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by Mike
For the Week of November 4, 2019
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It's All Hallows' Eve in Los Angeles, where Hope tried to trick Thomas, and Shauna got treated by Ridge! Do some unmasking with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you try to manipulate a manipulator? Did you find it wasn't bugs hiding in your bed? Did you set a record for the most changes of address for a school-age kid? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Spencer-Buckingham-Fulton clan this week!

Shall we head to the cave, Scoopers? Just into Prince's Batdance these days, as our bold and beautiful denizens got into some Halloween-themed shenanigans. Hope deciding to use Thomas' obsession with her against him? Brilliant! Ridge stepping out on Brooke with Shauna? Seems a little out of character. As does his continuing fealty to Thomas. Get out your plastic pumpkins, and let's Scoop about it!


So, Brooke had taken off her wedding ring to let Ridge know ish had gotten real in her stance against Thomas, who, with Ridge's encouragement, had spirited Douglas out of the Logan manse. What is it with B&B girls shucking their diamonds all the time? Even Brooke noted that Hope had done the same thing months earlier. You know it's a bit much when our characters develop self-awareness about it.

Ridge was uber-torqued that Brooke had drawn up adoption papers so Hope could gain full custody of Douglas. I wasn't torqued, but I did wonder why Brooke needed to involve herself. I only know about this stuff from having watched soaps (big surprise), but I think all Hope would need to do was, as Douglas' still-legal stepmother, go to Child Protective Services and rat Thomas out.

Thomas' behavior toward Hope alone would have been enough for CPS to remove Douglas from Thomas' custody, to say nothing of what Douglas could tell them about the way Thomas bullied him and threatened him. Hell, Stephanie got Hope and R.J. removed from Brooke's home for far less. But then, I guess we wouldn't get Hope turning some serious tables on Thomas, which we'll get to later.

In response to Brooke's meddling, Ridge moved his brood into Eric's pad. Why the hell didn't he do that from the jump instead of trying to foist everyone on Steffy, who was as wronged by Thomas as Hope was? Man, poor Douglas. Not only does he have to move every couple of months, but he's being told he's the latest in a line of Forrester men. Of course, it would be hard to explain to a kid why Eric is the only Forrester in the room!

I really need to have this Ridge-is-a-Marone plot development from 2001 overturned. If we're going to keep pushing Ridge and the Taytots as Forresters, then at least make it official. Granted, that would mean Ridge actually did kiss stepsister Bridget, but that's no less gross than Steffy getting hot and heavy with stepbrother Rick. These are the Forresters. This is how they roll!

Another non-established "fact" I need overturned is the claim that Douglas is Thomas' child. Did they ever prove it? No. Instead of a DNA test, everyone just relied on the notion that Ridge was shooting blanks. You think baby-makers as potent as Ridge's would succumb to a simple vasectomy? 'Tis to laugh. Besides, if Ridge is Douglas' dad, this custody kerfuffle is moot. Problem solved!

After all, did you see how paternal Ridge was with Douglas? Almost as much as Eric was with Ridge. I know I say it every time Eric is on-screen, but more please. What a wonderfully warm patriarch he has morphed into over 32 years. Ridge gushed that Eric had taught him how to make a family stronger. I wouldn't go that far, Dressmaker. Though you do know how to make families!

With Thomas and Douglas firmly ensconced upstairs, Eric took the bottle away from Ridge and sat him down for some real talk. Yeah, what's up with Ridge doing so much boozing lately? He's acting like Bill! When Ridge revenge-shucked his wedding ring in response to Brooke having done so, Eric reminded Ridge that he didn't really want to end the marriage; Ridge just didn't know how to resolve the conflict about Thomas.

Preach, Reverend Forrester! Ridge thought it was "disrespectful" of Brooke to call Thomas a nutjob (would Ridge think that if he knew how Thomas spooked Douglas with that bad CGI ghost that showed up in the credits this week?) and feared the fact that Brooke now looked at Thomas the same way Stephanie used to look at Brooke. How unfair when Thomas was working on himself!

