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Brooke wanted a new job, and Paris got a new address, but Carter just wanted to hang onto not-so-new bedwarmer Quinn, even after promising Eric he'd let her go! Get entangled with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you suddenly decide you wanted half the job you used to have? Did being Mary Poppins for 2021 keep you from living out of your car? Was not even an electric fence enough to stop you from manhandling the one person you promised to stay away from? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Spencer-Walton-Buckingham-Fulton clan this week!

Break out the sunscreen, Scoopers! Things are blazing in L.A. as Carter walks a fine line between secret heat with Quinn and getting torched by Ridge and Eric. Did you ever think the upright attorney would lie so much to keep himself...upright? Meanwhile, what's with Brooke suddenly wanting to be co-CEO? And how is Paris' placement in Finn's home gonna mesh with his parents' arrival? Let's Scoop about it!

Legacy character

Once upon a time, in the Internet-was-just-starting-out '90s, Brooke Logan of Sherman Oaks, California, invented a treatment for fabrics that rendered wrinkles helpless in its wake. But when Forresters Stephanie, Eric, and Ridge tried to scheme their way into obtaining the rights to said treatment, Valley Girl Brooke turned the tables on them and took controlling interest of Forrester Creations, becoming its CEO.

Brooke ruled that fashion roost for quite some time. I think it was only in 2003 that she relinquished the CEO chair to...well, I don't remember. But Brooke must surely remember her time steering the ship, because, this week, she got a hankering to stand on the deck again, with Ridge at her side. Maybe I can't blame her. The idea of Thorsten Kaye in full pirate regalia is enough to make me want to walk the plank, too.

Anyway, Brooke was the only one who had much to do with fashion this week as she strutted her stuff for real-life celebrity photographer Ellen Von Unwerth in a variety of outfits. Ridge caught sight of Brooke's voguing, and it wasn't long before Ellen convinced him to strike a pose, as well. Ridge even spoke German in homage to Ellen's native country!

Ridge has never shown a propensity for languages except maybe Italian, but I'll let it slide because it was such a delight to hear Thorsten briefly converse in his own first tongue. As for Brooke, she had taken part in the photo shoot and its accompanying interview as a way of reaffirming her marriage to Ridge, since it had come through the machinations of Quinn and Shauna.

Thanks to the digital age, the article, and Ellen's photos, were posted pretty much before Ridge and Brooke even got upstairs. Brooke reiterated that it was all meant to illustrate their legacy. Did anyone else have flashbacks to 1998? I keep thinking of Brooke standing in her lingerie, purring to the paparazzi that "everything that is our legacy" had gone into the new Brooke's Bedroom line.

Brooke wasn't thinking about that, though. Especially when Ridge pointed out that the article had listed him and Brooke as Forrester's co-CEOs. Ridge thought Steffy, as his current co-CEO, wouldn't be happy to see that. Brooke then flipped the script on Ridge and asked what he thought about the idea of her taking Steffy's place! After all, Bridge had talked about Brooke having a more important role in the company.

I guess that was while Thomas was languishing in Justin's impromptu prison cell with nothing but his stinky black shirt for companionship. Brooke's request had me wondering, once again, what exactly it is she does at Forrester. Her job description has been exceptionally vague ever since she came back from her brief stint at Spencer Publications in 2016.

Ridge muddied the waters some more himself by saying that he ran the fashion house with Steffy "half a year." What, Steffy gets the chair January through June, and Ridge July through December? Eric later commented that Brooke hadn't been coming in as much, but when was the last time you saw Steffy conducting business in the office? Brooke is certainly on the clock officially more than Steffy is.

It was just kind of out of the blue, and I have to wonder what Brooke's motivation is. Despite Brooke's more prominent presence, I really don't want to see Steffy done out of a job. And yet...when Brooke suggested that she and Ridge could run Forrester "the way Eric and Stephanie did," I couldn't help but be intrigued. That'd be quite the full circle, wouldn't it? Ah, decisions, decisions.

A spoonful of sugar helps you make a move from town

Way out in a little town called Malibu, Finn and Steffy were still basking in the glow of baby Hayes. Ugh. I am just never going to be able to get past that name. I mean, in and of itself, it's a cool moniker, but it's a permanent reminder that, somewhere along the line, B&B forgot its own history, and one that could easily have been course corrected with our own comprehensive profile of Taylor (which I wrote myself, by the way.)

Soap Central reader Eva rightly commented in Chanel's column last week that the show blew their chance to rename Hayes with Steffy just wanting to make the child's middle name Forrester instead. But Finn was too blissed out to look into this history of his own son's name. While the exhausted new dad plopped on the couch with the equally pooped Steffy, Finn whipped out a ring and offered to marry her right there, with Hayes as a witness.

