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Sheila and Liam expected treats, but Quinn and Bill doled out nothing but tricks and more tricks. Get set for an explosive November sweeps on B&B.

Sometimes in life, we want things so much that we'll believe anything and fall for anything. The truth of the matter is, when a situation seems to go your way just a little too easily, you might want to ask yourself if it's a treat for your hard work or if it's a trick that you so richly deserve for the crap you pulled in the first place.

Sheila and Liam didn't take that advice, and they got the candy bags snatched right out from under them by Quinn and Bill, who were handing out nothing but tricks and payback for the wrongs Sheila and Liam had dealt them. The tides turned just in time for November Sweeps. Let's get two scoops deep in how this week's betrayals might thin out the Thanksgiving invites on the Bold and the Beautiful.

Portrait, Portrait on the wall, who's the fairest matriarch of them all?

Eric has yet another portrait to add to the collection of wannabe matriarchs whose aspirations rose too soon or died on the vine. Just imagine the expressions on Stephanie, Maya, and Steffy's dusty portraits as Eric hauls Sheila's portrait into the garage. Every time Eric returns, Sheila's painting will be facedown, and the other portraits with have smirks on their faces.

How did Eric even get Sheila's portrait? In case you missed it, Mateo found himself on the receiving end of a very unhappy ending to Quinn's massage when Quinn told him that his touches were very inappropriate. Putting on at "oh, come on, baby" face, Mateo assured her that they were alone, and he could keep going if she liked.

Alerting Quinn to that fact that no one else was home probably made it worse, and it frankly reminded me of when Stephanie had set Brooke up for date rape. Quinn's blue eyes darkened two shades meaner. Mateo's lucky this ain't the old Quinn, or else she might have shoved a whisk where the sun don't shine for such an offense.

The kinder, gentler Quinn hopped off Mateo's table with quickness and fired his ass. The petrified Mateo snitched on Sheila, who'd paid him to do it, and he begged to keep his job. Quinn instructed Mateo on what he'd do if he wanted her to even consider keeping him on.

Mateo conveyed to Sheila that he'd seduced Quinn, and Sheila called Eric to her job to tell him about his unfaithful wife. Hurt by the news, Eric was ready to dump Quinn and move Sheila into the house. Sheila was stuttering happy and even told him that she'd commissioned her own portrait for just such an occasion. Eric told her to meet him at the house and bring the painting.

As all this was going on, I was giving Eric the side eye, thinking this had to be a Sheila fantasy. If so, it was a long one, because Sheila met him at the house, and they had martinis. I started realizing it was real, but it didn't make any dang sense. Surely, Eric surely wouldn't move Sheila's portrait and panties in without even moving Quinn's out first! And why would Quinn let Mateo tell Sheila that the plan had worked?

Quinn finally showed up, and Sheila tried to throw Quinn out of her own house. When Eric and Mateo entered, Sheila implored them to back her up. They stood silent, and it became apparent that Eric and Quinn had played a Halloween trick on Sheila, the wicked witch.

Sheila was stunned that Eric had participated in the stunt by luring her to the mansion and hanging her portrait on the wall. Eric said it was the only way to show her how insane she was and always had been. He claimed that he'd never loved anyone more than Quinn, the Forrester matriarch that Sheila would never be.

Eric banished Sheila from his life. Before Sheila slinked off the stoop, Quinn read Sheila the epitaph of her relationship with Eric, and it went something like, "You better get to stepping before I get to stomping!" Quinn said goodbye forever, but once Quinn went into the house, Sheila let out the mother of all bunny-boiling laughter.

After Sheila almost made cube steak of Quinn's face the last time the women fought, it was wise of Quinn to use her brain instead of brawn to expose Sheila for the deranged husband stealer that she is. But are Eric and Quinn finally rid of Sheila?

Eric and Quinn didn't shoot Sheila with silver bullets and perform an exorcism in a volcano like I told them to do, so the answer is no. As long as there is breath in Sheila's lungs, she'll be back.

Sheila will return for Eric for the simple reason that he let her be alone with him, and he gave her a captive audience after he'd exposed everything she'd done to trick him into leaving his wife for her. Sheila believes that, no matter her shortcomings, Eric is fascinated with her. I'm fascinated, too. Who wouldn't be morbidly curious to watch a psychopath morph into more personalities in one afternoon than Johnny Depp has played in his entire career?

