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Thomas proved just what a madman he really is by dubbing himself Liam's executioner. Somebody might become Thomas' next''roadkill'' unless B&B families change course in the new year. Let's get two scoops deep into what we wish these characters would do in 2020 besides obsessing about Hope and Thomas.

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Thomas Forrester's hashtag for 2020 has got to be "#goals." He has plenty of them. From being Hope's husband to becoming the king of "Forrester country," Thomas wants it all, and he just might get it if his family can't wake up to his tired and repetitive manipulations. No matter how many times Thomas pulls the same tricks, people still fall for them and try to see the best in him.

Thomas may fool most of the people all of the time, but he can't fool Brooke or Liam any of the time. Brooke and her Google-University psychology degree are right about Thomas. He is a psychopath. Liam and his Spencer senses are also right about Thomas. Thomas is more dangerous than Pam with rope and honey.

This week, we witnessed just how unhinged Thomas is when he made himself power through sex with Zoe for the love of Hope. How crazy is it to think that sex with another person will win you the heart of your obsession? Crazy like a Hamilton-Douglas-Marone DNA ménage à trois, and it kind of seems to be working, based on some of Hope's facial expressions!

Back to the subject of fooling, Sally can't fool Steffy, either, about her inability to sketch Steffy's vision. After months of working together, it's finally dawning on Steffy that Sally just isn't listening to what Steffy wants in a line. Is Sally really not hearing Steffy, or does Steffy not know what the hell she's talking about when it comes to designing? What does Steffy know about designing anything bigger than a thong? I have a feeling that when an athletic wear designer teams up with a lingerie model, it will only result in HFTF hitting the shelves this spring.

Besides the fashion competition, there's nothing going on in Los Angeles but everyone's unhealthy obsession with Hope and Thomas. Their choices seem to either affect or dictate the lives of everyone on the show, and some characters are completely sidelined with no life just to make room for the Hope and Thomas saga. Well, all the characters are in luck because we're getting two scoops deep into what we wish they would do in the new year. Hopefully, some of the advice, if taken, can lead to new, bold, and beautiful storylines for 2020.

Charlie, I wish you would marry Pam!

In 2018, Charlie proposed to Pam, and we thought one of our most beloved couples would finally get hitched. After all the weddings and celebrations the two threw for others over the years, I was very much looking forward to seeing what kind of wedding Pammy would throw together for herself. Unfortunately, Pam got cold feet and called off the wedding.

I know I'm not the only one who was waiting for this storyline to reappear in 2019. Pam and Quinn seemed to have mended their differences. Pam wasn't even trying to put Donna between Quinn and Eric anymore. Sadly, it didn't manifest as I had hoped. Pam and Charlie seem to still be dating, but marriage isn't back on the menu for the lovey-dovey chefs.

With Alley Mills dropping to recurring status on the show, pulling a wedding together for Charlie and Pam might be hard, but it's not impossible. I'd even take hearing about an elopement the way we heard about the holiday celebration instead of witnessing it. My advice to Charlie and Pam in 2020 is to stop babysitting, cooking, event planning, and decorating for everyone else and find their own love nest to turn into a happy home.

What couple on this show deserves a happily-ever-after as much as Pam and Charlie? Justin and Donna. This advice goes double for them because they are so busy standing on the sidelines of Brooke, Bill, and Katie's lives that they haven't even started dating yet. Justin and Donna support these people in finding true love, but when are Brooke, Bill, and Katie ever gonna urge Justin and Donna to believe that they are meant to be?

Bill, I wish you would go back to your old self!

Ever since Will's custody case gave Bill a bad-boy lobotomy, Bill has been a strong family man. He spends his days in the carpool lane and his nights nursing his sick wife back to health. He takes his son to karate class and basketball games like a good father should do. He doesn't even bother to boss his grown sons around anymore or manipulate their relationships.

Bill's become so timid that his threats against Thomas are as scary as wet toast for breakfast. When Bill threw around threats against the baby-nappers last fall, I really thought they ought to quake in their boots, especially Thomas, who got a personal visit from Bill while hospitalized. Nothing became of it, making the new threats Bill unleashed this week sound like weaksauce.

