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This week, Steffy won the mama's boy battle, but Sheila intends to wage the mother of all wars. Will Sheila use Finn's number one fan, Paris, to disrupt Steffy's happy home? Or even worse, Steffy's kryptonite, Liam? Eric is getting on viewers' last ED nerve by approaching Carter on Quinn's behalf with an indecent proposal. Has Eric even considered the idea that he might be the odd man out if Quinn and Carter don't want to share?

Welcome back, Scoopers. I had a game plan. I knew what I'd scoop about up until about two in the afternoon on Friday when Eric invited Carter on his date with Quinn and practically asked Carter to cuckold him with his wife. I scrunched my face up harder than Steffy did at Sheila drinking water and tossed my thoughts in the trash to begin anew. I'm still holding out hope that Eric is faking, because the alternative is vomitus. It doesn't seem that he's thought through the ramifications of his pending request, pardon the pun.

Not only did Eric's move stun us, but Steffy's mama's boy was full of surprises, too. Finn sided with Steffy, leaving Sheila alone, holding her discharge papers. Paris did her best impression of a wedge as she validated his feelings about Sheila and made Steffy look unreasonable. But, of course, Paris doesn't mean to butt in and cause contention, right?

Way to be strong, Finn! He shut Sheila down again, and she vowed to worm her way into his life -- again. Her cauldron of tricks is about to run dry, so where will she turn for a new way in with Finn? My guess is the woman we just spoke about -- Finn's overzealous admirer, Paris. Or maybe Sheila will find help from Steffy's old Achilles heel, Liam.

Meanwhile, I'm still puzzling about Eric's indecent proposal. Will Carter and Quinn even still want each other if the passion is no longer forbidden? Should Quinn be offended by Eric continuously dictating the direction of her life instead of allowing her to decide what happens to her marriage vows and sex life going forward? Is there any hope that Donna can pour a little honey on it and make it all better for Eric, even if Quinn can't? Let's get two scoops deep into what it could mean for Quarter.

Is cuckold too bold for daytime?

We've speculated that either Eric was faking ED or he'd invite Carter into an open marriage. There's still a slim chance Eric might be faking just to see if Quinn will be faithful, but chances are that he's about turn his mansion into a sex station where Quinn can get a fill-up on pump Carter. Dozens of questions come to mind about how this scenario would even work -- if Quinn and Carter even desire it.

It's one thing to have an exciting, forbidden affair and quite another for Quinn and Carter to rock out upstairs while Eric plays classical piano in the living room. Maybe it's a situation where Quinn texts Eric that she won't be home because it's Carter night. Or will Carter and Eric meet at the end of a workday to figure out who's taking Quinn home? Because these men obviously don't let Quinn make her own choices. How would Carter and Eric divide Quinn's time between them, and what if Carter doesn't want to share?

Also, who's getting treated like a piece of meat here? Quinn or Carter? Some viewers are offended that Eric is turning his African American employee into a slave, a sex slave to be exact, but on the other side of the coin, isn't Eric pimping out Quinn? Eric is confusing me because, at one moment, he orders Carter to stay away from Quinn, and the next, he might be proposing that Carter do the very thing Eric wanted to fire him for. The sexual harassment case is unbelievable here, as is Eric's gall to unilaterally decide that he'll get Quinn for romantic moments by the fire, and Carter will get her up against the wall, on the table, bent over the sofa, and in the steam room. How can they ever even look each other in the face at the office again? I don't know how they can now, really. It's almost as if this should be the point that Quinn and Carter's affair starts instead of months back.

Speaking of the steam room, you know this is gonna get out at Forrester. The tabloids will have piles of cameras around their office and homes to get some footage of this. Did Eric think this would be some quiet little game just between the three of them? Once Paris knows, they'll all know, and the employees will gear up for a video payday.

Carter and Quinn claim to be in love. Will they divulge this detail to Eric now that he's being honest with them? Eric mentioned that Quinn can only get certain things through "making love," so is Eric okay with Quinn being in love with both men? And what about Carter? Is he okay with that?Will he forgo a family of his own to service Quinn straight into menopause, when she might not care as much about sex anymore? Seems unfair to Carter.

It's unfair to Quinn, too. In my view, Quinn chose Eric over Carter because Eric is who Quinn wants to be with. Ironically, Quinn now believes in her wedding vow of "for better or worse." Eric is disrespecting her choice to be with him for better or worse. He claims to always be thinking of her needs, but if he proposes this arrangement, he'll be completely disregarding her vow to stand by him through this time and help him heal. He's essentially shutting down any hope of a sex life between them ever again. Quinn's been a lying, cheating wench, but with her renewed vow to stand by Eric no matter what, shouldn't she have the right to try to work on her and Eric's sex problems first before she gives up (again)?

Here's what a few viewers posting on our message board think about this:

"Why doesn't Eric just go to a male escort service? This is really quite demeaning to have the corporate attorney servicing your wife...Is Quinn going to yell out 'Take me Mandingo'? The writers have no idea just how tacky and racist this is." -- nykarenb

"It just doesn't feel 'like classic bold' and I really don't like it... Adios." -- Nikki7447xoxo

"Quinn and Carter have feelings for each other...Asking Carter to provide stud service for his wife is despicable." --RedheadTeacher

"This is ridiculous and offensive. I would rather see the storyline continue where Quinn keeps her word and supports Eric as he goes through this condition. He is making Quinn and Carter feel like objects..." -- afinebalance

"If Eric truly loved Quinn, he would let her go, but now it seems like he wants to control and emotionally manipulate her." -- Cashew

"Eric still doesn't get that there is love, affection and sex, and they are not the same. He is pretty much asking his wife to betray him." -- B-Hold

B-Hold, I think Eric gets it. It's just not clear right now if he knows that Quinn and Carter are in love and if that will ultimately squeeze Eric out of the picture. I wonder if Eric would ever suggest this if he knew Quinn and Carter had never stopped carrying on.

