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Sheila Carter is back and alive in Los Angeles. The sinister nurse is making house calls, but will she kill or mend relationships this week on B&B?

The craziness between Katie and Quinn was all fun and games until Empress of Insanity Sheila Carter showed up. The time for empty guns and threats is over. If Katie and Quinn want to protect Eric, they'll join forces and sleep in shifts. This is no longer about Katie and Quinn's hurt and scared little feelings. It's about survival, because Sheila is guaranteed to be half-cocked and fully loaded. The crap just got real this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.

Sheila's back in town, and I have a million questions. Here are just a few:

Where did Sheila come from? Where are Sheila's kids? Was Diana really her baby with Massimo or just a rent-a-human-shield she got from the terrorists? How did Sheila get into Katie's house? Is she Will's nanny? Was she trying to kill Will's nanny? Was she trying to kidnap Will or Katie -- or Will and Katie? Did Sheila try to kill Quinn? If so, why? Does Sheila want Eric back after all this time? Does she want to finish off Ridge or Brooke?

When Steffy finds out her mother's shooter is in town, will she run Sheila down and maul her like a bobcat? Eric, Taylor, and Brooke combined couldn't take Sheila down the night of the double shooting, but Sheila's a little older. Steffy might be able to take her, right?

Before we can even get to those questions, we've got the mother and father of all questions to answer first. How in the unholy bat hell is Sheila Carter alive with her own face again? And is this really Sheila or just a Sugar substitute?

Sheila was a natural at faking her own death, and let's not forget, she was also once a hell of a nurse. Dabbled in chemistry, drugs, and poisons, too. The stories of her death were greatly exaggerated, and so will be the tales of her return to life if we are to believe that Quinn just met the one, the only, living and breathing Sheila Carter. Let's scoop on the good, the bad, and the bad that's oh so good about Kimberlin Brown's Sheila Carter.

If you want to know all about who Sheila Carter really is, scroll through Soap Central's "Who's Who" for both the Bold and the Beautiful and the Young and the Restless. One of the most prolific villains in daytime, she has two character profiles.

In a nutshell, Sheila is a tragic character, capable of stealing your man, your baby, your life, and your heart, too, if you let her. Eric once gave her a ruby ring and said, "It reminded me of you. A single jewel with so many facets in it that it's completely different every time you look at it."

Eric has a skill for seeing exactly who a person really is, and he couldn't have been more right about Sheila. He even gave Sheila, the Houdini of Daytime, the house of the master escape artist Harry Houdini. She is a master at staging her deaths and her escapes. Sometimes, things didn't go as planned. Sheila lived when she meant to die, and she was caught when she wanted to escape. There's not enough room here to regale you with all the sordid details of Sheila's life, but here are some of the soap diva's greatest hits and misses in L.A.

Spin the paternity wheel of fate

Sheila Carter arrived in L.A. after leaving a stranger's body smoldering in a fire to be later misidentified as her own remains. Sheila took on a job as the company nurse for Forrester and immediately attracted Eric Forrester's attention. To get closer to Eric, Sheila staged an accident for Rick's nanny and became the nanny's replacement.

At the time, Eric was still clinging to hope about Brooke, who was possibly carrying Eric's baby. Sheila soon figured out that Brooke wasn't the only competition. There was Stephanie, who tried to drive a wicked wedge between Eric and Sheila.

While juggling work and nanny duties, Sheila found time to blackmail Lauren, who was married to Sheila's "widow," with a photo of Lauren's tryst with Brad to make sure Lauren, also a Forrester customer, would keep her mouth shut about Sheila.

Brooke gave birth to Bridget, and Eric and Ridge submitted samples for a paternity test. With the help of Mike Guthrie, Sheila sneaked into the lab to switch the labels on the samples. Mike spun the test tube wheel, giving Sheila a fifty-fifty chance of either switching Ridge and Eric's labels or correctly re-affixing them. Luck loves Sheila, and the paternity results named Ridge as the father, knocking Brooke out as Sheila's competition.

Years later, after Brooke broke off her friendship with Sheila, Ridge found part of an old agreement that offered a doctor money in exchange for making Ridge the father on Bridget's paternity results. Brooke denied being a party to the agreement, but the doctor who could verify it had been mugged and murdered -- mysteriously...

To knock Stephanie out of the running as competition, Sheila spiked Eric's drink, causing him to spend the night with Sheila instead of meeting Stephanie for dinner.

