Spectra Thievery: Grand-Mommy Dearest ain't nothin' to mess with

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B&B Two Scoops: Grand-Mommy Dearest ain't nothin' to mess with
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On B&B, Grand-Mommy Dearest did the crime, but Coco and Sally might do the time. Will Bill swing the wrecking ball when he learns about Spectra's designs caper?

In Los Angeles, some people claimed to have pride in their work, and some were proud to claim the work of others. Jarrett Maxwell insisted upon honor in his profession, but Shirley Spectra instilled her crew with the creed of "honor among thieves." Steffy believed that fashion houses should be proud of each other's successes -- especially if the design house's owner no longer dates her brother.

If you're Bill Spencer, you keep a wrecking crew on call just in case you happen to need to demolish a career, a business, and a building in one weekend. A wrecking ball swung into Thomas' heart when he saw Sally standing on stage with knockoffs of his work. Everything's coming up rose corsages for R.J. and Coco, but will their relationship push up daisies once she's accused of aiding and abetting Spectra in the design theft?

If the Spectras wind up in jail, maybe Darlita can sell Rick and Maya's sex tape for bail money. If she was too dumb to save that hot footage of sexy Rick, then Sally's got plenty of stripes in her wardrobe to be a fashion hit in prison. Let's scoop on the corsage, the sabotage, and the espionage this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.

Grand-Mommy Dearest rules with an iron microphone

I had Grams all wrong. When Shirley arrived in town, I thought she was a sweet little baker who just wanted to support her granddaughter's dreams. This week, Shirley proved she is a redheaded wolf in Grandma's clothing, and if you get in her way, her big teeth make it all the better to eat you with, my dear.

Grams didn't go to Los Angeles to tour a celebrity mansion or take a selfie on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Grams went there for one thing: money. A woman after Dollar Bill's heart, Grams doesn't care who gets hurt, shamed, or counterfeited for her to make it. Her first casualties of war are her own granddaughters, whom she'd taken in and raised herself.

Saul repaired Sally's old microphone for Sally's grand-niece to wield as the leader of Spectra Fashions, but Shirley showed who was really the boss when she grabbed the mic and pronounced Sally Junior as "The one and only Sally Spectra," genius designer of couture.

I'm sure the original Sally would take exception to her sister stealing her crown as the one-and-only Sally Spectra and giving it to her grand-niece, but stealing doesn't faze Shirley Spectra. It's in her genes, she claims. Pam had better check if the most delicious lemon cake she claimed Shirley would never taste is being sold out of Shirley's old bakery.

Unlike Bill's hint of remorse about what he was doing to Sally's career, Shirley has no compunction about sabotaging Forrester by stealing an entire line, breaking her granddaughter's heart by forcing her to break up with and steal from her boyfriend, or turning her other granddaughter into Benedict Coco in the eyes of her employers.

Who cares, anyway, right? The Forrester men would have dumped Coco and Sally eventually, anyway, according to Grand-Mommy Dearest. She told Sally as much to her face. What a way to instill confidence in the women of tomorrow, Shirley. But Shirley is an equal-opportunity insulter, as proven by her words to poor Saul, who might start boiling bunnies over this whole Thomas and Sally thing if he keeps listening to Shirley.

Saul seems to be conflicted about Sally and Thomas. Saul is crushing hard on Sally, but he wants Sally to be happy, even if it is with another man. To make it worse, Thomas told Saul, "It's okay to have a crush on your boss. She's hot." On the one hand, hearing anything about Sally and Mr. Muscles makes Saul's head explode, but on the other hand, Saul doesn't want to see Sally sad and hurt because Shirley was forcing Sally to break up with Thomas.

Shirley bellowed that men always let women down. Men come and go, and it was time for Thomas to go. Saul took offense to Shirley lumping all men in the same category. "I don't let women down. I don't come and go!" Saul replied. To that, Shirley said she wasn't talking about Saul -- Obvi, duh! She said she was talking about a man who could sweep a woman off her feet, which Grams apparently doesn't think Saul can do.

What can the finger-wave wearing tailor who's clueless about romantic expression do? Face down the giant and murder a reconciliation gift; that's what.

