What won't Quinn and Thomas do in the name of love?

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This week on the Bold and the Beautiful, all looniness broke loose. Thomas shifted into full stalker mode. Mommy Dearest Quinn declared no more Sally Spectra. Shauna pulled a Taser on Zoe. And Bill actually got his feelings hurt! Even with all this filler drama, inquiring minds still want to know: when is this baby-napping storyline gonna end? Seriously, when?

The last time we scooped, nothing was going on but the lemon bars. This week, viewers got more stories than they could shake a bazillion carat ring at. From Thomas' phony love for Hope, to Quinn's meddlesome antics with Sally and Wyatt, to Bill's surprise marriage proposal and Shauna holding Zoe at Taser point, we got our fill of gimmicky plots.

Sadly, all roads still lead right back to the unresolved baby-napping case. It's unlikely that Thomas stands a chance in baby heaven of getting Hope once she learns Beth is really alive. The baby daddy obligation storyline loses its significance once Liam has a baby in Hope's household and one in Steffy's. Quinn's hopes for Flo and Wyatt might "flow" down the drain once Flo's part in the baby-napping scam is uncovered.

That leaves Bill's marriage proposal to Katie as the only independent storyline of the week. If only we hadn't seen Batie face-plant twice already, and if only the writers hadn't created the plot with the idea of planting Shauna between Bill and Katie. If Thomas, Quinn, and Katie's fears have their way, the Spencer men will spend the summer wasting away in triangleville.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Everybody congratulate Liam on figuring out that Hope and he can control whether or not Hope gets pregnant during sex! Hope and Liam finally reconnected intimately. Now, if only Liam can figure out how to get Hope to see that he can be a father to his daughter and let her mother take a business trip at the same time.

Let's get two scoops deep into whether Katie should give Bill another chance when he still has an eye for blondes and whether Quinn has the jurisdiction to go after Sally over a hug. We'll delve into the twisted romantic logic colliding with the loose screws in Thomas' head and ask if Shauna has a Taser in her purse because hobnobbing with the rich is just that dangerous in L.A.

What won't Thomas do for love?

It's official. Thomas is an embarrassment to Forrester men everywhere. Sure, he's got the arrogant, pushy, and selfish part of it down pat. He insinuated himself into HFTF without permission, scheduling meetings and putting gowns into production without approval. He set his sights on a woman and decided he'd have her any cost. That's typical of any Forrester male.

Faking a child's anguish to break up a marriage between two grieving parents? Not so much. Using a woman's guilt and grief to isolate her from her husband and using her sense of obligation to his son to draw her to his side? That's not the Forrester way at all.

Some Forrester men have resorted to unseemly tactics to get their girl, but what Thomas repeatedly does to ensnare women is downright unconscionable. Thomas has a menacing way of emotionally debilitating and mentally destroying the women he claims to love. He doesn't get pathological behavior like that from the likes of Eric and Ridge. Thomas must be more Marone than any of us ever could imagine -- and in the worst ways.

Thomas left me mentally stuttering this week with his tirade about how he has never gotten over Hope and his defiant plan to right the wrong Liam has done to Hope, so that she can be with him, leaving Liam to be with Steffy. Sally was stuck on stupid, too, trying to make sense of how Thomas could have never gotten over Hope, even though he'd declared Sally and Caroline the loves of his life.

Sally should have just walked out and left him to his own inane mutterings and rudimentary drawings. Only the writers know why she'd befriend that psycho after he basically told her that their entire love affair meant less than a vacation on the beach with Hope. Well, Sally didn't walk away from Thomas, and it could very well cost her Wyatt.

Thomas is so convinced that he and Hope are meant to be that, instead of going to her and professing his love, he lied to her and deceived her at the most vulnerable point in her recovery. I can't find the words to describe how disturbing it is for a grown man to sit down and make a children's drawings, let alone how wretched it is to pretend his son drew it.

Not only did he do that, but Thomas flirted Amelia into recording Kelly saying "Da Da" repeatedly on camera. To soften her up, Thomas even asked Amelia out on a date for whenever she returns to town! Yeah, he's so in love with Hope, isn't he? If his plan with Hope works, how is he going to get out of that date when Amelia comes home? Make her a kid's drawing of them with a "No" sign drawn on it?