In fact, Bill Spencer has been neutered to the point where he said this week that Hope was a good person. Okay, I guess she is -- as long as they don't play golf together. I never thought Bill would say a kind word about Hope. Maybe that means there's hope for Thomas and Brooke.

Bill could be behaving nicely toward Hope because of his old romantic feelings for Steffy. Maybe he prefers that Steffy be single to her being back with his son, and that makes him willing to prop Liam's relationship with Hope.

Bill, for 2020, I wish you would break out of your "nice" cocoon and go for Steffy. If you must be interjected into the Thomas and Hope obsession, be a force for good and battle against Thomas' efforts to push Liam and Steffy back together. Do it not because you support your son's relationship with Hope but because you want Steffy all to yourself.

Before anyone says anything about Katie, let me just clarify this: I don't care what happens to Katie. Let her hook up with Jake. He's a nice, overlooked man in town. Even better, let Katie and Shauna find love together. Lord knows each of them has had the worst luck with men. Maybe they can be like Guiding Light's Olivia and Natalia and find real love together.

If Bill wants to stay with Katie, fine. Maybe he can have a change of heart about Sally and take her side against Quinn and Shauna, who push for a Wyatt and Flo reunion. Lord knows someone needs to be on poor Sally's side for once. I'd be open to Spencer Fashions coming back into the picture, since Sally isn't being appreciated at Forrester like Ridge promised.

Sally, I wish you would finally get the life you deserve!

Courtney Hope has played the role of Sally Spectra Jr. since 2017, and she has yet to have a successful romance, try marriage, or have children. What the hell is up with that? I know sexy, talented, intelligent women like her can be intimidating, but come on. Even crotch-rocket Steffy, who'd intimidate the pants off any meek man, got all the above-mentioned things. Well, except for a successful romance, but we'll get to her later.

It is so hard for me to believe that anyone with Sally senior's blood in their veins cannot make a future for herself by now -- even if she has to rent a bulldozer to do it. Though I love the fact that the show keeps Sally senior perpetually alive and on vacation, I think it's time that she dies and leaves Sally Jr. a butt-load of money to start a new fashion house.

Don't even start. Stephanie's dead. Caroline's dead. Aly's dead. Darla's dead. Sally can be dead, too. If Bill doesn't sponsor the fashion house, inheritance is the next best thing I can think of for Sally's dreams to come true aside from Grams winning the lottery.

We need a rival fashion house, folks. Let's face it. Without competition, Forrester Creations has dulled itself down to panties, athletic wear, and Boho originals. Screw drawing stick figures in leather hipster clothes for Steffy. Sally's style has evolved so much that she could really stack up against Eric or Ridge in couture -- and Thomas, too, if he can ever remember that he did indeed design couture and that HFTF isn't the only line he ever worked on.

Sally has never been appreciated at Forrester, anyway. Ridge promised her big things when he brought her back, and she gave up her financial backing from Bill to return. It has not been worth it, and to boot, she's in competition with Thomas, who'd rig a Go-Fish game against his child if it could win him Hope. Sally's talents are being utterly wasted on a line that will never debut because, well -- because HFTF. Need I say more?

While you're dumping Forrester, Sally, I also wish you would dump Wyatt. Let him have his little teeny-bopper romance with the Bikini bartender. Wyatt's problem is that he needs women like Flo because his shoes aren't big enough for him to handle women like Steffy or Sally -- or Hope, either, if you count Kim Matula's Hope. Today's Hope is probably Wyatt's speed, though.

The fact is, Wyatt needs a woman with training wheels -- and that ain't Sally. I'm imagining that the man for Sally is a handsome bad boy who just arrived in town to visit his father in jail. Raised by Amber, but tempered by time, that man's name is Deacon Sharpe Jr., a man Steffy also probably would bat an eyelash or two at.

Steffy, I wish you would tell Liam to go to hell!