Did you love the play on Pierson Fodé's height this week? I think Saul even called Thomas "Mr. T" for tall. Mr. Fodé is six feet, two inches of skyscraping hunk, in case you're wondering. Thomas towered over Saul, who stared Thomas "up" like David to Goliath when Thomas arrived unannounced at Spectra. To keep Thomas from seeing the bootleg gowns, Darlita cupped his face and pulled him down a good two feet, so that her body blocked his view of Shirley wheeling around a dress rack, making Fodé's height even more apparent.

I love a tall man, Thomas. At five feet three, I can swing from your muscles like Jane of the Jungle, but I cannot crush on you if you do not wear socks! That's where I draw the line. At the breakup lunch with Sally, we could see Thomas' long leather loafers. Either he wears nude socks, or he still ignores my fashion citation for his no-socks violation.

I'll still swing from your muscles, though...just putting it out there...

What was going on with Saul and the gift Thomas left for Sally? The gift came with a sappy note that said something like, "We didn't have a song, but we had an opera house." Inside the box was a miniature model of the Sydney Opera House. Saul wigged the hell out upon seeing it.

When I say wigged out, think Mommy Dearest and wire hangers. "I said, 'No more opera houses!'" Saul attacked that gift box like a rabid dog. He ripped it open, saw the model, and chucked the note, the model, the box, and the wrapping, all of it, in the trash. After the gift murder, he hid his crime by burying the miniature beneath other papers in the trash can. He stared at it, murmuring, "I'm a terrible person."

What the hell? For real, Saul? Is it that serious? Somebody better take his tape measure before he winds up strangling somebody or hanging himself with it. And take his cutting shears, too, while you're at it. Maybe Saul spazzed out because Thomas called Saul a skinny dude with a tape measure. For Thomas' information, Saul retorted that he has a "runner's build."

Maybe Saul was set off because Thomas ended his attached note with "I love you." Yes. You heard it right last Friday. Thomas told Sally that he loved her at the end of the show, but Sally and Thomas acted like he never even said it when the talk picked back up on Monday. Sally still hasn't said it back to him.

In your view, who expresses love first in your romantic relationships? Would it be a smack in the face if you said it but the person you said it to didn't say it back? How do you proceed with the relationship at that point? Do you question the person's feelings, or do you act like you never said it until that person is ready to say it?

Well, Thomas said it again when he encountered her outside Spectra and asked if it meant anything to her. "Just leave me alone!" Sally yelled. He kissed her, but she told him to scat as if he was a stray cat on her porch. Thomas has got to have one fortified ego and a heart of gold to endure Sally's mean breakups and blatant theft of his work.

How many times do you crawl back when someone keeps telling you to get the hell on? You're too cute for that, Thomas. Plus, Sally stole from you. Time to call it quits.

Saul felt like a terrible person for what he'd done -- for snooping in the gift, destroying it, or both, I don't know -- but Shirley didn't care one bit about the deed. She said Thomas could afford to buy gifts every day, but Sally couldn't afford to take her head out of the game.

Shirley thinks she is doing what's best for her loved ones, but her ruthlessness knows no bounds. In addition to making Sally and Coco believe they can't have men like the Forrester brothers, Shirley praises them for criminal acts. Shirley calls Sally a genius designer and says she's proud of Sally. Proud of Sally for what? I don't even think Sally was the one who altered the designs. Saul did it. So what work has Sally done to be proud of?

When this storyline first started, I wondered how Sally would cope with taking someone else's designs when she wanted to excel through her own talent. The way it seems to be going, she isn't having a problem with not being the designer. Instead, she gives her staff pep talks and claims that Spectra is back. Sally had the staff chanting, "We are Spectra."

Sally strode out on that runway and soaked in applause that she didn't deserve, and she only stopped smiling when she saw that Thomas was there and had recognized his designs.

I'd like to see more remorse out of Sally for the sake of her own talent and career. We seem to get more of that out of Jarrett and Bill than we do Sally. During a conversation with Wyatt, Bill admitted to feeling a little bad about crushing Sally's dreams. When Jarrett got the fancy invitation from Spectra, he put his foot down about writing another fake review because he had seen raw talent in Sally. Bill stomped all over Jarrett's foot, but Jarrett did make his stand.

