Has destiny's Bridge "Brilly" fallen down?

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This week on B&B, kissgate exploded, and Ridge and Brooke imploded. Will Brooke pull a Hope and return to L.A., married to Bill?

If the saying is true, then there's no fool like an old fool. According to Brooke, she's been a fool for thirty years. They also say that every fool has her day, but this first of April marks the first day that Brooke no longer plays the fool for Ridge. Could it be true, or is kissgate just another pothole in the love affair we call Bridge?

Brooke and Ridge managed to survive some incredible obstacles over the decades, from accidental sex with other people to spouses returning from the dead. It's the little things that trip the couple up -- like text messages and goodbye kisses. Ridge seems to think he and Brooke can get past his farewell kiss with Quinn, but could Brooke return from Australia, married to Bill?

Brooke's got the dress, and Bill's got the time. If Wyatt inherited any of his fast-thinking from Bill, then it's a no-brainer that Bill will order the yacht and sail with Brooke to marital bliss -- isn't it?

In case you missed it, Brooke declared to Quinn that neither one of them would have a husband after Brooke ratted Quinn out to Eric for kissing Eric's son. Ridge and Quinn convinced Brooke not to expose kissgate to Eric, but Ridge couldn't talk Brooke into marrying him on the beach where she'd seen him locking lips with the Kraken.

In a shocking development, Katie quietly flew all the way to back to Los Angeles without snooping into why there wouldn't be a wedding! Viewers were rocked to discover that Katie waited all the way until she could corner Ridge backstage at Forrester to learn that Brooke had seen him kiss Quinn in Australia.

Meanwhile, Brooke lagged behind in Australia to mourn her relationship with Ridge, and she crossed paths with Bill, who had yet to return to Los Angeles.

The bridge to nowhere
In Atlanta, the faithful I-85 Bridge collapsed this week. In all my years living near the perimeter, this is the first time I've heard of our bridge failing. In all my years watching the Bold and the Beautiful, on the other hand, I've lost track of how many times Bridge, as in Brooke and Ridge, have failed.

The police have some suspects in the I-85 case, and we already know who the culprits are in Bridge's demise. Usually, the B&B writers patch Bridge back together and set one of them up to walk all over the other one again. Will this time be any different, or -- just like that -- is Brooke finally done playing Ridge's fool?

At times, Brooke was at fault for Ridge and Brooke's breakups, and Ridge has forgiven Brooke transgressions that might permanently snuff out any relationship. At other times, Ridge was at fault, and Brooke gave him another chance when he didn't deserve it. In this Two Scoops, we take a trip down Broken Bridge Lane and remember how the couple broke up to make up for almost thirty real-time years.

Maybe Baby
Remember when a pregnant Brooke collapsed on the church floor, having just missed Taylor and Ridge's first wedding? Brooke had rushed there to tell Ridge that she was pregnant. At the time, Ridge had chosen to marry Taylor, hoping that Brooke would remain married to Eric. Eric left Brooke for Sheila when the baby Brooke carried turned out to be Ridge's.

It took a long time for Brooke and Ridge to reunite after that. In fact, Taylor had to die for Ridge and Brooke to reunite. Just after Brooke and Ridge began their life as a married couple, Taylor returned from the dead; however, it was Bridget's paternity that dealt the final blow to Bridge. Ridge found out that Bridget really wasn't his daughter, and Ridge suspected that Brooke had paid the doctor to alter the test.

Siren in the fog
During the next breakup, Ridge planned to propose to Brooke on the runway, but when he mistook a kiss between Brooke and Grant for something more than friendly, Ridge wound up proposing to Taylor on the runway instead.

In a game of wedding chicken, Brooke set her wedding date as the day before Ridge's to Taylor, and Brooke dared Ridge to stop her wedding if he really wanted her. Ridge left his wedding rehearsal dinner to chase Brooke down on a Harley he bought off a guy on the side of the road, but Brooke and Grant had already sailed away when Ridge finally arrived and yelled Brooke's name into the fog.

Thomas changes everything
Brooke and Ridge eventually reunited while Brooke teamed up with Thorne to help him win Taylor's heart, leaving Ridge free for Brooke. Ridge and Brooke got married, but the marriage soon ended when Taylor landed on Brooke's doorstep, insisting that Brooke would no longer keep Taylor from telling Ridge that he, not Thorne, was Thomas' father.

