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This week, knocking boots with Hope knocked some sense into Liam about telling her the truth, but Thomas was braindead for thinking he could grovel to Bill for any empathy. Get the two scoops on how Bill and Liam's futures are now in Hope's hands. Plus, we ask: why is Brooke so obsessed with Lope's love life?

What's up, Scoopers? What a busy couple of weeks. Looks like we were right about Shauna, Carter, Eric, and Quinn. Shauna lied like a cheap one-night stand; Eric folded like an old, ratty blanket; and Carter got scared right back into his engagement! Zoe's interrogations apparently get results, and Chief Baker could use her in Vinny's case. Maybe Zoe could persuade some honest answers out of Bill. Hope, in the meantime, isn't too bad herself, and her powers of persuasion got the truth from Liam.

Contrary to soap lore, Hope isn't Wonder Woman. She doesn't have a golden lasso, but she did whip that golden va-jay-jay on Liam. Before we knew it, he was spilling all kinds of secrets about what happened on Mulholland Drive the night Vinny was killed. How do I know that va-jay-jay is golden? Because it came from the Brooke Logan Preparatory Academy, that's how. And Brooke is so proud of her prized pupil that she announced to anyone who could hold their lunch that Liam and Hope are back in bed again.

You'd think these folks would have something better to talk about after Shauna just outed herself as Carter's lover. I thought rumors were the only things besides Brooke that got around like wildfire at Forrester, but no one seems to know about Sharter. I assumed Ridge's top priority was to learn who his BFF was bedding, but apparently, Ridge is too busy bad-mouthing Bill, complimenting Brooke, and yapping to Brooke and Flo about Liam and Hope's night of reconnecting to get around to it.

Brooke wanted to thank Thomas for leaving Lope alone long enough for them to get their freak on, but little did she know, the cabin was Thomas' first stop after he learned from her that Liam was dropping the sex bomb on Hope. Thomas didn't even knock. Just walked right in on them.

Next, Thomas strode onto the top floor of Spencer Publications to extract some sympathy from Bill, the emotional turnip. What drug of Vinny's was Thomas on to think Bill would give a hang-toenail about Vinny or his death? Yes, Thomas, Bill would have rolled right over Vinny himself if Liam hadn't had the bright idea of driving.

Liam must have said about six times that they were coming to take him away, and all I could think was, "Ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-ha!" Liam's life is in Hope's hands, and so is Bill's now that Liam confessed to her what he thinks happened on the side of the road that night. Will Hope insist upon telling the police -- or even Thomas -- the truth?

Let's get two scoops deep into how Hope might handle Liam and Bill's secret. We'll look at why the dumbest thing Thomas could do was seek sympathy from Bill, and we'll ask what is up with Chicken Little Brooke running around, telling everyone that Hope and Liam are falling back in bed together.

Chicken Little Brooke obsessed with Lope "falling" back in bed together

Never before have I meant the phrase "just take out a billboard" more than I do when it comes to Brooke chatting up everybody and anybody about Liam and Hope finally having makeup sex. Mind you, no one said anything about forgiveness. Forgiveness is still in the works, and for Hope, it's harder to accomplish than shoving tequila and the Crotch Rocket out of her mind while bumping uglies with Liam.

Liam has no problem forgetting Steffy. It's as easy as removing her memories from his back pocket before lying on the rug with his wife. No, Liam isn't thinking of Steffy -- or Kelly, for that matter -- who've both been gone "weeks" now, according to Liam. Hope is probably glad Steffy is out of his system for now, but unfortunately, Vinny is the newest person to come between Lope.

Brooke talks a little too prematurely about how well Lope's night went. Surely, she'll want a blow-by-blow of it the moment she sees Hope, but for someone who remembers Brooke inviting Hope to use her mom's perfume and spare lingerie for her first time with Liam, I'm kind of nauseated that Brooke is back up in Hope's sexcapades.

