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The baby-napping conspiracy crew faces the music, but Deejay Ridge isn't playing their favorite song. As Thomas sat out the tune in hiding, the spotlight fell on Flo, Zoe, and Xander to dance their way out of trouble. Everyone focuses on bringing Reese and Flo to justice, but Shauna is right -- Violent Thomas is who they all should be worried about this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.

Steffy bawls her eyes out after relinquishing Beth to Hope. Flo, Zoe, and Shauna quake under the threat of prison. Thomas beats up Vinny's takeout boxes, obsesses over Hope in lingerie, and plots revenge on a five-year-old. The Spencers and Logans rejoice over Beth. Despite all this activity, all I can think is, "In your face, Wyatt! Ha! Ha! In your face!"

As beautiful as Beth reuniting with her family was, nothing pleased me more than seeing Wyatt admit to Sally that he was wrong -- Wrong, wr-wrong, wrong, wrong! Wrong!

Wyatt apologized to Sally for berating her for keeping a secret and for placing Flo, who'd kept the most hideous secret imaginable, upon a pedestal. Sally, worse than Rollover Rover, readily laid out a reunion roadmap, even though Wyatt said several times that he wasn't there to reconcile. Somebody get Sally a drink because her water bowl is empty.

Meanwhile, Ridge can locate Reese all the way in Europe, but he can't find Thomas at the crib of his only friend. What should we expect from a man who thinks confiscating driver's licenses will prevent criminals from fleeing?

Never mind that Zoe has a passport. Who wouldn't risk driving without a license to escape human trafficking charges? The trio in question is risking driving, anyway, to get to work and to Brooke's house -- unless unemployment comes with personal drivers. Ridge is lucky they didn't find an Uber driver crazy enough to drive them across the country.

Maybe Ridge really doesn't want to find Thomas. Finding Thomas would force Thomas to face the music, and Ridge knows that Thomas can't Moonwalk his way out of this. At Vinny's place, Thomas knocked things around in the apartment and seethed about a five-year-old's betrayal. This scooper began to fear what would happen if Douglas ever gets in the path of the juggernaut that Thomas is burgeoning into.

Let's get two scoops deep into the week in which the end of Hope's nightmare caused the worst dreams of the perpetrators to come true. We'll discuss Xander's supersonic trip back to town. We'll gripe about Shauna and Flo's nerve to commit one crime to apologize for another. We'll rail on Sally for contemplating taking Wyatt back before he even asks. Lastly, we'll ponder whether Thomas' fixation on Hope and anger toward Douglas will become deadly for the family Thomas sought to create.

Wyatt and Sally: Pathetic doesn't become you

Beggars can't be choosers. Given Sally's terrible dating record, I advise her to take what she can get. The only problem is -- no one is offering anything. Sally is conjuring up conditions upon which she'd take Wyatt back when he isn't even asking her for another chance. Is she desperate much or just joking about a hypothetical reunion?

Here's what members of our Soap Central message board had to say:

"So happy to see Sally and Wyatt again! I loved her snarking at him and I love how he seems totally in love with her still. Hopefully, this leads to them reuniting! They are so perfect together he was an idiot for leaving her!" -- Littleman16

"Wyatt still has feelings for Sally, but he is madly, totally in love with Flo...He dropped Sally like a hot potato after he cheated on her, and he hasn't looked back. He didn't even seem to have a divided heart. Sally is a fool if she takes him back," -- Steamfan339

"Bell just threw them back together. Honestly, I thought it made Sally look a little desperate and pathetic. She made it way too easy for him after he dumped her the way he did," -- ABeth

I couldn't agree more with these statements. Wyatt was an idiot for dumping Sally over keeping a friend's confidence, even though we know that Thomas is no one's friend. Wyatt apparently does have feelings for both women, but he did drop Sally like a bad habit without looking back.

Even when Sally was flirting with Wyatt about her criteria for a second chance, he had a resting "I don't get it" face and repeatedly said that he really wasn't there to reunite. It made Sally look way too thirsty. She was gasping for water in the desert, and Wyatt was like, "No, seriously, I just wanted to apologize. That's all. I'm not your water boy."

What made Wyatt go to Sally? Was he testing her for a rebound? Could it have been a gut reaction to desire to see someone who had nothing to do with the deception? For that, he could have joined his father in visiting Liam's reunited branch of the family tree.

Maybe Wyatt didn't do that because he feels embarrassed that he had been so enamored with Flo that he hadn't seen the truth about her. Maybe he feels guilty about the fact that, even though Flo did this horrible thing to his family, he still wants to surf Flo's waves.

