The price is right (For Steffy to dump Liam)

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Look at all these fabulous prizes! And they can all be Steffy's if she dumps Liam. Is Steffy's life for sale? If it is, Eric's price is right. Blow the loser horn for Liam this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.

Ridge asked Eric if he thought this Quinn thing was a game. After Friday's episode, we can dub Eric Forrester the new Bob Barker, and Steffy Forrester is the next contestant on the Price is Right to Buy Wyatt a Wife! Ridge spun Eric's wheel too hard this week and might wind up going over a dollar and being short one relationship with his father. If Ridge's ego is right, Quinn might be handing her marriage to him on a platter. Here's the scoop on how Eric puts his money and faith behind Steffy and Wyatt, and Liam puts his on Ridge's seduction skills, this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.

One million dollars, I say with my pinky near my lip. The cash the first prize under Eric's first drop cloth when he told Steffy what her Forrester CEO salary would be per year. I don't know if that's a good salary for a company Forrester's size; however, if Steffy is Demi Moore in a bar with Wyatt and Liam during a reverse transaction in the movie Indecent Proposal, then the payment is right to the penny.

One million dollars, I say again with my pinky near my lip. The amount was also written on a check Eric handed Steffy -- for the use of her brand on a cosmetics line, I assume. Hopefully, it's just a royalty check. Celebrities with cosmetic and perfume lines tend to make it rain and shout, "I'm rich, bitch!" in that billion-dollar industry.

If that wasn't enough from Eric, beneath drop cloth number three, he had Steffy's new portrait and her chance to hang it above the mantel. "This -- the house, the beds, the toilets, the toilet brushes, and the dirt under the floor! It can all be yours one day, Steffy, but you have to act now!" Eric exclaimed.

With the show he put on for Steffy, he had to have had a side job as a used car salesman in the early days of Forrester. Notice Eric's fine print. "One day," he said. As in someday in the future. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe when she's eighty. Who knows?

In case you missed it, Eric worked his charm over Steffy to get her to move out of Liam's house, but she moved back into Thomas' loft. When Eric asked her to move into the mansion and work on her marriage, she said she wasn't a gift Eric could give to his wife, and she was going back to Liam at the appropriate time. Just as Eric planned a magical night of fine clothes, food, and dancing for Quinn this week, he ambushed Steffy with a magical meeting filled with fabulous prizes for her -- if she moved in and worked on her marriage with Wyatt.

Talk about not taking no for an answer! Steffy was blown away by the new cosmetic line and perfume designed around her, the portrait Eric had commissioned for her, Eric's proposal that she could inherit the house one day, and the million-dollar check in her hands. Is this an offer Steffy can't refuse? If she takes it, is it because she was manipulated or because she wanted the prizes more than Liam?

Steffy told Liam that she was intelligent enough to handle herself. We'll soon see if she can figure out that Eric's offer doesn't constitute a promise to actually get anything. He never said he'll ever give up real control over Forrester Creations. He doesn't promise that her portrait will remain on the wall for any period of time. He doesn't say that he won't repossess the house and/or her job at some point or that he won't ever back one of his children to remove her as the CEO and remove her and Wyatt as residents of the mansion.

All Eric is really offering is the CEO job for as long as he wants her to do it, free rent at the mansion for as long as he wants to have her there, a portrait that might or might not end up in the cellar, a campaign gimmick, and a husband that she's already trying to get rid of.

Is Steffy really going to let Eric trick her for these things after she's seen firsthand how going after these things worked out for Ridge and Rick? Somebody text her a picture of Rick toting Maya's portrait out and of Eric welcoming Ridge and Caroline in five minutes later. Who's got the footage of when Eric told Ridge to get out, causing Ridge to live out of a suitcase until he proposed to Brooke?

I just want Steffy to figure out where the heck to live. It's been a quandary for her ever since Liam disappeared about a year ago. When Liam "left town," she didn't feel right staying at the cliff house. She lived with Ridge at the mansion for a hot second and then moved into Wyatt's place. Once Quinn re-inaugurated Eric's sex life in her ovary office, Steffy trotted out of Wyatt's place and into Thomas' loft only to move back out of Thomas' and back into Wyatt's.

