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by Mike
For the Week of September 21, 2020
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Bridge knocked themselves out with their hemming and hawing over their relationship while Zoe and Carter got a dose of the same love drug Steffy and Finn did -- until Steffy learned that you get what you pay for! Take a capsule with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you wonder if the fifth time was the charm? Did you contemplate saying "I do-over?" Did you learn it was completely okay to play doctor? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Spencer-Walton-Buckingham-Fulton clan this week!

The more you know, Scoopers! Today's lesson: High Upon This Love is the actual title of B&B's theme song...and it has lyrics! In 1997, Lauren Fenmore got Dionne Warwick to sing them for Eric, because that's what psychic friends are for! In the present, Quinn thinks a do-over wedding will addict Ridge to Shauna, but Zoe and Steffy both are getting first doses of Vitamin Love! Let's Scoop about it!

(Oh...before we go on...B&B, won't you please update the credits already? Maya, Xander, Reese, Taylor, and Sally are gone. Finn isn't! He's been on two months -- just have Tanner Novlan take a glamour pic on-set and pop it in! These few changes are basically a five-minute edit in Final Cut. Y'all had the whole shutdown to do this. Let's get to it! Rant over.)


The foolery with Ridge, Brooke, Bill, Katie, Shauna, and Quinn continued this week, the only new element to it being Quinn pushing the idea of Ridge treating Shauna to a do-over wedding. Quinn probably doesn't even realize she's not being original, since Hope wanted a wedding like that after her Puglia ceremony with Liam got tainted by the discovery that Liam had kissed Steffy less than an hour before.

Ridge himself wondered what a second wedding would change, since he and Shauna were already married. Nice to see his ol' gray matter is still functioning. If this ceremony happens, it will be the soonest vow renewal ceremony I've ever heard of. Thankfully, Ridge sensed Quinn was up to something, but, unthankfully, he ended up saying he would consider the idea. Seconds after flashing back to Brooke!

Pretty much the same thing happened when Brooke interrupted Ridge's flashbacks about her to profess her devotion and steer the dressmaker back to her. Ridge said he loved Brooke...then turned around and said he might remarry Shauna! How long is this going to go on? Bridge obviously wants to be together, yet stuff keeps getting inserted into their relationship to where they keep doing this dance.

As far as I'm concerned, this storyline is all talk and no damn action. There is no reason in the world for Brooke to not have flown to Vegas to investigate Ridge's apparent marriage by now, or at the very least, for Brooke to have sat Carter down and asked him how a late-night text to file divorce papers could be valid. All Brooke does is talk to Ridge, to Quinn, to her sisters. Stephanie would be so disappointed!

The flip side of this marry-go-round is Batie. Both Brooke and Donna, who looked resplendent in her sun-yellow dress but still has no story of her own, kept trying to sell Katie on the idea of reuniting with Bill. And Katie was thinking about it! What the actual actual? Taking someone who did you over back once is one thing...mayyyyyybe twice isn't completely unreasonable, depending...

But five times? That's the number it would be if Katie went ahead with it, and at that point, there's definitely a psychological problem. As for Bill, he talked to Wyatt and Justin about having equal feelings for Katie and Brooke, but hey, Bill had a family and kid with Katie, so Katie won the coin toss. Then this fool tried it! He went to Katie and made a case for himself! I was so glad when she told Bill she wasn't ready...yet.

There's no "yet" about it, Katie-girl. The warranty on Bill expired years ago, and I am not here for Bill snapping his fingers and expecting her to come running. Can't we find a new woman for Bill already? And I don't mean Brooke! This Logan Sister Shuffle we've had going since 2012 is so old. He needs a woman who's as much of a barracuda as he is. I would say Quinn, but that time's passed. Bring in someone new!


At least Carter and Zoe seem to be doing it right...mostly. Carter being all amorous does rather rank high on my Swoon-O-Meter. I think part of it is Lawrence Saint-Victor obviously enjoying getting to play a romantic storyline after being a glorified day player forever. But I think Carter does need to slow his roll a bit. He said he hadn't felt "this way" about a woman before. Dude, you've only clocked two dates. Don't blow it.

Apparently Zarter (Coe?) got in a second date at Il Giardino, albeit off-screen. (I know; can't really film a restaurant scene right now.) Zoe coyly commented on the waitress flirting with Carter, but also veered into a rehash of how Thomas duped her into a wedding, only to throw her over for Hope at the altar. Interestingly, she said she kind of felt like she deserved it...that karma had played her a hand to even things out.

Carter defended her, but I agree! Although she limited her karmic payback to "only" keeping her father switching Beth with a dead baby a secret. I give her mega points for admitting she should have come forward sooner, but let's not forget, she also stalked Xander, framed Sally for cyberbullying Hope, and tormented "little Emma." If we're gonna talk karma, let's go with the whole platter and not just the main course.

