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by Mike
For the Week of September 23, 2019
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Bridge is back in the spotlight as part of what Katie called Phoebeth's ''ripple effect,'' and the Fulton females are still trying to put their oars in. But is it time for the show to set sail for different shores? Walk the plank with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did your headache routine get you engaged? Did you decide to start fall a little early? Did your stirring threaten to leave everyone shaken? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Spencer-Fulton clan this week!

Let's check your ABC's, Scoopers! You thought trouble started with a "T," but it really starts with "S," which stands for "Shauna!" Shauna cooking up alphabet soup promised to get everyone into hot water, but there wasn't enough chicken soup to keep Katie from plain out going under. Oh, and Wyatt may have pulled a Liam and proposed just to get some. Should the Fulton femmes be fired? Let's Scoop about it!


Let's backtrack a bit and get into what's happening regarding the Phoebeth fallout and what should be happening. Last week, Chanel said it all when she pronounced, "It makes me sadly wonder if watching the show is worth it when there is absolutely no payoff for the good guys and no punishment for the bad guys." Preach! B&B has always been a little wonky on character punishment, but this one takes the cake.

Viewers did not watch seven months of Hope believing Beth was dead and Steffy raising a baby we knew would be taken away from her and come away feeling that "Felony Flo," as many of you call her, should boogie out of jail like she was working a night at Studio 54. I'll concede that the immunity loophole, which saw Flo trading jail time for helping the Feds on a document forgery case (the irony!) was clever.

It's just that no one wanted to see it. Flo broke the law when she pretended to be Phoebe's mother and was an accessory to Reese kidnapping the baby in the first place. I'd say the fan base for Flo receiving a "get out of jail free" card is microscopically small. Yet that's where we are. Katie was right when she growled that Flo and Shauna should leave L.A. Because they really should.

Seriously, can anybody ever look at Flo again without thinking of her role in Beth's abduction? No. Usually, when a soap character pulls off that kind of scheme -- unless you're a Stefano DiMera or an Alan Spaulding -- that character goes to jail! It took Sheila Carter three years and the biggest crossover in soap history, but she finally did time for stealing Lauren Fenmore's baby. Imagine the uproar if she hadn't!

The same, if not more, goes for Reese, in a ball drop so big it made the New Year's Eve orb in Times Square look like a marble. You simply do not write a character committing a crime that affects characters for over half a year and then arrest that character off-screen, never to be seen again. Aside from cheating viewers out of the satisfaction of seeing the criminal pay, what kind of message does that send?

Finally, there's Thomas, who coldly watched a young woman die just so he could get Hope in his future. Like Chanel said, Detective Sanchez (who's turned out to be as effective as one of Lieutenant Baker's hot dogs) simply dropped the investigation of Emma's death without even questioning Thomas. So, basically, storyline-wise, Emma died for nothing.

And I'm tired of Ridge raging that Thomas just "made some bad decisions." Would he say that if he knew how his son tormented his grandson with a bad ghost projection? No one's ever going to find out about that, or about how Thomas forged a letter from Caroline to pull at Hope's bed strings. Thomas getting banged up going over a cliff is not good enough comeuppance, sorry.

At least Ridge finally conceded that Thomas needs professional help -- bring back James, who treated the teen version who blew up Rick's car! There's a legit reason for Thomas being troubled -- he thought his mother was dead for years. As I've said before, make Thomas traumatized from Caroline killing herself in front of him, or say Thomas was hooked on drugs. Not much else can write Thomas out of this corner.

Until we watch Reese pay with our own eyes (imagine the drama from a court trial with everyone testifying against him!), and Flo and Shauna slink out of town, this arc is not properly wrapped up. Conversely, I do agree with Flo about one thing: it's time to move on. I sense a little of that happening this week. Viewers were tired of this story by Valentine's Day; we're hurtling toward Halloween, and we're still on it. Next!


The week started with Eric consoling Brooke about the missing Ridge. Eric really needs to be on my screen more often. But it's only when we get Brooke and Eric in a scene alone together that I realize the significance -- Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook are the only original actors left who started it all 32 years ago. I know y'all know that. But it's all the more reason I can't get enough Beric. Platonic Beric, that is.