Is the idea of getting married with the scent of baby barf wafting in the air supposed to be romantic? At least Steffy was right when she pointed out that, as a baby, Hayes couldn't be considered a witness, but I think Finn was high on Pedialyte or something. He's been engaged to Steffy since March. Now, suddenly, he wants an instant couch potato wedding?

Maybe his equilibrium is just thrown off because he and Steffy have high-powered jobs, but all Finn does now is fold baby clothes, which is all Steffy used to do; they're perfect for each other. I will just have to chalk it up to paternity leave, I guess. At any rate, when Steffy suggested that Finn slow his roll, Finn immediately asked if it was because of Liam.

Fair question. Thankfully, Steffy's answer was a resounding "no," and she really seemed to mean it. I think Sinn is pretty solid. Steffy just wanted to do things right, beginning with finally meeting Finn's parents. Has this seriously not come up in the four months these guys have been engaged? But Finn turned green at the mention of his parents, which can't be good, especially with them coming to town.

Then, out of nowhere, Paris showed up. I was about to cry foul until it was established that she was there on foundation business, which is certainly plausible. Does this entity have a name? It's only ever referred to as "the foundation." (I think it's the Forrester Foundation, but even that doesn't make sense, as we don't really know what this thing does.) Paris got an earful about how wrecked Sinn was from parenting a newborn.

Oh, and as it turned out, Paris needed to move out of the crib she shared with Zoe, because Zoe let the lease run out. What, Zoe couldn't make sure her sister had a place to live before she skipped town? Zoe could totally have the lease signed over to Paris from overseas, as well. I think Hayes's baby formula must be contrivance flavored, because I can smell contrivance a mile away, and it assailed the hell out of my nostrils.

There was much oohing and aahing over Paris' perfection after she brought the fatigued Finn and Steffy fish tacos and after Paris was able to get Hayes to sleep, when his own parents couldn't, by singing as loud as she could. I will say it -- Diamond White has a hella good voice. But "Rockabye Baby"? Never understood that lullaby, anyway. Singing to one baby about another baby falling headlong out of a tree seems more nightmare-inducing than zzzzzs-inducing.

Well, you know where this was going. Finn and Steffy offered to have Paris stay with them immediately! I wondered where they'd have room, but I forgot there was an upstairs to the cliff house. Of course, Paris said yes, but only until she had found an apartment. She was glad to get out of the hotel she had been bunking in. I should say so. Staying in a hotel is way more expensive than renting an apartment.

L.A. being what it is, though, there's pretty much 20 applicants for each apartment, and even the smallest broom closet is not cheap. (I know; I tried to move back there five years ago, and house hunting was insane.) As I've mentioned before, with Zoe gone, Paris, as a character, is rather rudderless. I guess the show is fixing that by putting Paris in Sinn's orbit. The question I have is...why?

My eyebrow almost got stuck, it raised so high, when Steffy blithely told Paris, "What's mine is yours." Whoa! Paris may be painted as L.A.'s Mother Teresa, but I couldn't help feeling Steffy was accidentally paving the way for Paris to crush on Finn. Plus, Paris' dad stole a baby and farmed it out to Steffy. I don't know if I'd want Paris doting on my kid!

But the real intrigue is, how does Paris' stay at Casa Forrester-Finnegan factor into the imminent arrival of Jack and Li Finnegan, Finn's parents? There's gotta be a connection, but I'm not sure what it is. And that's just as well. I like that there's something brewing and it's not being foreshadowed seven ways to Sunday. "I feel like we're gonna have so many surprises this summer," Steffy cooed. Ya think?

Carter Walton gave good face(time)

With her divorce from Eric in its beginning phase, Quinn went over to Carter's to say goodbye to her trysted mister. And that would have been fine, except it led to two episodes of circular conversations. I'll summarize: "I want you/But it can't be/I know/But I want you." Rinse and repeat. Good thing the heat -- and unexpected softness -- between Quinn and Carter broke up such repetition.

Somewhere in the middle of this bouncing banter, Quarter got off track and on each other. Yep, they boofed, even though Carter had been given specific instructions from Eric to stay away from Eric's estranged wife. If, for Carter, staying away means checking Quinn's oil with his dipstick, then Carter had that down pat. But you know how some elderly folk are completely perplexed by technology?

Yeah, Eric ain't one of those. Wanting to floor the pedal on his divorce proceedings, Eric video called Carter, who was pretty much literally caught with his pants down. But if I recall correctly, you have to accept such a call before the video becomes active. Carter just picked up his phone and the feed was live instantly. Nice twist other than that, B&B.

