It's a thin line between Wyatt and Quinn

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There is a huge meltdown in the middle of Los Angeles, and it isn't Thomas' ice cream. At ground zero, Quinn and Eric remained standing after Steffy's ultimatum bomb blew up in Wyatt's face. Bill foiled Ridge's power heist by refusing to budge off stock mountain, but Ridge fanned the Brill flames in hopes of dousing the Queric fire. Let's raid Thomas' freezer stash and scoop on who lost the house battle and who might win the stock war on The Bold and the Beautiful.

In case you missed it, Brooke got sucked into a new Brill vortex as Ridge tested the water under the Bridge in his plan to gain control of Forrester. Katie is still jealous of Brooke, but Katie looks good in envy green. In other divorces-to-be, Steffy gave the ultimatum that will hopefully end her career of making ultimatums. Wyatt tried to send his mother packing because his wife went packing. Sasha had better save some ice cream for Thomas' new roomie, Steffy.

Quinn and Eric probably wish they had a mansion moat with anti-brat stun rays mounted beneath the surface to zap surly home invaders. All they might need are five locks on the front door, like Thomas has. The locks keep in who you want to keep in and keep out who you want to keep out -- unless the invader slips in while you're smooching your new sex interest, or you're tricked into opening the door for the paperboy Liam, who always delivers the same old news.

Sasha thinks she's about to start something with Thomas, but like he said, he's got a lot going on. In addition to working out, correcting poor marriage choices, and ridding the world of Quinn for honest citizens everywhere, Sasha's hero is busy open-shirt video-chatting with Douglas and taking in stray wives who walk out on their husbands. And he has a new bromance with Liam.

"Yeah, bro....I was just thinking about you....Get over here and wear that checkered tie I like... No, no, just the tie..." Thomas said when Liam called him this week. Okay, okay, I'm making part of it up. Thomas was thinking of Liam before the call and did ask Liam to come over, but it wasn't because Thomas was flashing back to his and Liam's bro-night of kicking back beers. It was because Thomas wants his new roommate to be Liam's life mate.

The night before, Liam arrived as Sasha left. Thomas buttoned up his shirt while talking to Liam. Was Thomas playing hard to get or hiding the fact that he was bigger than a blowfish from mixing ice cream and beer? Who does that? Yuck.

Yes, you heard it right. Sasha left. She's making Thomas work for sex. If Julius isn't proud of his daughter, I am. She's come a long way from throwing strangers down on bedroom sofas. Thomas has apparently changed, too, if you take his word for it. In fact, he told Steffy that his list of women for sleepovers was tiny. He's probably gotten just as bad as Liam and wouldn't be able to figure it out if Sasha wanted some "karaoke."

No, Thomas is a little more alive than the Steffy-zombie Liam. Remember, he said the sleepover list was tiny -- not nonexistent. Thomas can still acknowledge a gorgeous butt in booty shorts, and he hasn't tumbled so far over the Caroline moon that he can't enjoy the company -- and visualization therapy -- of a good woman. So far, so good, Thomas. His date was sober, and he saw her in the daytime. He chilled with her on a balcony, not in bed.

Sasha and Thomas might make a romance I can get behind, but I don't know how I feel about him cheating on this new bromance with Liam. Just when you thought those two were over the house graffiti, the ATV chase, and Thomas' negative comments about Spencers in a meeting last year and ready for a love fest, in sashays Sasha to take up what's left of Liam and Thomas' precious bro-bonding time.

Friendships are good for B&B. It was nice to see Carter and Zende bond before Carter got abducted from the cast. Anyone check under the cabin seaweed for him?

Speaking of checking for something, Liam was checking for his keys, not Steffy, when he wound up face to face with her after Thomas told him to come over. Liam tried to hide his joy when he learned from a crying Steffy that she'd moved out on Wyatt. "You know that I'm still hanging around, putting my life on hold for you, right?" was Liam's response.

Everyone knows Liam's been waiting on this and doesn't feel the least bit sorry for the woman-stealing Wyatt. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Liam has been secretly hyping Eric up to stay with Quinn. Maybe I would be surprised by it because that's a little too clever for Liam to come up with. If Steffy thinks Wyatt is all talk -- Liam invented being full of hot air.

We don't know how Steffy responded to Liam's twentieth pitch to be with him because we next saw her at work -- where, for some unknown reason, Quinn and Eric weren't. Quinn was too busy struggling out of Wyatt's grasp after he raided the mansion to drag out Quinn. Eric warned that it wouldn't happen, not over the hair on his chinny-chin-chin. If Wyatt tried to drag her out, Eric would drag her right back in.

