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by Mike
For the Week of February 24, 2020
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Sally is dying, but ain't nobody got time for that! Not when Thomas has everyone but Brooke and Liam under his thumb and even has Douglas playing wedding planner! Should Tom hitchhike outta L.A.? Go thumbs-up or thumbs-down with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you have a tanker truck full of gas handy for your gaslighting? Did you gushingly agree to marry your tormentor? Did you star in a new reality show, Junior Wedding Planner? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Spencer-Spectra-Buckingham-Fulton clan this week!

It's all Thomas all the time, Scoopers! And though I am coming around to how sharp that little goatee makes him look, I am not coming around to a guy who's still trying to bed Hope after eleven freaking months. Nor am I about everyone cosigning his BS or a story going on that really wrapped up last summer. Oh, yeah -- and, by the way, Sally is dying. Y'all ready? Let's Scoop about it!


Wyatt was talking with Flo, so heavy into his regret about Sally's one-month-to-live prognosis that he didn't notice her petite sweater hiking up. I'm amazed her still-fresh kidney surgery scar wasn't visible! This is what I was thinking about instead of listening to Wyatt, whose words rang about as hollow as his head. Which one, I'm not at liberty to say.

Sally's so young, Sally's so vibrant, Sally's so wonderful, blah blah blah. Is that why, Wyatt, you ditched her ass twice for a girl who would be in jail if Ridge hadn't been so hot to cover up Thomas' part in Emma's death? Please, B&B, don't try to sell me this. Wyatt won last year's Heel of the Year Award, hands-down, and all his sudden concern for Sally is just bouncing off my head. I'm not capable of listening to it.

Flo is another character who doesn't show up on my radar. I know the wardrobe department keeps getting tasked with putting a halo on her head, but try as they might, it just doesn't fit. So, now Flo wants Wyatt to spend time with Sally, figuring she can sacrifice her re-bae for a whole month until Sally drops dead, and then she and Wyatt will have all the time in the world. Gee, super noble, Flo dog.

I can see where this is going. Dropping Sally off at death's door is just an extreme way to create another Flo/Wyatt/Sally triangle. Sally should want nothing to do with him, and if Flo is as virtuous as she supposedly was/is outside of Reese's influence, Flo herself should not want to be with a man who threw his ex over for her and then threw her over for said ex. Wyatt is no prize, not anymore.

Besides, I seem to remember a similar scenario in 2008 when Katie was dying, and Bridget encouraged hubby Nick to spend time with her. How long do you think it will be before we get a retcon that Sally had mercy sex with Wyatt and now is pregnant? Because you know Sally's not actually going to die. At least, she better not. B&B hasn't known what to do with her since Spectra's demolition, but she's too vital to waste.

Katie went to see Sally, showing not the slightest bit of conflict when Sally insisted Katie keep the secret she had already blabbed to everybody. Nor does Katie seem particularly bothered that she created some of Sally's misery by pushing Flo on Wyatt. This doesn't seem consistent with Katie's character, but then again, neither did getting knocked up by her niece's husband or waving a gun at Quinn.

Hey, Katie shorts out sometimes. Must have come from all that Oxy-10 she, like, totally used in the '80s when she was more worried about zits than comforting girls whose engagements she ruined. But Katie's right about one thing -- Sally should be getting follow-ups from her silent-to-us doctor. I don't get why Sally is suddenly playing martyr here.

If we're gonna do this, let's go all the way! Bring C.J. back for love and support. Let's see the O.G. Sally from behind, encouraging her namesake to fight like a Spectra! How about Sally can only be cured by a family member, and we find out a very-much-alive Macy is a perfect match? Remember, Macy was taken off life-support off-screen, and Sally 2.0 hinted Macy was alive when she first came to town. It could happen!

The show did have Katie go into detail about her 2012 bout with postpartum depression, which was epic (ironically, I just watched that arc's denouement this week on YouTube). There are parallels. B&B better find a way to cure Sally and give her the life she deserves. This girl came on all piss and vinegar, only to be flattened, emotionally and literally, by all the people who crapped on her. Y'all owe her.


Yes, I've gotta bastardize Neil Diamond for this one. I've been trying to think why Thomas' continuing mission to secure Hope for himself has gotten on my nerves so much I can barely watch it. First off, as I pointed out before, he's been on this for nearly a year. It was mid-March of 2019 when he came back on the heels of Caroline's death (sweet Caroline?) and within days set his sights on Hope.

