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Quinn's got ninety-nine problems, and loser Ridge ain't one.The showstopper gaze she gave him left viewers wanting to know -- is Ridge's anger turning Quinn on?

Ridge hates Quinn and everything about her. Quinn knows it, but she gave him that twinkly gaze at the end of the catwalk anyway. With Katie moving in on Quinn's territory by showing up at Eric's house on the daily and Bill pressuring Brooke to elope, could Quridge be on the horizon? Ridge protests Quinn so hard that I'm starting to believe he's attracted to her. Let's scoop on what's really going on with Ridge and Quinn this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.

In case you missed it, whatever Ridge is feeling for Quinn, hate or lust, it pushed him to attempt to ruin the Forrester fashion show. Chalk one up for Quinn because Ridge failed to anticipate that there wasn't anything she wouldn't do for Eric -- including wearing icy chiffon. The ball gown wasn't Quinn's style, but she wore it like a queen -- that's Forrester Queen to you, Ridge.

As Ridge and Steffy glared, huffed, and rolled their eyes to their grinchy dismay, Quinn planned, executed, and even modeled her way to a fashion show success.

Big kudos go out to the writers, wardrobe, and directors this week for an unbelievable fashion show. From the ethereal fall color choices of the gowns to the jaw-dropping showstopper, the show was a hit for viewers who crave the glamour that embodies the Bold and the Beautiful. Heck, even the black Robert Palmer dresses were simply irresistible.

How did the jewelry pass fare? For me, it was never an issue -- except for the fact that Steffy and Ridge can't stand Quinn. Steffy stated that Forrester has never done anything like it before. I guess she believes that if she wasn't there, it didn't happen -- kind of like Liam's love for Hope. To Steffy I say, just because you weren't at Forrester doesn't mean they didn't feature jewelry in the shows.

It might actually be a wise idea to feature the jewelry and accessories separately on plain dresses to hone the buyer's focus instead of distracting them with shiny things when they should be focused on the gowns and vice versa. Do you think the jewelry pass was a go or a no for Forrester, and why?

The only thing I took exception to was relegating Maya to the accessory line. What was shocking -- that the lead model was parading beside the novice Sasha or that Rick allowed it? Maybe raising a family snuffed out Rick and Maya's power-lust torch.

Friday's fashion show, like all others, was fraught with drama and divas and designers with something to prove. But aren't we supposed to root for the designer to succeed at these events? This time, the designer's success wasn't at stake. Instead, Ridge's frilly ego was pit against Quinn's blue-steel determination, and in a game of "Rock, Scissors, Ego," steel crushes ego like a boulder every time.

Before the event even happened, the staff was tripping about helping Quinn pull if off. Eric made it plain to Steffy, Ridge, and Pam that they were to cooperate and work as a team. Apparently, some people cared more about the "me" in team than about Forrester Creations succeeding as a whole. Then, there are those who cared more about their sex lives than taking meetings.

At one of Quinn's fashion show meetings, Quinn wondered where everybody was. Thomas and Caroline, two-thirds of Forrester's design team, thought the eve of a fashion show was the perfect time to vacation in New York with Douglas. Couldn't wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas? You'd think Caroline would love to be in New York for Black Friday. I wonder who approved that trip right before the fashion show and if a design team has ever been absent from one?

Rick didn't attend the meeting because he was too worried about Maya's lips and making out on the desk. Maya couldn't even get into the make-out session because she was worrying about the sex bandit Zende sleeping with her sisters. No wonder Maya got downgraded to an "Addicted to Love" model at the fashion show. She needs to get addicted to minding her own love life and not Nicole's. They are loyal sisters, but for me, just a little too into each other to live their own lives.

Zende and Nicole weren't at the meeting because Zende was too busy giving Nicole his rendition of Britney Spears' "Oops, I did it again." He played with her heart -- and her sister's -- for a second time, and he thinks he and Nicole can pick up where they left off. As far as Nicole is concerned, her uterus was free, and so was she. But will her resolve hold when she learns that Sasha is still willing to take Nicole's Zende scraps, or will the sisterly competition suck Nicole back into the triangle?