Well, Eric was a right bitch to Carter, and I have to say, I kind of like Mean Eric. The patriarch is always so jovial, even with so much crap going on around him, that it's a refreshing contrast to see him exacting and gruff. But Ridge, who stood behind his dad as he barked orders, noticed Quinn's dress leisurely splayed on Carter's couch. Who did Carter have over there, Ridge wanted to know?

Now, come on, guys. Who do you think is over there? Ridge and Eric actually thought Carter had found a new woman already. Only Brooke, with her patented "mistake"-seeking vagina, had any inkling that no-no sex might be going on. Well, this near miss popped Quarter's bubble real quick. They couldn't keep bedding each other. Quinn declared to Carter that she wasn't worth it!

That Carter insisted Quinn was made for a great scene...the first time. Unfortunately, the subject of Quinn's worthiness and Carter's judgment of it came up three times this week. For a show that doesn't rerun, we sure get a lot of reruns. At any rate, Carter and Quinn hemmed and hawed so long that Eric wondered what was taking his divorce lawyer so long to get to Forrester.

Brooke, on the other hand, voiced her glee that they would finally have Quinn out of their lives for good. Hmm...where I have I heard that before...maybe the many times Stephanie crowed that Brooke was gone forever, only for Brooke to remain a thorn in her side? Brooke definitely channeled Stephanie in regard to Quinn this week. La Forrester would be proud.

One thing that struck me as odd was Brooke's disdainful claim that "Quinn's always had a roving eye." Um, not always. And the only other man Quinn's eye roved to during her marriage to Eric was Ridge, who was standing right there, and whom Brooke left for Bill after Ridge returned Quinn's roving! Equally odd was Ridge's statement to Eric: "You love this woman. Are you okay with this?"

Hasn't Ridge been as anxious to expunge Quinn from the Forrester family as anyone else? It was strange that he was almost advocating for her, albeit under the umbrella of being mindful of Eric's feelings. Eric was certain, however, and grunted to Carter that he wanted Quinn out of his life and out of his company. Starting with terminating Quinn's jewelry line!

I couldn't actually argue with that. Forrester did quite well for decades before Quinn came along with her baubles. But Carter didn't think Eric's decision was sound. Carter advised his client that the jewelry line made tens of millions of dollars every year -- revenue that would be cut by junking the line. Ridge agreed with Eric...but he also agreed with Carter. (Did Ridge break into Liam's old stash of waffling pills?)

Realizing he'd be throwing his former baby out with a bathtub of money, Eric relented and allowed the line to continue -- on the condition that Quinn work off-site and not come anywhere near the building. Carter found that acceptable and excused himself. Later, Brooke questioned Carter's intentions. Why save Quinn's line? She allowed that the loss of receivables may not be worth cutting Quinn out of the company, after all.

What I want to know is, like the '80s TV show, who's the boss? Eric unilaterally decided to jettison the jewelry line, but Steffy and Ridge are co-CEOs. Shouldn't that have been their call? Ridge backed Eric up by reminding Brooke that Eric was the boss. Well, yes, Eric's the owner and a major stockholder, but I don't see how that overrides the CEO position. Eric could have vetoed any number of Brooke's decisions when she was CEO if that were so. Oh, Forrester and its often-nonsensical power structure.

With survivor songs on auto-repeat

Wyatt sat with Felony Flo in an office that was the exact same as Bill's, only with his desk gone and a conference table in the middle. I know basically they're having Paris move in with Sinn so they don't have to dip into the budget for another set, and the same with repurposing Bill's office, but come on. We couldn't slap some temporary wallpaper on this different office to make it look different?

Wyatt seemed to call his mother over for the express purpose of giving her s**t about having slept with Carter and ruining her marriage to Eric. Sure, Wyatt needs a scene, but this felt out of character -- unless it's part of a development in Wyatt's personality. The Hope for the Future Diamond inheritor (whatever happened to that?) has channeled Bill by putting clients in their place twice now.

The parent-child role remained switched as Wyatt kept badgering Quinn to explain herself. Then Quinn got a call from Carter, and Wyatt suddenly demanded to know who was on the phone. Again, I feel like Wyatt overstepped. Sure, he knows his mom is the wrecking ball she accurately described herself to be, but he's awfully up in her business. Maybe Flo tied Wyatt's tie too tight. Does Flo even work anymore?

Continuing to take Wyatt's finger-pointing like a teenager about to be grounded, Quinn got a follow-up text and scurried out, conveniently forgetting to mention the message was from Carter. This left Flyatt alone in the office to speculate on Quinn's actions. Not to mention to have Flo tease Wyatt about Carter and his gorgeous gorgeousness.