Yeah. It doesn't just feel that long, it is that long. And while his still-unexplained descent into madness might have driven that story during the Phoebeth deceit, the story was over when Thomas went over that cliff and tearfully told Ridge how he'd watched Emma die and that he was sorry for everything he'd done. I believed Thomas then. It was a perfect wrap-up. It should have ended there.

Alas, even that was already six months ago. Thomas snarked that "Liam's knight-in-shining-armor routine" was "kinda played out" -- and Thomas was right on that score -- but so is Thomas' story. And Brooke and Liam being the only ones who can see through the guy. Ridge did show some glimmers this week, but we'll get to that. Overlength isn't the only reason I just can't with Thomas anymore.

It hit me -- we are already have enough people in the world trying to gaslight us every day. Why would I want to see more of this on my TV screen? Thomas fits that mold perfectly, and he might just work as a villain if everyone around him didn't already know what he was capable of. Sheila was at her best in Los Angeles before her nefarious deeds in Genoa City were discovered!

Liam's right. Hope shouldn't even be talking to Thomas after what he's done to her, let alone defend him and make Liam's kiss with Steffy more important. Yes, good on Hope for not wanting to take another ride on his Steffy-go-round. But come on, Hope. If you think at least Thomas would be committed to you, then you need to be committed. So does Thomas, but nutjobs running free is a thing these days.

Liam, for as dead-on as he has been about Thomas, if not heavy handed, might also want to check his concussion-prone head. He seriously does not think Thomas had anything to do with Liam kissing Steffy and Hope seeing it. If Whole Foods stopped selling tofu, Liam would think Thomas bought out the company to deprive him. And he isn't putting two and two together about Steffy suddenly kissing him?

Then there's Zoe. Okay, I realize General Hospital built a supercouple out of a victimized girl getting with her rapist, but Zoe ain't Laura, and Thomas sure AF ain't no Luke. My point being, you do not start dating a guy who menaced you and threatened to send your father to jail if you told the truth about something. Yet that's what Thomas did, and Zoe is going all gaga over him.

This is the girl who slinked onto the scene when stalking the ex-boyfriend she scared away with some aberrant behavior we still don't have details on. She cyber-bullied Hope and framed Sally for it. Sure, maybe she legit turned over a new leaf when Xander gave her a second chance, but has she lost all her street smarts along with her accent? Zoe should see Tom's foolery for what it is a mile away.

Instead, she buys his sweet talk when others try to instill doubt in her and has his back when it comes to the family she helped keep a baby from. Am I missing something? Because I just don't understand it. And yet, I feel bad for her, because I know she's being used and will eventually get hurt. Hmm. Can we see Zoe go psycho on Thomas after that? I mean, that would be some serious must-see TV right there.

Finally, there are the people that know Thomas' s**t stinks, but aren't doing anything about it. Quinn would lose Eric in a second if Papa F found out she knew his grandkid was still after Hope, so of course she's not going to tell. But hell, even dope-pusher Vinny knows his bud is gleefully using his son. Why doesn't Vinny rat his ass out to the Forresters?

Steffy could end Thomas' reign in a second by putting the fam on conference call and spilling how Thomas put her up to kissing Liam in sight of Hope. What's got Steffy staying quiet? It's not like her bro is threatening her (yet). Does Steffy really value her not-relationship with Liam over Thomas trying to get busy with his stepsister? Let's not forget that's still what Thomas and Hope are to each other. Gross or gross?

I should also mention that Brooke and Liam are not helping their own cause. They're not wrong when they do their handwringing about Thomas, but it's time they take action. Liam once got control of Spencer Publications by recording his dad confessing he'd burned down Spectra. Why can't Liam do that here? It would be super easy to goad Thomas into tipping his hand with the digital tape rolling.

I guess all I'm really saying is, I don't understand why this story keeps going on and on and on and why the show seems so invested in it. I don't wanna put Matthew Atkinson out of a job; I like the guy. But we just keep going around in circles with Thomas, and I need this done. How about throwing Thomas in a mental hospital and letting us see his rehabilitation? It sure was good watchin' when Sheila did that in 1995!


I love Douglas, and I'm glad to see Henry Joseph Samiri getting some more screentime, but his alter ego actually got on my nerves for the first time this week. He don'wanna go to no party, he don'wanna spend time with Zoe. Why can't Hope marry his daddy? Oh, I know the little guy's been done up and down by his sinister father, but I really wasn't ready for him to take a ride on the waaaaaahmbulance.

