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The week's cliffhanger left Flo down and viewers wondering if she was out for the count after Penny's bungling effort to silence her. Bill is down romantically, but he refuses to be counted out of Katie's life. Here are the two scoops on why Sally and Bill should tap out before they get knocked out of Wyatt and Katie's lives.

Holy cliffhangers, Scoopers! The jig is finally up! The faker got faked out when Flo tricked Sally, and the truth got knocked out when Penny clobbered Flo. Wyatt arrived home during the melee, leaving viewers guessing what he saw when he walked into his living room, which was in disarray. Did he catch Penny and Sally in the act, or did they get Flo out of sight in time?

The opposite of a cliffhanger is probably what some might term "the obvious." We had a dose of the obvious this week, too, when Katie concluded that she'll probably forgive Brooke -- as usual. That's just what Logan sisters do, right? Katie isn't ready to forgive Bill yet, but Bill isn't ready to give up on Katie. The problem is -- he isn't ready to give up on being there for Brooke, either. How can Bill expect to be a good mate for Katie if he can't stop "being there" for Brooke?

The show capped off its week with the Spectra/Forrester showdown for charity episode we'd suggested they re-air when last we scooped. It was the episode during which Wyatt and Katie kissed and Caroline's death scam worked on Thomas. Some blondes have all the luck. Not so much for the redhead who had to fight for everything she ever got only to wind up still losing. In the same episode, Bill had his ultimate woman, Brooke, but he still lusted for the unattainable -- "Skye."

The classic replay proves that Bill can never be content with the woman he has, and no matter how hard Sally works, the scamming blonde always wins. Let's get two scoops deep into the nerve Felony Flo had to lecture Sally about honesty and into whether Penny and Sally have a prayer in hell of succeeding in kidnapping Flo. We'll also discuss how Bill just doesn't understand what his woman wants.

Keeping the door open

Ever since finding out about Bill and Brooke's kiss, Katie has been focused on the two W's, Will and work. Bill would like her to focus on his two W's, his wants and whinings. Bill is whining because Katie isn't answering his calls and texts. He wants her to forgive him and work it out. Katie has no desire to do so. Katie is so over it that "over it" isn't even a strong enough phrase to describe how she feels anymore.

I don't blame Katie. Bill dealt her a thorough blow of humiliation. After all, she forgave him for slipping up with her sister more than once, and she turned herself into an alcoholic by trying to drown out his attraction to Brooke. Katie was also dumb enough to let her lingering feelings for Bill ruin her perfectly good marriage to Thorne. Katie thought she'd affair-proofed Bill by tempting him with Shauna, but Bill showed Katie in front of all the naysayers that she should have listened to what they'd said about him all along.

When Katie saw that kiss, she probably flashed back upon her long road to recovery and that rocky path to a place of trust with Brooke and Bill. It seemed as if Katie had gone a million miles only to end up in the same place. It's like being lost and wandering past the same dead-end sign again and again. You want to scream. You want to give up. You want to die, but you don't. Instead, you kill your emotions. You stop feeling anything at all, even as you yet again pass that dead-end sign.

That's where Katie is with this thing. Bill asked why she wasn't responding to him, and she said she just didn't want to. When the desire to respond is gone, it drastically lowers the chances for the relationship. He wants them to keep themselves open to communication, and Katie agreed to do that, as long as the topic wasn't them. If he couldn't abide by that, she'd keep ignoring him. I hope that Katie remains leery of Bill because, as long as he feels the way he does about Brooke, he is destined to hurt Katie again.

While talking to Wyatt, Bill described a deep, emotional history between himself and Brooke. It was instinctual for him to be there for her. He didn't regret that, but he did regret the kiss and hurting Katie. He insisted that he wants Katie, not Brooke. Bill doesn't get that, as long as it's his "instinct" to be there for Brooke, he can't be in a committed relationship with Katie.

The truth is, Bill still thinks about the kiss, and something drove him to visit Brooke just the other day. He needs to get to the root of his deep-seated attraction to Brooke. It crops up out of nowhere all the time, just like when he kissed her when she had kind words for him during the custody battle and when he just had to kiss her when Katie hired her. I don't know if I ever recall him fantasizing about Katie like that, do you?

Katie doesn't deserve to spend her life wondering how Bill will react every time there is new drama in Brooke's life. Nor should Katie have to spend her days worrying about what Bill might be thinking about when has that soft, faraway look in his eyes. Bill doesn't get it. Katie needs her man to not only not be there for Brooke, but to never notice Brooke's needs at all.

Here are some comments from our Soap Central message boardabout the matter:

"This is the same as Liam not regretting kissing Steffy just that Hope saw them kissing. Guess Liam really is the apple from Bill's tree." -- Kyra24

"Bill has never hidden who he truly is. It's Katie's fault that she keeps taking him back. I mean the guy is rich, good-looking, entertaining etc. It's all about what you want. Thorne had all the enduring qualities and look what that got him." -- klalala

"Katie now claims her main concern is for Will. She's concentrating on him. God help the kid!...That child has been a pull toy between them since he was born. Whenever Bill cheats, Katie whips out her ammo to try to destroy him... custody of Will. It's just a matter of time before she tries it again." -- Jadey

"I was actually surprised Donna told Katie she shouldn't blame herself for when Katie had postpartum depression for pushing them together. I was glad she at least did that it wasn't as bad from Donna as I expected..." -- Emerald Greens

Jadey mentioned Will. Miraculously, Will is smart enough to hack into Katie's calendar and Bill's bank account but hasn't figured out that Bill isn't eating, showering, or brushing his teeth at home anymore. I suppose Will can be just as oblivious as his mom when he wants to be.