Steffy did the hokey-pokey, and she turned herself around to go right back to Thomas' house the same day. Next thing you know, Steffy's suitcase is at Liam's house. Liam told the birds, the bees, and the trees that Steffy's push-up bras are back in his dresser.

Not so fast. Before Liam could trip over that mountain chain of a bra she discarded on the floor during sex this week, Steffy did the hokey-pokey on her living arrangements again and went back to Thomas' house. Now she must decide if she's staying there for the next couple months or moving back into the mansion and working on her marriage.

Eric's not-so-fabulous-as-they-seem prizes aside, Steffy has a real choice to make. Does she want to be with Liam, the morality police, who dictates everything from whether she works at or on a desk to who gets to see her panties, or does she want to be with her husband Wyatt, who can't tell morals from marbles and thinks Liam's kidnapping was Biblical role-playing sex?

Liam thinks he and Steffy have every right to live together while she's still married because they were deprived. That's the code for "robbed." Steffy was uncomfortable with living there while married from the start. Eric came down on her about it, and she decided to do what was morally expected. Liam is pitching a fit to low hell about it because Liam wants what Liam wants, as Wyatt put it. What else can it be when living with him is just as bad for a CEO's image as he claims Wyatt's posts of her are?

It makes me remember when Steffy called Hope an adulterer for eventually doing the same thing Steffy did by living with Liam while there was a divorce pending. I want Steffy to acknowledge that, and I also hope Steffy can now see what she put Hope and Liam through by forcing the six-month waiting period. It's real karma, isn't it?

Liam thinks Eric has it in for him. Liam is certain Steffy is being manipulated, and Eric, too. After all, who wouldn't give King Liam his way unless they were under the influence of something or someone evil? Tell me what you think in the comments below. Is Eric being the big bad wolf, huffing and puffing and threatening to blow Liam's straw house down? Is it Quinn pulling Eric's strings? Or does Eric's stance harken back to the era of Stephanie, who championed her own brand of moral decency?

I vote for the latter. Eric and Stephanie were always moral hypocrites together. Eric has found it again in Quinn. Eric hasn't changed a bit. He always throws contests and dangles prizes in front of people to get them to do what he wants. Praise, improve, reward, manipulate. It's what Eric has always done. He is not above bestowing one with favor to punish another, either. Liam had better read Soap Central's Who's Who Eric Forrester page and get with the program.

Whatever Eric and Quinn are up to with Steffy, Liam and Ridge's sour grapes about it made strong whine this week. I have a headache, and it's got Liam and Ridge written all over it. I don't know who got on my last nerve because they were equally mind numbing. I pick Liam only because I heard it from him every single day about every single move Steffy made this week.

Liam's upset about the move. Liam's upset about the "little somethin' something" pics of Steffy on social media. Only Liam, who isn't her husband, should get to see Steffy in her underwear. Come again, Liam? Did you just say that only you should see your brother's wife in her lingerie? He said it, and he did so in front of said brother and husband in a debate about morals and decency.

Oh, Liam. You told Ridge that God didn't even know how Quinn did things, but He certainly sees how you operate. Maybe Steffy moved out to avoid the lightning bolts God hurls at you on the cliff. Or maybe Steffy moved out because she was secretly as sick of your whining as I am.

Steffy gets tofurkey, dictating, and whining seven days a week. She goes over to Eric's and sees caviar, romance, and Forrester original surprises for Quinn. Is there any wonder why Steffy left and is probably moving in there, Liam? I mean, seriously.

Liam told Ridge that Steffy was slipping away, and what is Liam's solution? To let Ridge, Eric's son, pretend to seduce Eric's wife. Want to talk about manipulation, Liam? How about going to Steffy's father every single day of the week to complain about how bad Steffy's getting sucked into the Quinn vortex and asking him repeatedly if he's going to do the plan when you know good and well how wrong it is and how indecent it is?