Eric even made mention of his long-ago marriage to Brooke (there were actually two, but only the 1990-1992 one counts to me) when he mused, "I have not infrequently been the family outcast for any number of salacious reasons...one of them being you." Oh! The feels! Brooke was a mere kid when that happened; to see her and Eric still close three decades on is the fullest of full circles.

The Forrester patriarch was dubious about Thomas acting out from Ridge not being there for him as a child. "Thomas got more years with his father than his sisters did," Eric commented. That may be true, but Eric lost me a bit when he added that Brooke "may be" wrong for coming down so hard on her one-time berry buddy. Eric felt that Hope had made just as many bad decisions.

Has Eric's three-year marriage to Quinn (currently the longest legal union on the show!) made him more forgiving of his family's illegal activities? Eric practically had Brooke feeling guilty for not wanting Thomas back living in her house. I'm with Brooke on this one. Whatever happened to Ridge's snazzy loft, anyway? Why can't Thomas just move in there while he works on his mental health, if he does?

Across town, there was no itsy-bitsy teeny weeny, or anything yellow polka-dotted, but there was sure enough a Bikini, as in Bar, where Ridge was sleeping off a 150-proof night in a tiny room above the hangout. I was ready to cry foul about a bar having its own apartment until I remembered that the original Bikini (which Sly burned down in 1996), also had such accommodations.

But no matter! Ridge, who's clearly gone from briefs to boxers in the ensuing years, woke up pantsless, but not Shauna-less, as the lady who can't decide if she lives in Nevada or California surprised her daughter's emancipator with supercharged aspirin and a breakfast befitting IHOP -- not bad considering she bogarted it all from the bar's kitchen.

Ridge grumped at Shauna at first but mellowed when crunching his bacon. He was startled to see there were two glasses of water on the nightstand (nice touch), but Shauna assured the designer that "the family jewels did not leave the safe; if they had, you'd remember." Everything I said about Shauna holds, but she does get some classic lines.

Man, was Ridge lucky that Shauna had the exact charger he needed for his dead phone! It must be destiny. As they waited for the indicator to turn green, Shauna asked if Ridge and Brooke had been childhood sweethearts. "Yeah, almost...yeah!" Ridge confirmed. That must be quite the trick. Ridge was said to be 30 when he met Brooke in 1987, and Brooke was a 21-year-old college student. Some childhood!

That would also make Ridge 62 now, but we'll go with it. Fully fed and fully pantsed, Ridge seemed charmed by Shauna, then grateful as he told Ms. Fulton that he owed her. When Brooke finds out about this -- as she inevitably will -- she'd better not trip. If Ridge could respond to Brooke sleeping with Oliver, thinking he was Ridge with an "Oh, Logan," Brooke can cut Ridge some slack for a far less sexual encounter.

Ridge will be lucky if Brooke doesn't get on a plane, hit her head, and get spirited away by her worst enemy while in an amnesiac state like Liam did when he similarly caught Steffy snoozing with Wyatt. Instead, Ridge came home to his worried Logan and downed his third medicinal capsule in one morning. Amazingly, Brooke didn't have to call the ER! Ridge agreed they couldn't let their kids come between them.

And yet, there was something Brooke needed to know! Naturally, Brooke interrupted with some gushy babbling that had Ridge keeping his mouth shut. What is it with B&B characters clamming up every time they're trying to tell the truth about something? I mean, it's a soap staple to a point, but here, it's chronic. Deciding their marriage was more important, Bridge made up by nearly starting a "Round 2" argument.

Ridge admitted he wasn't sure what to do about Thomas but made clear to Brooke that he was aware of everything that his son did in regard to Beth. Brooke couldn't hear the name without thinking of Flo and her mother; Ridge looked conflicted as his wife went off on Shauna. Why are we painting it like Ridge had some sort of affair? Cheating on Taylor, thinking she had okayed his knocking up Morgan, was way worse!


Freshly freed Flo frolicked in Reese's old apartment. Wait -- did Flo keep paying rent on the place even after she moved into the Forrester mansion then Wyatt's pad? Anyway, Flo found Katie at the door and stood like she had ants in her pants while hearing a rant from her aunt. And no one kicks acting ass like Heather Tom. Her delivery was restrained and measured, which made Katie's rage all the more powerful.