I sat transfixed as Sheila went from jubilant, to defiant and accusatory, to helpless and hopeless. She played the role of Eric's replacement wife with Quinn, and when Sheila realized the game was up, she transformed into the misguided friend who'd only wanted to save Eric. Alone with him, she became the lovelorn ex who keeps dreaming about having him someday.

Eric was like, "You need to let that dream go and move on -- to another planet, preferably, because you've scorched the earth with your wickedness." Eric couldn't be more clear about his feelings unless he'd waved some of Beatrice's banishment incense cones around. His words flew straight over her head like dead leaves.

Sheila even called Eric her husband and corrected it to ex-husband when he looked at her like she was crazy. Just like Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees, Sheila will be back. Don't be surprised if her long shadow strikes like lightning on the mansion wall on Halloween night, and Quinn pumps her full of silver. That's the only way it's gonna be over, and I hope Quinn has been secretly blowtorching herself some custom slugs to get the job done.

What do you think of Sheila's fifty shades of crazy in her conversation with Eric? Will she actually leave town, or will she try to worm herself into the family through Pam and Charlie? And what about Mateo? Sheila prepaid him a hundred-thousand dollars, which we still don't know how she earned, and he betrayed her to help her enemy. Might Mateo be the one who needs a revolver full of silver bullets under his pillow this Halloween?

Two's a majority. Three's a crowd

Liam and Eric have one major fault in common -- they tend to believe everything someone tells them. It's what got Eric in trouble with Sheila in the first place. He chose to believe she'd changed instead of going with his first instinct of having her arrested for violating the restraining order when she'd first shown up back in town.

Then there's Liam, who'd been deadset against trusting Bill. Liam had said himself that Bill would say anything to get his company back. In his soul, Liam had to know something wasn't right when Bill couldn't even apologize without launching into a rant about how wrong Liam had been. To top it off, Bill had just performed a hostile takeover. Bill had taken pleasure in watching Liam squirm as Bill announced that he'd stolen the recording and beaten Liam at the blackmail game.

What in Liam's single-celled brain misfired and failed to alert him that the man who'd just done these things was not sincere about wanting to be like Liam? This is the same man who pretended that a close call on a cliff had made him see the light about his marriage to Katie just long enough to steal the company back from her. It's the same guy who let Ridge think he was getting away with Brooke before instructing Justin to dump Ridge from the helicopter.

You can't trust Bill, the guy who fake stabbed himself with his sword necklace for attention. Liam wanted to believe that he'd saved Sally Spectra, saved the Spencer dynasty, and changed Bill for the better. Liam wanted it to be true so badly that Liam fell for Bill's scam hook, line, and sword necklace. Liam was so happy to be able to look up to his father again that he finally gave his wife some sex and probably got her pregnant.

While Liam went to tell Sally that Bill was back at Spencer, but she "in all likelihood" had nothing to worry about from him, Bill was telling Wyatt that they didn't have to worry about what Liam thought anymore. Wyatt didn't get it because they'd just signed agreements to run Spencer equally. Bill asked Wyatt what the majority of three was. "Two," Wyatt responded. Bill explained that, as long as Wyatt sided with Bill, the majority would rule the decisions at Spencer Publications.

Alison and Justin wheeled Bill's mistress into the room. Wyatt reminded Bill that the skyscraper was a bone of contention with Liam, and Bill reminded Wyatt that the skyscraper's name is "Sky." Wyatt asked where Bill planned to erect it because Wyatt knew it wasn't going up on the Spectra property. "Then you don't know much," Bill quipped.

Wyatt was perplexed by how Bill thought he'd pull off the construction. Wyatt pointed out that Liam had given the property to Sally, and Sally was remodeling Spectra with a loan she'd made against the property. Bill didn't know why the clueless bank had made such a mistake and didn't care why. All Bill knew was that any property Spencer acquired automatically goes into a Spencer trust, and only Bill could sign off on what happened to properties within the trust.

Because Bill never signed off on the property gift to Sally, and the county rejected the deed transfer. It meant that Spectra Fashions had a new date with the wrecking ball, whether Liam liked it or not. Wyatt was conflicted about denying the transfer Bill promised Liam that the three of them would make decisions together.

