What happens in Vegas (doesn't) stay in Vegas

by Mike
For the Week of April 20, 2020
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Ridge partied hearty with Shauna in Sin City, only to mysteriously take his sins home to Brooke. Meanwhile, Sally may be getting more than change of address cards from Wyatt now that Flo is on her case! Take a gamble with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you offer an old friend your undying support -- sort of? When you ran out on your spouse, did you have a bungee cord attached to your leg? Was that sound you heard a car backfiring, or your plan? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Spencer-Spectra-Fulton clan this week!

Are ya gettin' squirrelly, Scoopers? This isolation is hard on all of us, but when it comes to health, it's better safe than sorry. Of course, the fun is that soap characters don't know that -- like Sally, who found herself driving around the orange cone obstacles thrown in front of her by Wyatt and Flo. And why does it seem Ridge and Shauna's Vegas jaunt included a visit to Dr. Love? Y'all ready? Let's Scoop about it!


Brooke ran to Eric's in her quest to locate the errant Ridge! Someone heard my plea for more Beric and granted it! With John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang being the only two remaining original actors on the show, every moment with them together in a scene is as comforting as the food you're currently sending out for. Eric has seen the best and worst of Brooke. So why is he copping an attitude with her now?

He wasn't surprised Ridge blew town, "given what happened," but there was a disapproval in Papa F's voice I wasn't expecting. Not that Brooke should get a free pass for kissing Bill, I understand! It's just that Eric seemed to take a dim view of what Brooke did while simultaneously supporting her. This wishy-washiness continued as Quinn barged in to do some Brooke-bashing. Of which Eric was also of two minds!

Eric did tell his wife her gloating wasn't helping, but that was the extent of it. I don't see how Quinn's anti-Brooke behavior isn't driving a wedge between the marrieds. Quinn is proud of what she did and is justifying it left, right, and center. Who does she think she is, the new Stephanie? Apparently, because Quinn has vowed to erase Brooke from their lives. Quinn, if Gangsta Granny couldn't do that in a quarter century...

It feels like Eric should be more outraged by Quinn's vendetta against Brooke. I personally would love to see a genuine rift open up between Eric and Quinn over this! I gave Quinn hella slack since she was chill after her 2016 marriage, but she's reverting, and the Eric Forrester I know would not stand for that. Then again, I've never been able to reconcile his marrying Quinn, knowing his eventual revulsion for Sheila!

Eric went up to bed ("he's tired of you," Brooke excellently snarked) so Quinn and Brooke could keep arguing. "I'm not gonna let you shame me," La Logan lashed out. "Not with a track record like yours." Exactly! You'd think Quinn would be getting reminded of her past deeds in Dolby Surround, and they are numerous. At least Quinn cleared up the Batie are-they-or-aren't-they marriage confusion Chanel mentioned last week by saying Bill and Katie were "practically" married!


Bill's a little late to the game! The Dollah got past the missing Pam, snarling at Quinn, "You had to know I'd come after you." I know, right? Amazing he waited two, upward of three weeks to do it! Too bad Bill didn't actually do anything but bark. This is the guy who encouraged the mother of his eldest child to jump off a building, remember? And all he did was spar verbally with his ex. Come on, Bill. Is that all you got?

Considering this isn't the first time Quinn took Bill down with a video (and we'll get to that), and how diabolical Bill can be, I would enjoy seeing him legitimately plotting revenge against her. Bill knows exactly where to hurt Quinn, too, literally. It would probably end with one of them strapped to something! Quinn's not wrong that Bill needs to stop kissing Brooke, though. Kinda blows his commitment argument apart.

The object of said commitment, Katie, encountered Quinn in the empty CEO office, I guess because neither of them has an office of her own. Katie did not want to hear Quinn pleading her own case and correctly fumed that Katie had only been collateral damage in Quinn's video-uploading upheaval. Maybe Quinn was trying to get back at Katie for waving a gun in her face three years ago?

I'm glad Katie has moved out on Bill (is she back at her bitchin' pad next door to Eric's?). And, as much as I want Will to be the only Spencer child to grow up with two parents, I don't know that I'd be here for a fourth round of Batie. If I had a man who was ready to leave me for someone much younger, then had an affair with my brother and couldn't keep my lips off of him, I would not keep taking the guy back!

I would really like to see Katie come out stronger for all this. She already said the gut-punch of seeing Brill on film was nothing compared to finding out she would die without a new kidney. I think, like her famed '80s acne, Katie has outgrown Bill, and it's time for her to go it alone for a while, then find a man who won't make a sibling his side piece. I wonder if original crush Rocco is still workin' in the FC warehouse?


Loved those crisp, H-er than HD establishing shots of Vegas that set the stage for Ridge and Shauna's Sin City sojourn. And I gotta tell ya -- Thorsten Kaye and Denise Richards have chemistry for days. They really are fun together. But as Shauna is interfering with my crush on Thorsten, I also have to wonder why Shauna still has her apartment. Surely, she didn't keep paying rent on it while also moving to Los Angeles!