Eight floors is far to fall

Quinn pushed Deacon off a cliff that looked like it could be eight stories high, but lucky for him, the water broke his fall. Not the case for Dr. Jay Gavin, who Sheila watched splatter on the pavement after an accidental fall from his office building. But is anything accidental with Sheila?

Maybe it was what Dr. Gavin got for threatening to break confidentiality by leaking knowledge from Sheila's sessions to Stephanie. Maybe Gavin learned one nutball too late that when a woman says let go of her, that's exactly what he ought to do. He didn't listen, and Sheila had to make him let go with an arm jerk that sent him flipping over the balcony and plummeting to the sidewalk.

Sheila didn't miss a beat. She removed her files from his office, and when she exited the building, she probably walked right by his body and the people scurrying to help him.

A cuckoo wife for two

Despite Sheila's attempts at blackmail, Lauren showed up on Eric and Sheila's wedding day and dared Sheila to walk down the aisle under threat of Lauren revealing Sheila's dark past in Genoa City. Sheila left Eric at the altar, and feeling accomplished, Lauren flew back home.

At some point, Stephanie went to the mansion and waited around to console Eric. To her surprise, Sheila arrived, eager for Stephanie to guess who'd put the ring on Sheila's finger. Stephanie demanded to know where Eric was and if Sheila had done anything to him.

"Oh, yes, Stephanie. And then he did something to me. We took turns, actually," Sheila replied. "You're no longer the queen bee. Your dynasty is over...Say hello to the new Mrs. Eric Forrester."

Sheila gloated about being the new matriarch of the Forrester family. What Sheila didn't realize was that she was still the matriarch of the Grainger family. But that kind of thing happens when you return from the dead without notifying your husband.

Maybe Sheila did realize it, but she was ignoring it until she visited the sick Scott in the hospital. He was shocked to discover that she was alive and guessed that they might still be married because of it.

Managing bigamy turned out to be a lot easier for Sheila than it was to manage Eric's exes. Stephanie's constant interference and Sheila's allegiance with Brooke, who'd taken over Forrester, caused a rift between Eric and Sheila. He wanted a divorce, but Sheila convinced him to take a trip with her to try to mend the marriage.

As it turned out, Scott and Lauren were at the place Eric and Sheila had gone. Lauren wanted to tell Eric everything about Sheila, but Scott made it his dying wish that Lauren be silent about it and give Sheila another chance.

The trip solved two problems at once. Scott's death made her a one-husband woman, and Eric abandoned the idea of a divorce. Still desperate to secure her hold on Eric, Sheila lured him into having sex, hoping that she'd get pregnant. She slept with Connor for good measure, but when she announced her pregnancy to Eric, he revealed that he'd had a secret vasectomy.

A good psychiatrist is hard to find -- literally

Eric agreed to work on his marriage if Sheila sought therapy from James Warwick. Sheila agreed to it, but she was one nut who refused to be cracked by any therapist. When James moved closer to discovering her connection to Lauren, Sheila tried to drown Lauren.

Mike and Sheila kidnapped James and stashed him away in the secret dungeon in the Houdini house, holding James captive while her marriage to Eric fell apart. Sheila grew feelings for James, who pretended to have feelings for her -- until the moment he overpowered her, locked her in one of the Houdini contraptions, and escaped.

Sheila escaped and laid low with Mike. When she was ready to make her move, she invited James, Lauren, Stephanie, Eric, Brooke, and Ridge to the house on the hill for her goodbye party. They showed up with hidden cops, and Sheila showed up with a couple of shots. One shot was loaded in a gun, and the other was in a vial she'd mixed for the occasion.

Sheila berated the clan for their inability to let her have simple things she'd asked for, like love and acceptance. She aimed her gun at Stephanie, but when Brooke stepped forward to protect Stephanie, Sheila swallowed the contents of the vial.

What doesn't kill you probably doesn't make you saner, either. Sheila had taken poison, but she recovered and was locked away in a sanitarium.

First rule of therapy: Don't sleep with your patients

Sheila was eventually paroled on the condition that she see James as her therapist. Sheila was hopeful for a new start, even though her best friend Brooke didn't want anything to do with her. In her spare time, Sheila volunteered at a clinic and also took up slowly poisoning Stephanie with mercury to help the unaware Brooke in a custody battle for Rick and Bridget.

Sheila befriended Maggie, Eric's former sister-in-law, so Sheila could access the mansion to poison Stephanie's calcium pills. Maggie caught Sheila trying to frame Maggie for the poisoning, and a violent fight ensued between the women. Sheila landed on the wrong end of a poker, and James insisted that Sheila recover at his house, with him and Maggie.