Whose bright idea was it to try to drag Quinn out of there? It started when Steffy revealed to Wyatt that she'd given out a mother of an ultimatum, and Quinn had called Steffy's bluff. In a move out of Bill's "disposable marriage" playbook, Steffy tried to blackmail Quinn with Steffy's own marriage.

Steffy has a lot in common with Bill lately. She, too, has a thing for her spouse's sibling, and she, too, is trying to stay loyal while an outside force threatens her marriage. For Bill, the force had been alcoholism. For Steffy, it's Quinn-toxicity. Steffy told Wyatt that she wouldn't leave him, either, and then she walked out the door, similar to Bill saying he'd stay with Katie but was already emotionally out the door.

Wyatt has some things in common with Katie. Just as Katie kept pretending she didn't have a problem because she'd poured it down the drain or thrown it out of the house, Wyatt pretended that he could handle his mother by warning her not to go to Monte Carlo, throwing her out of Monte Carlo, and trying to send her packing out of L.A. This week, he tried to throw Quinn out of her new mansion. Sorry, Eric, Wyatt says he had her first, so Wyatt has dibs on her happiness.

Katie finally got a handle on her drinking. Can Wyatt get a handle on Quinn? Does he have the right to get a handle on Quinn? Is there anything about Quinn to even get a handle on?

These are hotly debated topics as Steffy's histrionics about Quinn reached a height so great that she walked out on a perfectly good husband to prove to Quinn what Ivy and Aly learned the hard way -- Steffy won't back down for any reason whatsoever, even if it means getting arrested, breaking a restraining order more than twice, defending herself to the death, or losing her marriage.

Steffy wanted Quinn to prove she loved Wyatt by leaving Eric, and if she didn't, Steffy would leave her own husband. "So you're leaving me over an ultimatum you should have never made?" Wyatt asked. In Steffy's view, Quinn forced her, Wyatt's future was in Quinn's hands, and Quinn had to live with the consequences of choosing her happiness over Steffy's -- I mean Wyatt's.

"So what's it gonna be? Do you care about Wyatt's marriage or not?" Steffy asked Quinn. I think this is a question Quinn should have asked Steffy instead. Even Quinn, with whatever ideas she has about love, has enough sense not to hurt the man she loves by walking out on him -- especially not to please a spoiled child with one foot out the door anyway.

Steffy miscalculated, assuming that because Quinn had worked so hard to unite the couple, Quinn would do anything to keep the couple together. Steffy forgot that being with Liam wasn't work for Quinn. She was falling in love with and having sex with Steffy's so-called man. Maybe that's what has got Steffy so mad, and she can't admit it.

Additionally, what Steffy didn't bank on was that Quinn might not want her son with a woman who'd use his marriage and his heart as bargaining chips. Quinn might find it useless to gamble her happiness for Wyatt to be with a woman who can't stop touting the virtues of her ex-fiancé and the fortitude of the former relationship. Liam and Steffy could survive everything but Quinn -- or everything but Quinn sexing Liam? Steffy called it molestation, and it's mighty strange she's never talked to Liam about being molested. She must be seething and harboring some anger about Quinn attempting to actually replace her in Liam's life.

If I were Quinn, I would have invited Steffy to walk out on Wyatt and promised not to take the credit when her perfect life with Liam blew up in her face again. I wouldn't be able to resist adding, "Oh, and I apologize in advance if Liam finds sex with you boring now that he's had a real woman. Run along to the cliff house and don't fall off the side. You know how clumsy you can get."

Eric got it right when he called Steffy's ultimatum ridiculous and unfair. When Ridge invaded the mansion, looking for Steffy, Eric said, "She came, she threw her fit, and she left. Is it your turn?" Ridge thinks Eric is mental right now, but Eric is as quick as a whip with his retorts.

Ridge refused to let Quinn move into his mother's house. Eric said he wasn't Ridge's child, and Quinn, not Ridge, would change Eric's adult diapers. Believe me, Eric's diaper will be loaded when "Logan" gets Bill's stocks.

At about the same time, Wyatt was pooing his own bricks, wrapping his head around Steffy's ingenious idea to walk out on him to accomplish nothing whatsoever but putting a big smile on Liam's face. "First she tricks us into getting married...and then..." Steffy said.

"Tricked?" Wyatt repeated. Wyatt has always been under the assumption -- or delusion -- that he and Steffy would have happened either way. In Wyatt's mind, Liam was one disappointment away from losing Steffy, and Quinn just sped up the process. It's debatable what would have happened had Quinn not abducted Liam. We do know Liam had just seen Steffy spooning in his bed with Wyatt. There's no excuse for such a thing.