At least it seems Zoe has grown a conscience, and maybe she really does deserve the second chance Flo doesn't (sorry, Carter, ain't giving Felony Flo the free pass you did). "You really see me," Zoe told Carter, "and you like me, anyway." That's more than Xander ever did! I'll say it again: Zoe really lights up when Carter comes around, and I didn't see that with either Xander or Thomas. Let's keep this going!


Unfortunately, Zarter's lovey talk got sidelined at times as they got dragged into a discussion about Steffy. Zoe lamented that she hadn't seen Steffy around "today." Girl, are your contacts not in? Steffy hasn't been "around" Forrester at all since her accident! I mean, I know love is blind, and Carter has a lot to blind a person with, but let's expand our powers of observation beyond him, Zoe.

Thomas swung by to check on his sis -- I am picking up on a little redemption with him -- and came bearing gifts. From Vinny, anyway. As Thomas took a work phone call (how and why is he even back at Forrester? When did that happen?), Steffy opened the box to find a cute teddy bear for Kelly...and an unmarked bottle of pills for her. Ah, Violation Vinny does it again!

It's fitting: this is the guy who hooked Thomas up with some kind of do-I-make-you-horny drug to dose Liam with; no one ever did find out why Liam's Fourth of July firework was sparkling that night. Steffy silently debated telling Thomas what his supposed bestie had done, which was a great touch. Then Vinny texted the Steffster, wondering if she had gotten his gift.

Since when does Vinny have Steffy's phone number? What, did they become friends at Thomas' fake wedding to Zoe when Vinny showed some compassion for Douglas? Anyway, Steffy protested, fretting that Vinny's pills were illegal. How would she know that? Vinny told her to chill and that they were the same meds she'd gotten from her doctor. Steffy should step carefully. She has no idea what those pills actually are.

Hey, another connection to Hope for Steffy to explore! Years ago, it was Amber who illegally supplied Hope with antianxiety drugs. Vinny's special delivery made her forget she'd asked Finn to come over, hoping to sweet-talk him into another prescription. But Finn was busy with Liam, who paid Finn a visit and asked the doctor if he had just been on the phone with Steffy.

Wow, Liam, what's up with that? Liam started asking Finn questions about Steffy, questions that Finn said he "wasn't at liberty" to answer. (Sorry, I had to laugh; Tanner will never live down that "liberty-bibberty" Liberty Mutual commercial. Did B&B slip that word in on purpose?) Liam really did overstep here. Especially when he referred to Kelly as "a four-year-old." When did that happen? Are we putting SORAS drops in her juice boxes?

Liam's dander went up when Finn said that he and Steffy had made plans. Finn wouldn't directly answer Liam's leading questions about whether Finn had a romantic interest in Steffy, but Liam may have been right when he suggested that, if such feelings were the case, Finn shouldn't be Steffy's doctor anymore. It's true that there is a moral and ethical issue there to consider.

Liam went to look for Ridge but found Thomas instead, who, after a backbiting greeting, could tell Liam was stressed, actually asked what was wrong, and encouraged Liam to talk about it. Pretty caring behavior from your "executioner," eh, Liam? Liam spouted off about Finn and how any beyond-patient interest in Steffy would be inappropriate, but in about five seconds flat, Thomas called Liam out. Liam was jealous!

And Thomas was right! Thomas felt Liam was threatened by the idea of Steffy no longer being his backup choice and thought that it was Liam confronting Dr. Finnegan that was inappropriate, not the physician's interest in his sister. I think Thomas must really be getting some therapy we're not hearing about, because he was surprisingly healthy in his replies to Liam's concerns.

I do believe Liam when he says he wants Steffy to move on, but I also agree with Thomas that Liam is thrown by the idea of there being a new man in Steffy's life...that's not Bill, anyway. Ridge entered and became an inadvertent referee but didn't do much refereeing as Thomas yelled for Liam to back the hell off and leave Steffy alone. I never thought I'd side with Thomas over Liam! Must be Thomas' sexy beard.


Steffy was about to text Vinny again about his "present," but Finn walked in and caught her. More importantly, Finn caught Steffy with her pills cleverly sitting next to Kelly's blocks (love the contrast). Steffy talked her way out of it, only to become discombobulated when Finn announced that he couldn't be Steffy's doctor anymore. Steffy was not happy. Steffy wanted some more Dr. Finn!

However, her mood perked when Finn admitted that the reason he wanted to refer her to another physician was because he couldn't stop thinking about her! Finn didn't want to see Steffy as a patient -- he just wanted to see her. And then, liberty bibberty! Finn found himself being kissed by...Caitlin Ramirez? That's not wrong: Tanner Novlan's wife is Kayla Ewell, who played the girl Rick and Thomas fought over in 2004 and 2005.