Katie schooled Flo about Storm, who took his father's place as man of the Logan house and sacrificed all for his sisters and mother -- before he went nutty, that is. Flo thought she could play the daddy card to get Katie's sympathy, but it backfired. "How dare you use his goodness as some pathetic plea for forgiveness!" Katie barked. Yeah, Flo, enough apologies already. You're a broken record no one wants to hear.

Katie grabbed Flo's hand and placed it over her heart, which had once beaten in Storm's chest, and demanded to know if Flo could feel her father's anger, disgust, and shame. I have to think of Ethan Wayne's Storm for that, not William DeVry's Storm who shot Stephanie. Shauna came upon her daughter's flaming and tried to give Katie attitude, but the youngest Logan sister merely replied with a "girl bye."

Shauna didn't care! As if Flo was her high school buddy and not her kid, Shauna was like "Oohmigod, I totally slept next to Ridge Forrester like he is soooooo buff and I totally kissed him even though he was fully knocked out and fer shurrrr I could totally see us together now let's go to the mall!" Flo was incredulous. "You kissed him while he was passed out?"

Oh, Flo, don't be so shocked. Your now-ex Wyatt did that after Hope knocked herself out in the woods. Somehow, I don't think that would fly in the #MeToo age! Did we witness a #HeToo? Anyhow, Flo told her mom to slow her roll when it came to Ridge. The guy was married, and Shauna would not be able to write his name beside Bill's and Storm's on her scorecard.


Sally went to check on whether or not Quinn approved of the sketches she'd created to work around Quinn's jewelry designs (isn't jewelry called an accessory for a reason? I'm pretty sure the clothes come first). Quinn's non-response led Sally to the conclusion that Quinn wasn't happy about her reunion with Wyatt. Indeed, Quinn felt that Wyatt still loved Flo. Quinn, honey, what are you smoking?

Sally couldn't believe Quinn couldn't see that Flo's lie was far worse than Sally's, and neither could I. Given how fiercely protective Quinn is of her son -- to the point of committing unlawful acts -- it's baffling that Quinn would even start to consider giving Flo a free pass, Wyatt's first love or not. And who is Quinn to judge Sally, anyway? It's not like Sally crafted a sword for the express purpose of skewering Wyatt.

Pam, in her one scene a month, commiserated with Sally about Quinn, remarking that she and Quinn definitely had their issues. Ya think? A year ago, Pam was going to marry Charlie until Quinn put the kibosh on the ceremony happening at the Forrester compound. How come we've never revisited that? Don't Charlie and Pam deserve a little married bliss?

Upon seeing Shauna showing up at the office, Quinn chuckled at how her supposedly former bestie was able to get past security. (Um, Charlie, that's supposed to be you.) I thought Quinn was all indignant because Shauna had asked her to bail out the woman responsible for hurting her family? Now she and Shauna are all Chatty Cathys again? I feel like I missed something. Or they did.

Shauna was sure that, if she and Quinn put their heads together, they could stop Wyatt from reuniting with Sally. And Quinn smiled at the prospect! If Quinn still doesn't like Sally, fine, but how could she want Wyatt with Flo after what Flo did? Perhaps Quinn thinks Flo will rehabilitate with the love of a good man like Quinn apparently did with Eric. That doesn't mean it makes sense, though.


Bill and Katie came to see Wyatt to make sure he wasn't going to cave where Flo was concerned. Wyatt learned well his brother's penchant for constipated looks (isn't it amazing? No Liam, Hope, or Steffy all week!) and seemed like he needed some Pepto as the Dollah went against the Flo. Yeah, Wyatt, where was this compassion when Sally told one fib, but you're on the fence about Flo telling hundreds?

This wishy-washiness continued as Flo invited herself over and tried to serve Wyatt Indian food and herself on a platter. Flo showed Wyatt a montage of photos she'd kept from their high school heyday. Those pics of the much younger Darin Brooks and Katrina Bowden were obviously spliced together via Photoshop, but they were cute nonetheless. And Flo worked Wyatt so hard, it seemed like he was about to give in.

Which is what makes what happened next so...well, I can't think of the adjective for it. Sally hit Casa Wyatt for their dinner date, only to have Wyatt try to hit it. Sally admitted she shared Wyatt's feelings, but she was tired of losing out to other women. Hey, Caroline, Steffy, now Flo? Sally's right to pump the brakes instead of letting Wyatt pump hers. This guy is the dictionary definition of "rebound."