Sheila caused problems for Maggie and James's relationship, and when Maggie went to London, Sheila seduced James. Sheila became pregnant and agreed to let Maggie and James raise the baby. With Mike's help, Sheila drove a wedge between Maggie and James by hiring a man named Curtis to romance Maggie. Sheila fought hard to steal James from Maggie, but in the end, Sheila wound up signing her newborn daughter, Mary, over to the couple and leaving town.

Second rule of therapy: Seriously. Do not sleep with your patient

Sheila wound up in Furnace Creek, where she befriended Amber Moore. Amber quickly figured out that Sheila had recently had a baby when she saw breast milk in the refrigerator and a shrine to Mary hidden in a closet. Mike was supplying Sheila with pictures and intel on the child, and when Sheila learned that Maggie had changed Mary's name to Margaret, Sheila sent Amber to town to apply to be "Margaret's" nanny.

As the baby's nanny, Amber allowed Sheila to sneak in for visits, but Amber was concerned about Sheila breastfeeding the baby. Amber wound up telling James and Maggie what was really going on, and they, in turn, told Amber the truth about Sheila.

Sheila had six months to change her mind about the adoption, and she took full advantage of the clause to get Mary back from James and Maggie. James concocted a plan to pretend to have feelings for Sheila, move in with her, and then get proof that she was an unfit mother. Sheila welcomed him to live with her and Mary -- but only if he divorced Maggie first.

James felt pressure to get proof of child neglect, and Connor concocted a scheme to get Sheila to leave Mary at home alone while James rushed Sheila off to get married. Sheila fell for it, and as she exchanged vows with James, Maggie took a social worker to Sheila's house, expecting to find Mary alone and unattended to. Instead, Mike was there, caring for the child.

Mike exposed James and Maggie's plan to the newly wedded Sheila. When Sheila realized that James had been in on it, she jumped off a building in her wedding gown. She almost died but jolted back to life when James, who was performing CPR, said he loved her. As Sheila struggled to survive at the hospital, Maggie pulled the plug on Sheila's life support, and Sheila flatlined.

Third rule of therapy: In case you forgot -- don't sleep with your patients

Sheila survived, and Maggie got arrested. James tried to make a life with Sheila, but Maggie convinced Mike to kidnap Sheila and hold her hostage until Maggie got James back. Mike and his brother held Sheila at a Psycho house replica at a theme park where Mike worked security. Convinced that Sheila had left him, James drew closer to Maggie.

Sheila tried to escape, but Maggie caught Sheila and returned her to captivity. James eventually got a clue, followed Mike's brother to the Psycho house, and rescued Sheila. James decided to remain married to Sheila, who declined to press charges against Maggie.

Together with Lauren and Stephanie, Maggie compiled information about Sheila's past and set up a system to plague Sheila with visions and voices of people she'd hurt. Sheila left town to recuperate, but when she returned, she learned that James's practice partners were forcing his resignation for breaking the Hippocratic Oath by marrying Sheila.

Stephanie vs. a bullet

Stephanie's constant interference in James's board hearings caused Sheila to unravel. James began distancing himself from Sheila, and when she spied him kissing Stephanie, Sheila attempted to drown Stephanie. When that didn't scare off Stephanie, Sheila sent Stephanie a lock of baby Thomas' hair and threatened to kill him if Stephanie didn't back off.

Stephanie eventually told James about the threat, and he got Sheila to repeat it on tape. Sheila's parole was revoked, but Mike broke her out of prison. Sheila returned to the mansion to kill Stephanie and kidnap Mary. Stephanie was struck down by one bullet, but Amber tackled Sheila, saving Stephanie from a second shot. Sheila knocked out Amber and took off with Mary.

Mess with the queen bee and get a thousand stings

Erica Lovejoy was Amber's biggest fan. Unfortunately for Amber, Erica was otherwise known as Margaret/Mary Warwick. Erica just wanted to be a part of the singer's life, but Sheila wanted Erica to have Amber's life.

Suffering from a miscarriage, Amber became addicted to pain pills. Erica served as Little Eric's nanny as Amber fought her addiction, and Erica developed a crush on Rick. Amber was in rehab by the time Sheila figured out where Erica was and relocated to Los Angeles to make sure Erica got the best in life.