Steffy claims to have pined for Liam the whole time he went rounds with Wyatt over Hope. Since Steffy hasn't mentioned any loves in Paris, I assume she had none. If she could abstain from men long enough for Liam to have, and lose, two more loves -- Hope and Ivy -- why couldn't Steffy wait for him to get off the plane and explain himself before she spooned with Wyatt? She's the one who refused to answer the phone to hear Liam out, got drunk, and let Wyatt hold her all night, not Quinn.

If Steffy knew all that time that she and Liam were destined, and no other man had been able to penetrate her heart, how did Wyatt do it in two months? Wyatt has got to be something special to accomplish something that no other man could do in years. In the past, Liam peeled her half-naked body off him, and even for twenty-five percent of Forrester, he would not leave Ivy. So it's not like Steffy hasn't been through Liam being "mean" to her before. So, no, Steffy. You weren't tricked into any marriage. You chose solitariness in the past. This time, you chose Wyatt. Your choice. Live with it.

Steffy put the blame straight on Wyatt for failing to keep Quinn away from Steffy and her family. Steffy needs to feel protected and that her family was protected. Wyatt claimed to have been protecting her, but she said it wasn't enough. He asked if he was supposed to drag Quinn out of her house. "Yes! Yes! If what we have means anything to you!" Steffy yelled.

Wyatt looked at Steffy like she was crazy, and he was right to do so. Just because she's a lunatic who puts her hands on people doesn't mean Wyatt is. And if "we" mean anything to Steffy, then why can't Steffy stop blaming him for being unable to control Eric, from whom Quinn seems to be taking her cues?

Steffy claims she can't have Quinn's decisions affect her life anymore -- which is why she let Quinn's decision to remain with Eric cause her to uproot herself from her home and marriage -- even though she will still see Quinn every day at work but see her husband ninety percent less. There's a thin line between Wyatt and Quinn, or maybe they are the same to Steffy at this point.

Steffy has Wyatt over at the mansion, losing his mind, making a childish fool of himself by trying to drag Quinn out of there when Steffy can solve the situation herself. If Steffy really wants Quinn out of her life, Steffy will turn her back on Eric and Forrester, not Wyatt. Thomas asked if she'd return home if Quinn left Eric. "That's one way it could go," she responded, making it apparent that it's her marriage, not Quinn, that she's trying to get away from.

Steffy raged that Quinn should be in jail. Well, she would be if super Liam had pressed charges. Instead, he let Justin, who isn't a criminal lawyer, talk him out of it. Liam can probably still press charges. It takes years for the statutes of limitation to run out, not months. Liam has evidence, despite what Justin said. There are doctored photos and Wyatt's statement of locating Liam. Liam could also sue Quinn in civil court. Instead of pressuring Liam into action, Steffy wants miracles out of Wyatt. Or maybe just to heap the impossible on him and blame him for the failed marriage.

I felt sorry for Wyatt. He has done all he can do short of something illegal -- which Eric later warned him to not even try -- to deal with his mother. Wyatt thinks he married someone who wanted to marry him, someone he can count on. Steffy claims that she's stood by him. Not when it comes to getting her way, she hasn't. It's always her way or no way in her life.

Wyatt made mistakes in rushing the wedding, covering up the abduction footage, and believing Quinn's inane parking lot story. But neither Wyatt nor Quinn did made Steffy have feelings for Wyatt or marry him. They also did not make Steffy remain with him after she'd learned what Quinn had done to Liam.

Steffy's new pity mantra is "all Quinn has done to her and her marriage." Quinn did nothing to the marriage. To Steffy personally, yeah. Quinn made Steffy believe Liam didn't want her, and Quinn slept with Liam. Steffy needs a gallon of shut-up juice for yelling, "Don't bring Liam into this! This isn't about Liam!" The hell it isn't, Steffy. The hell it isn't.

Steffy needs to stop lying to her husband, stop kissing Liam, and stop emotionally cheating on Wyatt. She should be honest and tell Wyatt what Hope and Ivy did -- "I love Liam more." And then she should make sure Wyatt gets a picture for her followers of her backside walking out the door.

Upon retreating from the mansion battlefront, Ridge spent the night in a hotel. The next morning, Brooke contemplated pretending she didn't remember his favorite breakfast when he showed up on her doorstep.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Rick exclaimed when he saw Ridge chowing down on what Brooke had cooked. Rick had seen Ridge's bag at the front door and assumed Ridge was trying to worm his way back into his mother's house.

Rick was overjoyed when Ridge said Rick's dad put Ridge on the curb. Ridge warned Rick not to get Maya's portrait out of storage because Quinn had moved in. "Did she give him amnesia, too?" Rick asked. I just shook my head when I heard it. Rick, they're dating, remember? Do you have amnesia? I told you guys. The diaper fumes have gotten to Rick's head.

