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Taylor pleads to stay out of jail, Emma sneaks some top secret photos, and Wyatt has left Katie in his rear view mirror
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On B&B, Liam called to order polentas for his wedding, but Bill put Sanchez on speed dial just in case Steffy dares walk down the aisle as Liam's bride. Taylor shot Bill to protect her daughter, but after witnessing Taylor's breakdown, will Steffy leave Liam to save her mother?

This week, Steffy got just what she deserved for not changing the door locks like she said she would: Bill stalking the crap out of her. After Bill threatened to sic Sanchez on Taylor if Steffy didn't float off into the marital sunset with him on the Stephanie, Taylor showed up and broke down harder than a bus of psychos trying to escape the Briarcliff Mental Institution.

Taylor begged Steffy to get assurances that Bill won't send Taylor to prison. Steffy has hard decisions to make, and Liam isn't making it easier by getting the bright idea to consult on the line of his last-Tuesday-bride, Hope. Come on, guys, Steffy just had a baby. She's tired. Can't you people just bring over bacon casseroles instead of serving vegan chaos for breakfast?

Chaos brewed at another beach house down the road. This one remains in the Spencer real estate portfolio, so Wyatt better have bought that spackle for more than a part of a role-playing costume to seduce Sally. If Wyatt can't fix that bullet hole above the mantel well enough to fool Bill's discerning eye, Bill just might sic Sanchez on Sally next.

Wyatt took the gun from Sally, and the next thing you know, their clothes went flying. It looks like Wyatt found another lover just as Bill told him to, but Bill won't be praising Wyatt's new choice in women. In a previous Two Scoops, I chose Hope for Wyatt's next relationship. It still could happen again for Wyatt and Hope, but for now, Hope is tossing her heart down like a throw rug everywhere Liam steps but denying it hurts when he stands on it.

Emma idolizes Hope as a role model, and hopefully, Emma learned from Hope what not to do with men. If Emma did, she probably forgot it like she forgot what acts are deemed fireable at Forrester. Emma is so strung out on Xander that she didn't even remember from orientation that photographing Forrester designs is a criminal no-no.

It put Emma on Maya's crap list, but in the end, Emma kept her job. It's time for her to stop apologizing for her novice mistake. Besides, Hope deserves some blame for telling Emma to get her energy to the runway by any means necessary. Emma wouldn't be the first intern Hope hung out to dry over photo violations.

Let's get two scoops deep in all the happenings of the week and take a peek ahead at the unfurling storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful.

"You really don't want to know me right now, Wyatt."

One person's beach trash is another person's beach treasure, and Wyatt has a knack for snagging fixer-upper damsels and preparing them to be better for the next man. Straight off his last job of fixing Katie up to love someone other than himself, five-time loser Wyatt has accepted the challenge of peeling Sally out of the breakup gutter.

It's another no-strings-attached disaster. We can't expect anything less than for our silver-bullet romantic to jump headlong into a bad romance with an emotionally unavailable woman. Wyatt can't say Sally didn't warn him. She tried at least a dozen times to leave. She shot up his house and told him that he didn't want to get to know her; however, just like his father, Wyatt gets a romantic notion in his head and will not quit until the girl is his. But how did gunfire ignite passion between Wyatt and Sally in the first place?

In case you missed it, Sally has no man, no home, and no Coco or Grams, but what Sally does have is a gun and a gun range membership. Sally doesn't have good sense, either, but she's got good aim. This time, her target was a photo of Bill that Wyatt still had on his mantel, and the props department did viewers a solid by putting a bullet hole through the framed photo and in the wall behind it, unlike with the shooting of "Sky," in which there was no explanation for why Sally's bullet didn't pierce the window of the real Spencer building.

Sally offered a little insight into what went on with Thomas in New York. Thomas blindsided Sally with apologies and a plane ticket. I imagine it went something like, "Hey, Sally, I know it's not your birthday, but I got you something. First class, one way. What do you say? Can you get the hell out of here before my baby mama shows up with her luggage?"

