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A bike accident, fake permission to impregnate, and kicked-in doors. We've seen it before, but were these plots better the first or second time around? Get the two scoops on how some old plots got new tread, and let's talk about how Steffy's pain might lead her to keep something -- and someone -- close to her bedside on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold is back! Since the episodes resumed recently, it has been refreshing to return to our old stomping grounds and refamiliarize ourselves with the characters and plots that have been on hold for about three months. Familiar images like Steffy in a helmet and Wyatt rescuing kidnap victims had me wondering, "Where have I seen this before?" And one character's appearance left me asking, "Where in the world did that come from?"

The last time we scooped, I said I'd be positive as the writers, cast, and production team figured out how to bring us content during this pandemic -- but -- I just have to ask this one question: how in the hairy hell did Liam grow a wooly mammoth beard in one day? I've heard of the five o'clock shadow, but this is the six o'clock ZZ Top.

Note that the last two weeks have been one long day that started months back. In the morning or afternoon of this day, Liam had stubble when he visited Steffy before her bike ride, but by that evening at the hospital, he had a full-grown Hollywoodian! Not only did his facial hair grow faster than Teenwolf's, but his head hair loomed over his head like a tsunami. Wyatt could have surfed on it if he wasn't back to kicking in doors to save kidnap victims.

That returns me to the question of "where have I seen this before?" with the new plots. When Wyatt raised his foot in the air to bust open Sally's apartment door, I instantly flashed back to him using his foot as a key to unlock Quinn's cabin to save Liam. Sally's big idea to get pregnant with "permission" isn't new, either. It was first attempted by Morgan DeWitt. And who doesn't remember the first time Steffy crashed and burned near the cliff house?

We've seen these plots before, but are the retreads worth the watch? Sally's a redhead, but she's no Morgan DeWitt. Wyatt doesn't appear to be a dimwit like Ridge, either, which led to a dead end for Sally's pregnancy plot. Steffy, on the other hand, is sticking around town after her latest crash, which is bound to make witnessing the fallout from it worth every minute.

Detective Sanchez cruised by the hospital to question Bill about his role in the crash. If he'd hung around to pick Baker up a hot dog at the cafeteria, Sanchez might have caught up with kidnappers Penny and Sally, who showed up at the hospital that very night. Does the lack of police involvement thus far mean that Penny and Sally might escape judicial punishment?

By the way, I'm not buying that Bill and Steffy had a no-fault accident. Are there no stop signs or rights of way in California? I'm convinced one of them zigged when they should have zagged, and Bill must be deaf or have a soundproof car in order to not hear the bike coming.

This accident caused Steffy a lot of damage and pain, so much so that I predict one other old plot will rear its head again -- the pill addiction plot. Let's get two scoops deep into plot retreads and whether Steffy's injuries will soon cause her to lean a little too heavily on a certain man and/or bottle of pain pills.

Written permission to screw

If you thought there was something familiar about a redhead tricking her ex into thinking his new love wants him to sleep with and impregnate said redhead, it's because it happened before. Sally's plot to become pregnant with Wyatt's baby is a slight reworking of the plot in which Morgan DeWitt tricked Ridge into thinking Taylor, who was out of the country at the time, had sent emails and voicemails expressing her permission for him to impregnate Morgan.

I was excited to see the plot retread because the first time around with Morgan and Ridge had turned into a bated-breath thriller. Poisoned tea and python snakes included, it was the plot that kept on giving, right up until Morgan's stillbirth of Ridge's son led her to kidnap the toddler Steffy.

I had imagined Flo wasting away, tied to a radiator with pantyhose, forced to hear secondhand about how loving and romantic Wyatt was with Sally because he was under the belief that Flo had gone to Vegas and had text-granted Sally her final wish of a life with him before she died. Meanwhile, Sally was secretly trying to get pregnant.

It quickly became apparent that the writers weren't in the plot for the long haul. In short order, Sally tried to seduce Wyatt with the help of fake text messages from Flo, powered by Penny; however, Wyatt read a pun-filled SOS that Flo had penned on the backside of Sally's panties and blew Sally's scam wide open within one episode.