Sheila paid Lance to drug Amber and sleep with her. Unbeknownst to Amber, she'd passed out before doing anything with Lance, but when she arrived home, disheveled, Rick believed that Amber had had an affair. Sheila figured out that Lance was on the verge of telling Amber the truth, but he agreed to leave town if Sheila paid him off. Sheila agreed to the terms, but instead of giving him a hundred thousand dollars, she unleashed about the same amount of bees in his apartment, thereby killing him.

Sheila had a brief sexual encounter with a stranger, Massimo Marone. She pressured her daughter to get impregnated by Rick, but Erica was confused when she saw her mother in Forrester family photos. Amber accused Erica of setting Amber up, and a fight between the women landed Erica in the hospital.

Taylor, who was helping Amber with her drugging mystery, bailed Amber out of jail. Sheila kidnapped Amber and tied her up at Erica's place. By then, Stephanie, Ridge, and Taylor had figured out who Erica really was. Massimo and Stephanie rescued Amber, but Sheila escaped.

Eric was alone in his living room when, to his shock, Sheila arrived. She tried to convince him that Erica was his child, but he didn't buy it. Sheila pulled a gun on him. Taylor tiptoed into the house, but Sheila heard footsteps and swung the gun in Taylor's direction. Taylor tried to talk Sheila down. It seemed to be working until Brooke strode out of the kitchen with a baby bottle in her hand.

No B&B fan can ever forget this moment. Dark, dramatic music played. Lightning flashed through the windows. Brooke dropped the bottle, and Sheila's head rotated like the exorcist in Brooke's direction. Sheila aimed for Brooke, and Taylor went for the gun. Sheila and Taylor tussled. A shot rang through the room, and Taylor fell to the floor.

Brooke and Eric rushed Sheila. Another struggle ensued. Another shot rang out. Brooke froze and collapsed on the floor. Eric dragged Sheila by her hair, knocked the gun away, and socked Sheila to the floor.

Sheila was imprisoned for murdering Taylor and attempting to murder Brooke. Erica turned her back on her mother.

Family vacation to hell

As Brooke and Ridge eloped in Puerto Fino, word that terrorists were in the area, looking to kidnap a Marone, reached Massimo. He and Nick traveled there to save Ridge and Brooke. By the time they arrived, the kidnappers had already nabbed Ridge. Nick infiltrated the kidnappers' lair, and during an attempt to rescue Ridge, Nick became a hostage.

Ridge, Massimo, and Brooke soon learned that the kidnappers were Sheila's goons. Sheila had convinced Sugar, someone from her prison, to help her escape. To find Ridge, Brooke hid in Sheila's car and gave Massimo the location of the hideout upon arrival. Brooke was quickly caught, but when Massimo busted in the save them, Sheila brandished a baby as a shield.

Sheila claimed that the child, Diana, was hers and Massimo's, but Massimo didn't go for it. The next thing anyone knew, everybody was kung-fu fighting. Ridge fell to his death, and Sheila's escape was as fast as lightning. That was the last the Los Angeles residents saw of Sheila Carter.

Sheila rocks Genoa City again

Sheila reappeared in Genoa City, and here's where things get very weird. Sheila forced Sugar to get plastic surgery to look like Sheila and then made Sugar turn herself in at a facility. Sheila became obsessed with Lauren and her son Scotty. With help from Tom Fisher, Sheila tried to blow Lauren and Michael Baldwin up on a boat.

After the explosion occurred, Sheila woke up in an underground bunker with Lauren. During their escape attempt, Lauren made it out, but the bunker collapsed, trapping Sheila inside. Sugar, looking like Sheila, attempted to kill Scotty. Meanwhile, the real Sheila asked a plastic surgeon to make her look like Phyllis Summers.

Paul tried to keep the new-faced Sheila locked away, but she eventually escaped. She kidnapped Lauren and Phyllis separately. Lauren got her hands on Paul's gun, but she was confused to see two Phyllises. One Phyllis told Lauren something that the only the real Phyllis would know, and Lauren shot dead the Phyllis look-alike, Sheila.

Alive and rehabilitated?

I'm not saying Sheila can't come back from the dead. If her victims can do it, so can she. I just need to know that this is really Sheila, and not Sugar, who'd been forced to turn her face into Sheila's. I mean, it is hard to believe that after Lauren shot Sheila, no one drove a stake through the corpse before personally watching it burn to dust. But, hey, that's just what I'd do.

According to an article about her 2017 return, Sheila might be a newly released and rehabilitated prisoner. If so, she'll have a hard time convincing the Forresters of it. Burglarizing Katie's house the same day someone intentionally missed a head shot at Quinn doesn't exactly help her case.

