Paternity check: is Bill the Great Spencerini or the Great Seederini?

For the Week of April 8, 2019
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The devil is in the details: Are Flo and Wyatt related?
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Flo Fulton just took an ancestry DNA test, and her mother is staring at Quinn as if Quinn had just said Wyatt is the Antichrist, born from the seed of Satan. Maybe the best friends have more in common than they ever thought. Could Wyatt and Flo be siblings? Maybe -- or the paternity test might reveal that Wyatt really isn't a Spencer at all, this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.

The story of Flo Fulton has taken many turns since Flo arrived in Los Angeles as a casino worker with dubious morals and a guilty conscience. At first, Flo seemed to be an ex with unrequited feelings who willingly helped an old lover commit a crime. Next, Flo was a maternity justice warrior hellbent on reuniting a mother and child.

As the story unfolded, we learned that Flo is also Wyatt's high school sweetheart who grew up alongside him since at least middle school. The biggest piece of the Flo puzzle is on the verge of being revealed as Flo awaits the results of an ancestry DNA test. It just might reveal that Fate intervened in Wyatt and Flo's relationship for a reason -- she is his sister.

My lead contender for Flo's father was Deacon. Bill, however, has emerged as another possible candidate. I thought it was Deacon because it would tie in with the baby-napping storyline, turning Flo into Beth's aunt. That can still be possible if Flo is Liam's sister instead. But does being Liam's sister make her Wyatt's sister? Remember: Wyatt is the child who is supposed to be the most like Bill, but he's also the one who hasn't had a paternity test. I'm just saying.

In other abruptly changing storylines, Sally went from working at Forrester to working at Spencer, to not working at all. She just threw it out there that she suddenly needed to take a trip to see Grams before getting waist-deep in headbands and razor-back tee shirt designs. Looks like Sally's comeback storyline got tossed aside to accommodate Flo's paternity story.

Another storyline could be shifting right before our eyes, and that is the story of the Batie reunion. Will was outed as the mystery cupid. When he asked if his plan to bring his family together had worked, Bill told the boy to "never say never" -- unless it has to do with credit card fraud, something the young William Spencer had better never do again!

Some people couldn't care less if Batie reunites. Some are delighted about it. Some viewers scream, "No way!" If my theory about Bill and Shauna is correct, the no-ways might have it. Katie just got comfortable with Bill again, and in walks the new blonde competition.

Will bet his parents a thousand dollars that they would reunite. Justin told the child that he has to learn when to fold them, and this time, Will might be overplaying his hand. Shauna could be competition for Katie, but is she any match for Will, who's determined to reunite his parents?

Let's get two scoops deep into who could be Flo's daddy, whether Will sufficiently guilted his parents into reuniting, and how one word from Taylor mind-screwed Brooke for days on the Bold and the Beautiful.

Taylor's wishes are destiny's command

All week, Brooke, in her lumberjack shirt, couldn't stop griping about Taylor's belief that Douglas needs a mother, Hope needs a child, and Liam needs to be with Steffy. That's fine, but, more importantly, the viewers need a "FF" button to save them from repetitive hell. Jeez, people think I can harp on something, but the do-no-wrong Brooke won herself a new "badger" badge for her Girl Scout's uniform by bugging Ridge about this.

Normally, I side with Brooke, but right now, I'm wondering what there is to side with her about. Taylor didn't even tell Brooke to her face what Taylor was thinking, and Taylor isn't in town to put any plan -- if she had one -- into action. What does Brooke think Taylor can do about Hope and Liam from Europe? Taylor is halfway around the world right now, but she has a luxury condo right in the center of Brooke's brain.

Instead of calling Taylor to personally curse her out, Brooke argued with Ridge about it, even though Ridge kept telling her that he agreed with her. Ridge discussed it with Thomas just to make sure everyone was clear about the matter.

Thomas claimed that he is only focused on helping Douglas heal, but folks like me remember how Douglas was made. Douglas was supposedly conceived when Thomas happened upon a vulnerable Caroline who'd been grieving the loss of her relationship with Ridge. Is it a far stretch that Hope and Thomas could wind up getting into a little something-something one night while Hope or he is drunk and grieving? "Never say never," as Bill says.

In fact, it happened before with Hope and Thomas, and Thomas had gotten Hope drunk on purpose. What happened in Cabo won't stay in Cabo if I have anything to say about it.