The plot was a bummer for me. For one, it ended too abruptly. For another, it made Flo and Wyatt an unbreakable couple, a status they do not deserve. If Ridge can be married to Taylor and sleep with Morgan, no one can pay me to believe that Wyatt could resist the likes of Sally Spectra in her drawers. Any other man would forget how to read if they saw Sally half naked, leaning over the sofa like that. Sally on her worst day beats Flo with her Shih Tzu ponytail do.

The most eye-rolling portion of the story for me was when Flo had the nerve to ask Penny how she could go along with the lie, knowing that it was wrong. All I have to say to Flo is, "Hypocrite, meet the mirror." Penny went with it the same way Flo let her second cousin be sold, but no fifty grand lined Penny's bank account. And if Flo can escape jail time for falsifying documents and being an accessory to kidnapping, then Wyatt and Flo can find the grace Ridge had for Flo and not turn Penny and Sally in to the police for the half-day kidnapping. It's Flo's fault, anyway, for being too weak to rip through pantyhose, a fabric that often rips itself!

What did you think of Sally and Wyatt's retread of the impregnation storyline? Should the writers have stretched it out or let Sally get pregnant? Or are you glad it's just over already? Should Sally and Penny go to jail, or should Flo, who was given mercy, have mercy on them? Sally is laying the tears and apologies on pretty thick. After witnessing her panic attack, Flo and Wyatt just might feel guilty enough to keep the kidnapping to themselves. Maybe with time away during the pandemic, the writers rethought this story and decided it was time for new stories for all the characters involved.

Motorcycle misfortune: take two

I don't think I have to remind anyone of the life-changing plot given to Steffy a little under a decade ago when she miscarried after a motorcycle accident almost in the same place as she recently crashed. I think of that moment each time I see her pick up a helmet or hear her mention taking a ride. The first time Steffy crashed, the subsequent death of her unborn child sent her reeling, and she went MIA in Europe for years as she recovered. This time, Steffy's pain will be physical as she copes with fractured ribs and a back sprain. Can she overcome it on her own, or, like Hope, will Steffy become addicted to prescription pills?

Of course, Steffy won't be entirely alone. She has her family and Liam, who waffles more than a Frisbee in an earthquake. Now, she also has Dr. Finnegan, the dreamiest doctor any fashion CEO has ever awakened from a coma and batted her lashes at. Steffy groaned in pain but silenced herself like a baby on a cloud when she laid eyes on Finnegan. We all remember what happened the last time Steffy awakened and looked at a man that way. She married him three times and had his baby. As soon as Steffy gets her "cha cha cha" back, Finnegan ain't gonna know what hit him.

Instead of Steffy running away to deal with her pain and repair herself as she did after her last crash, I predict that her back sprain will offer her no choice but to lean on a man. To Liam's chagrin, that man will be Dr. Finnegan. Unfortunately, Liam is already flopping around Steffy like a fish out of water, and that means we'll have to put up with him flopping around Steffy's new romance and hokey-pokeying in and out of his own marriage.

I look forward to having a new man at Steffy's bedside, but what role will Dr. Finnegan play if an addiction storyline is on the horizon for Steffy? Tell us how you think Finnegan fits into Steffy's life. Will he be an enabler who sees the light? Will he take her off the pills only to learn she stole his prescription book? Could it come down to Steffy choosing Finnegan or the pills? Or maybe there's an entirely different storyline in store that we didn't see coming.

In a look ahead

Spoilers indicated that Steffy faces a big battle ahead. When she experiences pain, Thomas advises her to take her medication. Thomas claims that he's in a different place in his life and ready to move on from Hope. Yeah, right. I will believe it when I see it take hold and stick longer than my eyelash glue.

Sally embarks on an apology tour, and the first stop is Katie, who reams Sally out for her colossal lie and for using Katie to get to Wyatt. I see it like this -- Sally couldn't have used Katie if she wasn't such a blabbermouth. If the blabbermouth insists, you might as well persist. Am I right, or am I right? Katie needs to work on minding her own dang business, and then she won't have these kinds of problems.

Ridge has flashes of his night with Shauna in Las Vegas, and Shauna returns to town with news for Ridge. He reunites with Brooke but learns about his marriage to Shauna. Apparently, Quinn and Shauna have a secret, and I'm wondering if it's that Quinn went and filed Ridge's signed divorce papers for him. Otherwise, he can't possibly be legally married to Shauna.

Give us your take on the week in the comments section below. We'd love to get your opinion on where the storyline with Steffy is headed. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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