This week, Thomas told Liam that Steffy is Liam's "Brooke," meaning that Liam would always go back to Steffy. That could not be further from the truth. Liam has always gravitated back to Hope, no matter how many other men, goals, lines, or dreams Hope runs off to chase or how many hoops Hope insists he jumps through. Steffy is more like Liam's "Taylor," the one left holding the bag and carrying a perpetual torch while Ridge was with Brooke.

Steffy, let 2020 be the year you take that ridiculous portrait off your wall, and you tell Liam and anyone promoting Liam to go directly to hell because you do not need a man like him. Unlike Taylor and Thomas, Steffy can be the one to break her family's romantic obsession curse and move forward to take her place at the helm of Forrester as the sole CEO before her brother comes along with Hope and tries to topple Steffy and Ridge off their co-thrones.

Steffy has to see that this is where things are headed. Thomas wants to rule Forrester with Hope because, while growing up, that's what he saw Ridge do with his Logan. Thomas has successfully shrunk Liam's balls, and Liam won't be man enough to protect Steffy from Thomas, just like Liam can't protect Hope from him. No, no, no. Steffy needs another Spencer man to help her combat Thomas, and that's the old Bill. If he isn't available, I have other suggestions.

As I wrote above, it's definitely time to bring in Hope's older brother, Deacon. For another option, let's see what C.J. is up to. I think a finely matured man is right up Steffy's alley. Steffy and Carter would make a handsome couple, too. A woman like Steffy would have way too many options in real life for her to spend her "reel" life folding clothes and waiting for her turn with Liam.

Zoe, I wish you would listen to Liam's "roadkill" comment

Liam Spencer isn't the most subtle man around, so it wasn't lost on me when he told Zoe that he didn't want her to be Thomas' next roadkill. It seemed to go right over Zoe's head, even though she's the very one who made the call that sent Thomas after Emma, who became Thomas' first "roadkill," so to speak.

To borrow Shauna's word, Thomas must have whipped some really good "fun" on Zoe for her not to see exactly what he is up to. A week ago, she couldn't even get the man to return her phone calls; however, now they are doing the horizontal mamba, and he's telling her how important she is to his future. Yeah, to his future, all right -- but not her own.

Ask yourself this, Zoe: Why hasn't Thomas let you spend time with him and Douglas yet? When gauging a sane parent's interest in a new love, we use the time the parent lets the new love spend around the children. This is the first thing Liam, Steffy, Hope, and Brooke should have looked at when they questioned Thomas' feelings for Zoe. Besides Christmas (the dynamics of which we have no idea about, since the show skipped airing it), Zoe hasn't had any interaction with Douglas. That's because Thomas has no intention of making her a part of Douglas' life.

Even so, Zoe is ignorantly allowing Thomas to wedge her between himself and Hope as if she didn't already know what a dangerous place that was for Emma to be. I am not saying that Thomas will intentionally physically hurt Zoe, but accidents do pile up around him, don't they?

Maybe I'm wrong, and Zoe can handle herself. After all, she did debut in town as a stalker. From what I recall, Xander left an entire country to get away from her because of something she did to him. We still do not know what that something was.

For all we know, Thomas might be the one we need to worry about becoming roadkill if Zoe figures out that he is really playing her to get to Hope. Instead of wishing Zoe would heed Liam's warning about Thomas, I now wish Zoe would make Thomas sorry he ever led her on. Come on, writers, let's see who is the bigger psychopath -- Thomas or Zoe.

Brooke and Ridge, I wish you would stop playing divorce chicken!

Brooke and Ridge ain't fooling anybody with this divorce of theirs. They spend just as much time together as usual, even after signing the papers. Ridge was all in a rush to get the documents to Carter, but then we heard nothing else about it until Ridge mentioned to Brooke that he hadn't filed them. That's because you don't want a divorce, Ridge, so stop playing divorce chicken!

Brooke and Ridge have been playing the divorce game for weeks. Ridge hasn't had sex with Shauna yet, either, leading viewers to believe a Bridge reunion is on the horizon. Either that, or the writers want to try to make Shauna as blameless as possible in the destruction of Bridge. Whatever it is, I wish Shauna would get out of Ridge's back pocket. Maybe he'd be around her more if he knew he couldn't just whip her out anytime his ego needs a boost.