Nikki7447xoxo, you're right. It is bold, but it's not "classic Bold." The show usually guides its characters by a certain set of moral standards. Some characters fall woefully short of those standards, but still, the standards are there for guidance and redemption. We'll soon see if the audience accepts or rejects the departure from the show's inherent views of what constitutes a marriage.

I have no idea what put this polyamory idea in Eric's head, but he has been waffling more than Liam these days. First, Eric throws Quinn out, then he wants her back, and now he wants her to do the Hokey-Pokey and let Carter turn her out. The question is -- how will Carter and Quinn react to the proposition? Once it gets started, does he think he can control how it goes down? And what kind of looks will Shauna, Ridge, and Brooke have on their faces when they hear about it? The anticipation is worth the nausea.

Getting to the heart emoji of the problem

This week, Steffy was in a heart emoji conundrum, and I hope it showed her how Hope felt to see "XOXO" symbols in Steffy's text to Liam back in the day. I'm just saying...

Steffy had quite a stressful last few days. Twice now, her trifling hear-no-evil/see-no-evil security guards failed to halt evil from trespassing on her grounds. The courts still have not bothered to give her an emergency restraining order, and she just found out that unlocked patio doors are no deterrent to Sheila. Imagine that.

Steffy almost had to write her mama's boy hubby off as a lost cause, but at the last minute, Finn upheld Steffy's wishes regarding Sheila. Unfortunately, it wasn't before he surpassed the birth portal stage. He is now calling Sheila "mom" and calling Li -- well, Li. Steffy had better pay attention to it because it shows that, even though Finn is resisting, Sheila continues to make inroads, and he's very vulnerable to manipulation.

Finn's naivety will come in handy when Sheila starts burrowing the next tunnel into his life. She can't come at the family directly anymore, so I suspect she'll have to use others to get to Finn for her. The first person who pops to mind is Finn's biggest fan, Paris.

Paris is crushing on Finn so hard that Zende can even see it. She lied to everyone at work about where she was going and rushed to Finn's side to support him faster than Quinn's elixir rushed Paris to a toilet. What a friend Steffy has in Paris, who supports Steffy's husband behind Steffy's back. Glad Steffy never made her a bridesmaid.

Sheila could use a grunt like Paris, who loves putting her nose in things and offering her nonprofessional opinion. I can see Sheila using Paris to undermine Steffy as a mother to get Steffy's kids taken from her -- kind of like when Stephanie set out to take Brooke's kids. Sheila might encourage Paris' crush on Finn like Sheila did when she attempted to get her first Forrester grandchild from Mary and Rick.

Going in for the kill, Sheila could bring Steffy's kryptonite, Liam, into the picture. All it takes for Steffy to spread for him is a little stress, a dash of vulnerability, and a couple of shots of tequila. I'm not saying they'd cheat, but they did do it before. Sheila merely needs to give Finn the impression of cheating to stir up a hornet's nest of marital problems for Sinn. The only other ace in Sheila's pocket that we know of is her knowledge of who Finn's father is. How would she use that to destroy Steffy?

Here are some viewers' theories about the next chapter of the Sheila/Steffy saga:

"I think she is going to get Paris to seduce Finn. Then she may try to drug Steffy when she learns about Steffy's recent battle with drug addiction." -- joncharmed93

"Finn may be putting her first now, but he has no comprehension of how much of a bigger target he put on Steffy's back with how he got to now..." -- Sunspots

"Finn is so namby pamby he can't say no and mean it. We saw a hint of this with how quickly he rugswept Steffy's infidelity. The man lacks backbone. But here we're seeing a complete character collapse." -- bluejazz

I hadn't thought of Sheila drugging Steffy, but it would fall in line with the storyline where Brooke fell asleep in the car, and R.J. and Hope set fire to the house. Maybe Sheila will attempt to get Steffy back on drugs, have Steffy declared an unfit mother, and make the situation ripe for Sheila to move in to help Finn with Hayes.

In a look ahead: Finn wants his mommy

According to spoilers, Steffy remains determined to keep her family safe from Sheila. Let me guess -- the courts are still no help, and her guards are still deaf, dumb, and blind. Paris continues to support Finn's desire to know Sheila. After interrupting a passionate moment between the newlyweds, Paris fantasizes about Finn. Zende had better watch out because it looks like Paris is about to "Zoe" him for the likes of Finn.

The Logan sisters have a family meeting. Katie will update her sisters about Bill, and Donna will continue to drone on about her feelings for Eric. Donna needs to stop talking about it and start being about it. She might be the only one who can save Eric from a life of humiliating cuckold and ED. Wouldn't it be something if Donna could cure Eric of his ED? I believe it's true what they say -- a little drop of honey goes a long way!

While we wait for Donna to work up the nerve to talk to Eric, Quinn and Carter fight their feelings. I'm guessing that means they tell Eric no way, Jose. I wonder who turns Eric down -- Carter, Quinn, or both. I suspect that they'll change their minds, and Eric will find them in the throes of passion without his permission. Enter Donna and her honey bottle.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Is the new story arc too racy for daytime? Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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