Not only that, but how mortifying is it for one's mother to brag about it to one's ex, one's cousin, one's stepfather, and one's father-in-law. Brooke probably told Charlie, too! That's all I'm gonna say about it because the posters on our Soap Central message board said it all:

"I found it creepy that she knew they haven't had sex since he moved back in. Triple cringe how delighted she was that Liam was setting the stage for sex...No mother should be that involved in their grown child's personal life." -- nykarenb

"Brooke is pathologically obsessed with Lope! It's like she has a terminal disease." -- Appaloosagrl

"All it is is a mother being overly invested in the love life of her child. It is a staple on B&B. Stephanie did it to Ridge until the day that the character died. Taylor was this way with Steffy..." -- thecourt99

"Maybe she's hoping Bill will make it a cover story for the next edition of Eye on Fashion." -- RedheadTeacher

"I didn't get why Thomas needed to come to the cabin in the first place?" --Viennagirl

I agree with most of the comments, and sure, why not make it a feature in Eye on Fashion? It was good times when paparazzi used to plague our faves. They just seem so regular now, almost like normal people without Jarrett and a flashing camera behind him.

While Viennagirl's comment might seem out of place, I included it because it all ties into Brooke's blabbing about Lope's sex life. Liam also wondered why Thomas had shown up instead of just texting. I think the answer is because Thomas was curious about the show Brooke had hyped up. Thomas walked right in without knocking, probably hoping to catch Lope in the act. Can you imagine what he would have seen if he'd done that first thing in the morning when they were cuddling on the floor?

Thomas' next stop after the cabin? Spencer, where Bill gave less of a damn than Don't-Give-a-Damn Champion, Rhett Butler.

Thomas, why are you even bothering? Or better yet, why are you even there?

"How about a pat on the back for your dad for not ripping his throat out while I had to stand here and listen to him wax on about his loser friend? Well, no. Sorry. I'm not gonna shed any tears or be in mourning for that paternity-test-switching, drug-dealing, lowlife piece of garbage."

And that's a summary of how well it went when Thomas thought he'd roll up on Bill for some sympathy or -- or -- I don't even know what Thomas was looking for. He certainly wasn't looking for good article photos, though. That much is clear from his attire.

Thomas' first mistake that day was showing up at Spencer in Douglas' shirt and some track pants for an interview about HFTF's upcoming showing. Thomas' second mistake was hitting that top floor button in the elevator instead of taking his butt home and finding a shirt that fits before he wound up bankrupting Forrester's Men's Line with his anti-fashion attire. Thomas' third mistake? Mistaking Bill for a human lifeform.

I'm perplexed about why Thomas would ever voluntarily wander into Bill's office. It's like Zoe using her old key to get in and "surprise" Carter. Some things you just don't do. Just come away from there, son, before you get yourself hurt.

I would call Bill a complete idiot for going off on Thomas with all that vitriol about Vinny. After all, what you say can and normally will be used against you in court; however, it can hardly be used as evidence against Bill because -- well that's how Bill talks about half the people in town! You have to be a Logan or Steffy not to be bad-mouthed by Bill.

The above statement couldn't be any truer than this week when Bill had the gall to label Thomas as someone who'd "perpetuated the lie" about Beth's death. As if Bill's daughter-in-law-to-be never posed as the fake mother who sold Beth in the first place! Bill is long on insults and shorter than Flo's outfits on facts.

For example, Bill forgot the fact that Thomas was somehow implicated in what happened to Emma. I believe Bill helped Brooke with something to do with Thomas' car when the police were trying to get the GPS information from it. While Thomas was going on and on about how some evil person left his best friend to die on the roadside, maybe Bill could have mentioned how someone left the niece of Bill's best friend to die in a ditch on that very same road!

Bill did remember one thing, though, and it was to ask the question we all want the answer to. While Thomas was sniveling on, looking for humanity in the most callous man in daytime, Bill asked what Thomas' idiot friend was doing walking down the road in the middle of the night, anyways. Yes, somebody please tell us why Vinny was out at night, wandering on a road that Liam described as going through canyons. Where was Vinny's car?

If Thomas wants someone to pat him on the back and wipe all his widdle tears away, he needs to go back to his dressmaking daddy, who thinks Thomas can do no wrong. Thomas needs to hide behind his dad's designer skirts, anyway, because Charlie is looking for him for parking issues, and, as Ridge noted, Charlie is armed. "Isn't that weird?" Ridge asked. Yes, and it's terrifying.