No mannequin for Finn! He had a moment of doubt, but Steffy erased that for him, asking if their kiss opened his eyes about how she felt about him in return. Awwwwwwww yeah! I'm a little worried Steffy might just be playing him for future pills, but that was mostly overshadowed by the fact that this girl woke up. Steffy with a man who isn't a Spencer already does wonders for her.

Then, something weird happened. After Finn essentially said he could see Steffy as a patient or see her romantically, Steffy decided on both! Finn had just gone into the ethical issues with that arrangement, yet went along with it because Steffy wanted it that way. I don't know how it serves the story for Finn to remain Steffy's doctor while dating her.

If they ever do! Finn remarked that things could get complicated if they broke up, which led Steffy to reply, "Don't go breaking us up when we haven't even been on a first date yet." Don't worry, Steffy; pretty much no one on your show really dates before running to the altar! (Maybe Carter and Zoe will set a new standard.) Steffy gushed that she knew she'd be okay the first time Finn looked into her eyes. Aww!

So, how to follow that up? Start talking about how you're still trying to accept not being with a man you actually haven't been with for almost two years. Real mood killer, Stef! Yet, when Hope showed up to drop Kelly off, there were still enough sparks that Hope picked up on them and ran straight to Liam with the news. That made Liam even more unhappy, as Wyatt had just gotten through telling his bro that he was overreacting to "Dr. McHandsome."

Hope thought it was great that Steffy had found a man to potentially move on with, but Liam made every excuse for why it was a bad idea, citing the ethics of the sitch. Smooth move, Ex-Lax -- you just proved Thomas right about your jealousy, and in front of your wife, yet. In a rare Wyatt/Hope scene (no talk of their lost child?), they both thought Liam playing Superman where Steffy was concerned wasn't necessary.

Thomas had to interrupt Sinn, also, for his lost wallet, but, on the heels of Liam's alarm-raising about Finn, Thomas found that his nemesis was right...about Finn's intentions, anyway. Thomas accepted Steffy's non-answer about her developing Finn feelings, but he alerted Steffy that Liam was "concerned" about Finn and again implored his sister to take the Steam Portrait Studio down. Yeah, put it in Kelly's room, already!

Finally alone, Steffy looked at her blowup of Liam...and Kelly on her baby monitor? I'm not a parent, but...a baby monitor for a four-year-old? Then Steffy turned and was suddenly in pain again, though she hadn't as much as winced the whole time Finn was there. Steffy grabbed Vinny's pills from their hiding place and downed one. And the next thing you know, Steffy was down for the freaking count.

Liam came by to trash-talk Finn but let himself into Steffy's and found her unconscious and unresponsive on the couch. Wait a minute. What the hell was in that pill? Told ya Steffy shouldn't have just taken Vinny's word for what they were! Unless Steffy took multiples. Liam checked for a pulse, and we left things with him not sure Steffy had one! And the build-up to Steffy's addiction story had been so perfect before that!

So, where are you, Scoopers? Did B&B rush into a dangerous side effect for Steffy too quickly? What did you think about Sinn acknowledging the burgeoning feelings between them? Is Carter and Zoe's own romance progressing at the right speed for you? Should Ridge recommit to Shauna or just go back to Brooke and have it over with? Finally, should the show pair Bill with someone new? Write your prescription in the Comments section below or the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column! Like these!

"Shauna, that woman really gives me the creeps ... I really want to see her and Flo gone -- I still can't believe that Flo isn't behind bars for the crime she committed and for not coming forward with the truth when she learned that the baby was Hope's! I used to like Quinn, even when she was doing all sorts of evil things, but this changed when she started her feud with Brooke, so the sooner Eric realises she hasn't changed one iota and kicks her behind out, the better. Zoe is another character that has outlived her time on the show and I don't like her being paired with Carter. He is far too nice for her." -- Trudi

"I want Brooke to figure it all out, have a party at Eric's in which she busts Quinn and Shauna AND Flo (hate Flo) and then when Ridge is letting that all sink in tells him she is OVER his behavior. They have a fight, he gets drunk, and spews all over some other woman. Hell with it. Then she maneuvers herself back with Eric (a guy who always waited to listen to what was really going on) after she throws Quinn's stuff out the window and sets it on fire on the lawn. I really want to see some burned garments. I feel like organizing a DUMP RIDGE rally! ." -- "evave2"

So, it turns out, in early November we will meet Zoe's heretofore unheard-of sister, Paris Buckingham, played by Empire alum Diamond White. I like her cred already! But I thought Zende was being brought back to get between Carter and Zoe. Are we going to have a Paris/Zende/Zoe/Carter quadrangle? Please tell me Paris is gonna start up some real catfights like Cookie did!

Thank you for reading my soapy ramblings! Catch ya in another couple of weeks. In the meantime, keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. And remember: wearing a mask to help tamp down a virus and respecting everyone -- even when they're different than you -- is always beautiful!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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