Oh, did I say party? Yes, Thomas threw together another impromptu shindig for the purpose of honoring Zoe or something. At first, Steffy was all like, "What is he up to?" Then she was totally shipping Thoe to Liam. Then privately to her bro, she was all like, "What are you up to?" Girl, are you a Gemini? 'Cuz you are changing your mind faster than you change your clothes.

For that matter, guest of honor Zoe was the only one who had on the same thing she wore to work, which was odd. This tells you how much I was paying attention to the actual party. You know, Brooke and Liam giving serious side-eye while Hope looked nauseous and Thomas sang Zoe's praises like he was doing a Pavarotti recital. Why is Hope so conflicted? She should be happy Thomas won't be looking down her blouse anymore.

As for the Forresters, they were happy to have Zoe among them. Does that strike any of the rest of you as odd? It was only Zoe's father (who's still in the credits a year later!) who babynapped Beth, and Zoe wasn't guiltless, either, helping him cover it up. Yet all these people are, "Hey, Zoe, yeah! Good to see you." Thomas was happy, and that's all that seemed to matter.

Douglas managed to mope his way through the Zoe zeitgeist, at least until his dad dropped to one knee and proposed to her! Rut-ro! Zoe didn't know what to say! AWK-warrrrrd! But then Zoe did something I truly hadn't expected. She turned Thomas' on-the-spotness right back around on him. In front of everyone, she needed to hear him tell her he loved her. Because he never had.

So now what! Thomas barely knew where to look as his guests seemed to agree that usually declarations of love come before proposals. He hesitated, which should have been Zoe's cue. But despite the glitch, Thomas managed to put in an entry for next year's Oscar season and make a gentle, apparently convincing profession of love. Zoe accepted the proposal! Everyone clapped!

Well, not Quinn, which was interesting. Of course, Liam and Brooke were not wavin' their hands in the air like they just didn't care. In fact, Brooke took Zoe aside and told her ass to run! Though Brooke snarked that Zoe and Thomas were a good match because they'd been "partners in crime," La Logan insisted Zoe was being used, and that wasn't even the first time Zoe had heard that today.

Just minutes before, Zoe overheard Brooke and Liam in conference alone and went to Thomas for reassurances, which, of course, she got. Man, Zoe needs to change her name to Patsy, because that's exactly what she's being. Did anyone else enjoy Liam and Brooke ganging up on Thomas? It felt long overdue, which I didn't realize 'til I saw it. They should seriously team up to bring Thomas down in a real way.

The biggest shocker of the week -- and, by virtue, the best scene -- was when Ridge abruptly deviated from being in Thomas' hypnotic trance for so long and told Thomas popping the question to Zoe seemed a little sudden. How well did Thomas know Zoe, anyway? And did Thomas really think his future was with Zoe, or was he still thinking his future was with Hope? ZOWEE! Did I ever think I'd see the day!

Ridge's hair still had that pungent scent from having had his head up his ass for so long, but don't worry, Forrester; that'll wash out. I don't know why Ridge snapped out of denial after Brooke tried to get through to him so long, but I'll take it! Ridge, ironically the King of Out-of-Nowhere-Proposals, wanted to know the real reason for Thomas dropping to one knee. Emboldened, Eric asked Thomas the same thing!

Well, Thomas didn't like it. He got all pissy with his dad and his not-really-granddad, which should have been an indicator to them both that Thomas was still only playing with about 41 cards out of 52. Thomas was tired of everyone getting up in his face, especially Brooke and Liam, but the indication seemed to be directed at Eric and Ridge, too. He just wanted to move on from Hope. Wasn't that good enough?

Yup. Ridge folded, telling Thomas that was all he wanted to hear. You really wanna tell me Ridge could back off from his suspicion so quickly? I don't think Ridge really, deep down, believes his son has changed. He can't. Unless it's just that he can quickly suspect everyone else of wrongdoing as he consistently has through the decades, but not his kids. That wouldn't be unusual. It just feels un-Ridge-like.

I wonder if Taylor will show up to Thomas' wedding, if only to chuck more pastry at Brooke? Hell, Liam and Brooke should go to Taylor, who hasn't been around for any of Thomas' shenanigans outside of putting Thomas on the Hope train to begin with. Taylor better still have James on speed dial, because poor Douglas is going to need intensive therapy by the time this is all done. If it ever is.