Liam can have several seats and get out of my face. He's the same one who lectured Brooke and Bill about what they supposedly did to Katie, but when it's to Liam's benefit, suddenly betraying family and showing off a little "somethin' something" to entice a person isn't wrong.

I don't know how it is that Wyatt hasn't decked Liam again yet. When Liam was popping off at the mouth about Steffy's campaign again in the middle of another meeting, all I could think about was how Liam's face hit the same floor when it met Wyatt's fist a couple years back. Maybe Wyatt refrains because he knows Steffy will pull a Hope and run to Liam's defense.

Liam's manipulation of Steffy argument is weak sauce. Let him tell it, Steffy has differing opinions, so obviously, she's blind, na´ve, and brainwashed. In my opinion, something else entirely is going on with Steffy. I might have quoted these lyrics to you guys in the past, but they are apropos for Liam and Steffy at the moment. They are from a song called "Older" by my dearly beloved and departed George Michael:, don't you think I'm looking older? Something good has happened to me...change. It's a stranger you have yet to know. Well, you're out of time. I'm letting go. You'll be fine. Or maybe you won't. You're out of time...I'm letting go...

I think that says it all, Liam. Change. You know nothing about it. Getting older -- as in maturing-- it's an alien process to you. When has Liam ever changed anything but his mind about a woman? He looks the same, eats the same, and thinks the same. Well, Liam, I got news for you. Other people grow up, learn about themselves, mature, and move on.

Liam's women outgrow him. When they do, he assumes something is wrong with them. Quinn, Wyatt, a diamond, a grandfather, an alien -- or maybe an alien grandfather who has a diamond and is controlled by Wyatt and Quinn -- is controlling them. The supposedly manipulated change in Steffy that Liam gripes so hard about is really maturity. From the black leather cocoon is emerging a beautiful butterfly. Wyatt's talent must be breeding butterflies because he did the exact thing with Hope. Liam griped about that, too.

Steffy is maturing and finally becoming a character who I can tolerate, actually relate to, and maybe champion. Never did I think I'd say that. I love what I'm seeing in Steffy from the cosmetic changes in hair and wardrobe down to the mental changes and her new ability to see past Liam for once. That's the best change, in my view.

In the past, it didn't matter to Steffy if she nuked the world; as long as she got Liam in the end, it was fair and justified. Before, she was ripping off hats and mustaches, tackling Quinn. Now, she's actually using her brain and not her brawn for battle. Let us know what you think of the new Steffy in the comment below. Is the character headed in the right direction, or did you prefer the badass, ride-or-die version of the Mini-Queenie?

Speaking of battling, my question throughout this whole plot still remains. What are they battling against? Quinn still isn't doing anything extraordinary for a B&B Los Angeles resident. The worst thing anyone can pin her with came from Ivy this week. "He saw you naked," Ivy kept saying to Quinn in the Australian accent that seems to be back.

No complaints from me. I like the accent, but while Ivy is on Quinn's case about Ridge, Ivy had better remember that Thomas did the same thing to her a while back. Ivy's heart appears to be in the right place as she's warning Quinn against tangling with the chief of Forrester Casanovas. After all, Quinn's already married to the king. Why mess it up and let Katie get to him? While I'm at it, why buy Eric an outdoor shower with Katie lurking in the bushes?

I'm so tired of Ridge disparaging Quinn and being disgruntled when he should be romancing Brooke. I'm getting like Eric was to Ridge this week. Put up or shut the hell up, Ridge! Liam, too. I'm over hearing about Quinn being so evil. We haven't seen evidence of it since she pushed Deacon off the cliff, and those two Wonder Idiots don't even know about that one. They act like Quinn is the Eye of Sauron, and all that thing could do was stare you to death if you let it.

I love the storyline, and I love the drama of it, but what it's missing is the real threat. Tell me what you think, but for me, Quinn and Eric aren't doing anything abnormal. What woman wouldn't want to try to connect with her husband's family and ingratiate herself in it? How is it bad that Eric looks at Wyatt like a son? What is all this "manipulating" Quinn is doing, and what is it supposed to get her that she doesn't already have?

