Liam and Quinn: Losers refuse to lie, but liars always win

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Hope counts on the truth to set Liam free, but could Justin be the reason the wheels have fallen off the Spencer justice bus? Quinn overrode Carter's preference to come clean, even if Paris might expose them at any moment. They say cheaters never win. We'll find out if that's true as two major tales of lies and deception boil to scalding conclusions on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Greetings, Scoopers! I don't know about you, but I'm still reeling from that action-packed week behind us. Carter wants to confess, Quinn wants to lie, and Eric wants to know why. Yes, Carter, why are your arms around Eric's wife? Quinn's instinct is to lie her pants off, but too many people know about Quarter, and this secret is bound to blow sky-high.

Quinn thinks she can trust her best friend to bail her out, but what happens when BFFs get tired of being the sidekicks? That's the new question on my mind as I ponder why in the blazes Liam and Bill are not out on bail yet. All signs point to a defense team that isn't on the same page, and I don't mean just the Hope-versus-Bill problem of the co-defendants. Justin is feeling some type of way about something, and Bill better figure it out before Justin lets Bill rot in his cell.

Meanwhile, stress rotted out Liam's final working brain cell. He asked Thomas to be there for Hope and the kids. I repeat. He asked Thomas to be there for Hope. Think about that, which is something Liam didn't bother to do before it was out of his mouth. Nose-flaring Wyatt read his brother the riot act for stupidity on that one, but it was too late.

Donning a self-appointed savior mantle, Thomas told Ridge that Hope needed him, as if he'd become a disciple whose mission from on high was to serve Hope. "You know Liam meant as a friend, right? Right?" Ridge asked. Hope Spencer is one hell of a drug, and Thomas just got his first hug high in months. He's her Cinderfella now. Not a vengeful bone left in his body for Vinny. It's amazing how zen being handed your obsession on a silver platter will make you.

Let's get two scoops deep into how the cheaters appear to be winning with their lies while the biggest losers so far are the people who told the truth, this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Ain't too proud to beg -- or sell out a friend, either

I hope Carter is taking notes on how Quinn treats her friends and loved ones. Quinn lies, cheats, and throws people, even friends, under the bus to stay on top. Hell, Quinn is the bus, and she will hit-and-run anyone in her way and perform a cover-up that would leave even Bill stunned. To get her way, she tried to kill Deacon, Liam, and Ivy. She probably did kill Ricardo. She uses Shauna as a pawn in her revenge schemes and as a decoy in her extramarital affair.

The pièce de résistance is the way Quinn used and discarded Zoe like the condom Quarter never had. Quinn befriended Zoe and put her up to tainting her sister's drink. Behind Zoe's back, Quinn then took the very man Quinn promised to help Zoe get back. When Zoe's sister found out about it, Quinn attempted to turn sister against sister by exposing Zoe for spiking Paris' drink -- the very prank Quinn put Zoe up to doing in the first place!

Wicked. Just wicked. I could almost appreciate its cunning if it wasn't so juvenile and hadn't been followed by Quinn's pathetic fall to her knees. Is Eric really all that to Quinn? If so, Carter should watch his back before he winds up getting played like she played Deacon. I wouldn't be surprised if Quinn tried to turn this whole thing around on Carter and accused Carter of sexual harassment or worse to save her skin and marriage.

Before you say that's too far-fetched, remember, this woman threw Deacon off a whole cliff to keep Liam. She would have happily left Wyatt forever to go on the run, so she could keep Liam. Eric is her new Liam. Eric is that wholesome man whose vision of a woman she could never live up to but with whom she found love and lies with anyway. Carter is her Bill or her Deacon, that man who ignites her unbridled passion but whom she'd sell out with an emailed selfie in bed or shove off a cliff if it suits her ambitions.

Quinn's approach to problem-solving mirrors Bill's, and they each manage to slither out of predicaments unscathed -- until they were asked to start following the truth-tellers, Carter and Liam, that is. Quinn refused to do it when Carter brought up outing themselves before Paris can. It's lies or friends under the bus for Quinn. Bill begrudgingly went with Liam and Hope, who believe in truth and justice for all except Bill, who must take the fall for his and Liam's coverup.

I wonder if the moral of these two tales is that cheaters and liars win, but the truth shall get you five to ten in the state penitentiary. Soon, we will learn who the truth sets free and who it convicts, and I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting for it.