I can't feel sorry for Sally this time. After all, Thomas is the same man who bailed on her in Monte Carlo and who flew right back out of town on her when she was recovering from smoke inhalation in the hospital. I don't even need to know what his excuse was for breaking it off this time. There is no excuse for moving a woman across the country with promises of love and a partnership only to dump her for the lying woman who stole him from her. Thomas still hasn't matured from when Ridge was dealing with his philandering ways in Paris.

I am miffed that Thomas had told Sally that they'd give Saul and Grams jobs in New York, but hey, wherever Saul and Grams are, they are apparently okay without Sally or Thomas.

Sally couldn't be more vague when she said Saul and Darlita were gone, and Grams and Coco were gone. What does "gone" mean? Does Deputy Chief Baker need to get involved in this? Sally no longer has her apartment, either. Sally needs to eventually tells us how her ride-or-die posse rode out without her.

Sally told Wyatt that Los Angeles might be a pitstop for her on the way home, which I assume is Florida and could be where Grams and Coco went. Maybe J.R. and C.J., too, for all we know. It's nonsensical that Sally flew to Los Angeles at all if her loved ones are no longer there and she had no place to stay. Who steps off a plane and goes straight to a gun range and a bar instead of using what little money she has to find somewhere to sleep?

Sally has a place to lay her head now, and she even washed Wyatt's sheets to show her gratitude. Wyatt doesn't know how long it will be before Bill repossesses the house, but doesn't Wyatt still have the silver bullet camper? Wyatt might have found the best partner yet to take off-road adventures with -- if Sally doesn't abandon him like the other four women in his life.

What could be next for Wyatt and Sally? Besides queuing up some fun beach montages, Sally and Wyatt need to get serious about finding themselves some employment. Short of starting up their own business, Forrester is the only place left for Sally and Wyatt to go.

Quinn would be happy to have Wyatt back there, but how many eardrums is Steffy gonna crack if she finds out Forrester hired Sally for anything? For Maya, it's bad enough that Hope let Emma off for snapping photos of designs, but what will Maya think if Forrester lets the design thief work in the design house?

"This is my husband's legacy, and he would want me to protect it."

Nothing gets by Maya Forrester. She can sniff out shadiness from a clothes rack away. Maya deduced that Emma is a Barber, as in Justin Barber, and when she went to confront Emma about it, she caught Emma taking pictures of Forrester designs. Maya became suspicious of Emma for corporate espionage and for hiding her relationship with Justin, Bill's top minion.

Maya hasn't forgiven Bill for the things he published about her and Rick, and she has a long memory of things Bill did to keep her and Rick apart for Caroline's sake when Maya first showed up in Rick's life. As for Justin, who can forget the havoc the first intern he sicced on Forrester wreaked? And the Forresters still haven't rid themselves of that intern. In fact, he'll be making websites for HFTF soon -- if Steffy is okay with it, that is.

Hope forgave Emma for taking the pictures. Emma claimed she'd done it to help her map out dance moves to suit the designs. Maybe Hope felt guilty about not being specific with Emma about what she could and couldn't do while bringing her dance vision to the fashion preview. Alternatively, Hope could have given Emma a break because she feels bad about not giving one to another intern she'd accused of the same thing, a friend of Dayzee's named Beverly.

Upon her introduction to L.A. in 2011, Beverly was a teenager in transitional housing because she had aged out of foster care. Dayzee convinced the Forresters to let Beverly intern at the fashion house, and Hope caught Beverly photographing designs. The same designs wound up on the Jackie M runway, and Hope and Stephanie accused Beverly of being behind it.

Pam was the real spy in that case. Even though Stephanie and Hope apologized to Beverly, some viewers remained salty that the privileged Hope automatically blamed the underprivileged Beverly. Beverly stayed on at Forrester for a short time and was almost Amber's rival for Rick; however, Beverly disappeared from the show, and Amber vied against Caroline instead.