Maybe with all this negative dating experience, Zende can mentor R.J. away from the models. That under-aged boy of Ridge's is out to make a model catch a case from the state. R.J.'s cute but not cute enough to risk having to model stripes for life. R.J. was talking to Brooke and Rick about a model breaking up with her boyfriend. Brooke was like, "Child, stay away from the models and let grown people work." If R.J. turns out like Ridge or Thomas, Brooke has her hands full, and to stepfather Bill -- if he succeeds in marrying her.

Speaking of Bill, while Brooke was putting up with Katie's passive-aggressive sisterly digs, he arrived, quickly showed Katie the exit, and started in with his tired-assed pitch about a yacht wedding. Across the hall, Ridge was adding his petty obstructionism to Quinn's list of problems.

Ridge didn't like the jewelry pass idea. It was stupid. He didn't want to hear about Eric telling Quinn the other night that it was a good idea. It's gross to imagine Quinn and Eric together at night. Is it gross because she repulses you, Ridge, or because she entices you?

In other "Forrester business," Ridge also informed Quinn that she'd never be Stephanie. He called Wyatt Oedipus, but who doesn't remember the smack Stephanie gave Taylor for saying Stephanie was in love with Ridge? Like a vulture, Ridge circled Quinn and probably checked out her butt. Taking in her appearance, Ridge admitted that it was nice, but he contended that "all this" meant nothing. Quinn countered that "all this means everything."

Ridge doesn't even know the fourth of it when it comes to Quinn's "all this." Liam wasn't enjoying all that Adam and Eve sex for no reason. The same reason kept Bill at her whipping bedpost, too. Wherever Deacon is, he probably still misses Quinn's "all this."

In the ultimate five-year-old move, Ridge treated the showstopper like a toy and snatched it away from the company. He told Steffy that she wasn't modeling the gown, tailored to her body, in the show. He refused to let his gown -- the one Forrester paid him to design and is therefore Forrester property made with Forrester labor and materials -- be featured second after Quinn's jewelry pass. On one thing with Ridge, I agree. On several others, I do not.

The jewelry pass was cool, but it shouldn't have prefaced the showstopper. There should have been another dress segment buffer in between. Even so, it's crazy for an employee and stockholder to purposely sacrifice their profits and the company's reputation for obstinacy.

Wyatt ordered Steffy to put the dress on anyway. Of course, she wouldn't do it for Wyatt. She never does what her men tell her to do. Just ask Liam, who implored her to stop the crazy with Ivy right before the tumble down the stairs. Ridge and Steffy are stubbornly insane enough to shoot their own noses off their faces to prove their points.

Pam was in on the crazy, too, but in a different way with a different point to prove -- that Quinn should fear Pam. Somebody must have taken Pam's meds, and the crazy Pam returned. Pam has been talking to Stephanie, who wasn't happy with Quinn. Charlie the idiot is totally okay with this. He even told Quinn that when Pam was with him, she was thinking about talking to Stephanie. Whoa. We need the windowless wagon for two stat.

Quinn claimed not to be scared of Pam, but Quinn sure skirted herself out of her own interim office in hurry. "You're the nutty one, Pam," Quinn replied with a nervous chuckle and bee-lined for the door. But Pam wasn't finished. She shut off the showroom lights while Quinn was practicing her show speech and appeared right in front of Quinn when a spotlight flipped on. "Not scared of me, huh?" Pam asked.

"Uh, well, I am now, you freak!" is what I would have said. Quinn conveyed the incident to Ivy and Wyatt and called it stupid. That's one word for it. Dangerous is another. There's something in those Douglas genes; I swear it. Whatever violent, psycho thing it is, it came down from Pam and Stephanie's violent father and passed right into Stephanie, Pam, Ridge, Steffy, and Aly. That's too many cuckoos in one gene pool to blame coincidence.

The battle of the crazies between Quinn and Pam might be epic. Pam is crazy like a nut, but Quinn is crazy like a fox. Women around her sister's husband activate Pam's crazy, and Quinn's is activated by a threat to her relationships or to her son. Quinn has the crazy about Wyatt's life under control for now, but remember when she smacked the mess out of drunk Brooke, who she thought was after Deacon?

Pam and Quinn had both better watch out for each other when it comes to Eric. And Eric needs to ask himself why he attracts so many nutballs. At his door right now is the new nutball, Katie, who brought him a bottle of Champagne after her daily trip to the liquor store to sniff every aisle.