Diminished Hope
Taylor died again, and Bridge began to build. Two things stood in the way -- Massimo and Bridget. Bridget and Ridge had developed feelings for each other, and Massimo paid Deacon to tell Ridge the truth about Hope's paternity. Ridge got over Brooke having a baby with her daughter's husband, and Brooke got over Ridge crushing on his ex-daughter/ex-sister; however, the couple landed on rocky shores when Nick Marone sailed into Brooke's life.

Until death do us part, reunite, and part again
In the first decades of Bridge, Brooke was the persistent one who waited in the wings for Ridge to choose. The tables turned when Nick arrived, and Ridge found himself fighting for Brooke's love in earnest instead of having his choice of women as in the past.

Ridge pulled out all the stops to win Brooke from Nick. At one point, Ridge made Stephanie put the engagement ring on Brooke's finger for him. The only thing stopping Bridge at that time was death. Brooke followed her destiny and married Ridge in Puerto Vista. Death followed the newlyweds, and Ridge "perished" in a boiling cauldron.

Brooke had grief sex with Nick and was guilt-ridden about it when Ridge showed up alive a day or two after the incident. He'd been saved at the last second from boiling to death. The couple reunited, and when Brooke learned she was pregnant, she told Ridge about the grief sex with Nick. Ridge vowed to remain with her -- even when the paternity test deemed that Nick was the father. It was Brooke who left Ridge because she felt too guilty about her indiscretion.

Brooke agreed to be with Nick, but her heart was really with Ridge. Eventually, she decided to be with Ridge despite the paternity tests results. At that point, Brooke, Ridge, and Nick learned that Sally had changed the paternity tests. Ridge really was the father of the child, who became known as R.J.

A kiss leads to the unforgettably forgettable for Ridge
A misunderstood kiss disrupted Bridge again when Amber took a photo of Ridge and Bridget kissing. Instead of letting Amber blackmail him, Ridge confessed to Brooke that it had happened just so he and Bridget could stay warm while trapped in the snow. Brooke didn't believe Ridge until Bridget affirmed it. By then, Ridge had gotten amnesia, been abducted to Venice, and was about to give Morgan DeWitt the baby she'd been wanting out of him for decades. Amber located Ridge and helped get him home and reunited with Brooke.

Night of the living wife
Brooke and Ridge managed to remain together and raise their children until Ridge became obsessed with his dead wife. One night, he dug up Taylor's grave, and to his shock, she wasn't in it. Instead, she was standing right in front of him!

Ridge had to make the choice of a lifetime -- whether to stay with his living wife or be with his undead wife. Stephanie faked being on her deathbed to make the choice a little easier for Ridge, who chose to remarry Taylor to please his "dying" mother.

Eventually, Ridge left Taylor over her hypocrisy about Brooke, but by that time, Brooke had moved on to be with Nick, and not even Ridge having a heart attack could make her come back.

Blended families aren't always easy
Ridge and Brooke made their way back to each other as usual, but the next threat to Bridge were their children. First, it was Rick, whose volatile relationship with Ridge caused Brooke to choose her son over her destiny. As Brooke and Ridge tried to rebound from Phoebe's death, Bridge was dealt a heavy blow when Ridge slept with Taylor while high on prescription drugs.

At first, Brooke wanted nothing to do with Ridge, but as she slowly came around, Steffy and Thomas attempted to sabotage a Bridge reunion by texting Brooke while pretending to be Ridge. Brooke rode in on a horse in an attempt to reclaim Ridge right before he married Taylor.

Inappropriate family pose!
Strangely, Bridge was fortified enough to survive when Brooke accidentally had sex with Hope's boyfriend at Hope's graduation party, but when the sobbing Thomas revealed that he'd slept with Brooke on Berry Island, Brooke was so disgusted with herself that she divorced Ridge, sent him back to Taylor, and devoted her life to charity.

It wasn't until Ridge's wedding day to Taylor that everyone learned Stephanie had bribed Thomas to lie about having sex with Brooke. Ridge dropped rose petals down Brooke's fountain, where the two reunited.

One text too many
It was smooth sailing for Ridge and Brooke after the berry island incident. They always say it's calm before the storm. All cyclone hell broke loose when Deacon texted Brooke while she was on her honeymoon with Ridge. It wasn't the texts that bothered Ridge. His problem was that Brooke hadn't been honest about who was texting her. Ridge refused to legalize the marriage and remained in Europe while Brooke returned home to Los Angeles.