Here's how some of you reacted to Thomas and Bill's encounter this week:

"I think he's going to make a possible connection with something Bill said just as he did when Vinny started saying too much. Bill may have said something he wouldn't have known unless he was at the scene where Vinny died." -- JHope

"Bill talks crap about what Thomas did to his family. All the while Wyatt stands there in total agreement as he is happily engaged to the 50 thousand collecting baby thief!" -- soapoperation

"Yes, Bill should just keep his mouth shut about Vinny. However, making Vinny an inferior person is a technique he is using to avoid feeling any guilt and help him better cope with the situation, imo. Bill is prone to be softer at heart than he appears -- he just fights it." -- Reesiecup

Oh, Reesiecup, you sound like one of those heroines in a romance novel, trying to understand her "alpha male" who's as mean as the devil but has an angelic soul in there somewhere if we just shovel deep enough. I love my alpha males, which might be why I defend Bill a lot, too, but I don't know if I can believe Bill struggles with a conscience. You sure you got the right William Spencer? There are four of them, after all.

You want the truth, but can you handle the truth?

Hope finally found out what was eating away at Liam, and surprise! Liam lied again. No, he wasn't still upset about his night with Steffy. His even wilder night with Vinny is the real problem. That and Bill's shenanigans to cover it up. While confessing the truth, Liam managed to lie again, saying he helped Vinny. Uh, no, you didn't, Liam. All you did was say you'd get help, and then you fainted like a vegan jellyfish. Maybe you need to eat another steak to get your strength back up.

Hope should be more ornery than a cat on a tin roof that Liam has once again managed to hurtle himself into another future-threatening debacle that will test her morals and the bounds of their marriage; however, something tells me she's gonna make it all about Bill's bright idea to cover up the incident.

Given that Hope has obliged other criminals like Taylor in keeping silent about their crimes, it will be interesting to find out whether Hope will choose to keep the secret or urge Liam to go to the police with the truth, landing her on Bill's bad side. Since there is so much at stake, Hope might decide to abide in silence, but what happens the next time she sees Thomas?

Thomas proved this week that he knows how to lay it on thick when it comes to his self-pity about Vinny. He talks about Vinny and justice for Vinny nonstop. I can't wait to see Hope stammering and ducking to get away from Thomas. If Thomas thinks something is odd about Liam and possibly even Bill now, Hope will send the oddness meter soaring off the charts. Maybe once Thomas finds out Hope knew about it and kept quiet, he'd be cured of his Hope infatuation.

Whatever happens, I'm looking for Brooke to be involved. She'll be showing up at the cabin anytime now to find out how the reunion night went. She's gonna notice that Hope doesn't have that afterglow, and she's gonna want to know why.

Flo could possibly become involved. It wasn't for no reason that she just happened to drop hints that she wants Brooke to navigate her forgiveness from Hope the way she'd gotten Wyatt to navigate her forgiveness from her aunts. Maybe Flo will play some role in it that makes Hope see her in a new light, such as what happened when Zoe helped Hope with Thomas. I know one thing: Hope had better not confide in that short-shorts gossip monger. Flo blabs all she knows.

This week, Flo sat right up there and told Ridge and Brooke about all of the concerns Wyatt confided in her about his father and brother, and Flo did it without even having any concrete information. Why did she do it? To fit in, even at the cost of betraying her fiancé and father-in-law-to-be. If I was Bill, I'd drop-kick her off a cliff for discussing me with my nemesis.

What do you guys think Hope will do with the newfound information? Will she urge Liam to follow Bill's lead and stay quiet about it? And if she does, how in the world is she going to manage to keep quiet about it around Thomas or Brooke?

In a look ahead: rumors and spoilers

Next week, it's all about the angst as Hope fears she'll lose Liam and her family. Bill's behavior continues to come into focus for Wyatt, who is puzzled by Bill's lack of remorse about Vinny's death. Bill takes protecting his family to a new level, and an arrest is made, following a confession.

"Remorse" is a curious word to use here, and I suspect that the spoilers are hinting at Bill confessing and being arrested. If that's true, the question becomes how long Hope and Liam will let Bill rot in jail before Liam confesses himself. Either that, or some evidence will have to show up rather quickly that will exonerate Bill.

To check out Soap Central's The Scoop for B&B previews for the week of May 24, continue reading here.

That's my prediction about the road ahead. Let us know yours in the comments section below. We would love to know what you think about what has happened and what is to come. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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