Sally stood her ground, saying she wanted a solid future. This seemed to give Wyatt an idea. He dropped to his knees and proposed! Whoa, we went from noshing to nuptials? I'd be all for it if it wasn't for the fact that Wyatt saw Sally's red light and raised it a double green. I also think this sudden question-popping has something to do with trying to keep Flo from talking him into Flyatt redux redux.

And there is one more potentially troubling aspect. Wyatt has been very vocal about shagging Sally. Sally has been very vocal about holding off until she can be sure. Who does this sound like? Yep, ol' brother Liam, who clearly asked virgin Hope to marry him the first time just so he could work off the head of steam Steffy had built up. It's all the more reason I think Sally should stay as far away from Wyatt as possible!


Once home, Katie told Bill her back had been hurting but that she'd be fine. Bill's distress was sidetracked by an ebullient Will, who had finished his homework. Big family moment, lots of warm feelings -- which could only mean a world of hurt was coming. We first tried to get rid of Will by sending him to the bank with Bill then by shuffling him off to an out-of-nowhere pool party.

I know -- kids are only allowed limited screen time due to union rules. It's just funny when keeping that screen time down is so obvious. In their solitude, Batie got unusually deep. Off of Katie relaying how she'd reminded Flo she bore Storm's heart, Bill remarked that Katie didn't really talk about her transplant anymore. He recalled the risk Katie took bringing Will into the world with a heart condition. Aww!

"I used to feel so ashamed of my scar," Katie admitted. I love this, but it also makes me laugh, because how many times has Katie rocked plunging necklines in the eleven years since her surgery without the merest glimpse of a scar? Well, between Katie's talk of her heart and her pain extending into her legs, Bill wanted to take Katie to the doctor. After all, she hadn't been herself for some time.

As Katie got out of bed to protest, she fell into a dead faint! And she wasn't even trying to stop one of Ridge's weddings! No, in all seriousness, it's concerning -- and an honest attempt to move away from the Phoebeth fallout -- that Katie's health problems are returning. Could her body finally be rejecting Storm's heart after over a decade?

There's only one thing wrong with the set-up. Katie started feeling funky one episode and collapsed the next. B&B does this all the time. Didn't we see enough of Katie jawing to her sisters about Flo the past few weeks? That would have been the place to drop a few hints about Katie not feeling so good. Then forget about it...only to see Katie getting a little worse by the time of her cuddly chat with Bill.

It was just too convenient the way it was written, in my opinion. How about yours? Is Katie's sudden illness too sudden? Should Sally accept Wyatt's proposal? Do you think Shauna can really come between Bridge? And what are your thoughts about justice not being served to Reese, Flo, and Thomas? Get your feet wet in the Comments section below or the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column! Like these!

"Seriously, where the hell is Taylor? These past months she should have been a major player in the SL and especially now that Steffy lost Beth and in a way it is her fault for being naive enough to pay $250,000 to a con man doctor who was nice to her when everyone hated her (like the Logans, Bill and even Ridge didn't want her back). Thomas fell over a cliff due to her nemesis thinking he was attacking Hope. You'd think they'd pay her to come back to defend her 'never can do wrong son!' You know she'd also go crazy blaming herself that 'Steffy almost had Liam and her family back,' but she screwed it up and due to BB making her crazy, she's gonna blame Hope and Brooke again as well as Flo..." -- "Dorinda's Pajamas"

"When the show has people like Robin Givens (who we don't even see anymore) as an OBGYN and when they had Hilary B. Smith as that psychiatrist that could have been given a lot of material I am not surprised at what they didn't do with Vincent Irrizarry. Not to mention Vinny (ironic naming) who was played by Gina Rodriguez's husband who we will probably never see again. So personally speaking casting announcements involving bigger names or soap stars coming to B&B don't garner much excitement from me anymore." -- "LoganT"

And let's not forget Jon Hensley's (Holden, ATWT) tragic misuse as Steffy's doctor and Chris McKenna's one-day visit as Katie's hunky shrink! Doctor, doctor! Gimme the news!

Looks like Katie's gonna need more than a shrink this time! Keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. And remember: no matter color, creed, religion, gender identity, orientation, or nationality, we're all beautiful!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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