Maya feels that she owes it to her husband to protect his younger sister and to protect the Forrester legacy. Maya fired Emma on the spot and was bitter when Hope overrode the decision in front of Justin Barber. In private, Hope told Maya that she needed to stay in her lane. The last time I heard a sister tell another sister to stay in her lane, the speaking sister got shot in the face. But that's just how the baddest bitches in Palmetto do things on Claws.

Could there be more of a storyline for Maya as she tries to find her place at Forrester now that Rick is gone? Thus far, they haven't explained where Rick has been, but I'm guessing he's doing a lot of traveling to Forrester International in Paris. Maya doesn't deserve to be an intern-sitter, so hopefully, the writers present her with a meatier storyline. And by meat, I do mean a Carter/Maya/Justin triangle. Can you already hear Bill griping about it?

Here's to hoping Maya can save the summer because, frankly, these accent-drama teens are boring me. I'd rather watch Maya carry Julius' golf clubs. Xander and Emma are falling in love, and I don't really care. Do you?

"I'm taking a hard line because you need me to."

This week, Bill is back from his wellness island retreat, and judging by his renewed delusional attitude, the psychosis berries had to be his favorites. Bill still can't take "hell-to-the-no" for an answer from Steffy. Since he can't get her back in his bed under his own power, he slipped out of town for some vibrational chanting of his favorite words that end in "Y." It sounded something like: "Om...Sky. Om...Money. Om...Kelly. Om...Steffy. Om...You are all mine...Om..."

When evil meditates, it just gets bigger, leaving behind the mystery of how Bill slipped his monstrous ego through Steffy's front door without her hearing him. Steffy almost jumped out of her sweat suit when she saw him standing in her living room. As in the climax of a stalker movie, Steffy was like, "Why are you here? How'd you get in here?" Bill replied, "I knew you wouldn't change locks." Cue the slasher music.

Steffy called Bill selfish for repeatedly going after the mother of his granddaughter. Bill swears that he's doing what he's doing because he wants to take care of Steffy and Kelly, but he didn't even register it in his brain when Steffy told him that she fell down and went into labor after she threw him out the last time. Bill didn't ask if she was okay or how the labor went. He just persisted in his absurd fantasy conquest of his former daughter-in-law.

Steffy asserted her determination to marry Liam and threatened to call the cops if Bill didn't leave. Bill informed her that he had Sanchez on speed dial and wouldn't think twice about having Taylor arrested if Steffy married anyone but Bill. Steffy called Bill evil, but he claimed she needed him to be tough. He believed she'd thank him for keeping the faith. He actually fantasized about her in his arms, doing that exact thing. Only in your dreams, Bill.

While Kelly's adorable baby power works on Hope -- and most humans with five senses -- it had no effect on Bill. He was surprised that Steffy let him see the child, and she said she wanted him to know who he was messing with. He claimed to care about the baby, too; however, he didn't hold her or ask about her.

When Justin heard from Bill that he'd gone to see Steffy first thing upon his return, Justin assumed Bill had wanted to see his grandchild. Bill said he'd gone to see the child, but he emphasized that he'd gone to see Steffy, whom he needed more than ever. Someone needs to tell Bill that when a person threatens to call the cops on you, they are definitely not into you. Instead, they fear you.

In fact, Steffy was at home, pacing and almost afraid to answer her door, when Taylor arrived. When Steffy did open the door, the mood went from stalker thriller to psychiatric drama.

Taylor's therapy isn't working, and judging from her behavior, I'm skeptical that she's even in therapy at all. If she was, her doctors would have committed her involuntarily by now. Taylor is too unstable to order a cheeseburger, let alone live on her own. Taylor's daughter, her son, and her ex-husband should have realized by now that Taylor is not well enough to function in society.

Steffy watched in horror as Taylor sobbed about her paranoia that at any moment, there would be a knock at the door, and "they" would take her away. At that moment, a deliveryman just happened to knock on the front door, sending Taylor into utter hysteria that she was about to go to prison. Taylor is adamant that she wouldn't survive in prison, but seriously, how is she surviving in any place without bars?