Liam bemoans Quinn having power, influence, and Eric to cheer her on. Sounds like jealousy to me. As I'm seeing it, Eric is not being manipulated, and neither is Steffy. Yes, Steffy is being bought, but Steffy isn't stupid. She wants the treats, and if she wants them more than Liam -- oh, well, Liam. Looks like you're out. Stop blaming Quinn and Wyatt's hocus-pocus for your lameness. Steffy would stay with you no matter what if you weren't an insecure asshole.

As for Eric, I'd feel the same way about Ridge if I were him. I almost thought Ridge was about to give Eric another brain aneurysm when he went over there and picked that fight with Eric. It seemed to me as if Ridge did it on purpose to make Eric lash out so that Ridge would feel justified in doing what he was doing with Quinn. Otherwise, there was no point to the conversation, just like Eric said.

Ridge went over there in the guise of peace with nothing different to offer Eric than he'd been offering for months. The only new things to come out of it were that Eric told Ridge to put his proof where his mouth was, and Ridge found a new name to call Quinn: Creature.

Yes, Ridge called Quinn a creature, and Eric did not even get upset about the name-calling until Ridge started back in with the "that woman" stuff. At that point, Eric ordered Ridge to call Quinn by her name in her house. I heard some labored breathing from Eric, but he didn't pull a fast one and act like he was weak to get out of the conversation this time. The angrier Eric got, the more worried I became that he was about to fall out on the floor again.

Ridge let his hate destroy most of his relationships with women, and he's about to let it destroy his family. Ridge's hate for Deacon caused Ridge to abandon his marriage to Brooke on their honeymoon over a text message. Next, Ridge can't let Bill have Brooke, so his antics in Dubai plus with Caroline caused him to lose Katie. Ridge couldn't let go of his abhorrence for Thomas, causing him to lose Caroline. Now, Brooke is barely across the bridge, and he's burning it down with Quinn octane gasoline!

It's amazing that Ridge will risk losing Brooke now that he has her back, but he couldn't risk losing Brooke when he didn't even have her. What kind of sense does that even make? For all this, Ridge could have just let her marry Bill and gotten the stock. He'd be rid of Quinn, and if he really wanted Brooke, he could go after her once he had the stock.

But no. Oh, no. Ridge can't be logical. Instead, he has to break up Brooke's wedding and get her back, thereby ruining the stock deal, because he can't stand Bill having Brooke. I want to know what Ridge thinks will happen when Brooke finds out he's been in the steam room, rubbing the devil's hooves? Brooke will understand? Is that what he thinks? All she'll understand is that she needs to have herself fumigated after he touched her with those same hands.

Brooke is supposed to be okay with the fact that she's at home with flat sparkling cider and staring at a wilting sandwich she made Ridge while he is massaging Quinn in the stream room to save the family. Brooke gave up Bill for their family, but Ridge is seducing Quinn for their family? That doesn't sound right to me. What did sound right to me was when Rick laughed at Ridge and said that Ridge thinks all women will drop their drawers for him.

Well, I got more news for Ridge. Ain't no drawers dropping for him over here at my house. I can't stand what he's up to right now. I was into the whole Ridge and Quinn having a love/hate spark between them until Ridge made it a contest about his ego and started acting all confident that he can turn Quinn inside out with his so-called charm.

The most unattractive man to me is a man who's sexy -- and he knows it. If you know it, fine. Just don't show it. It's a turnoff. When talking to Liam, Ridge was coming off like one of those creeps Liam was afraid would see Steffy's lingerie posts. "Yeah, Quinn wants some of this. Obvi!" Ridge makes me champion Quinn even more. Quinn will have to flub up royally for me to change at this point -- like kill somebody flub up, and if it's Ridge, then I still might champion her.

Quinn has been honest and up-front about everything, even her failures when she tries to be the new Quinn. She confided as much in Ivy this week. Well, maybe Quinn's not honest about everything to everyone. Eric doesn't know about all this risky Ridge business, and even though I understand why she doesn't tell Eric, it's the very thing she needs to do. Telling Eric would remove the sting from Ridge's sexual healing plan for the family.