Thomas convinced Sally to keep his confidence. Likewise, he got Hope and Amelia to agree not to tell anyone about the video, but what's going to happen when Douglas shows up at Hope's cabin and asks her who made the kid drawing? "Are you cheating on me with another kid?" he'll wonder. "I bet you actually took this one skateboarding, didn't you?"

Hope put that flower Douglas gave her front and center in her living room. It will be a failure with a capital "F" if she doesn't do the same with that drawing and if she doesn't thank the child personally for making it. She told the boy that he gave her the greatest gifts, but watch as the writers tuck that drawing away so Douglas never sees it.

Speaking of failed plot points, who else was tweeting "WTH" when Brooke stood there, giving Thomas and Hope's relationship her rubber stamp of approval? One day, Brooke is drowning Taylor's ideas in holier-than-thou water, and the next, she's agreeing that Taylor was right -- just not in the way Taylor meant herself to be right.

Well, Brooke, how else do people get to the way Taylor means than by working together day in and day out? You know, like you and Ridge...Caroline and Ridge. Hope is better off spending time with her baby-selling cousin than her serial-lovelorn stepbrother!

The eerie icing on Thomas the weirdo's cake has to be when he just happened to know that the Forrester jet just happened to be headed to Paris that evening. After Thomas arranged the drawing and the video, how can we not conclude that he somehow arranged the last-minute trip to Paris for Forrester employees?

You cray-cray, Thomas. You cray-cray. And it couldn't be more evident than when he stood outside the cabin, grinning, as he watched Hope and Liam swap spit. Peeping Tom would have gotten a real eyeful if he'd arrived at the house any earlier.

Why do I fear that once Thomas is exposed, CPS might have to interview Douglas? I'm sorry, but after all this strangeness Thomas has exposed the child to and Thomas' willingness to emotionally manipulate the children, I seriously question his ability to parent.

While I question Thomas' ability to parent, I question Quinn's ability to stop parenting.

What won't Quinn do for Wyatt's love life?

I'm still getting used to the ideas that Quinn supposedly has one friend and that Quinn actually approved of Wyatt's high school sweetheart, especially when it was his first love. Aren't those the hardest for mothers? It was the first time Quinn had to share Wyatt with someone.

Even if Quinn did approve of Flo and Wyatt back then, this is the Quinn of old we're talking about. You know, the one who sabotaged Liam's elevator? Locked him in the steam room? Tried to stab him with a handmade sword? She did it all so that Wyatt could get Hope. If Quinn was that same person in Vegas, she would have sooner kidnapped Flo than separate Wyatt from the girl he wanted. I demand the truth about how it really was in Vegas, and what stories other men might have about trying to date Flo with Quinn lurking about.

It looks like the Quinn of old might be resurfacing after seeing Sally hug Thomas the Creep. While it's always fun to watch Quinn in action, it falls flat for me because Sally has already been through way too much at the hands of Thomas. It's not fair that, not only did Thomas dump her a dozen times, but he might also be the cause of her losing Wyatt.

From her style to her career and love life, Sally finally has it going on, but if Quinn has her way, Sally will be going on out the door. Barreling full cheetah dress at Sally, Quinn entered the beach house and packed Sally a bag. She even had herself a glass of wine while she waited to kick Sally out of the house Bill paid for.

The ironic part about it was when Quinn told Sally that she had a job and money, and it was time for her to get her own place. "You're living on the beach, rent-free, in Malibu," Quinn said. Um, maybe tell that to your son? Just saying. I don't recall Wyatt owning that beach house. Now, if Bill was there, saying that stuff to Sally, then -- well, that's a different story.

Remember when Quinn told Shauna the other week that Shauna and Flo should forget the past? Remember when Quinn said Eric had forgiven her? Well, none of that goes for Sally, as far as Quinn is concerned. Quinn is still holding the design theft against Sally. Even I let that go, and you guys know I can hold a soap grudge. It must have been the best jewelry collection of Quinn's life for her to still be mad that Spectra Fashions copied it.

If Quinn holds a grudge like this against Sally for stealing some designs, how will Quinn handle it when she learns that Flo lied to Quinn and everyone else about the baby?