Brooke needs to take my advice, rip up the papers, and start leaving pamphlets around the office like with titles like "How to Know You're Psychotic," "Ten Signs That You Might Be Obsessive-Compulsive," "The Top Five Traits of a Narcissist," "Signs That He's Too Into You," and "How to Cope When You're Never Gonna Get It."

My advice to Ridge: stop waving around divorce papers when you know you can't breathe without Brooke. Oh, and it would also help if you stopped trying to get Liam and Steffy to hook up. You want Brooke to accept Thomas, so maybe you need to accept Hope and Liam.

Liam, I wish you would find your balls

Last year, Liam was a stoic defender of his relationship with Hope, and he held their love together when she had completely fallen apart. Ever since they got Beth back, though, all Liam does is whine about how dangerous Thomas is without doing anything about it. Liam, I wish you would find your balls in the bottom of Hope's purse and neuter Thomas so bad that he won't even have the desire to stare at Hope's breasts all day.

It would also help if Liam found the balls to make a real commitment to Hope. Maybe if Hope and Liam were married, Thomas would back off.

Wait. What am I thinking? Steffy had a portrait of herself and Liam on her wall while Hope and Liam were married. The obsessive Tay-Tots do not respect other people's relationships, and a marriage between Hope and Liam probably wouldn't be any more of a deterrent for Thomas than it was for Steffy -- especially since each one is willing to date other people and wait years for their chances with Hope and Liam.

I still urge Liam to find his balls, though, because his helpless whining is not sexy.

Hope, I wish you would have sex with Thomas already!

Although I hate to give Hope this advice, I think she should just go ahead and have sex with Thomas already. Maybe once he gets it, he'll see that it wasn't even worth waiting for all these years, and he'll just be over her. If she does it, she can do her best to make it his worst. Even if Hope is good in bed, it can't compare to what Thomas has hyped it up to be in his mind, and that will hopefully be a turnoff to him.

It's a win-win for Hope. She can get the bad sex over with and co-parent with Thomas without fearing that he'll try to hook up with her. If she falls in love with him after sex, she gets to have him and Douglas while co-parenting with Liam. With her luck, Thomas will still be obsessed with her even if the sex is bad.

It is possible that Thomas' sex is so good that Hope falls for him, but hers is so bad that he'll be turned off to her. I could go for a plot reversal right about now. Hope becomes the Coyote, and Thomas becomes the Roadrunner -- but only if Thomas reads Brooke's pamphlets first.

Thomas, I wish you would get some help!

As I said the last time we scooped, I like Matthew Atkinson. I enjoy his portrayal of Thomas -- BUT -- Thomas is too crazy. He's at a ten on the psycho scale when he needs to be at about a three. He lost the script when he started talking about kingdoms, Forrester Country, being Liam's executioner, and taking the kids to Liam's grave. When I heard that, I wanted to warn Liam to find his balls before he becomes roadkill instead of Zoe.

We know from Taylor's recent fits about Brooke and Ridge that if Thomas doesn't get some help, his obsession with Hope can plague him for decades and haunt him through many more relationships. It's a sickness that spreads to everyone including us poor viewers who have to watch him watching Hope's breasts all the time.

Hope is an attractive woman, but when she wore that short dress with the low-cut chest with the see-through midriff, I wished I could have warned her that she was about to get eye-raped by Thomas. Seriously, I shouldn't have to feel that Hope is wearing the wrong outfit because of Thomas. He needs help. Between ogling Hope and using sex with Zoe, the objectifying of women is too much.

Thomas' dangerous rhetoric is also too much. Even if some viewers agree with his sentiments about Liam, talking about executing people is out of bounds. In 2020, it's time to put an end to living in fear. Get Thomas some help. He can still be a villain or bad boy without being a dangerous psychopath.

What do you think about my hopes for the new year? Let us know in the comments section below. Are there different things you wish these characters would do in 2020? Do you have any characters I didn't mention that you have advice for? We'd love to hear about it, and until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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