Quinn should just be open and tell Eric, "Dude, your son's hitting on me big league." I got that from Trump. Big League. Here's something else I got from Trump: WRONG. Ridge, you think you're all that? WRONG. Ridge, you think you're some martyr and need to "sacrifice" yourself to save the family? WRONG. Such a nasty, nasty man, Ridge is. Big league nasty.

What Ridge needs to do is find out if Liam's got space for Ridge to move in because Liam will be the only one talking to Ridge when this is over. I take that back. Rick will talk to him. Rick will be happy to listen, gloat, and chuckle at what Ridge got himself into. And maybe Katie. She loves two things -- misery and Brooke's leftovers.

What is R.J. going to say when he finds out Ridge ruined the Bridge reunion over Quinn? I wonder if Ridge has even thought about the fact that doing this to Eric could cause Eric to relapse? Ridge said he loved Eric about three times on Thursday. He sure has a painful way of showing it. Ridge's willingness to risk Eric's health, cheat on Brooke after swearing not to screw up again, and toss the family into unknown cjaos makes Ridge the idiot of the week.

Quinn is already onto Ridge. Quinn told Ivy that it was a game, and she wouldn't get sucked into playing it. Ridge knows that Quinn knows what he is up to, but he thinks she's like a moth to a flame. After listening to Ridge with Liam, I wonder who the month is and who the flame is.

Ridge asked Liam if he'd ever looked into Quinn's eyes. Liam was all like, "I swear to God, if you fall for her..." Ridge claimed to be just trying to figure out why his father fell for her. "There's something about her, man. Black magic maybe," Ridge stated.

Liam thought Ridge should rethink things because Ridge might lose not only Eric, but Forrester and Brooke. Ridge dismissively said Ridge never liked him since Lab-Floor-Gate. As for Brooke, she'd understand, and he'd just go get another job. Let it go, Ridge. No Forrester is leaving the company or starting a new one. The days of Forrester kiddies leaving the gene pool or the work pool are gone.

Who do you think will win in this game of chicken between Ridge and Quinn? Will Eric feel betrayed, and if so, by which one? I'm betting on Quinn for the win. So far, Ridge has failed at just about everything ever since he sent Brooke back home from their honeymoon a few years back. Quinn, on the other hand, somehow always manages to land on her feet.

Because of my current disdain for Liam, I'm championing Wyatt. The cosmetics brand was actually a good idea. I root for Wyatt but part ways with him on groveling to get Steffy to move into the mansion and give him another chance. As Wyatt was begging, all I could think of was her standing in her bra and panties in Liam's bedroom earlier this week. It's just too soon. I need two real-world weeks before another man is begging to hit it next.

Wyatt and Eric are right about Liam holding Steffy back. Liam needs to stop trying to prevent Steffy from doing things and stop interrupting her meetings with emergency social media PSAs. Eric said that Liam wants Steffy to stay home and play it safe. It reminded me of what opposites Liam and Steffy were when they'd met. It began as a wild ride for the straight-laced computer geek, but now Liam is more into fixing crotch rockets than riding them.

Lastly, I agree with Eric, who asked Steffy what would happen if Hope returned to town. Bu got Steffy's tongue for a second, and she stammered. "Ah...uh...He's committed to me," Steffy said with a nervous chuckle, shaking her head as if she didn't even know why Eric would ask. We all know why Eric asked, and we all know that the reason is applicable to Wyatt, too.

We'd love to know what you think about this week of prizes. Whose point of view do you empathize with and why? Let us know, in good humor or sincerely, what Liam and Ridge are so afraid that Quinn is going to do at this point? Should Steffy take the prizes and run before Eric flips and favors another family member? Was she right to move out and make Liam wait the full six months again to gets what he wants?

It's been a pleasure, as always. Until we scoop again, if you can be bought and sold for money and prizes, make sure your payout is bold and beautiful, baby!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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