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The Forresters just had the most thankful holiday of the year, but now it's back to bickering and marital interference. Get the two scoops on how Hope, Brooke, Steffy, Liam, and Ridge are right but wrong at the same time. If they heed our columnist's advice, there's still hope that they can be singing carols together around Eric's piano by Christmas Day on The Bold and the Beautiful.

After a nice Thanksgiving at Brooke's house, I thought all the fighting had finally ended. Perhaps it was the bad eating posture around the living room that gave our faves more indigestion than we can shake a Pepto bottle at, resulting in nosiness, heartbreak, indecision, upset feelings, and verbal diarrhea. It was a week full of arguments, bickering, and inappropriateness that left the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future throwing their hands up in frustration.

That leaves the job to me to set these families straight. I'll skip telling you how arrogant Ridge is, how hypocritical Steffy and Liam are, how spoiled Hope is, and how nave Brooke is, because, in the end, they're all right. They each have the family's best interest in mind, even if they are too self-centered to make it work. Instead, I will serve up some advice to these folks on how to get along -- for the sake of Ridge's sanity, of course. Plus, we'll get two scoops deep into the Cartie fake-out. Is Carter and Katie's relationship just a tease? Let's scoop!

Butt the hell out of my marriage. No, seriously, butt out!

I stole this bit of advice from the marriage-meddler herself, Steffy. Recently, Steffy minced no words when she permitted Hope to have a relationship with Deacon as long as Hoped stayed out of Steffy's marriage. This was excellent advice. Unfortunately, Steffy then proceeded to interfere in Hope's marriage and her relationship with Deacon. Hope asked Steffy to take her own advice and butt out of Hope's marriage, but Steffy denied interfering.

What I want to know is, if Steffy wasn't interfering in Hope's marriage, why did Steffy tell Liam, "I don't mean to put you in a difficult position between Hope and me." I figure that if you have to say you don't mean to do it, then you know you're doing it, and you need to cut it out. Yes, Steffy, you're sticking your nose in Hope's marriage, and you need to stop it. While you're at it, there's one more marriage you ought to butt out of, too -- your father's.

Ridge didn't need Steffy hinting to him that Brooke might be catching feelings for Deacon. Steffy practically got Hope thrown out of the cabin with that one, which is the ultimate meddling in Hope's marriage, if you ask me. Steffy derided Hope for wanting her family together, but something tells me that Steffy will be singing that very tune when Taylor returns.

If you want to have peace, doves, and eggnog for Christmas, Steffy, I suggest you mind your own damn marriage and leave Liam and Ridge's marriages to them to handle.

Stop doing the very thing you know hurts your wife the most

This bit of advice goes out to Liam and Ridge, but I'll start with Liam. After he and Hope argued in front of Steffy, Liam told Hope, "I know that it upset you when you walked in on Steffy and me talking about Deacon. I know that."

If you know that, Liam, then my advice for you is simple. Stop doing that! I thought after your oopsie sex with Steffy last year, you learned your lesson about going to her when you have issues with Hope. Steffy was not the one standing there by you when you were in jail without the bail, so I suggest you stop inserting Steffy into your marriage. Steffy will not be by your side when you are in the doghouse with your wife. You'd better recognize how small your picture is on her wall. She has her own man and family. Don't let her mess up yours.

When Hope walked out on Liam and Steffy, that should have been Liam's clue to go home and talk to his wife in private. But what did Liam do? Sat right back down at that table to continue doing the thing he knows hurt her the most -- talk about her behind her back to Steffy. Steffy told Liam that she should have let them talk in private. No, you don't run the show, Steffy. Liam should have figured that out himself and taken his wife out of there.

Oh, and by the way, Liam, talking about yourself and Steffy like a unit, saying things like, "That's what scares us," is probably a bad move, too. Hope is the other part of your "us," not Steffy.

Next, there's Ridge, the man who cannot seem to stop bringing up the worst shame of his wife's life. If Ridge can't ever let Brooke live down what she did to Bridget, just imagine Eric's lot. Ridge will be bringing up Eric's cuckold failures from here to the grave.

Let it go, Ridge. You weren't even married to Brooke at the time. Plus, you and Bridget had your own worst shame when you contemplated hooking up with Bridget after you learned she wasn't your sister. How could you do that to Bridget? Go from her dad to her brother to her suitor? Would you like Brooke to keep bringing that up? I think not. So, I suggest you stop bringing it up in a negative light, especially since it gave Brooke her daughter Hope.

Stop throwing people out of houses you do not own

The last time I checked, Ridge doesn't own any real estate, yet he continuously throws people and their guests out of their houses. I didn't say anything when it was Quinn -- and that's because I was pissed at Quinn and wanted her gone -- but, seriously, who did Ridge think he was to try to throw Quinn out of her own house? Next, he laid hands on Deacon to throw him out of Hope's cabin. But the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie is Ridge telling Hope to get her husband, get her kids, and get out of the cabin!