What's your opinion of Grams? Is she a little too tough on her granddaughters and poor Saul? Is Sally the victim of Grand-Mommy Dearest or a willing partner who just doesn't like hurting Thomas and Coco but would have no problem stealing from Forrester if Thomas and Coco weren't in the equation?

Synthetic polyester rags to riches

The Spectras pulled off a fashion show with all the accouterments of a Forrester showing. There were elegant invitations, swag bags, and Champagne. It looked like an expensive setup, but you'd better not touch the curtains because, according to Saul, they were so cheap that they might unravel in your hands. The gowns were also cheaply made with synthetic polyester, and as Shirley tried to glue a piece of a dress back on it, Saul warned a model to watch the way she turned in a different dress because the back might fall off of it.

On the phone, Jarrett told Bill that everything looked good. Bill was shocked to hear that the designs were remarkable. He'd just told Wyatt that Spectra can't compete with Forrester. Apparently, Forrester thought the same thing, because, during an afternoon lunch encounter between Sally and Steffy, Steffy was confident enough to wish Sally luck.

Steffy said that they weren't even serving the same market, so it wasn't even necessary to be adversarial. Maybe Steffy will still feel that way when she learns about the knockoffs. Somehow, I highly doubt the graciousness that Sally praised Steffy for will extend to the theft. In fact, if I know Steffy, there's a smackdown in Sally's future.

The Spectras pulled off the espionage, and they somehow had the cash to throw the show -- even though Sally had led us to believe she'd put all the money into her first collection. Bill was surprised that Sally had money because he'd gotten Shifter to stop financing her. Then again, you can buy felt, tape, and glue at the dollar store, I guess.

Shirley predicts big orders, but how exactly will they fill the orders? Many companies order products and pay later, which means no upfront money for Spectra. Where will Spectra get the cash to keep producing gowns? I'm under the impression that Saul and Darlita have yet to get a paycheck, so how will Spectra pay the staff that mass-produces the gowns? Perhaps a legitimate bank will give Sally a loan once she shows them her orders?

If that happens, where does Spectra go from there? When the first Sally ran it, she didn't design. She hired designers like Clarke Garrison, Amber Moore, and Morgan DeWitt. The new Sally claims a design ability, but her gowns flopped with Jarrett -- sort of. Will she hire someone for the next collection or try again at her own talents? I ask because I sure as hell hope Forrester won't be so stupid as to leave the back door open for Spectra to steal again.

The fashion caper had its comical moments and faux pas this week. For example, did anyone notice that Saul snatched a design away from Coco before she could see it, but he left the design copy of the gown Ridge had deemed as the Forrester showstopper right there on the desk? Coco and Sally proceeded to have a private conversation with it in view.

The comedy came in with Rick and "Myyya," as Darlita pronounces Maya's name. Darlita was upset when the spy footage revealed what appeared to be Coco getting it on with the married Rick Forrester. Darlita wasn't so appalled that she couldn't down soda and popcorn as the event unfurled on her laptop stream.

Darlita and her popcorn needed to scoot over and make some room for this viewer who was ready to get two scoops deep in some virtual making out with Jacob Young. Darlita said she'd never clean her hands again after touching Thomas' face. If I was her, I'd never clean my laptop again if I had footage of that fine Rick as he stripped and pushed up on the camera like that.

Maya and Rick's "quickies" belong in the book of world records. It seems as if only five minutes passed between Darlita leaving the laptop and bringing Shirley and Saul back to it. By then, Rick and Maya had moved on already from making out to looking at sketches. They were dressed and everything. I guess you have to be quick with a baby in the house -- and two brothers, a mother, and a sister.

And brother-in-law, too, right? Wait a minute. I just thought of something. Where do the newlyweds Zende and Nicole live? And is Ridge back to living out of suitcases or what? If not, Brooke's house is so crowded that she needs a dorm RA to manage it. For so many people to live there, we sure never see that house, do we?

It might be time for a residence check because I have no idea where any of the Spectras live, either. Is it backstage in the showroom? Remember back in the day when almost everyone had apartments, houses, or condos? Remember Macy and Thorne's crib?

I'm off topic. Back to the great design caper. Jarrett, who has covered Forrester for decades, noticed right away that the gowns on the Spectra runway had "Forrester written all over them." At about the same time, Coco stared at the gowns so hard that her vision crossed with images of sketches that she'd seen at Forrester. Moments later, Thomas entered during the finale and was crestfallen when he saw Sally on stage with knockoffs of his work. Between these three, the fakes have to hit the fan, and someone has got to splat against the wall for it.