Emerald Greens was glad Donna hadn't blamed Brill sleeping together on Katie's postpartum depression. Donna probably said that because Katie was indeed wrong about that. Her postpartum depression had nothing to do with Brill falling into bed together. The storyline had moved beyond the postpartum depression and on to Katie nagging Bill about his drinking. Bill and Brooke wound up sleeping together after Katie falsely accused them of it and left her rings on Brooke's dresser.

What do you think? Should Katie keep the door open for Bill, or is it time to triple lock it and install video surveillance and a moat around her heart?

From healer to assailant in three seconds

Poor Penny. Poor, poor Penny. All she ever wanted was to design and get out of debt. She warned Sally that this lie would ignite and burn their buns off. You'd think that once Penny learned that Flo knew the truth, Penny would be happy that the jig was finally up and would welcome Flo telling Wyatt the truth. Na-uh. That was last week's Penny.

This week's Penny knocked Flo the heck out to keep her silent. Penny broke her oath to do no harm, intuitively going from healer to assailant in three seconds flat. With Wyatt's arrival imminent, Sally added kidnapping to the criminal charges piling up around her and Penny. As the two struggled to drag Flo out the back, Wyatt arrived and asked what the hell was going on.

How did it come to this? In case you missed it, Flo rifled through Penny's computer files and learned that Sally was just stressed out, not dying. Did Flo take pictures of the files? No. Did she go to Wyatt with her suspicions? No.

Being the child she is, Flo went to the toy aisle. She picked out a fake snake to catch a real snake. Flo tossed the fake snake on the floor, and Sally mamboed all over the living room to escape the "deadly" rubber.

While the prank was humorous, it also showed Flo's inclination to be devious in lieu of just exposing Sally to Wyatt as any normal heroine would. It was equally laughable to hear Flo lecture Sally about honesty, integrity, and what Sally's lies put people through after what Flo's lies put the Logans, Spencers, and Forresters through. Yes, Flo might be right, but as my cousin used to say, no one wants to hear a lecture about being slutty from a prostitute.

Even with Flo conked out on the floor, Sally has yet to give up her insane fantasy of being with Wyatt. Wyatt is not worth a prison sentence nor the nail she'll break while dragging Flo around the backyard. What is Sally trying to accomplish with Wyatt, anyway? He'll never love her the way she wants him to, and he's empathetically counting the days until she "dies."

The biggest mystery in this plot might be Sally's motive for wanting Wyatt back. It's natural for someone to want to recover a lost love, but Wyatt has yet to show Sally even a sliver of hope for them. He has admitted his guilt for leaving Sally, and it's a matter of time before he admits that taking care of her has nothing to do with love or friendship. It's merely to assuage that guilt. Sally said she didn't want pity, but she seems to settle for it by the bucketsful if it's Wyatt's pity.

Perhaps Sally believes that kidnapping Flo will buy Sally time to win Wyatt over. A million and one years might do it. If Sally thinks she can hold Flo captive indefinitely like Quinn held Liam, then who will babysit Flo while Sally continues to work on Wyatt? Certainly not Penny. She couldn't keep Flo away from a laptop, let alone keep Flo away from Wyatt.

Maybe it could work if Flo, like Liam, develops a case of amnesia. Or maybe, by the powers of the soap gods, we'll return from the show's hiatus to see that Wyatt caught Penny and Sally in the act of kidnapping Flo, thereby ending Sally's farce. It could be the opening of a new soapy rabbit hole if Wyatt caught them in the act, but Flo awakened with amnesia.

Some more of our members sounded off about the plot on our message boards:

"Flo standing there for days it seems, pointing finger in Sally's face, what overkill and annoying. if she had the goods on Sally, why stand there for so long, just tell Wyatt off the bat. her being there for so long would drive anyone mad. silly, silly." -- Teaday13

"Props to Dr Penny for shutting Flo up, if only it would be permanent. BTW, I am not violent IRL but I sure would write Flo out in a heartbeat." -- taramartin

"Here Flo is berating Sally for lying to Wyatt for a month and Flo lied to him for 8 months! She wouldn't even listen to Penny and Sally explain why they did it! Yet how many times did we hear 'I got in over my head,' and Flo got caught up in something? No forgiveness for them but she wants it. Gloating that they are going to go to prison! She belongs there for making money in a baby stealing scheme and accessing private medical records by typing in Sally's name." -- JJ1

"I just KNEW she was going to get conked on the head! My waffles were burning in the kitchen because I couldn't tear myself away from watching the ending. Too bad we are going to be left hanging after tomorrow." -- xoregonian

It's true. Viewers will hang on this episode until California loosens restrictions due to COVID-19 and until the producers crank out enough footage to begin airing new shows. In the meantime, we can look forward to more classic episodes and behind-the-scenes commentary. Next week's classics theme is "Escape to Monte Carlo."

The episodes take us back to 2013when Bill left Katie and found Brooke in Monte Carlo. We will also look back to 2016 during the Spencer Summit. Liam found himself the third wheel in Wyatt and Steffy's relationship, and Quinn pursued her love for Eric across the globe.

Let us know what you think about B&B's last week before the hiatus and what you think Wyatt saw when he walked into his living room. What plots and storylines would you like to see when the show resumes airing?

Thank you for scooping with us, and until we do it again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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