffhanger Thursday when he remembered that Wyatt was his brother, Bill was his father, and Steffy was his "Eve," not Quinn. It was time to get the hell out of Eden.

Just as I'd hoped, his first memory of Quinn was her holding a hand-crafted sword to his neck. To my disappointment, Liam finding his sword necklace wasn't the catalyst to bring that memory forward. It only spurred Quinn's anger as she seethed at him because living in the present wasn't enough for him. Liam said he didn't know the angry look on Quinn's face. If anything should have spurred his memory, it should have been staring death in the face, and Quinn's death stare ought to be unforgettable to Liam.

I commend Scott Clifton on his performance this week. It can't be easy acting out a character reacting to multiple flashbacks while alone on set. Clifton's character went through several flashback sequences as Liam's memory unfurled, but Liam still doesn't have a complete picture. It leaves viewers wondering which memory gaps will pose him serious problems as he settles back into his real life.

I give big props to Rena Sofer for her portrayal of the complicated, borderline Quinn Fuller. This week, Sofer led Quinn through a maze of delusional emotions from glee, to despondence, to anger, to fear, desperation, and helplessness. Crazy Quinn. I kind of need her to find a way out of this because I so enjoy Sofer's skills. After cliffhanger Friday, I'm on the edge of my seat to learn if Quinn's cabin will be empty when the authorities arrive.

Many scenes stood out to me in the culmination of this week's Escape from Eden climax, but especially the scene of Quinn returning to the cabin after the wedding. Liam squirreled away his books so she wouldn't know what he was doing, and she had changed clothes so he wouldn't know what she'd been doing. It reminded me of the beginning of the end of a marriage, where the two people had grown apart, didn't know each other, and didn't trust each other.

Liam noticed that "Eve" had a tan and wondered where she'd been. He asked with the suspicion of a spouse who smelled someone else's cologne or perfume on their mate. Even though they were arguing about an incredible circumstance, it was a very credible portrayal of arguments between real couples, real people, who were hiding things from each other.

The scenes turned sick when Quinn tried to cajole Liam with kisses. The manner in which Liam turned his face from her, frowning and pulling back, solidified any ambiguity about Liam's feelings for Eve. He doesn't have Stockholm syndrome. Only Quinn does in the sense that she fell for her victim. When she pulled Liam's face to hers, urging him that it was okay, my stomach flipped, and I flopped right on over to the camp of people who think Quinn is raping Liam.

Some say men can't be raped because the activity can't transpire without their arousal. In a past column, I noted that states have laws that deem it rape if the victim willingly has sex but under false beliefs that caused them to have the sex. There can be no more perfect example of it than Quinn lying to an amnesiac about being married to him. If Wyatt hadn't walked in when he had, I really hope Liam wouldn't have had reluctant sex or that Quinn wouldn't have kept pressing for it. To use Wyatt's word, it just was disgusting, and again, I laud the actors for translating that feeling on-screen.

Wyatt walked into Quinn's Garden of Eden like God on the biblical day that Adam and Eve had hidden. Instead of calling to Adam, Wyatt called out, "Liam!" Quinn and Liam shuddered and scrambled off the bed just as I imagine Adam and Eve might have done when caught in their sin.

Darin Brooks couldn't possibly have done a more perfect job with his facial expressions as Wyatt ingested the sight of his mother on a bed, kissing his half-brother Liam, who'd been missing for at least a month. It was akin to someone walking into a bedroom and catching a predator in the act.

Wyatt couldn't fathom that Liam had been holed up in Quinn's cabin all that time and had no memory. But then his nose flared, and his eyes flattened with anger as he looked at his mother. He knew. He absolutely knew it was true, and she was capable of it.

What Wyatt didn't know was that Quinn was capable of was walking out on him -- and for Liam of all people. Since the Fullers' arrival, Quinn devoted her life to getting the girl to choose Wyatt over Liam. I was flabbergasted when Quinn told Wyatt that she wouldn't lose Liam for anybody, not even Wyatt! She was willing to walk away from Wyatt forever if it meant she could have Liam.

Whoa, I want to know what kind of moves Liam has in the bedroom. His shoes aren't as big as Wyatt's, so what kind of motion in the ocean is Liam doing to make these women lose their ever-loving minds over him? Quinn, who never, ever saw what a woman would want in Liam, has gone the farthest off the deep end in her feelings for him -- more so than Amber, Steffy, or Hope ever did.