God bless the child who's got his own

It's never good to be at someone else's mercy, but it's especially bad when your freedom is at stake. Bill is relearning the hard way a lesson he's known ever since his father wanted nothing to do with him. The lesson is not to depend upon anyone else for anything, not even his best friend and lawyer, Justin Barber.

Bill is puzzled by what's holding up his and Liam's case. In real life, murder suspects get bail. It's hefty, but they get it. And they get it in a timely manner because citizens have the right to speed during criminal prosecution. So, what happened to Bill and Liam's bail? Why is Justin slow-walking his boss's case?

I'll hand it to the writers. This was the first time in the story that they got me. I never expected Justin to fall out of line and leave Bill in the system. It became clear during a meeting between Wyatt, Bill, and Justin at the jail that Justin is disgruntled about something or enjoying something a little too much, and it's interfering with his ability to provide effective counsel.

Justin is either pissed off that Dollar Bill had Justin sell that car without telling the truth from the beginning, and now Justin's legal hands are tied -- or Justin is enjoying sitting in Bill's chair while Bill is locked up. It happened before while Bill recovered from a gunshot wound. Justin wouldn't hear of letting Wyatt run the company then, and Justin sure as heck isn't trying to hear it now when Bill ordered Justin to work on the case and Wyatt to run Spencer Publications.

I see why Justin views this as an unbeatable opportunity. He can leave Bill and Liam in jail, and Wyatt, who is too busy fixing Flo's bathtub, is no formidable opponent when it comes to a corporate battle. In fact, Bill probably wrote out some stipulation saying Liam would succeed him with Will as the other contingency should Liam be out of commission. If so, Will ain't old enough to play ball yet. All Justin has to do is let Bill and Liam get convicted, and Spencer will be Justin's before Wyatt can say "minivan."

What are your thoughts? Is Justin planning a corporate takeover, or did Liam and Bill bungle Justin's defense strategy with their confessions? And what did Justin mean when he said Wyatt didn't know the ins and outs of the business? Wyatt scoffed, but maybe it's true that Wyatt really doesn't know about all the shady deals Justin and Bill get up to.

I would be remiss if I did not say how handsome my man, Bill, looks in prison blue. But then again, Bill can fit in anywhere, and I can't wait to hear about his prison stories and how he had to protect sissy Liam while in the joint. I thought prison might toughen Liam up, but after the illogical crap he did this week, I want another DNA test run on Liam.

Liam cannot be both stupid and created from Dollar Bill's DNA; therefore, Liam can't be Bill's son. Bill's instincts are to survive and fight for his and his son's freedom. Liam's instincts are to panic and give his wife and kid away to the man he deemed the greatest threat to her and their family.

A favor from a Godfather turns Thomas into Cinderfella

"Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me..." -- Don Vito Corleone, The Godfather

Wouldn't you know it? That day came, and Liam, literally one of Douglas' godfathers, asked Thomas to do him a favor. Instead of becoming a goodfella, Thomas morphed into Cinderfella. He can sweep floors, wash windows, look after the kids, and he'll even learn how to mop if it so pleases Hope. Think Thomas is a simp? Maybe so, but he already got a hug, folks. It's only a matter of time before Hope is cringing before him in lingerie again.

Stepmama Brooke warned Hope not to take her stepbrother up on that offer because Thomas tends to lose his marbles, not his shoes, at the stroke of midnight. I said it in other scoops, and I repeat it here. Ridge tries too hard to convince Brooke of Thomas' change, but Ridge himself doesn't trust Thomas. And Ridge shouldn't trust Thomas because he's not right in the head. Anyone who talks like he's a one-man vigilante crew after his best friend's killer one minute but sides with the killer the next minute has to be crazy, doesn't he?

Or maybe this is "Best Friends Gone Wild Month," in which Justin, Shauna, and Thomas all do unexpected things when it comes to their best friends. Justin doesn't seem to want to advocate for Bill. Shauna would rather be honest with her daughter than lie for Quinn, and Thomas forgets to avenge his BFF's death when the killer hands Thomas' obsession to him on a platter.

Except Liam didn't realize he handed Hope over on a platter. It didn't occur to Liam what he'd done or how Thomas would interpret it until Wyatt told the knucklehead. Dude. How could you not know how Thomas would take it? Now Thomas has his grubby hands on your wife while you're carving marks in the wall to count your days in captivity.