If you get to screw your sister's husband, I get to screw your sister
Ridge came to his senses about the text messages. It took him almost two years, but he got over it. Ridge wanted Brooke back -- until he found something out about Brooke that truly disgusted him. Brooke had hooked up with Katie's husband in Ridge's absence.

Eventually, Ridge simmered down about that, too, and he decided to go ahead and marry Brooke. The problem was, he'd pulled Katie's heartstrings first. Katie faked a fainting spell to stop the wedding, and Brooke called it absurd that Ridge wanted to be with Katie instead of marrying Brooke and taking R.J. out of boarding school to be at home with them.

"I'm going home to Katie," Ridge told Brooke. He said he was sorry, and guess what? He's sorry all over again on a beach in Australia. This time, it's about his father's wife, Quinn.

I don't even know why. I don't even like her
In a hotel room in Australia the night before Bridge's latest wedding, Brooke accused Ridge of kissing Quinn and ruining their future family plans with R.J. -- again, I might add. Ridge insisted that the kiss didn't mean anything, and he and Brooke could still get married. He didn't even know why he kissed Quinn. He doesn't even like Quinn, and whatever it was is over.

Oh, it's over all right. Brooke is done with Ridge making her look like his clown for love -- until the next time Ridge makes her look like his clown for love. There will be a next time, won't there? Isn't there always with Bridge?

Bridge is dead. Long live Brill?
For me, Bridge died back in 2012 with Ronn Moss's exit. I didn't want them to recast Ridge, but I was grateful to have Thorsten Kaye. I knew him, at least, and enjoyed him as Zach Slater on All My Children. I was definitely ready to give him a chance to be Ridge, but I was no longer invested in Bridge.

Putting Bridge to rest didn't make me root for Brill, though. I still feel that Bill belongs with Katie, and it was even more apparent for me when Katie and Bill were mostly together on the Australia trip. Bill and Katie flowed naturally together in their scenes, and Katie even made it easy for Bill to open up to her about Brooke. They almost seemed still married -- until Brooke's name came up and reminded viewers that they weren't.

Many viewers love Brooke and Bill together. The couple works, but Bill's unrepentant pining for Brooke has sapped Bill's strength. It's as if Brooke is the Delilah who cut up Samson's credit cards. With Katie, Bill can be more unpredictable. There's more suspense surrounding how Katie will handle Bill this time or if Bill will succeed in getting around Katie to do whatever it is he's trying to do that she doesn't like.

Can Bill and Brooke work if neither of them feels guilty about Katie or if Ridge isn't standing in the way? It remains to be seen. Since Kaye has reprised the role of Ridge Forrester, Ridge has had a short attention span with women, so it might be possible that Brill can get some alone time away from Ridge, even if not from Katie.

Ridge also hasn't seemed seriously committed to any of his romantic relationships. In the last few years, Ridge has gone from Brooke to Katie to Caroline to Brooke with a side of Quinn. The relationship with Caroline had been the most convincing until Caroline and Douglas were suddenly out of sight, out of mind. From the way Ridge and Katie relate now, viewers who tuned in after their breakup might be surprised to know that the two were once engaged.

To be fair, many ended relationships are like that nowadays. For example, what new viewer would suspect that Steffy and Bill once had a thing? Where is her diamond sword necklace anyway? It probably doesn't matter because Bill stopped wearing his. Katie was the first person who noticed, by the way. Wyatt and Liam still wear theirs, but what do the necklaces mean if Bill isn't wearing his?

Maybe Bill takes up the sword again once he gets Brooke back, signaling the return of his mojo. Or maybe Brooke won't want to see the damn thing because Quinn made it. What do you think? Should Bill and the Spencer boys move on from the sword, or should Bill return to wearing his?

Bill and Brooke should return from Australia married. Brill fans might want an on-screen wedding; however, I have seen enough B&B weddings and attempted weddings to last another year. Besides, for months, Bill has dreamed of marrying Brooke on a deserted island that Ridge couldn't breach. It wouldn't be surprising, then, if they happen to return home married.

In a look ahead, the spoilers and previews don't give away much about what happens with Brooke and Bill after they wordlessly encounter each other at the opera house on what was supposed to be Brooke's wedding day to Ridge. Apparently, the family wants answers about why the Bridge wedding didn't take place. Eric even convenes a family meeting about it -- as if any family members besides Brooke and Ridge can give him the answer.