The last time we dealt with an obsession as sick as this had to be in a similar plot where Morgan kidnapped the amnesic Ridge to make babies with him.

Quinn usually has tight control over her schemes, but love really turned her brain upside down. She actually started to believe that garbage she'd fed Deacon about Liam being like a different person. She created that totally different person within her mind. I'm trying to figure out if she was trying to trick Wyatt or if she actually believed that Liam had just walked away from his life and wanted to start over with her.

Quinn told Wyatt that she wished they all could do what Liam had done -- walk away from their burdening lives and start anew like babies. Liam was in the cabin becoming himself again, but she was outside trying to convince Wyatt that "Adam" was the best part of Liam, as if Liam wanted to be half of himself. There was a stark difference in how Quinn and Liam viewed the situation, and that's putting it mildly. It was incredible how deeply Quinn had brainwashed herself.

For all the times Wyatt has had to realize how crazy Quinn was, this time, it better stick. He has saved the savior from Quinn's machinations before. While removing a sword crafted for Liam's death from a chair, Wyatt swore he understood his mother needed help. That time, he let her get away and supposedly check herself into a facility. We still don't know if she was ever really in one.

Wyatt let Quinn back into his good graces eventually but then wanted nothing to do with Quinn after the miscarriage. Once again, he got over it and rebuilt the relationship. Will he do it again with a mother who has done something so sick and twisted as to turn his half-brother into a blow-up sex husband for her personal fulfillment?

We can tackle that question after we find out whether Quinn will live through Bill's wrath first. Bill's been twisting on his sword necklace as if it's a homing device for Liam, and he finally put Justin on the case to figure out where Liam had gone. Seeing things from Justin's perspective made me realize how strange it was that anyone would think Liam was missing. After all, Liam had apparently left the voicemail, and he had sent text messages out.

Justin and Bill learned that Liam hadn't been using his credit cards, and there was no money in his bank account. I guess the auto-draft bills must have drained what was in there, and Liam's paychecks stopped being auto-deposited when Liam told Bill to give Liam's job to Wyatt. Bill turned to the gruesome task of sifting through the coroner's website photos of unidentified morgue cadavers. It was true to fashion for Bill to have the strength for it, but thankfully, Justin got Bill off of that website and kept Bill's hopes up.

I like it when viewers get to see glimpses of vulnerability beneath Bill's armor. Don Diamont always has a distinct way of making viewers feel what Bill feels. Quinn really can't see how her selfish desires to keep Liam like a toy is destroying lives, but Bill's search for Liam highlighted even more how demented Quinn's actions are.

Bill met up with Steffy to convince her that something was wrong. Steffy's known it all along, but having been rejected by Liam many times before, she didn't want to open it back up. So many things have changed, she told Bill. And she is right. She's married to Liam's brother.

I'll set aside the fact that she said Liam left her the dump voicemail about a month ago, and she shouldn't have jumped into a marriage with Wyatt so soon regardless of Liam's feelings. Oh, who am I kidding? I can't set it aside. What happened to the Steffy of old, who was single and set upon letting herself recover in the aftermath of Liam's many departures from her life? She usually does her own thing or goes off to Paris. Jumping the broom is Hope's M.O., not Steffy's.

Wyatt thankfully saved Bill a lot of money and favor-asking when he kicked in the door of the cabin, determined to rescue Liam, despite Quinn's warnings that he was dooming his marriage. Yeah, Wyatt put his big old foot right through the doors as if they were made of paper, and I had to laugh at the Realtor's idea that the tiny padlock was actually going to keep anyone out of there.

Where did that padlock come from anyway? And Liam didn't hear the Realtor drilling it in that morning? There was also a cute little "For rent" sign on the windowsill -- with no contact information on it. Why would Quinn rent out the place if she wanted to disappear with Liam? Wouldn't a property management company have to contact her or send payments to her? If Wyatt hadn't found Liam, Bill would have eventually picked up on the rental payments trail.

Though Wyatt tends to hook up with or marry Liam's exes within days of the breakups, is he right to assume that Steffy won't leave him upon Liam's return? I told myself I wasn't going to feel sorry for Wyatt his time, but, alas, I do. Thanks, Darin! It's your dang-on puppy dog eyes that did it to me.

Wyatt has a lot to deal with. Not only is his twenty-four hour marriage in danger of not making it to the next hour as Steffy runs down the beach, shouting Liam's name at what seems to be the exact time the day before that she exchanged vows with Wyatt, but Wyatt's got to face that once again, his mother is the reason he even got to put on the tuxedo or even park in Liam's spot at Spencer.