Thomas claims that he and Hope had been "dating," but in truth, Thomas had been trying to date Hope when she wasn't over Liam eloping with Steffy. He plied Hope with drinks to try to take her virginity -- at his sister's behest. And he even attempted to propose to Hope. We all know how that ended up. ATV Heartbreak City.

Will the new Thomas repeat the old Thomas' mistakes? Hopefully not. The way they wrote the Thomas of old is downright creepy. He could be headed that way, though, because no sooner had Ridge warned his son not to confuse his emotions for Hope with her helping Douglas than Thomas started including himself in the category of people Hope is helping.

Thomas, don't. Just don't. Going after unavailable women never worked for you. Learn from your mistakes. As my mom says, "Defeat it; don't repeat it."

Brooke warned Liam about Taylor's theory, and Liam was all like, "And?" He is worried about his wife -- just not about his wife cheating. Well, Liam, your ex-wife did it in a weak moment, and again, Caroline succumbed to Thomas in a weak moment.

Lord, please don't let Hope do it and wind up with a pregnancy mystery like they did! Although, I doubt it will be a mystery because I doubt Hope, who doesn't want to get pregnant, has had sex with Liam since Christmas.

As for Brooke, she's done all she can do about nothing. It's time for her to sit down, shut up, and wait to see whose side destiny will be on this time in the ongoing Brooke-Taylor feud.

Cupid doesn't lie

A wise vocal group called "112" once sang, "Cupid doesn't lie, but you won't know unless you give it a try." The impressionable Will probably selected this song from his mom's playlist after he hacked into her tablet in an effort to perpetrate identity theft and credit card fraud to show his parents their true feelings about each other. And his parents are so, so proud.

Will was enjoying himself in his expensive matchmaking scheme and wished he hadn't been caught so soon. Bill and Katie figured out it was Will. It was a good thing they did it before he got the bright idea to book them on the Stella Maris for a romantic getaway, and Bill had to explain to Katie why Steffy's name is now on the side of the boat.

Yeah. Don't get your hopes up, Will. Bill has had more loves of his life than he has sons, and the only one Katie hasn't had to battle him for is dead. Bill left things open-ended with Will when the boy asked if he'd succeeded in reigniting the Batie flame. Maybe Bill wants to take things slow, or maybe Katie just isn't the one.

There's a new blonde in town who might present a challenge to Will's reunion plot. Shauna Fulton possibly had some sort of relationship with Bill, and from her reaction to hearing his name, he might have hurt her worse than Quinn and Kelly combined.

Could working through past heartbreak with Shauna cause Bill to miss his day in the carpool lane? Maybe hot reunion sex like he had with Quinn will throw Batie off course as it did with Brill. If so, sign me up for it because I'm exhausted with scenes that look like a reality show about a daycare. The kids are cute and all, but when will it be adult swim again?

On the other hand, I can put up with the kids a bit longer if a Katie/Bill/Shauna triangle brews and Will works behind the scenes to sabotage Bill's interactions with Shauna. If Bill is Flo's father, two different children will take center stage: Flo, who needs to get to know her father, and Beth/Phoebe, the Spencer grandchild Flo supposedly gave up for adoption.

Romeo and Juliet or Alex and Mallory Keaton?

The possibility that Flo and Wyatt could be siblings opened my mind to some grody, "gag me with a spoon" questions. As long as I was in an eighties frame of mind, I wondered if Flo and Wyatt had had a real romance or if their relationship had been more like Alex and Mallory's from Family Ties.

Will told his parents that he saw something that they didn't in their relationship. I wonder if Flo and Wyatt's parents saw something in the couple that, ultimately, they shouldn't have. If Bill is Flo's father, it certainly would have helped if the world's bestest besties would have at least had a conversation about the men they'd shared benefits with.

The implications of Flo and Wyatt being siblings are just too gross. Unless, hopefully, they didn't have intercourse as teens. The Young and the Restless viewers will remember that this dilemma happened a couple times on that soap. Scott and Cricket turned out to be siblings, and Brock and Jill were siblings for a time -- until it was revealed that Jill was not really Catherine's daughter. I was extremely disturbed when that mistake led to Billy and Mackenzie believing they were related.

If Wyatt and Flo are related, that will put an end to Quinn dreaming that the two will live happily ever after in holy incestimony. But is Bill really Flo's father? The first man named isn't always the one. Remember Liam's journey into Bill's life? It started with Ridge punching Liam for thinking he was Liam's dad and moved on to Thorne believing he was. In the end, the DNA test said it was Bill.