Bill asked Wyatt if he wanted to go along with Liam's fifty-million-dollar impulse and let Sally keep the building. Wyatt replied with a resounding hell-to-the-no. Liam walked in and asked what the skyscraper model was doing there and why Wyatt was staring at the floor.

I'm all for Bill taking his company back, and Liam is getting what he deserves for being, as Bill said, "So self-righteous, ambitious, and above all else, self-righteous." If Liam hadn't played Superman with Lex Luther's money, this wouldn't have happened.

Liam's getting off light for what he's done to Bill. Others subjected to Bill's trickery wound up with worse scars than Liam has so far. Liam could be wandering on a beach, wondering who he is -- just like Ridge wound up doing after Bill had Justin dump Ridge from the chopper. Or Liam could be embarrassed and devastated like Katie was after the time Bill faked a reunion with her, slept with her, and left her with nothing but cold pancakes once she signed the company back over to him. Though I have little care for Liam's feelings about Bill's fake reconciliation with him, I do wonder how Bill's demolition plans will affect Steffy and Wyatt.

November Sweeps and Spoilers

Bill and Liam's power struggle will affect more than just the Spencer boys. If the spoilers hold true, Bill's latest attempt to demolish Spectra might douse any hope Bill has of saving his marriage to Brooke. It might not turn out well for Liam and Sally, who could take dangerous measures to halt the demolition. Could Bill be responsible for Steffy becoming a widow?

Also in the spoilers, Wyatt and Katie's relationship comes under scrutiny as more people learn about the pair. If Brooke doesn't remain with Bill, it doesn't mean she'll be with Ridge -- especially if Thorne rekindles his interest in her.

Will Kyatt's bubble burst?

Katie and Wyatt sizzle with chemistry, and they didn't have to stomp other people's hearts into the mud to find happiness. Is it all fun while the sex lasts, or are they in it for the long haul?

You might think Kyatt is only about sex if you didn't watch their heart-to-heart discussions in the bonus scenes. Katie and Wyatt live in a new love bubble and fear that Quinn or Bill might burst it. Quinn has doomed just about every relationship Wyatt has ever had, and Bill has the potential to shame Katie into dumping a man young enough to be her teenage-pregnancy son.

Quinn has agreed to try to deal with the relationship, which she should do because Wyatt supported her when the Forresters were against her and Eric. Bill won't like it, but to keep his majority of two, he might just have to quip and grumble his way around it.

If Wyatt's parents don't do the couple in, Wyatt's desire to please his father might. Though Katie wants Wyatt to excel at Spencer, will she accept that he has to be Bill's guaranteed tiebreaker to make that happen? Wyatt has said more than twice that he's a lot like his father. Katie might decide that dating a mini-Bill controlled by Bill is just as bad as being with Bill himself.

Eenie meenie miney moe

Brooke has her pick of men. Bill won't give up without a fight. Ridge tugs at her familial heartstrings. And according to spoilers, Thorne might swoop in to steal Brooke from them both!

Fans are tired of Brooke's same old bounce between Bill and Ridge. Brooke might be over it, too, once she learns what Bill is willing to do next for his mistress, "Sky." No one ever would have thought Brooke would have to compete with a building for a man's affections. Ridge is giving Brooke all the time she needs to decide between the men, but Katherine Kelly Lang hinted on Facebook that Brooke will "have her Thorne again."

It's a cryptic statement but has yet to intrigue me, mainly because I don't recall when Brooke ever really had Thorne in the first place. To me, Thorne seemed like an intermission between Brooke's attempts to get Ridge away from Taylor. In fact, Thorne annulled his marriage to Brooke because she said Ridge would always be the love of her life.

What would make Thorne think any different now? Spoilers hint that Thorne hears Brooke's marriage is over, and the news brings him back to town. With a new actor for an old character usually comes some history revision. Whether it be a downplay of Thorne's more meaningful love affairs with Macy or Darla, seasoned viewers need to brace for it if suddenly, Brooke is the real love of Thorne's life or something equally as outlandish.

Let us hear your thoughts on whether Brooke should be paired with the new Thorne or if she needs to settle down with Ridge or Bill and become an anchor couple for the show. Rick can manage to keep a lasting marriage. Why can't his mother?