I don't care how many body parts Flo donates -- she is still dead to me. Plus, Wyatt and Flo have also been engaged since March. No wedding for them, either? I'd say even the show doesn't have much confidence in them as a couple, but we'd have to say that about Sinn, as well. It's probably still not that safe to lens a big group wedding scene. Still, the less of Flo on my screen, the better.

Quinn entered Carter's loft, wearing giant sunglasses that did nothing to disguise her features; they just made her look like Mike Myers' character Linda Richman on SNL's Coffee Talk. Tawk amongst yerselves. Likewise, Quinn had parked two blocks away to keep anyone from making the connection as to her whereabouts. Naturally, in Los Angeles, you're lucky to find a parking spot only two blocks away from anywhere, but I digress.

Quinn was dismayed when Carter told her about Eric wanting to eighty-six her jewelry line, but after Carter explained how he'd used his lawyer skills to convince Eric to keep it, Quinn was 100 percent glad. She rushed into Carter's arms...or started to, as she caught herself and backed away. And then Quinn asked the operative question. Wasn't Carter risking exposure by saving Quinn's line?

Carter didn't seem to care whether or not he had. He had never felt like this before! Ooh, I'm glad Maya isn't around anymore to hear that. Not that we even know where Maya is. Could she be getting free bread sticks at Il Giardino from Sheila, another character who disappeared with no explanation? Now...what was I saying about digressing?

Quinn did end up thanking Carter with a kiss, and then revealed she had walked into every relationship she'd had, armed for battle. With Carter, she was ready to lay down her sword! I know they didn't intend to make me think of the giant sword Quinn made to skewer Liam with, but I immediately remembered that scene. Forget the jewelry line; Quinn could make a fortune selling giant swords to medieval reenactment groups.

Carter then proved his favorite band is Survivor, because in relation to his relations with Quinn, he asked the titular question of the band's 1986 hit. Is this love? Was it lust? And that query is very apt. I've been saying all along that what Quarter has is not romance. I think it's only right that there was enough self-awareness to have Carter questioning it, as well.

Quinn decided it didn't matter how they defined what was going on between them. "I think it's just us," she told Carter, and before long, they were boffing again. Dang, Quarter must be sponsored by the Energizer Bunny, because they just keep going and going and going...! Again, it's the natural chemistry between Rena Sofer and Lawrence Saint-Victor that's propelling this whole thing and making it infinitely watchable.

How would you define Quarter, Scoopers? Is it just a lustful fling, or is there something between them that could eventually develop into a real relationship? Will it matter when Eric inevitably finds out they're still hot and heavy? How do you think Paris moving in with Finn and Steffy will tie in to the arrival of Finn's parents? And why do you think Brooke suddenly wants do Steffy out of the co-CEO position? Tell the truth in the Comments section below or the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column! Like this one!

"Who else had a portrait in Eric's living room? I remember Stephanie, then that hideous one of Maya when she and Rick were ruling the roost there. That was replaced by Stephanie again, and then Quinn...did Brooke have one, too? Maybe it was a long time ago and I don't remember? Pretty sure Sheila never had a portrait, but I could be wrong...now that Quinn has gotten the boot, I wish they could get Alley Mills to come back, at least temporarily, so [Pam] can finally have the wedding with Charlie that she has always wanted, but Quinn refused to allow. Forrester mansion under Stephanie's portrait...that picture must still be around someplace, put it back up and give the fans the Pharlie wedding we've been [wanting]." -- Christine

No, Christine, neither Brooke nor Sheila had a portrait hanging in the Forrester mansion. I do not hesitate to add that portraits didn't even become a thing until after Stephanie died in 2012! Until then, there had only been a mirror in that spot for 25 years. Eric only had the portrait commissioned as a tribute to the Gangsta Granny herself (no disrespect, but I hated that pose). And it's true the revolving portraits became overused plot devices. At this point, either there should be no more portraits, or Eric should just put one up of himself like Jock Ewing did at Southfork on Dallas and Jason Colby did on The Colbys!

By the way, wasn't it wonderful to go a whole week without Liam, Hope, or Thomas? No shade on Scott Clifton, Annika Noelle, or Matthew Atkinson, because they're all wonderful performers, but it's really easy to burn out on their characters because they're on so much. B&B would be wise to keep with its current vibe and give that trio a rest for a while before plunging them into a new tale!

The ground is shifting under B&B's L.A., and Finn's parents are almost here, meaning we should finally get a backstory for Finn! So, keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. And for soap's sake, get vaccinated! Because protecting yourselves and others from a virus and its variants is always beautiful.

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