If the latter is the case, Wyatt is useless to me. He doesn't get to be self-righteous with Sally but pout in disillusionment at Flo, who did "oodles" worse, to use Sally's term. Sally got caught up in Thomas' drama, but Flo outright lied about being pregnant, accepted money for Liam's child, and never told Wyatt that she had a relationship or infatuation with her baby-swapping "friend." Flo needs to be honest and tell Wyatt that they never would have reunited if Reese had agreed to take her with him out of town.

Zoe and Xander: Will the couple that faces Ridge together stay together?

The news of Xander's cowardice was greatly exaggerated. This week, Xander learned the lesson that standing up to bullies is so easy that a five-year-old can do it. Douglas' bravery inspired Xander to return to L.A. and set forth the truth about what happened to poor Emma. It was too bad, though, that Ridge wasn't interested in the truth, facts, or proof as it pertained to Thomas.

When Xander revealed his theory that Thomas "drove" Emma to her death, Ridge called it a bold accusation. Xander claimed he could back it up with evidence. One would think Ridge would have asked for the proof, but he avoided it more skillfully than Emma's attempt to avoid that guardrail. While Ridge is orchestrating justice for his and Brooke's daughters, Xander won't get justice for Emma unless he goes to the police or Justin.

In a conclusion that even Captain Clueless could have drawn, Ridge fired Xander and Zoe. He deemed that, although they'd lied, it had been a crime against his family, not society, which meant they probably wouldn't go to jail. Why do they believe they aren't criminals when Ridge says it, but they couldn't figure it out for themselves this entire time?

Thanks, Ridge. You're better than "Ask a Lawyer" on the Internet. Now, my driver's license, please?

Three questions remain for Zoe now that she knows that failing to speak up isn't a crime. The first one came from Xander. He questioned why she remained loyal to a man who was never there for her and a man who hasn't even contacted her now. If Reese loves Zoe so much, why didn't he turn himself in to get the focus off of her and minimize her suffering and embarrassment?

Next, will Zoe let her ill-guided loyalty to her dad interfere with her relationship with Xander? She was willing to lose Xander to keep Reese's secret. Xander returned, and I doubt he took a supersonic jet back to Los Angeles just to tell Ridge what Thomas had done in person. Xander probably wants to reconcile with Zoe, but he might fly right back to London alone if she can't sever ties with Reese.

That leads me to the final question for Zoe. Is she staying in Los Angeles? Will Xander? With no jobs at Forrester and no connection to the other families, save being a cousin of the divorced Maya, what's left for Xander and Zoe in L.A.?

Shauna and Flo: Unlawful apologies

I said it before: Flo gets it from her mama. Every bit of her duplicity comes from her Fulton side of the family tree. Yes, Storm shot Stephanie, but who never wanted to shoot Stephanie? I mean, come on. Shauna, on the other hand, is sixty shades of Shady Grady.

Shauna lied on Bill and painted him as evil to hide her shame for not knowing who Flo's father was. She held a Taser to Zoe, only to order Flo to shut up as Zoe advised Flo to do. Later, Shauna told Flo to lie and live high with Wyatt underneath Thomas' subtle death threats. Shauna moved back to Vegas but keeps showing up in L.A. Something ain't right about that, either. I just don't know what yet. Shady Grady, I'm telling you.

This week, Shauna had no compunction about waltzing into Hope and Liam's home with Flo like a set of twin Goldie Lockses to garner a forgiveness that's "just right" for the two of them. Someone needs to tell Shauna that an unlocked door isn't an invitation to stroll around people's mansions. And whoever that gardener is, chatting up trespassers and telling Brooke's family business, he needs to be fired. He worse than Quinn's Mateo.

Leave it to Shauna to decide that the best way for Flo to apologize to Hope for baby-trafficking Beth is to commit more crimes! Flo hasn't learned a thing about going along with other people's criminal ideas. There she was, creeping into Hope's cabin, right behind her mom, complaining that she can't apologize via breaking and entering. Then, why are you breaking and entering, Flo? If you know it's wrong, why do it?

For some reason, Flo is helplessly under the spell of degenerates. If questioned about breaking in, what will Flo say? That her mom made her do it? She didn't want to do it, but she has a future to protect? Hope deserves an apology, so Flo had no choice?

Hope does indeed deserve an apology, but Flo wasn't there to tell Hope how sorry she was. Flo wasn't there to see how she could ease Hope's suffering. Flo was only there for herself. She wanted forgiveness, even if she had to break into Hope's home and hide until she had the opportunity to beg Hope to give it to her.