Thomas moved quicker than a vampire whose victim just gave him permission to enter the home when the victim's wife is alone. It's a good thing Hope's brain is still firing on all cylinders. She told her mom she wouldn't let Thomas get any ideas. Thomas already has plenty of ideas and every one of them is obsessive. He can't think, he can't sketch, and he's willing to do anything -- even scrub floors -- just to be around her.

Ridge sees where this is going, and before he has to be the one to stake Thomas in the heart, Ridge should stop trying to convince Brooke that Thomas isn't a vampire and start putting some garlic around Hope's door before Brooke takes matters into her own cliff-shoving hands.

Or I could be wrong. Brooke might not have to. I debated with a soap buddy about whether this is turning into a redemption story for Thomas. I wasn't trying to hear it, but maybe she's right. This might be yet anotherredemption story for Thomas in which he somehow saves the day, frees Liam and Bill, and proves he has changed.

Other happenings around town

Give Finn the New Daddy award for the speech he gave Ridge about standing by Steffy and their family and taking care of Kelly. I'm happy someone is thinking about Kelly because her father sure hasn't been. The first time Liam said Kelly's name in a long while was when Steffy showed up at the jail, as if he suddenly remembered he had another child.

Steffy gets Whiner of the Week for acting like she's the wife having a nervous breakdown about Liam being in jail. She even wanted to get Liam another lawyer -- as if he doesn't have Hope for that. Steffy claimed she didn't want to leave the jail with Liam still in it. What was she going to do? Confess to swinging on her cousin with a tire iron, so she can be near her first baby daddy in jail?

Finn told Steffy that Liam's own family would take care of Liam. I think he meant Hope, not Steffy, but Steffy fretted about how Liam's situation would affect Steffy's family -- as if Steffy were in the same situation that Hope is. No, Steffy, you're not. Liam's not your man. Finn is. Finn will be your husband. Finn will be Kelly's stepfather, and you two together will help Kelly cope with not seeing her father. Hey, maybe ask Hope for advice, since her father was in prison when she grew up.

Liam's not worried about it. Kelly isn't crying for her daddy. Liam didn't even ask Steffy how Kelly was. According to Finn, Kelly is content without Liam, whom she hasn't seen in weeks. Steffy's the only one stressed. See it as a blessing, Steffy, and go do your life. You're not the one in jail.

And before anybody grumbles and gives me the side eye, answer this. Why isn't Steffy admiring her ring and looking at wedding settings like Zoe is? Why isn't Steffy ordering baby furniture? Get your own life, Steffy. Go plan your wedding. Go give birth.

Next, did you see the look Paris gave Zoe when Zoe asked about Paris and Zende's romance? Zoe apologized for flirting with him. Paris was probably thinking that Zoe needed to be sorry for landing Paris on the toilet all night and making her swear off her favorite smoothies.

Lastly, did anyone notice that Team Liam turned the police station into Grand Central Station? Jail isn't supposed to be a fun place where you see your friends every day. That's kindergarten. Jail life is nice to Liam. He gets a new outfit, a bed, visitors all day, and phone privileges. Maybe during arts and crafts, Liam can make Bill a homemade shank for Father's Day. Bill might need it if he has to take matters of his freedom into his own hands.

In a look ahead: Rumors and spoilers

I'm excited, Scoopers. The spoilers sound promising. In the near future, we will see a vows renewal, a corporate coup, a child's birth, Brooke's gift of karma to Quinn, a fistfight, some father-son bonding in prison, and a cage. Yes, folks, a cage.

The last time I remember a cage on B&B, I think Rick locked Bill in it. Or Bill locked Maya in it? Or both? Help me out if you remember. The time before that, I believe Sheila locked James in a cage in the Houdini House, which is Brooke's current house, right?

Paris finally decides what to do about Quinn. Was it really that hard? Quinn or your sister? Zoe must have been a real monster to Paris in the past for it to take this long.

Also, Thomas' "Hope haze" lifts long enough for him to get a clue and unblock Vinny from his phone, unraveling the mystery behind Vinny's death. Look for Joe Locicero (Vinny) to guest star as the story unfolds. Be warned: it's another text-message delayed, justice denied plot device.

When Thomas learns the truth, will he play Hope's hero and rescue her prince, or will he lie, hoping to go from her Cinderfella to her husband once Liam is convicted?

Let us know what you think of the week in the comments section below. I look forward to getting two scoops deep with you again soon. Until then, I hope your Father's Day weekend is bold and beautiful, baby!

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