Brooke did more than her share of following her heart/slutting around, depending on how you look at it, but she never drew Ridge pictures she said were from Bridget or drugged Taylor's drink so she'd sleep with Prince Omar. Ridge at least knows Brooke never raced after someone and left them to die so she could have him. Ridge being in this deep a denial about deeds he already knows Thomas did means he needs more help than Thomas does.

Anyway, Ridge, who grew up in the Forrester mansion, which has more rooms than the average Motel 6, decided he needed to crash in his old home, the Forrester guesthouse. Why? Doesn't he still have his old room? Though it may be hard to sleep in there, given Stephanie probably shrink-wrapped everything. Ridge skipped turning on any light and stripped (I always do that) and found an extra pillow in the bed!

No -- it was Shauna, in flamingo jammies and a C3P0 beauty mask! For some reason, One-Kidney Flo "needed a break," so Quinn let Shauna have the guesthouse. -- without telling Eric. Oops. Much laughter ensued over Shauna's state of maintenance. Actually, there was a strange level of natural chemistry in that room between her and Ridge, both devoid of their usual glamour.

Ridge decided he liked it and planted a big extended juicy one on Shauna! What's that sound? Oh, it's the sound of Shauna's arm twisting! Yeah, you didn't have to tell her twice. Then Ridge gently pushed Shauna away...and they didn't ever bring up the kiss again! Ridge just yammered about how shrewish Brooke was being, and Shauna offered her devoted friendship. Huh?

Ridge missed the mischievous gleam that used to flash in Brooke's eyes when she looked at him. Shauna had the same gleam! I dunno, Scoopers, but I don't remember Ridge stepping out on Brooke much, if at all, during their previous problems. If anything, Brooke was much more likely to. I think the first time Ridge truly sought greener pastures was with Quinn!

Interestingly, the next day, Quinn checked in with her houseguest and got an earful from Shauna about having slept next to Ridge after making out. Amazingly, Quinn whipped out her "Been There, Done That" T-shirt and proceeded to tell Shauna all about her 2017 torridness with the former Speedo King! That was a nice touch of continuity, I have to say. They were all "girrrrrrrrrlllll!"

But why are they acting like high school besties? I thought Quinn had written Shauna off after she'd found out how Shauna had helped keep the truth of Beth from Hope. Oh, well, forgive and forget. Meanwhile, Brooke was having trouble forgiving or forgetting Ridge cosigning Thomas' literal get-out-of-jail-free card. "[Thomas] is not fit to be a parent, and Ridge can't see that!" Brooke wailed to Donna.

I know a lot of you are up in arms about Hope taking Douglas away from Thomas and about Brooke's heavy-handedness in the matter. While I agree that Brooke may be taking too hard a line with all this, I am fully Team Brooke here overall. Maybe it's just because I spent half my childhood in an abusive environment, but Thomas shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Dougals. Because he hasn't changed. Nor is he trying to.


Case in point: when Eric expressed concerns about Thomas' recent history of abhorrent behavior, Thomas went on about how much he wanted to be a better father to Douglas and clean up his act. Yet, the second Thomas saw Ridge sans wedding ring, Thomas' expression was pure glee, and he couldn't wait to call up the less-than-receptive Steffy and gloat about it.

Tipping your hand much? If someone went to Steffy and asked her if her brother was rehabilitating, she'd easily be able to say no. And I love that Steffy still isn't about Thomas after the way he did her over, especially with Ridge giving him a free pass. Later, Brooke finally returned Ridge's calls and admitted she continued to miss him. Ridge said he missed Brooke, too, while picking golden beauty mask out of his beard.

Brooke asked if Ridge had found Thomas some professional help yet. Ridge grunted that he hadn't found the right one. I thought Taylor was giving Thomas some conflict-of-interest counseling? Why not dig up James, who had Thomas on his couch back when the teen blew up Rick's car? More to the point, how can Ridge claim Thomas is working on himself when Thomas isn't anywhere near a therapist?