I suspect Hope will give Flo something. It will be lasting. It will be stinging, but it ain't gonna be forgiveness. What I really wish would happen next is for Hope to invite Steffy over. Let Hope and Steffy "forgive" Flo together. Hope deserves her chance to confront Flo, but Steffy should also get a chance to put her foot in Flo's behind, too, for the fraud Flo perpetrated on Steffy's whole family.

Thomas and Douglas: Daddy Dearest don't give a damn

There's another thing I've said before that I don't mind repeating. Ridge was right about what he said about Thomas around the time of Douglas' conception. Thomas has no business being that boy's father. I wish they'd never told that cruel man that he is Douglas' father. I still want a DNA test because I still don't believe it. There's no way in heaven and earth that a boy as angelic as Douglas came from Thomas, the Antichrist.

When Thomas disappeared from the rooftop and missed his helicopter flight, I thought he'd head straight to pick up Douglas. Instead, he hid out at Vinny's house, terrorizing Vinny by flinging takeout cartons all over the place, fuming about how a five-year-old betrayed him, and fiending for Hope in her underwear.

I can't even with Thomas, who went into a jealous tirade about Beth getting all the attention. "What about Kelly? What about Steffy? What about me?" he raged. What about Douglas, Thomas? Your son? You leave him to whoever will watch him while Steffy's face is buried in the carpet as she sobs in agony over this lie you perpetuated. Do you care about Steffy or Kelly? Have you checked on them?

Thomas went on about Hope being his wife as if he owned her the way he owns a belt. That definitely gave us plenty of reason to suspect that Caroline probably was the one who decided to be co-parents instead of lovers. When Thomas finally focused on Douglas, it was with ire, not concern for the boy's well-being.

As it turns out, the Forresters and Hope delegated Amelia to watch Doulgas. I hope someone had sense enough to tell Amelia to notify them if Thomas contacts her about the children. Douglas is afraid of Thomas. He mentioned several times that Thomas is mad at him. Douglas asks for his deceased mother all the time. He hasn't once asked where his father is. That ought to tell people something about Douglas' true feelings about Thomas.

Thomas accused Douglas of ratting him out and stabbing him in the back. Tough accusations against a child. He even made rage sounds that indicated, "Why, I ought to..." He couldn't even finish the thought -- and it's best that he didn't -- because he was so obsessed with getting Hope back, kissing Hope, and touching Hope. With his world crumbling around him, Thomas is thinking about sexing Hope. What is wrong with him?

Thomas is headed down a path of self-destruction. He cannot accept losing his newest possession, Hope, and I suspect that there will be one more casualty before it's all over.

In a look ahead: No Apologies

In next week's preview video entitled No Apologies, Hope gives Flo what she deserves, and I was right. It does sting. In the video, the plot focuses on Thomas, who can't accept Hope's declaration that their marriage is over. Brooke warns Ridge that his son is dangerous. Liam doesn't think anyone knows what Thomas is capable of.

The promo flashes the words, "No one will believe how this week ends." While still at Vinny's, Thomas mutters, "Till death do we part." Hope hops from a chair at the cliff house, shocked that Thomas is behind her.

I'm calling it. Thomas is out for a murder/suicide. Where else could this be headed other than to an "if I can't have you, Liam sure as hell won't" conclusion? Douglas claims he likes Liam, too, and there is no way Thomas will tolerate losing them both to Liam.

According to other spoilers, Thomas gets Amelia to bring Douglas to him. I wonder if Thomas plans to take out his whole family in one instance. Brooke and Ridge reportedly race to the cliff house to save Hope, and tragedy strikes for the Logans and Forresters.

Spoilers also indicate that Hope will seek an annulment and a nullification of Beth's adoption. Flo is arrested, and detectives have questions regarding Thomas' involvement in Emma's death.

If Thomas' death or hospitalization winds up being the tragedy that strikes the two families, custody of Douglas will likely revert to Hope, who wouldn't have her annulment yet. Hope would be able to use her wedding vows and possibly the forged letter from Caroline to bolster her case to legally adopt Douglas if anyone contests her rights to him.

Hopefully, Thomas will not die, because Taylor's branch of the family has suffered enough death. I'd be disappointed if another of Brooke's kids was involved in Taylor losing another one of hers. Additionally, there has been enough death of young people in the Forrester family to last us another 30-plus years of storytelling.

I'd rather Thomas go to prison or a mental hospital than for us to sit through another funeral. Some viewers speculate that Thomas will go over the cliff at Steffy's house. If Thomas does fall, I hope it's Deacon-style, and we have no corpse.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below. We, as well as fellow scoopers, are always interested in hearing a new viewpoint. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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