Another question: is Ridge, or has he ever been in recent times, officially separated from Brooke? I know his signed divorce papers never left his desk drawer, but here Ridge is, flirting with and kissing on another woman while still married himself. When he's not playing down his upset over Brooke kissing Bill, that is. Even Shauna caught him brooding about Brill.

She set up some "nightlife" in her pad, complete with booze and a loud "deejay." Ridge got a kick out of it and settled into a sultry slow dance with Shauna, letting his hands wander over her hips one moment and taking a break to fondle his bruised ego (which kept having trouble handling his "destiny" kissing his worst enemy) the next. I'm actually starting to feel bad for Shauna. She is getting mixed messages deluxe!

Like Marty McFly in Back to the Future II and III, readying for fisticuffs whenever someone called him "chicken," Ridge flies into a rage at the thought of Steffy and Brooke having dallied with Bill. So, I'm surprised Ridge isn't grossed out by Shauna, who also slept with Bill and for years thought she'd had a child by him. Instead, Ridge finds himself drawn to Shauna's "optimism and sense of adventure."

Yeah, exactly what Ridge has always been attracted to in Brooke. Yet Shauna still let herself paint the town red with the former Speedo King in an obviously CGI montage that was still fun and reminiscent of classic movies and TV of the '40s, '50s, and '60s. Even Bewitched has a sequence like that, a show I know a lot about. And I didn't catch it 'til the fade-out, but the montage ended in front of a wedding chapel!

Some viewers think Ridge and Shauna got married during their vodka-sponsored whirlwind tour of Vegas, and the wedding bells in last Tuesday's cliffhanger made me wonder, too. Naturally, that begs the question, isn't Ridge still married to Brooke, or did he stop off to grab his divorce papers and file them on his way out of town? Either way, that makes Ridge a bigamist, which would be a new twist, even for him!

Suddenly, Ridge woke up in his own bed, with Brooke coming in to check on him! Huh? She'd gotten the Forrester jet pilot to leave the tarmac, somehow track down Ridge, and bring him home. Man, no scene with Brooke finding Ridge and Shauna together in Vegas? And since Ridge was drunk and so determined to ignore Brooke, how could an otherwise uninvolved employee convince Ridge to ditch Shauna and fly to L.A.?

It was just a weird leap. And the gap adds to my theory there was something to the chapel hint. I'm getting worried about Ridge and his drinking, though. He's blacking out more lately than #DrunkBrooke and #DrunkKatie combined! The hungover Ridge listened to Brooke's heartfelt apologies and responsibility-taking as if he hadn't chartered a jet to get away from her. And he seemed to be on the verge of forgiving her.

Shauna called Ridge to see how he'd fared after the Forrester pilot dragged him away. Then she admitted she had let her guard down, all the while knowing Ridge would end up going back to Brooke. She reiterated that she was staying in Vegas, and this was goodbye! Shauna does have a bigger backbone than I thought. But that was too easy. How much you wanna bet Ridge and Shauna really did get married in Vegas?


Katie abruptly pivoted during her takedown of Quinn to start talking about Sally being on death's door! Even Sally-hater Quinn had to admit she felt bad, though her "Do we know how much time she has left?" question came across as both lamentation and anticipatory. Makes you wonder why Quinn hasn't weighed in about the sitch with Wyatt, doesn't it? I guess Quinn's been a little too busy these days!

Sally was busy, too, kicking herself in front of Dr. Penny Escobar that she had kissed Wyatt too soon and gotten friend-zoned for her misstep. Despite the wussy impression I get from Penny overall, she does rather know what time it is. "If 'dying' isn't going to get you what you want," Penny pleaded, "let's end this charade!" Isn't that true, though? Wyatt ain't leavin' Flo for you, Sally-Sal. Wrap it up!

For what it's worth, Sally and Penny's scene kept wrapping up then continuing as if it hadn't. Meanwhile, Flo and Wyatt made out at his house, not a smart move when Sally could return any minute. Flo was concerned. There was something off about Dr. Escobar. And Flo would know from "off" doctors, wouldn't she! How cool would it be for Flo to go to Reese in jail with her doubts? He's still in the credits, after all.

Flo found it funny that Sally was a designer and Penny happened to be a wannabe designer. So did I! What doctor in a hospital has enough time to sit and sketch at her desk? "Yes, Mr. Brown, I'll get you that morphine you asked for, but in the meantime, check out this sequined camisole I've been working on." Conversely, Penny's not the first doctor to dream of designing. Does Dr. Bridget Forrester ring a bell to you?

I do wonder how Sally is supposed to come through with her reward of Penny becoming a designer. Penny is unproven and has not gone to design school, and Sally doesn't have that kind of pull at Forrester, anyway. I suppose the same could be said for Bridget, except she had family in the business to carve out a spot for her! Maybe Sally could get disguise advice from Bridget's fashion alter ego, Madame X!