I wonder if Taylor's therapists know Taylor shot Bill. How could they not, given the way she reacts about it. She can't possibly ever get any better if she sits in therapy sessions, hiding what she did. It's sad to watch a strong character like Taylor Hayes come unraveled. Imagine if Stephanie witnessed what Steffy did this week. I can almost hear Stephanie asking, "Taylor, oh, my God! What happened to you?"

Taylor used to be a fierce mother who'd do anything to protect her children. Protecting Steffy was Taylor's excuse for shooting Bill, but now the weak Taylor is hiding behind her daughter's pant leg, begging her daughter to protect her from Bill. Steffy might think keeping Taylor out of prison is the best thing for Taylor, but is it? The kindest thing Steffy could do for her mother might be to turn her in, so Taylor can get proper, monitored treatment -- in a straitjacket.

As Taylor drives herself crazy trying to hold in her secret, Hope is making herself loopy by forcing herself to speed-heal from her latest heartbreak with Liam. Just when viewers think they see the hardening of Hope's spine, she turns back to jelly at the sight of Liam and becomes willing to take on any form within his life that he'll let her have -- after he discusses it with Steffy.

During an encounter with Liam at Forrester, Hope inquired about the wife-to-be and the baby. Liam wondered if he and Hope were really going to do the "small talk thing." Hope asked if they were supposed to never speak to each other again. Yes, Hope, that is exactly what you're supposed to do -- or at least aim to do until you've healed. If anyone disagrees with me on that, we can certainly agree that she doesn't need to invite him back to working with her.

Liam might be daft, but even he doesn't think working together is wise. Hope claims she wants to get back to being friends; however, friends don't discuss how much one of them had looked forward to having kids together. Liam offered to consult and make a website for HFTF, but he had to talk to Steffy about it first.

When Steffy heard about it, the first statement out of her mouth was that she thought Hope couldn't bear to be around Liam. Liam guessed Hope had changed her mind. What Liam doesn't realize is that the mind can't change feelings in the heart like it can change socks on the feet. Steffy knows it better than anyone, which is why she flashed back to Bill talking about how Liam and Hope were meant to be and had slept together. "That doesn't bother you?" Bill asked her.

It must bother Steffy, and Liam should be sensitive enough to it to turn Hope's proposal down. When Liam discussed it with Steffy, he said he would just be there with Hope in a limited capacity because "I'm not committing fully." Nothing new there. Liam never fully commits to either Hope or Steffy when the two women are around at the same time.

Liam wants to rush back into being around Hope and to zip back into a marriage with Steffy. Steffy, on the other hand, needs for things to slow down. She needs to figure out if she should choose her own happiness over her mother's freedom or remain single, giving Hope the opportunity to go from friend and coworker to lover again.

Bill thinks Steffy prefers cruising the sea with a nanny, but she seems right at home, folding her own baby's laundry. A filly like Steffy doesn't take kindly to blackmail reins, either. She's liable to buck and throw him right off every time. But that's what he loves so much about her, isn't it? What do you think? Will Bill's blackmail win him a bride, leaving Liam as the booby prize for Hope? Or will Taylor figure out that she's crazy enough to plead insanity first and retire to a quaint sanitarium?

In a look ahead

Here's a small scoop of the upcoming action on B&B. To check out our spoilers in detail, Click here.

Next week, Sally and Wyatt continue to set limits for themselves, but they barrel through every boundary. Katie finds out that Wyatt actually did find someone to move on with. Will Katie be as happy for him as Hope claims to be for Liam, or will the competition make Katie desire to be with Wyatt again at all costs like Bill has decided about Steffy? Katie knows she misses Wyatt's pizza because Wyatt's pizza was delivered piping hot.

Forrester employees aren't thrilled when Eric hires Sally Spectra to work with Hope on HFTF. When Hope and Sally clash, Wyatt steps in to moderate.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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