Quinn wasn't shy in letting Wyatt know it, either. She gave him the happy life he had, the happy life that he "so angrily resent[ed her] for." Yeah, Quinn, it's kind of hard when a person thinks their life is one way, but they find out you've been pulling all the strings -- again. It's a wonder that Wyatt has an ounce of self-esteem after constantly having to face that Quinn makes situations in his life happen.

Now, to be fair, it's not Quinn's fault that these women involved have seeding dandelions for brains and don't know how to not rebound with Wyatt. It's also not Quinn's fault that Wyatt can't seem to pick up on the rebounding signals. Quinn sets Wyatt up for possible success, but Wyatt's the one who has to discern whether or not it's a viable opportunity or just another dead end on Liam Street.

I believe Wyatt will keep his Spencer job. It's an international corporation, and I can't see how there's not room for one more Spencer at the top. Besides, where's the angst if Steffy's husband doesn't have to see the love of Steffy's life at the office every day? Quinn's right about the Forrester jewelry line. It will be put out to pasture. It already should be, seeing as no one's there to run it. Quinn's "leave of absence" sounds more like quitting to me, and Ivy seems content with sitting on her rump and traveling with her father for now.

The big escape from Eden left the viewers with a lot of fodder and questions. It all started when Wyatt turned on his mother and chose to rescue Liam. The two tackled her, shoved her in a closet, and made a run for it -- or drive for it. When Bill hears Liam tell the whole demented tale, Bill is liable to break out the flour and batter Quinn up for the deep fry. If she's still in the closet by the time he gets to her.

I'm still holding out hope that Deacon will wash up, decked in Davey Jones's ocean wear, and arrive at the cabin in time to deal his own justice out on the murderous Quinn. There's no way she can sweet-talk Deacon into helping this time. Maybe she'll kick the door out herself. Crazy people are known to be quite strong when they need to be. Will a police officer, who someone called because the doors were busted in, find the key Liam tossed on the living room floor and let Quinn out only for her to disappear to Villain Island for margaritas with Sheila and Morgan?

Liam doesn't have his whole memory. When Wyatt took Liam to the cliff house, Liam was shocked that he lived in such a place, and he didn't even know how to get down to the beach. This leaves open the possibility that Liam might be transformed from his experience and unable to reacclimate himself to his old life. The family might even think it's too much at once to tell him that Steffy is now his sister-in-law, and for a while, Wyatt might have to put up with Liam thinking he's still with Steffy. Well, that's if Liam doesn't remember that he was leaving Steffy, anyways, after seeing her in his bed with Wyatt. Maybe Liam's first night in his bedroom will stir that memory for him.

I'm angry with Steffy for marrying Wyatt, just as angry as I was with Hope for doing it. It's completely selfish to marry another man because they think Liam rejected them. Marriage isn't like a middle school letter passed from a boy to a girl that says, "Will you go with me? Circle yes or no."

How do our Soap Central message board members feel about it? Here are some of their thoughts:

• While Quinn isn't physically forcing herself onto him, I say, yes, it's rape. He's sleeping with a woman that he believes is his wife. A lie Quinn has perpetrated. A sexual relationship to your spouse isn't abnormal. She has taken advantage of him morally, physically, and psychologically. She's raped him in just more than a physical way; she's infested his mind with lies of a life that doesn't exist. --soapoperation

• I think Wyatt was thoroughly confused... When he first saw them, he didn't know that Liam has guess is that for a split second, Wyatt thought that Liam HAD hooked up with Quinn... It wasn't until Liam had no idea who Wyatt was that the full horror of the situation descended upon Wyatt. Seeing your mother kissing your brother is enough to scar someone ... but then realizing that your brother doesn't know who you are and that your mother was involved is a whole other can of worms to deal with. -- amj0715

• Liam being MIA got me thinking about that poor cat he and Hope adopted. Did she take it with her to Paris (or wherever she is now that no one ever seems to hear from her) or is the poor thing locked inside Liam's empty house starving to death?... That poor starving cat... -- LBC

LBC, I've been on that Bu trail for years! Bill's worried about all that mail that piled up. What about all the waste in the litter box? If Bu is still alive, that is.

We love hearing your comments and can't wait to know how you think things will turn out next week. Let us know what's on your mind, and it might wind up in a future column. Until we scoop again, all I can say is that I hope Wyatt got Steffy to sign that marriage license! If he didn't, the fallout's gonna be Bold and Beautiful, baby!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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