Katie better watch out, too, while she's so busy popping into the mansion in tight workout clothes, looking for favors and sharing sparkling water with Eric. Quinn ain't gonna be having too much more of that. Deacon couldn't even be Brooke's sobriety partner, and Brooke wasn't even interested in him at that time. Nope. Katie had better take her attention-starved self somewhere else to cause trouble before she's the next one at the bottom of those stairs.

It's no secret about what Katie's doing. When she insinuated herself all up in Ridge's business and blew apart his marriage with a nuclear truth missile, she admitted to Bill that she'd done it to get attention. Now she's suddenly up in Eric's face? And did you see how quickly that dean of admissions accepted Will to the school? It was awfully simple for a dean who Katie said hated Bill's guts. What is Katie really up to, and has she been the key all along to getting rid of Quinn with a jealousy bomb instead of a stock bomb?

If so, it makes Quinn ripe for a bad romance with Ridge. How I see it going down, Katie drives Quinn crazy by Katie's insistence on being around Eric. Bill succeeds in getting Brooke to finally marry him, and Quinn and Ridge, who've been nipping at each other like velociraptors, wind up brokenhearted and horny for some angry sex. Steffy walks in, and her head explodes. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Dad!" Pow! Massive explosion.

I can dream, right? But back to the fashion show.

Maya was still fuming about Sasha, and while the ladies dressed backstage, Maya was staring hard at Sasha through the mirror. It seemed like Maya was willing the mirror to crack and blast glass shards into Sasha's face. The anger is justified, and I'd expect nothing less from the protective Maya, who single-handedly foiled Sasha's pregnant scam with a pee stick.

Sasha hasn't learned a thing since then, but this time, her pee stick might show a plus sign without any biohazard assistance from the toilet. We don't know if Zende the Sex Bandit packed his trusty condoms when his drunk behind took the impromptu Hawaii trip. Maybe the Forrester pimp jet comes equipped. We'll know soon enough, won't we?

Sasha tried to use the dumb-dumb's escape hatch with Maya by saying, "I was invited. Oh, what was I supposed to do?" Maya wasn't buying that, and I didn't buy it, either. The Forrester-Avant clan ditched Sasha last year at Christmas, and where did they go? Hawaii. What is the first thing we know about Nicole and Sasha's relationship? They compete. Where did Sasha tell Thomas she wanted to go? Hawaii. So Sasha can't give me -- or Maya -- this innocent act about Hawaii.

I must say, though -- I would have hopped that jet faster than Sasha. Heck, yes, I'm going to Hawaii! For free? Where is the plane, and can my huskies ride, too? That's all I want to know.

The problem wasn't the Hawaii trip. It was the way Sasha wandered herself into the bedroom like Goldilocks and just claimed the man in the bed. I guess that this jet chair was too hard, and that jet couch was too short -- but hopping on Zende felt just right.

Maya refused to walk the runway with Sasha, and Sasha told Quinn to switch it up, because she wasn't doing it, either. "I got ninety-nine problems, and a switch ain't one!" Quinn declared. I know that's right. Those diva models better red-neckinize. Quinn ain't got time for that. All reality TV clichés aside, the stage should have been a bloody mess after Sasha and Maya got done slicing each other up in a battle of evil runway glares.

Whether the sisters murdered each other or not, Quinn had other matters to deal with -- like why the crowd was staring sideways at Robert Palmer backup dancers on stage and wondering why they had on jewelry instead of guitars. And where is Robert Palmer? Is his ghost the guest performer at the show? If not, then what is really going on at Forrester? A cult sacrifice?

Like I said before, I liked the jewelry pass. I also like Robert Palmer videos. It worked for this old-schooler. Katie apparently got it, too. She told Eric that she liked the idea, and it was smart to market the jewelry, one of Forrester's profitable lines. And that's coming from a former CEO -- albeit, the same former CEO who came up with the Logan Goddesses campaign. Cue the Price is Right loser horn.

Quinn figured that if the guests didn't get the jewelry pass, they knew what a showstopper was. That's when Ridge happily scratched the record on the dream gala in Quinn's head and announced that he was holding Steffy, the person the gown custom-fit, hostage. His gown wasn't hitting the runway after the jewelry pass disaster. Somebody slap Ridge in the head with an employee handbook, please, and rush him to the nearest emergency team-building seminar.