Back at the beach house, Flo told Wyatt it was time Sally moved out. Wyatt rightly pointed out that it had been Flo's idea for Sally to move in to begin with! Flo now felt they wouldn't be able to offer Sally the proper care once Sally finally reared back to kick that bucket -- a good point. Flo kept citing reasons for Sally to go, but she seemed to be hemming and hawing and not getting to what was motivating her change of heart.

It was taking a toll on Wyatt; it wasn't healthy for Sally to be living there, hoping Wyatt would be more than a friend. Flo barely elaborated when Wyatt asked, "Does this have anything to do with [Sally] trying to kiss me?" It took Flo a whole day to call Wyatt and announce the shift came "since Sally repaid our kindness with emotional blackmail." Why didn't Flo just say that from the start? It's perfectly legit!

Sally clandestinely searched among the death makeup in her purse for some Krazy Glue; that's how fast her get-Wyatt-back scheme was falling apart. Wyatt gently tried to set the stage for his move-out request. Damn it, Darin Brooks! Why do you keep making Wyatt so likable when he unceremoniously dumped Sally for Flo twice? It's true; the compassion Brooks brings to the solar showerer gets ya right "here."

Flo came over to help with the heave-ho. (?) Hitting the wall of Wyatt's rallying cry that she had been given a month to live and "beaten those odds," Sally tried to turn things around by telling Flyatt she had done better than expected from being at Casa Wyatt. Both Flo and Wyatt exhorted Sally to seek out medical remedies. "So, if I get treatment, I can stay?" Way to tip your fake pallid hand, girl.

Another dead giveaway was the stink eye Sally gave Flo while hugging Wyatt. I think Flo picked up on it, because she ran back to Dr. Escobar's office for info. Now alone with her ex, Sally played the I'll-just-go-now card to the hilt, coming on so pathetic that Wyatt cried out, "You're not going anywhere." Hmm, methinks Wyatt is gonna be in the doghouse when the Flo Dog finds out about that!

I will never be able to take Felony Flo seriously, no matter how many kidneys she donates or how Katrina Bowden's wonderfully earnest performances try to sway me. But Flo does ask good questions. Not only did Flo echo Wyatt's contention that Sally had lived way longer than her forecasted month, but she came right out and said no one even knew what Sally was dying from! How could they help her like that?

Really! Wouldn't Sally's scam have worked much better had she drummed up an actual "diagnosis"? Then she could act out documented symptoms. Flo kept pelting Penny with questions, feeling Penny really wanted to say something. (Good thing Ridge and Shauna didn't take Penny to Vegas with them; Penny gives terrible poker face.) Saved by the page, Penny took off...and left Flo alone in her office!

I don't think that's highly likely! But it had to happen so Flo could pull a Taylor and look through Sally's medical records! Hey, when Taylor busted Brooke's menopausal knock-up by Bill, at least she was a doctor, and her proximity to Brooke's file made sense -- even if Taylor's snooping was unethical and worthy of losing her medical license. Flo just breezed through Sally's chart on Penny's laptop and OMG'd!

What Flo found, we won't know until Monday -- I'm guessing it's enough to sully Sally's silliness. I hate Flo, but Sally's wrong to blame her for not being with Wyatt. That's Wyatt's fault, twice over! Why would Sally even want a man like that? The only path to success here is for Sally to literally fake her death! Will she get Penny to give her some heart-stopping drug that allows Sally to be revived a minute later? Could be fun!


So, as it turns out, B&B reran 2014's Abu Dhabi debacle, where Ridge stormed Brill's Middle Eastern wedding and got thrown out of a helicopter as a result. Unlike the 30th anniversary episode of two weeks ago or the also-from-2014 Paris trip that saw Ivy plunging into the Seine, this revisited location shoot actually kind of tied in to current story, even if the show didn't end up making that connection directly.

Ridge told Shauna the desert had grown on him. Funny, considering Ridge's last desert experience left him with brain damage! And the whole reason for that was because Ridge showed Brooke a video that Quinn made of herself in bed...with Bill! So, there are definite parallels. As much as I enjoyed this episode, I wish B&B would pull a Y&R and show us vintage scenes, not just clips from past (admittedly expensive) remotes.

I mean really vintage. Any of Lauren and Sheila's crackling crossover confrontations. Brooke's mutual smackdown with Stephanie after taking over Forrester. Presumed-dead Taylor revealing herself to Ridge (the first time, thank you!). Deacon deflowering Bridget over speakerphone! Or the original Sally Spectra, maybe commandeering her joint showing with Forrester. If we're gonna go back in time, let's go back in time!

How 'bout you, Scoopers? What classic episodes would you like to see? Write 'em in the comments below, because who knows who may be reading. In the meantime, Ridge may not be able to keep Vegas in Vegas, and the jig may be up for Sally, so keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. And remember: protecting your health -- and the health of loved ones and strangers -- is beautiful!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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