Shirley will probably force Coco into silence complicity, but continuing the Forrester internship will not be an option. I don't care how many desks R.J. kicks his feet up on and how he promises Coco's job will be safe in twenty years when he's running the place. Steffy is the here and now. R.J. will be lucky if she doesn't ship his underaged butt back to boarding school for talking her into letting Coco work there.

No one wanted Coco there except Thomas and R.J., who have hormone meters for brains. I'm not saying Coco's a bad person. She's as cute as the claymation Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but she's a Spectra. The Forresters were well within their rights not to offer her the internship. There has gotta be a law or rule against Girlfriend's-sister-epotism, right?

It probably won't be a mystery to Coco about how Grams used her. Coco will deduce that it was the jewelry, but I wonder if Maya and Rick will ever know that they were on some very candid camera.

Sally making knockoffs ought to sound like wrecking ball rock-and-roll music to Bill's ears. If Jarrett tells Bill about his suspicions, Bill could very easily blow the whole Spectra racket right off his office park block. Something tells me that, in order for Spectra to stick around, this business about knockoffs can't be revealed simply because of Bill, who'd make them sell their space or go to jail.

If that's true, then Thomas will not out Sally at the fashion show, and Forrester will not claim their stolen designs. With that in mind, I wonder what Jarrett will report in his next meeting with Bill. If Jarrett doesn't report the knockoffs, isn't he compromising his journalistic integrity again? Can Forrester realistically keep the theft away from Bill, one of their stockholders?

The whole Spectra gang, minus Coco, deserves to wear the latest in prison fashion, and I don't see a reason that Forrester shouldn't throw them in the fabric steamer for this. Knowing Eric, though, he'll get a kick out of getting the old blood flowing with competition. He'll make some speech about how Forrester has been too complacent and needed this incident to galvanize them. He'll give the Spectras a reprieve because R.J. and Thomas advocate for it, even though they will personally have a hard time trusting Coco and Sally again.

This situation will clear the path for Wyatt to take a shot at romance with Sally. Poor Saul. He'll always be the "runner's build" odd man out, finger-waving his hair on the sidelines while the other men get the girl.

Tidbits and a look ahead at next week

Kudos to the hair department this week. I loved the bangs and bun hairdo Shirley sported. Steffy's flowing mane was on point. It softened her facial features, and paired with her conservative outfit, it helped her look even more like a sexy but serious CEO.

It was refreshing to see C.J. and Jarrett again. Wyatt, too. I thought maybe Wyatt had drowned in depression and booze. Bill was glad to hear Wyatt talking about how attractive Sally is and said it was too bad Bill has to squash her like a bug again.

So Bill and Brooke apparently didn't sail off and get married on the Stella Maris, as I'd fantasized about in the other column. Bill told Wyatt that he didn't know why Brooke had leaned on him for a moment in Australia, but Bill was giving her breathing room. So it's back to making bigger and bigger mirrored buildings until Brooke decides that the coast is clear to take up with him again without people shaming her for man-hopping.

While Steffy is back and looking gorgeous and well-rested, Liam is nowhere to be seen. Some viewers might be thankful for it, but wasn't it just a year ago when Liam was locked in a cabin and going for the world record in beard growth? And it happened to him after an injury on a flight to Australia. I'm just saying. Where is Liam?

It's probably nothing to worry about. After all, Quinn isn't on the Liam hate train anymore. Her hands are full with making cookies and tea for Katie. According to the preview video, "Over the Line," Katie informs Ridge and Quinn that if they keep Katie happy, Katie will keep quiet about their dirty little secret.

The million-dollar question is: what will keep Katie happy? We've been wondering that ever since she arrived on the show as an acne-ridden teen. Katie had better watch it because some of the poison Stephanie tried to serve Morgan in her tea might still be in Quinn's house.

Let us know what you think about Grand-Mommy Dearest and what the fallout might be for the criminals over at Spectra Fashions. Until we scoop again, if you gotta get caught making out on a hidden camera, make sure that it's with your spouse and that your moves are bold and beautiful, baby!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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