Steffy was on the fence about jeopardizing everyone's hard work just to make Quinn fail. Quinn reminded Steffy that Eric was watching the show from home. While an empty stage was on Eric's screen, he told Katie that the showstopper would be up next. That's what he was expecting, and this is what makes me the angriest at Steffy and Ridge for pulling this stunt.

Eric popped a blood vessel, but Ridge and Steffy still will not let up. Eric found out about the stock coup and ordered them to work together, but Ridge and Steffy still will not let up. What would have happened to Eric if he'd been home alone and popped another blood vessel upon watching the show fall apart because Ridge refused to allow a Forrester employee to put on a Forrester gown and model it as was in the plan for the Forrester show that Eric approved?

I'm glad Katie was with Eric, and I'm glad that when the showstopper appeared on his screen, he was amazed and absolutely tickled to see Quinn modeling it. He smiled so proudly, watching Quinn and Ridge on the runway, clutching each other's hands in a victory stance to resounding applause. For now, Eric believes that his family came together, worked together, and succeeded together. Wait until he asks why Steffy wasn't in the gown.

Wyatt was right. It's petty. It's insanely petty, and to Steffy's credit, she considered putting on the dress. Ridge told her not to. I don't know who designed the dresses before the jewelry pass -- Thomas, Ridge, or Caroline -- but Ridge said he wouldn't put his reputation out there after the jewelry pass. As if his reputation isn't inextricably linked to Forrester Creations.

I can see Bill Spencer's headline now: Idiot dressmaker Refuses to Show Gowns at a Fashion Show: Robert Palmer Dresses Were a Hit. The same guy who thought Thomas' cyber-café idea for the boutiques was sound, but he wouldn't give a jewelry pass a chance. It just screams of utter vindictiveness. Moreover, it opens the door to questioning what is really driving all of Ridge's hate for Quinn.

Hate was all Ridge had for Quinn when Steffy told him that he'd better get on the runway after Ivy had announced him as the designer. As Eric watched from home, he didn't see Ridge murmuring through his smile that he hated everything about Quinn, but I wonder if Eric saw Quinn gazing at Ridge almost adoringly as Ridge stared into the jubilant the crowd.

Maybe the gaze means nothing. Maybe Quinn's just high on success. Or maybe...

In a look ahead, Monday's preview shows Steffy admitting that Quinn's actions at the fashion show saved them. Quinn becomes a little unglued at the thought of a single woman hanging around her house and husband. Now that we know Quinn likes rap songs, we can look forward to her channeling her inner Ludacris and telling Katie to "move, bitch! Get out my house! Get out my house, bitch! Get out my house!!"

Zende will have the same advice for Sasha about going around Nicole. It seems like Nicole isn't up for spend-the-night parties and hair-braid sessions with her traitorous sister and bestie, Sasha. For the record, Zende and Sasha didn't do it to Nicole again. Zende and Nicole had broken up already the last time, and this time, Zende told Sasha it was over -- Nicole just never got the breakup memo this go-round.

Remember when Liam said, "I'm done," and Steffy took it as a breakup when it wasn't? It was just the opposite for Nicole, but unlucky for her, she doesn't have a brain injury to blot out seeing her sibling in bed with her lover like Liam had.

Speaking of Steffy, how rude was it of her to offer her tattoo removal doctor to Wyatt? To top it off, she didn't even say the doctor made house calls when Wyatt complained about having to go to an appointment.

Revisiting the Douglas psycho gene theory, mental illness must be why Steffy told Wyatt that things would be "so different" if Quinn wasn't there. It's too late with Wyatt, Steffy. Let it go. Liam already remodeled the bathroom for you. You're stuck with Liam unless Hope returns to outshine you as usual -- but then you probably won't get Wyatt, either, because he'll be chasing Hope, too.

Those are the boring dots Steffy didn't want to connect to see how she and Liam got from the bathtub to where they are today. Just keeping it real because those Steam-less moments on Monday made me want to hurl! And those are probably Hope's leftover candles, too. Just saying.

Thank you for scooping with me this week. I look forward to your comments below, and take it from Quinn, being short can be bold and beautiful, baby!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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