What will Flo's ancestry kit say? I don't believe Bill's DNA is in an ancestry database. But maybe Liam's is. Liam is the only child of Bill's so far that mounted an active search for Bill. Well, maybe Flo's little kit will reveal that Liam actually isn't the only one, and there are actually dozens of little Billy bastards registering in the database to find Dollar Bill, the most wanted father in America. Just call him Billy the Kids. I'm here all week, folks.

Seriously, it can happen. I saw an article that said a woman claimed that she put her DNA into one of those databases and found out she has thirty siblings. It's true. I saw it on Twitter, the official United States news source. If papa was a rolling stone, that would make Bill a boulder.

Can you imagine if Bill went to work one day and found Flo there with thirty of his other children who'd contacted her after finding her DNA in the database? Bill will definitely need more copies of the estate exclusion paperwork that he wants Quinn to sign.

Speaking of that paperwork, what does it have to do with the storyline? Maybe nothing. Or it could be laying the groundwork for a question to arise about Wyatt's paternity. I repeat: Wyatt never took a DNA test to prove he was really Bill's son.

Quinn told Wyatt that his father is dead. What if that's true? Just bear with me here. What if Quinn actually did use the abortion money Bill gave her, and later, she had Wyatt by another man? What if, when Hope insisted that the sword meant that Wyatt was related to Bill, Quinn went along with it just to give her son a bright future and get revenge for the forced abortion? Ah, I'm thinking too much like a real soap writer.

If Flo's father is Bill, it's uncanny that Bill loses Caroline, who he saw as a daughter, and then he gains a real daughter. I wonder how Bill would be with a daughter to protect. The baby Flo supposedly gave up for adoption would become a central concern for Bill. Flo will feel more pressure than ever to reveal the truth about Beth. If Flo gets busted, it's her own fault because Zoe told Flo to stay away from Hope and Wyatt.

What I find strange about Flo is the inconsistency in her character. For someone who grew up without a father and was determined enough as a child to hire a detective to find him, why was she not more fazed by preventing Beth from knowing her father than her mother?

If Flo turns out to be Liam's sister, I would have liked to see the buildup to this conclusion be more about Flo's guilt for keeping the child from her father. That way, she might feel compelled to tell her brother Liam the truth about his daughter. If Deacon turns out to be her father, then the storyline has played out just as it should. So, is it Deacon or Bill?

Who knows. It could be Clark Garrison, for all we know. Maybe C.J.'s DNA is in the database, and it turns out that Flo and Sally are cousins.

Here are a few comments from members of our Soap Central discussion board on the unfurling storyline:

"I say she's Deacon's. Plus his DNA would be in the database because he's in prison" -- Mimicita

"I think it is Storm would be the most interesting choice for storyline purposes" -- ABeth

"If its Bill.....then [gross]. Wyatt and Flo were very serious in high school and don't tell me they never had sex. 2 teenagers in a long-term relationship and it's not like Flo is on the "high and mighty Hope train." I'm sure she was no virgin" -- Betsey

"Based on Shana's reaction, Wyatt just got a sister! haha... Hey Bill, if you spread your seeds out there back then, I wonder how many more kids you might have. The Spencer pie slice keeps getting smaller" -- TurnerEyes

Mimicita, my understanding is that the ancestry databases are not police databases. I don't think the police can scan those databases because they belong to private entities. However, there are public databases that people contribute to, and the police can access those. That is how the Golden Gate killer was located. Private ancestry businesses can't access police DNA databases.

TunerEyes, that's exactly what I'm thinking. Additionally, Bill and Justin went out of their way to paint Quinn as a digger for Spencer gold even though she's the Forrester Matriarch. Could that be foreshadowing that the best friends Quinn and Shauna might start fighting over the Spencer pie that Justin so blatantly said the mothers have no right to?

In a look ahead: You Never Saw This Coming

In next week's preview video, Hope asks Flo if this is her big secret. Bill refuses to be caught up in some kind of shakedown. Quinn asserts that they need a DNA test, and Wyatt asks if someone knows what this means.

Yeah, I know what it means. It means you all need DNA tests, including Wyatt. Matching sword necklaces doesn't cut it. I want a DNA test for Wyatt. I want one for Flo. I want one for Douglas, and while we are at it, retest Ridge just to make sure, because I do not get why he and Thomas share Eric's talents if Ridge is Massimo's son.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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