Hope visited Brooke and lamented the absence of Douglas, who stopped watching Paw Patrol on his tablet and used the tablet to video chat with Hope instead. He was fine, but he wanted to come home to Mommy Hope! Now, isn't that enough to put in front of a judge at a custody suit? Where's Judge McMullen, who presided over Will's tainted suit last year? (Judge me, baby.)

Based on Douglas' puppy-dog-eyed desire to (rightly) double-dog his pop, Hope decided immediate action was in order. And when Thomas phoned to moon over Hope (he wants to take her down one week and take her down another way the next?), Hope realized there was only one thing to do: use Thomas' obsession against him and persuade him to sign custody of Douglas over to her.

I love it! Soap folks trying to ensnare their victimizers is so much fun -- recall Macy with Anthony, and James with Sheila, both in 1995. And for the mostly innocent Hope to try to pull off a dastardly deed...well, it's her Sharpe showing through. Thomas deserves nothing less. But Brooke wasn't sold on the scheme. Hope admitted it would be tricky. Her skill would have to be surgical!

Yeah, that might just be a problem. Hope couldn't hide the fact she wanted to hork up every time Thomas kissed her before. What if he tries a lip-lock again? Brooke felt there was yet another fly in Hope's ointment: Liam. What was Hope going to tell her beloved? Jack crap, that's what! Liam couldn't know. Risky, since Liam already doesn't want Hope anywhere near Thomas and already feels so stretched out as a dad that adding Douglas would be a strain.

Deciding she had been fearful long enough, Hope set her plan in motion by telling Thomas she wanted to see Douglas...and him. Thomas ate it up, as planned, and Hope got herself roped into the Forrester family Halloween party (you know, the ones they only started having after Quinn came along) because Douglas wanted her to come. Thomas did, too! (Ahem.) He raced to show Hope the cute party invite made for Douglas...

...and ran across the adoption papers Brooke had leveled at him. Hope grabbed them and got ready for New Year's by making confetti out of them! Bold! And evocative of Liam ripping up Steffy's very first annulment documents. Hope had checked: if she and Thomas agreed, Douglas could have more than two legal guardians. Wait -- who's the third? Liam, right? How does that work into Hope's plan to make Thomas think he has a chance with her?

Brooke also thought that defeated the purpose. Au contraire, Hope declared. The sitch would make it easier for Hope to pursue sole custody of Douglas down the road. "Clever," Brooke admitted, but she still wasn't sold on the ruse. Thomas was no dummy. What if he figured it out? Who knows what wrath of Thomas' Hope could trigger?

Speaking of Trigger, Hope got herself yeehawed up like she was Dale Evans. But Roy Rogers -- in this case, Liam -- was surprised Hope wanted to ditch him and Beth at the hoedown. I did wonder where Hope was going to tell Liam she was off to all gussied up like a cowgirl, but she did admit she was headed to Eric's to spend time with Douglas. "And Thomas," Liam sighed. Not knowing Hope was fixin' to lasso a liar!

Liam scratched his head as Hope moseyed off, settling in for a solo Halloween celebration with Beth. Until Steffy called! She had heard Hope had left him oh-so-lonesome and asked Liam if he wanted to hang his hat at her homestead instead. Yeehaw! Liam headed over, and the half-sibs who are too young to know that they're half-sibs or that they're in costume had a hangout with Daddy and Mommy/"Mommy."

Liam understood Hope's concern for Douglas but wondered if that concern wasn't clouding Hope's judgment. Rut-ro! Are we gonna swing yer partner and do the couple do-si-do all over again? Can we stop teasing Leffy? At least Ridge is threatening to waffle with someone besides Taylor for a change. Am I expecting too much from a soap, or am I right to feel that couple troubles shouldn't always mean one or both partners seeks solace from someone else?

It blew Steffy's mind that Hope and Brooke expected Douglas to hand over his son! Why? Steffy is still pissed with Thomas, and that's just for the things she knows he did. Would it blow Steffy's mind if she knew her brother had drugged Liam's drink? Steffy also thought it "weird" that Douglas called her sometime rival "Mommy Hope." Again, why? Thomas pushed for that for months!