What the heck reality check
You all know I love me some location shoots, but the Outback's beauty didn't hide a few logistical flaws at Steffy and Liam's wedding reception. Let me know if you guys noticed these oddities or can elaborate on them to clear up my confusion. Maybe you have some of your own that need explaining.

First, no one can get phone reception on the beach, but Eric can take a phone call with Rick. What the heck was up with that?

Next, Bill is impatient because the shuttle isn't coming to pick them up fast enough, but after Bill and Katie finally leave in one, another arrives right away for Eric? Not only that, after it drives away with Eric, there's a cab sitting right there for Brooke to hop into at will -- and apparently, another cab nearby that Quinn immediately hails!

Here's another twist. When Bill is impatient about the shuttle, Ridge instructs Bill to swim back. So where were all the shuttle vans and taxis going? To the boat or directly to the hotel?

Third, everyone but Brooke and Bill -- and presumably the newlyweds -- flew home the next day. It is a day later because R.J. referenced that his father and mother should be getting married at the time he was talking to Coco in the office. In the same episode, Sally dragged Thomas out of her office to go to lunch. Sydney and Los Angeles are about a thirteen-hour plane ride apart and eighteen hours apart in terms of time on a clock.

I think I just blew a brain cell trying to figure out how Ridge, Katie, Thomas, and Sally could all be back and fresh for work before lunchtime on the day that Ridge and Brooke were supposed to marry.

Wasn't it a surprise that Sally and Thomas didn't spend extra time in Australia? I expected them to take a day to themselves while on a special trip. I also I assumed that Sally was staying in Thomas' room with him, but I had it all wrong because Thomas asked her why they hadn't wound up sharing a room on the trip. I will hand it to Thomas. He can move slowly with women -- when he wants to, but I do wonder where Sally stayed while in Australia.

Anyone else try to figure out how Katie and Ridge changed their return tickets in such a way that they didn't cross paths with the other family members flying back to L.A.? I find it much easier just to ask what happened to taking the Forrester jet on trips? Can it not make it to Australia?

The biggest puzzle of the week for me was how Ridge avoided hearing Katie's mouth about Quinn until he got to work. Katie was hot on his trail when he arrived at Forrester, apparently coming straight from the airport -- or from hiding in his bedroom until R.J. went to work first. Can you imagine the plane ride if Ridge had been beside Katie the whole time? If so, it's no wonder he so quickly burst out with the truth about Quinn when he and Katie finally made it to Forrester.

Speaking of R.J., why is he acting like Forrester's CEO instead of being at Ojai, taking a midterm? Ridge is definitely going to school that young man once he finds out that Spectra stole his designs because R.J. showed them to the intern to impress her. Yes, Coco will see things while she is in the building, but does R.J. really need to remove top secret sketches from envelopes marked "top secret" to let her put her fingerprints all over them?

While I'm at it, does Coco know that R.J. is still in high school? And why are R.J., Zende, and Nicole sitting in on high-level meetings, but Charlotte is still an intern?

Back to Ridge and Katie, why did Ridge tell Katie anything about what happened with Quinn and Brooke? Ridge should have known Brooke didn't tell that blabbermouth sister of hers for a reason. He also should have warned Quinn that Katie will trick the truth out of her if she isn't careful, as Katie did with jittery Caroline.

Katie will heap guilt upon Brooke, Ridge, and Quinn because Eric "deserves" to know. I don't agree that Eric "deserves" to know because knowing will bring him heartache. Eric doesn't deserve heartache. Should Eric be informed about it? That's a different question, and I'm on the fence about whether he should know if Ridge and Quinn are truly done with it.

After all, Brooke had the same thing going on with Bill -- minus the kisses, didn't she? And she saw no reason to let Ridge know about the private time she spent with Bill. Who knows if Brooke was thinking about having sex with Bill when she was with Ridge, as she said Ridge could have been doing about Quinn while with Brooke?

I'm willing to bet that Ridge doesn't know about the money bouquet Brooke gave Bill for his birthday, that Bill gave Brooke his sword charm, or how many times Bill has tried to get her to leave Ridge. Should Brooke be excused because she was choosing to marry Ridge even though Bill was still in her heart? In the end, Ridge was choosing to marry Brooke and battling the desire to let Quinn into his heart. Same thing?

Tell us what you think. Were Bill and Brooke just as guilty as Quinn and Ridge? Should Eric be told about it if it's over with Ridge and Quinn? Most importantly, is it over with Ridge and Quinn or just the beginning?

Until we scoop again, don't be a fool for love, and stay bold and beautiful, baby!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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