This is wrong seven ways to Sunday. Where do I begin? Granted, Hope was a spoiled idiot, giving her mom that ultimatum about moving out in the first place; however, she gave it to her mom, the owner of the property. Her mom did not want her to go, and they dropped it. Her mom expressed to Ridge how badly she did not want Hope to take the kids and go. So, how dare Ridge tell Hope to leave without even talking to Brooke first?

Ridge is an arrogant jerk like this because Stephanie never let Eric discipline Ridge as a child. That has to be it. Ridge has no home training. He's completely barbaric, and that's why, even when he's right, he winds up being all wrong.

Ridge is the king of his castle, and he does have a right to say who can and who cannot be there. He is correct that Hope is a grown woman, and she needs to go if she can't abide by the rules. But throwing his grandkids out to be at Deacon's mercy proves that Ridge doesn't give a damn if Deacon is around those kids. It doesn't solve Steffy's problem of Deacon going around Kelly or Hayes, either. It doesn't help Liam, whom Ridge partnered with to protect Hope and Brooke. All it does is show how self-centered and insecure Ridge is about Deacon.

What goes around comes around, and I advise Ridge to stop throwing people out all the time before he finds himself, along with all his stuff, on the curb this Christmas. And, Ridge, don't think Eric's gonna let you live on his property after how you treated Quinn.

If you are there for Hope, stop making passes at her mama

Just when I was comfortable in my decision to give Deacon a chance, the sleazebag in him shows up and says, "Hold my beer." I was giving Deacon time to find a job. I excused him living with Sheila because he's cash strapped. I was even looking past him having a beer or two because he seemed to be handling his liquor. But I draw the line at Deacon's disgusting pickup lines to Brooke. In fact, I hope that if she was warming up to him before, his sickening grin and inappropriate sexual innuendos left her blistering cold.

Brooke says she doesn't have any feelings for Deacon, and I hope that's true. I think she's right to promote a relationship between Deacon and Hope, but she's dead wrong to let Hope's threat to move out cause her to suck it up and take Deacon's sexual harassment. Deacon claimed he didn't want to cause trouble for Brooke's marriage or for Hope, but the moment Brooke gives him permission to be on the property, he proves he's still hung up on sex with her. That's foul, and it makes Ridge, Liam, and Steffy right about Deacon.

If you ask me, by hitting on Brooke, Deacon forfeits his relationship with Hope. I advise Brooke to tell Hope immediately that Deacon has not changed. Deacon has not learned to respect marriages, and Brooke cannot have Deacon around her house because of that. I would be beyond disappointed if, after all Brooke has been through, and for the ways she's grown, she would drag herself back into that reprehensible place with Deacon again.

Liam, Ridge, Hope, Brooke, and Steffy are all right in their own ways. The problem is that they're also set in their own ways, which prevents them from acting in concert as a family against perceived threats. Up next, though, is a character who happens to be doing some self-reflecting. While that introspection might cause him to be alone under the mistletoe this year, maybe it can lead to him one day having the relationship everyone thinks he deserves.

Is Cartie over before it begins?

Was it just me, or did anyone else hear the air seeping out of the Katie and Carter romance the moment Katie dropped her lunch date with Carter to meet Bill, who'd inconsiderately scheduled her on a video call with Will without her knowledge? It would seem that Will's desires might cost Katie yet another man, like they cost her Thorne and Wyatt. Or maybe it's Katie and her own choices that might cost her a chance with the sexiest man in L.A.

Will probably would have been disappointed if Katie hadn't been on the call, but Will is mature enough to go away to school. That means he's mature enough to understand if his mom can't make a video call in the middle of the day. If Katie hadn't shown up, it would have taught Bill a lesson about being inconsiderate of her time.

Katie claimed that it was good for Will to see his parents together, but I think the opposite is true. If she is done with Bill and ready to move on, then Will needs to get used to seeing Katie and Bill apart. Katie running at Bill's beck and call proves she isn't done with Bill just yet.

I think Carter realized that Katie might still be caught up in Bill, and it caused Carter to look inside himself and question if he was yet again falling for an unavailable woman. Yes, Carter, I even tried to tell you that a couple of columns back! But look out, because you're heading off another unavailable cliff by making goo-goo eyes at Paris. Just saying.

What do you think? Is there a Katie and Carter romance in the works, or was it just a tease? Could Katie be on her way back to Dollar Bill? Do you like the Paris and Carter pairing, or, like me, do you think Carter is still getting it wrong and going after yet another unavailable woman?

In a look ahead: A family divided

Ridge's ultimatum reaches Brooke, and his children rally around him. Deacon is hopeful about his future with Brooke and Hope, and Sheila's envy of him turns bitter. Taylor returns with a clear head and a purpose. I wonder if that's a clear head or clear liquor. We'll see.

We'd love for you to give us your thoughts of the week in our comments section below. Until we scoop again, I hope your holiday season is merry and bright. And may all your Christmas gifts be bold and beautiful, baby!

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