Eric and Quinn threw a mellow costume ball at the Forrester manse, which reminded me of other long-ago masquerades. Isn't that where a jailed Ridge crashed through the window like Zorro? I think Kristen was thrown an eligible bachelor shindig there. There was some party with Darla dressed up like Marilyn Monroe. If memory serves, I think Brooke and Oliver's mask boink happened there, which is a good place to stop.

Quinn joked that she and Eric held private parties where they got naked on the couch, and Ridge made a mental note not to sit on said couch. He was grossed out by that, but not by snuggling with Shauna in the same bed where Bill "violated" Steffy? Anyway, Quinn couldn't help impishly encouraging Ridge to get to know Shauna, knowing Ridge already had, in a sense, and knowing Ridge didn't know she knew.

It was really kind of a lame Halloween party, as far as grown-up wingdings go, but then again, it was all for Douglas the Dalmatian. Everyone fawned over him appropriately, especially Hope. Ridge was dubious about Hope's sudden willingness to include Thomas in her life, but Shauna thought Thomas was really good with Douglas. "Everyone deserves a second chance," Shauna mused.

Is Shauna so high on Ridge's hormones that anything or anyone connected with him is good? Thomas was only the guy who threatened Shauna's daughter, in person and digitally. Shauna thought Thomas was a creep! Now he's a devoted father? Shauna, honey, you are about as transparent as the giant mansion windows you know Quinn's never cleaned.

Knowing what Thomas is capable of, no one should want him parenting Douglas, especially Shauna, who made a beeline for Hope and crowed about how good it was that Hope had found a way to make peace with Thomas. Maybe Hope could do the same for Flo? Of course, subtlety has never been one of Shauna's strong suits; I'll admit the woman has balls of steel. Hope didn't say a word in response.

Eric made a speech, Hope made a fuss over Douglas, and Thomas made sure to mention to Quinn how close in conversation Ridge and Shauna were. "You're no fan of Brooke's, either," Thomas piped up to Quinn when she seemed to be pro-Shauna. Thomas, you may look hot as a firefighter, but your motivations shouldn't be as obvious as your muscles. It's like he wants his plot to be discovered.

Then it got past Douglas' bedtime, and the kiddo wanted to be tucked in by Hope. So did Thomas! Once Douglas had safely made the trip to Dreamland, Hope made a pitch for allowing her and Liam shared custody of the boy. Thomas had to admit it wasn't a bad idea. But first he had to know if there was a future for him and Hope! Now it was time to see how good Hope's YouTube acting lessons were.

Hope had led Thomas to drink at the river of focusing "on our love...for Douglas," but would she be able to take a sip? I began to wonder if Thomas knew Hope was trying to play him. Thomas decided he would indeed let Hope adopt Douglas...if she made love to him! Nobody had to know! It's just as I thought! Thomas doesn't love Hope -- he just wants to have sex with her and will do anything to make that happen!

The question is, can Hope go through with it? Or will she set him off by turning him down yet again? Is Hope's plan brilliant or bonkers? Should Ridge get a clue about Thomas and stop flirting with Shauna, or is Brooke in the wrong? Share your Halloween candy with us in the Comments section below or on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column! Like these!

"Why can't they leave Steffy to be a strong, self sufficient woman who in her own words said that she wanted to focus on raising Kelly and being a strong role model for her. I am also sick of this flopping back and forth on Liam's part. Didn't he just pine over Hope all summer saying he didn't want to live without her, that she was the 'love of his life', that he never stopped loving her and that finally it was their time, and on and on? So now all of a sudden he's thinking of Steffy again?" -- Danielle

"Why don't they put Flo and Thomas together? They deserve each other." -- "Lynxcat"

So, apparently, spoilers indicate that someone will die! Oh, no! Who could it be? Knowing B&B penchant for "Psyche!" spoilers, it might be the gardener who drops dead. But truthfully? My money says Reese commits suicide in prison. I don't think it's any of the major players, based on what I've read. Still, maybe Hope better take care trying to hoodwink Thomas, who is as unhinged as he was during the Phoebeth saga!

Keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. And remember: no matter color, creed, religion, gender identity, orientation, or nationality, we're all beautiful!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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