The third time's a charm

Bill is still stuck on "Sky" and hellbent upon erecting her on the Spectra property. After two failed attempts at acquiring and demolishing the building, Liam, Spectra's biggest champion, unwittingly guaranteed Spectra's doom when he bought it from C.J. with Spencer funds. Liam and the Spectra gang take a stand, and the only way Bill might demolish Spectra is over their dead bodies.

Rumor has it that Bill won't be a complete jackass to Sally. He will offer to relocate Spectra, but when she refuses, Bill and Justin decide to blow up the building. Sally and Liam get the bright idea to stage a sit-in, and Bill worries that he might have killed the two in the explosion.

If these spoilers are true, it's hard to believe that other spoilers about Bill igniting a forbidden love affair with Steffy can also be true. Bill would be an unimaginable bastard to try to seduce Steffy after almost blowing up her husband. Or am I giving Bill too much credit? We'll see.

You can check out all of Soap Central's B&B Spoilers here

Reel World versus the Real World

At times, the reel world mirrors the real world, or our soap stars create a buzz off-screen as well as on. Check out this week's two scoops on B&B's real-life news.

In reel life, Karla Mosley's Maya Avante still reigns as Forrester Creations lead model, and in the real world, Mosley strutted her stuff on the a runway in South Africa for designer guru Gert-Johan Coetzee during fashion week. According to Soap Central news , Mosley traveled with Jacob Young and Heather Tom to South Africa to promote The Bold and the Beautiful.

Young's Instagram shows just how fashion forward the trio was when they struck at pose together at GQ's Best Dressed Awards.

In an uncanny reel-life versus real-life occurrence, B&B writers unwittingly gave Quinn Forrester a #metoo storyline. Victims of sexual harassment and violence use the #metoo hashtags to share their accounts with the world. Quinn's #metoo story began when Mateo inappropriately touched Quinn during a professional massage.

Mateo slipped his hand a little too low beneath Quinn's sheet. Right away, Quinn let him know that he was being very inappropriate. In response, Mateo offered to continue. Quinn hopped up off the table and immediately fired Mateo, who become quite remorseful and apologetic. Mateo wondered if he'd really lose his job. Eric left it up to Quinn, who hasn't yet decided.

In real life, women are coming forward to tell their stories of sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood. The accused are losing their jobs, honors, and reputations as a result. Should the same happen to Mateo for groping Quinn? Is losing his job enough?

B&B's Linsey Godfrey, who plays Caroline Spencer, added her voice to the #metoo chorus by revealing that she lived through escalating sexual assault and molestation at the hands of her stepfather. Her account of it shed new light on her portrayal of Caroline in the scene about the morning after having drunken sex with Thomas.

You might recall an article that was out at that time in which Godfrey said she might have overacted the above-mentioned scene. However, in Godfrey's #metoo statement, she reveals that her drunken stepfather had sex with her. Knowing this makes me suspect that Godfrey might have channeled the helplessness, anger, and pain from her past into that scene. Godfrey was very brave to let herself go to that place for the sake of her art.

Burn of the week by the idiot of the week

To end on a lighter note, I wanted to highlight a conversation Ridge and Steffy had on Friday. It's not often that a character can burn another one and sound like a clueless clown at the same time -- unless that character is Steffy Forrester "Embarrassing-with-two-R's" Spencer. The father and daughter were discussing Steffy's marriage and Liam's generosity toward Sally. In response, Ridge asked if Liam had a thing for Sally.

Steffy: No. I'm not worried about Liam. He's not the unfaithful type.
Ridge: All men are the unfaithful type.
Steffy: If all men were like you, I guess.

Burn, Ridge, ouch! Steffy got you there. It's just too bad that I have to make a video montage of Liam bouncing between Steffy, Hope, and Ivy, set to Rihanna's "Unfaithful," and ship it to Steffy with a note that reads, "Yes, Steffy. Your man, too!" She must know it everytime she hears Liam talk about Sally, right?

And while I'm highlighting the father-daughter talk, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that, in response to hearing that Bill had it out with Liam, Ridge said he'd taught his kids to use their words. Yeah, and their fists, their open-handed slaps, and in Steffy's case, their feet, too!

Have a howling happy Halloween, and until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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