If Sheila is looking to take Quinn out to clear a path for her to Eric, I got news for Sheila. Eric isn't led around by his other head anymore, and he has had enough experience with Sheila to know that if someone's missing or dead while Sheila is around, Sheila has something to do with it.

Eric might call Lieutenant Baker the moment he sees Sheila. Brooke is likely to open up a can of whoopass on sight of Sheila, and something tells me that Rick won't roll out the welcome mat, either. Ridge probably has no use for Sheila, who would have really killed Taylor if Prince Omar hadn't intervened.

Sheila might have a chance to get forgiveness from Thomas and Steffy for taking their mother away for many years. Oh, I forgot who I was talking about -- the Tay-tots. Steffy will chase Sheila down on the lawn and leap on her like an animal, the same way Steffy always handles her feelings.

Is Katie going from waist chains to prison chains?

Aside from the Sheila shocker, there is still the matter of who shot at Quinn Forrester. Baker doesn't believe Katie's got it in her, but aside from her, the suspect list is kind of short. Those who used to be angry at Quinn are no longer focused on her, except Katie. No one has expressed any jealousy of Quinn, except Katie. And unless Bill enrolled Will in the rifle club for toddlers, how can Katie explain away the fact that the bullet was fired from somewhere around her house? That means she had to at least hear the shot, right?

Ridge heard it from the guesthouse, and it seems to me like the shot would echo through the hills. Katie, however, didn't act as if she'd heard a thing, even with an open terrace. She didn't seem at all concerned about a live shooter when Quinn said she'd just been fired upon in their neighborhood. Katie didn't even ask if Ridge or Eric were okay, or if they had been in the house at the time. That's because Katie and her telescope knew that Quinn was alone before Katie took the shot.

Maybe Sheila knows the truth about it, which is that Katie actually did shoot at Quinn. Katie might not even know it herself. If you ask me, Katie seems to have made that Smeagol/Gollum split in her personalities. Did you see her standing there at the telescope, watching Quinn and Ridge on the balcony? Katie was crying and yelling, "Curse them! We hates them! They stole it from us!"

Lt Baker asked Katie if she'd done it. "Me? No, no. Smeagol wouldn't hurt a fly," was Katie's response. What if Katie's split personality, Gollum, did it, and Katie has no idea because she blacked out when she changed over to her other personality? It could happen.

Maybe the shooter is Ridge, but he'd have to be faster than a speeding bullet to rush through the hills to get the same trajectory and arrive back to the house by the time Quinn ran inside. It couldn't be Eric. If he has a motive to fire a warning shot at someone, that someone would be Ridge, not Quinn. Some viewers suspect Deacon, but if he didn't try to kill Quinn after she'd tried to kill him, why fire a warning shot now? Is it the anniversary of the shove, and Deacon decided to fire a commemorating shot at Quinn?

There is one more suspect to consider. Quinn might have hired someone to do it. I love Quinn, but I've got to admit, it was kind of weird when she didn't want to go outside; however, as soon as Wyatt and Ridge were gone, she whipped binoculars out of her couch and crept to the window to scan the hillside on her own. And she seemed to look in a different direction from the gunshot before she panned to Katie's house.

Could Quinn have terrorized herself to frame Katie? It's unlikely, but I also don't know how likely it is that someone hides expensive, crushable binoculars in a couch, either.

What do you think about Sheila's return? How will it end this time? In her death, with her escape, or with her arrest? Who believes that Sheila might be around for a while and looks forwards to her making amends and being a normal member of society? Sure as hell not me. Don't get me wrong. She can stay, but a normal, well-adjusted Sheila just ain't right.

Maybe Sheila will join Spectra's merry band of misfits. Sally could use the fashion advice because Thomas dressed her like a Goth business woman slash naughty student for the lunch date the two had with Liam and Steffy. If Nicole makes friends with Sheila, I'm sure Sheila will be happy to give Nicole tips on how to acquire a baby.

We look forward to reading your theories about who the shooter is and if he or she will strike again. Now that Katie has legal problems, will she put Quinn and Ridge's secret on the backburner or on blast to save herself?

Until we scoop again, I'll leave you with a musical observation. When you start the week singing "Katie's got a gun" and end it to the tune of "Oh, Sheila," then you know it's got to be bold and beautiful, baby!

Until we scoop again, may your Memorial Day weekend be bold and beautiful, baby!

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