No matter how many times Hope tried to tell the boy otherwise, Douglas kept feeling like he would lose her if Thomas married Zoe -- or anyone else. Not entirely unreasonable for a child, but I guess little Douglas has been so mindf***ed by Thomas that he's gotten as fixated as his daddy is. Douglas wouldn't call Zoe "mommy" and only wanted to do things with Thomas, Hope, and Beth.

Well, at least someone remembers Beth exists, with the poor kid pawned off on Great-Aunt Donna while Hope was at Thomas' party for some unknown reason. Now, Brooke was right -- Thomas should have run up to console Douglas the second he saw his kid bolt. But for Thomas, it's all about timing. He finally went to Douglas' room, only to find Douglas in full "vote Hope for mommy" mode.

"My name is Douglas Forrester, and I approve this message!" So did Thomas, who listened as Douglas actually popped off with, "Please marry Daddy!" Damn, Tom-Tom struck some gold on that one; he'd only encouraged his son to tell Hope about Thomas' love, not do another proposal on his behalf. Maybe Douglas picked up a few tricks from the show's other junior matchmaker, Will!

Terribly simplistic, Douglas wanting Hope to marry Thomas so they could all be a family, but he's a kid. Yet, for a kid, Douglas went a little deeper and cried that he'd already lost his first mommy and wanted the marriage so Hope wouldn't go away. Aww. That almost worked its way down into my cynical heart. I feel bad for ya, Douglas, I really do.

I liked I Won't Do What You Say Douglas better, and I'm surprised he even reunited with Thomas after being shamed for telling the truth about Beth. Douglas told the truth here, too, but only after Thomas planted that seed in his head. "Daddy loves you," Douglas declared to Hope. "He told me. He wants to marry you, not Zoe!" Out of the mouths of babes!

Now, shouldn't that be enough for Hope to realize that Liam is right and that she's allowed herself to be played by Thomas yet again? For that matter, didn't Thomas, not a few weeks ago, come out and tell Hope himself that he'd get with Zoe only if Hope gave him a reason not to? So, none of this should be a surprise, and Hope shouldn't be okay with Thomas still having even the slightest romantic intention toward her.

But Hope didn't know where to look, not until she scanned the room and locked eyes with the entering Thomas. Oh, Hope, just marry Thomas already. If you're going to be this stupid, just go all the way.

Not to mention, Hope has her own baby. She pays more attention to Douglas than she does the kid she thought was dead for seven months. All because Thomas' posturing and plotting never stops. And this while Sally is over here dying! You know, dying? If the soapy Grim Reaper had to paste a target on somebody on this show, I'd rather it be Thomas! Because his arc has been decomposing for months.

What do you think, Scoopers? Is it time to give Thomas' story a proper burial? Is the show missing opportunities to expose him? Do you think Ridge is woke, or will he slip back into denial? Do you feel bad for Zoe? And do you hope B&B finds a way to cure Sally from her mystery illness? Exert your influence in the Comments section below or on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column! Like these!

"Flo is disgusting and Wyatt is a weasel. If they kill off Sally I am officially done." -- "Lynxcat"

"Don't worry about Beth. Haven't you figured out yet that Liam will forever ping-pong between Steffy and Hope? He pretty much disappeared from Kelly's life while making a new family with Hope and Beth. Now he's spending time with Kelly. Soon it will be Beth's turn and he'll forget all about Kelly again. I just can't believe either of these women still want him. Don't they have any self-respect? I also can't believe they keep telling him what a great father he is. He sucks as a dad. Those girls are both going to be screwed up when they are adults." -- Kasi

"I really hate that BB is killing off Sally! If BB thinks this viewer will suddenly be Team Flyatt due to Sally's demise, he's got another thing coming! People still don't know that Flo was paid $50,000 to pretend to be Beth's mom. I can't stand Wyatt and found it hilarious that he was reading Liam the riot act about kissing Steffy immediately after proposing to Hope! I find that there are no root-worthy couples on B&B now! Thomas is despicable, Hope is brain-dead, Steffy is pathetic and thirsty, Liam is President of Waffle House, Wyatt is VP of Waffle House and Bridge & Queric are boring! I sure hope things turn around for B&B this year. The viewers deserve much better than the boring, repetitive b.s. they have been getting lately!" -- "thomascd"

That's my take on B&B for this week -- as always, I thank you for reading my columns and listening to my rantings! Keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. And remember: no matter color, creed, religion, gender identity, orientation, or nationality, we're all beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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