What do you think of Steffy's ultimatum, the family dilemma, and Steffy's solution? On our Soap Central message board, we had a Hawaiian double rainbow of opinions:

• I think Steffy always had one foot out of the marriage anyway. She even said that she always knew she and Liam would find their way back to each other, even when he was with Hope... And I don't know why she doesn't just tell Wyatt that it's over. Is she going to use their marriage as a bargaining chip every time Quinn does something stupid or illegal?... -- Ferrettlove

• Quinn is a horrible and deranged person, but she never did anything to threaten Steffy's marriage to Wyatt...If you ask me, Steffy kissing Liam did more damage to her marriage. Or frankly, Steffy marrying Wyatt did damage to her marriage... -- thecourt99

• Everyone on the show is always going on about "is Steffy okay?" & "after what she did to Steffy..." But Quinn didn't actually do anything to Steffy. She hurt LIAM, without a doubt, but everyone (even Liam himself) is concerned with Steffy. It's maddening! -- Hoping4Hope

• I don't get how Steffy never had a problem with Bill as her father-in-law... -- Viennagirl

Yeah, Viennagirl, I'm gonna have to agree with that one. Viennagirl's post went on to sum up all the things Steffy had no problem with Bill doing, from trapping Hope in a gondola in the name of "Steam," to faking Steffy's blood clot, and more.

Bill's not done with his antics. He couldn't care less about Quinn infecting Forrester. Ridge, yeah, but Quinn? She's their problem. All he cares about is how nice he can be to Katie to get the divorce over with, and then he can marry Brooke and live in the Spencer mansion happily ever after.

To Bill's surprise, Katie is moving on. She is sober, joining country clubs, and making business plans. She looks good. She doesn't even want the house anymore or the beach house or cliff house. She's got her own place. Bill can move Brooke right into the Spencer mansion, as far as Katie is concerned -- but he better not dare put her in the master bedroom because it's just too confusing for Will.

Brooke's name fell out of her mouth every two seconds, even though Bill never brought Brooke up first, making me wonder just how far on Katie has moved. Will wasn't confused when Katie moved Ridge into the bedroom after she fake-fainted and swooped in to take Brooke's groom. Will will probably be just fine, since he thinks a bedroom is for sleeping, not sex, Katie.

Bill got Katie off the topic of Brooke and onto the one that was actually Katie's business, the divorce. He won't give Katie the stock, but he's secretly sweetening her divorce deal with the jet. He wants this divorce fast but has forgotten the mandatory six-month waiting period.

Ridge didn't. He figured the stocks could get tied up for months in Katie's divorce and whipped out his secret weapon -- Brooke's boobs. They were the first things that caused Bill to fantasize about Brooke, and Ridge was sure they'd get him the stocks. In all seriousness, Ridge doesn't want her back with Bill, and he doesn't want her to intercede on his behalf if she isn't comfortable with it. All Ridge wants her to do is convince Bill to sell Ridge the stock.

We all know where this is headed.

Bill invited Brooke to his mansion. On the table, he set out Champagne that the recovering alcoholic Brooke better not drink, and he announced that when the divorce was final, Brooke would move in there with him. I just love how Bill tells Brooke what she's gonna do.

Bill figured out that Brooke was there on behalf of the dressmaker. Brooke reasoned that Bill was the reason Quinn was in their lives due to Wyatt. No, Brooke. Hope is the reason Quinn is in your lives due to Hope insisting that Wyatt and Bill be one big happy family with Liam -- against Quinn's wishes.

Quick on his feet, Bill made Brooke another self-serving proposal. If Brooke will talk Katie into hurrying up with the divorce papers, Bill will give Brooke the Forrester stock as a wedding gift -- right after she vows to be with him until death do they part.

Bill's desperate to get Brooke. Ridge is desperate to get the stocks. So desperate, he even said he, Brooke, and Rick could run the company. Will Ridge urge Brooke to take Bill's deal? What about Rick? Will he pressure her to take it so he can have the stock? How will it affect Katie, who obviously isn't over her bitterness if she's banning Brooke from rooms in a house Katie doesn't even want and preoccupied with which of her exes wants Brooke.

Katie thinks Ridge and Brooke are gravitating to each other again. She told Ridge that he and Brooke had been "good together." Yeah, and that's why Katie took Ridge from Brooke. What is Katie up to? Is she trying to put thoughts in Ridge's head to make a reunion hard for Brill? If Brooke even wants a reunion, that is. Brooke was looking awfully content while cutting up fruit for Ridge's breakfast. And Ridge did say she belonged with him -- at Forrester, wink, wink.

Let us know what you think about the developments this week. Until we meet again, if you need to make an ultimatum that you mean to keep, it's gotta be bold and beautiful, baby!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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