Though I feel sorry for Sally to be up against Quinn, I'm also mad at Sally for telling Liam's business to Thomas. I'm sure that when Liam asked for her advice, he assumed that she wouldn't broadcast his intimate issues with his wife all over Forrester. I guess that's why Thomas asked Sally twice to keep his confidence. Unfortunately, Sally's agreement to do that will make Quinn's venomous motives against Sally even stronger.

What Katie won't do for love

What won't Katie do for love? Be a damn fool for Bill again, that's what -- even if that means disappointing Will. And Katie has every right to feel that way because it's usually after Bill looks around and sees he has no other options that falling back on Katie seems like a good idea.

This week, Katie turned down Bill's marriage proposal, but when he looked around this time, instead of seeing no options, he saw Shauna. And boy, was Shauna looking good to Bill after a few shots of sulk juice at the bar. Will Katie look beyond his encounter with Shauna and agree to marry him, or is Shauna one blonde too many from Bill's past for Katie's taste?

Brooke and Donna talked Katie into accepting Bill's proposal, and Katie was set to accept it until she saw Bill at the bar with Shauna. I don't know if Katie should worry about Shauna, but I do think Katie should thoroughly examine Bill's motives. When he proposed to her, his speech was almost completely about Will and doing the right thing for the family. Telling Katie that he loved her was an afterthought that Bill expressed when Katie responded to the proposal with surprise.

The Logan giggle crew urged Katie to accept the proposal because, well, you know Donna and Brooke. Bill's hookups with Brooke are water under the "Bridge" to them now that Ridge and Brooke have remarried. And while I'm thinking about it, Brooke had better watch her man around Shauna. This week, Brooke said Shauna was a good person. Famous last words.

For now, the writers are trying Bill out with Shauna, who has suddenly decided that Bill isn't as bad as Quinn says. Okay, but what about as bad as what you said, Shauna? Shauna goes from being completely indignant about Bill and their night together to telling Bill that she'd make that same mistake with him again if the woman in his life wasn't a Logan. As I said in a previous Scoops, Shauna hasn't learned a damn thing.

Katie is a Logan, so Shauna won't make that same mistake with Bill -- yet. In the meantime, she's onto new mistakes like pulling a Taser on Zoe. Flo and Zoe got into a struggling match over Flo's phone during the millionth argument the women have had about Flo telling Hope the truth. Flo fell and hit her head, and Shauna aimed a Taser at Zoe, demanding to know why Flo was knocked out on the floor.

Is Rodeo Drive really that dangerous in the middle of the day that Shauna needs to carry a Taser around? Is Shauna afraid that she'll encounter criminals at Brooke's "millions of dollars" mansion? Why is this former casino boutique manager toting around lipstick and weapons? Looks like Bill might get the shock of his life -- literally -- if he jilts Shauna again.

In a look ahead: Spring Fever Symptoms

According to next week's preview video, Spring Fever symptoms include: rapid heart rate, restlessness, and an appetite for love. I'd like to add a symptom -- a low tolerance for BS, so let's get these storylines moving already.

Zoe begs Shauna not to shoot. Bridge gets frisky. At Brooke's house, a swim-trunks-wearing Thomas tells Hope that "this" is what needs to happen. Sally reminds Thomas that Hope is married. Guess who isn't married? Wyatt. And Flo puts her lips all over his. This time, he doesn't respond like an awkward fourteen-year-old.

Spoilers indicate that Wyatt becomes disillusioned by Sally's secretive relationship with Thomas and winds up kissing the dazed-gaze Florence. Thomas steps up his efforts to steal Liam's wife and pressures Hope to decide for Liam -- as if it isn't second nature to Hope and Steffy to give Liam to each other like a White Elephant gift-giving game for two.

Shauna apparently puts her Taser away, and she, Flo, and Zoe come to an agreement. Let me guess? Never tell Hope that Beth is alive. Mother's Day is May 12th, people! You've got ten episodes, and if I don't get my way, I'm cocking my Taser gun! Right after I buy one. Does anyone know where I can get a golden Taser gun? Can you even cock a Taser gun?

Hope offers Flo a job. Flo's guilt is exacerbated by Ridge's kindness, and the opportunist that Shauna is, she hops at the chance to put on a Forrester Original. Let me guess: another Cinderella turned impromptu model?

Let us know what you think about the plot-filled week, Thomas' increasingly stalkerish ways, and just how beautiful you think Donna was in yellow! Where is Justin when Donna is in need of complements? Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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