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B&B's plots are unfolding like summer blockbuster movies. Finn is either trapped in Misery, Mommy Dearest, The Exorcist, or all three at once, but has Sheila met her match in her own son? Ridge just can't quit Brooke, and maybe Quinn should follow Brooke's lead in dealing with her man's exes. Or maybe Quinn needs counseling from Taylor, who ain't wasting time whining about why Ridge picked a Logan over her. Let's scoop!

Relationship semantics. Are these couples committed or what?

What's with these new relationship phrases floating around Los Angeles? Ridge and Brooke are "living in the moment," and Quinn told Wyatt that she and Carter are "taking it as it comes." What does that even mean? This must be what happens when one person in a coupling pledges his heart to one home while his mind is still in another.

Ridge returned home to Brooke because he just can't quit his Logan, but he's consumed with worry about the vulnerable Taylor. Quinn claims she's lucky to get to spend her life with the six-packing-sporting COO, but if so, why is she so peeved that Eric picked Donna over her?

Will Bridge actually reunite? I thought they had reunited when he asked if he could come home, but during the discussion at Brooke's party, it didn't sound like a done deal. Similar to what Deacon said to Taylor, the guests believed Ridge moving home was "one step closer" to reconciliation. Well, how many steps does it take for a soap couple to call it back on?

I don't prefer this new hedge-one's-bets type of romance. Wyatt didn't, either, and he asked his mother for more clarification about what "starting things up again" between Carter and her meant. It would have been the perfect time for Quinn to divert to questioning when Wyatt and Flo will get married, but instead, Quinn described things between her and Carter as being just as open and unplanned as Paris had wanted things to be between her and Zende.

Given that Quinn told Wyatt that she and Carter aren't labeling anything, I'm starting to question her commitment to Carter, and I wonder if he'll ever get what he truly wants -- which is to be a husband "in the worst way." Quinn might be happy to have the "option" to spend her life with Carter, but will she? Is Quinn capable of giving Carter the things he'd wanted so badly that he was willing to marry Paris to get?

Quinn, Girl, you're worried about the wrong thing!

Another thing that makes me question Quinn's commitment to Carter -- besides her carefree approach to his happily ever after -- is that Quinn slipped back into her old, vengeful habits as easily as she slinked back into her evil-leather wardrobe. It looks like she is starting to show Carter the real, unmarried her instead of the woman tamed by years with Eric.

Carter got a glimpse of the old Quinn when he caught the tail end of her belittling Donna for "stealing" Eric. I don't get Quinn's obsession with Donna, honey, or the fact that Eric left her for Donna. As Deacon told Taylor about Brooke and Ridge, one could see it coming. Likewise, Quinn saw it coming. It was the reason she'd gotten Donna fired; however, Quinn was na´ve to think Eric would give up the woman who'd given him his first rise in months.

Quinn's notion that Eric humiliated Quinn with this affair proves that karma is a hard pill for Quinn to swallow. If you ask me, Quinn is worried about the wrong thing. She's the only person I know who walked away from a swap meet pissed. Isn't the goal to swap something you don't want out for something you do want? Quinn wanted Carter, and Eric wanted Donna. Quinn just can't stand the fact that Donna is Eric's idea of trading up, and Quinn lost to a Logan.

Taylor advised Deacon to take the word "loser" out of his vocabulary, but I suggest Quinn put it back in hers. It apparently disappeared along with her ability to lose as gracefully as Deacon and Taylor are doing. And it wouldn't hurt Quinn to follow Brooke's lead, either, and show a little concern and humility when it comes to the "other woman." In other words, be a gracious winner.

Notice that Brooke validates all of Ridge's feelings for Taylor. Brooke not only gets his need to "protect" the other woman, but she also encourages it. Why? Because Ridge is going to do it, anyway, and Brooke will look like the villain if she doesn't let him.

By supporting Ridge's infatuation with Taylor, Brooke comes off as a winner who cares about who and what her man cares about it. Even if it's BS, she knows how to say what he wants to hear and what she needs to say to keep him around. Unlike Quinn, Brooke got rid of her cheating problem in the first place when she barred Deacon from the house. The move might have saved her marriage. I agree with Taylor; it was well played.

That's what Quinn should have done when Donna got a honey rise out of Eric last year. Maybe if mean girl Quinn hadn't run Donna off and had instead encouraged the relationship, Eric could have gotten his mojo back with his wife, which is what Quinn had wanted all along and why she'd chosen Eric over Carter. Or maybe if Quinn had gotten rid of Carter, her cheating problem in the first place, she'd still have her marriage to Eric.

Make no mistake, Quinn might love Carter, but she wants her cake and to be married to Eric, too. If she didn't, she would be happy for Eric because he has what he wants in Donna. It's not that hard. Deacon and Taylor are choosing the high road with Brooke and Ridge.

Quinn, instead, keeps asking why Eric chose Donna over her, indicating that Quinn would have stayed if Eric had chosen Quinn instead. And where would that have left Carter? On a dull honeymoon with Paris, thinking about Quinn, who preferred a sexless marriage to him.

Even more pathetic than Quinn's sulking about Eric not choosing her was that doormat Carter saw it as a turn-on rather than a slap in the face. She should be ecstatic that Carter chose her, not worried about why Eric didn't. Truth be told, Quinn didn't choose Carter. She's with Carter by default because Eric no longer desires her.

A doormat is one thing Taylor stopped being the moment she heard Ridge say he was now living in the moment with Brooke instead of Taylor. But is Taylor taking the "L" out of Deacon's "loser" and turning it into love, or is she using Deacon to get Ridge's attention?

The doctor is in, but just who's counseling whom?

For once, Taylor is psychoanalyzing someone, and I'm okay with it. In fact, I think I'm digging on Taylor and Deacon. But is this the start of something meaningful or just a revenge romance?

Before I get into it, I have to say one thing. Taylor needs to get her shoes off the bar stools at the high-end restaurant. The place was probably empty because people walked out upon seeing Taylor using the bar as a couch -- well, that and because of the crime scene tape in the back. The Taylor of old was batty but way too classy to put her feet up at a restaurant. There. I said it. And I like Deacon and Taylor. There. I said that, too.

Deacon always makes me swoon, but when he grinned his way into Taylor's office, saying he couldn't stop thinking about her, I felt Taylor was being courted and desired, something sorely lacking with Ridge. If I was Taylor, I'd be like, "Cancel all my appointments for the rest of the day." To which Deacon would reply, "Baby, I am all of your appointments for the rest of the day."

Okay, my fantasies aside, I like it because Taylor was nice to Deacon and listened to his feelings, consoling him while consoling herself. I think she can get over Ridge if she's helping someone else get over a heartache at the same time. If she wants to get over Ridge, that is. When she remarked to Deacon that Brooke hadn't kissed him for nothing, I kind of got the vibe that Taylor might be revving Deacon up to cause friction in the Bridge reunion -- did you?

If Taylor wants Ridge, hooking up with Deacon is the best way to get Ridge's full attention, besides hooking up with Bill. I just wonder what will happen between Ridge and Taylor the next time Ridge calls Deacon a loser.

It was the highlight of my day when Taylor thanked Deacon for saving Steffy's life. The only thing I didn't get about their exchanges was Taylor's belief that Deacon ever had a chance with Brooke. Since Deacon came to town, Brooke never gave him any indication that she wanted him. It's probably why Deacon had seen the Bridge reunion coming and also why he said his relationship with Brooke had been all in his head.

Taylor, on the other hand, knew better, but Ridge led her on, only to tell Brooke that the conversation with Taylor had been "necessary." I guess it was needed after he'd kissed Taylor and turned Brooke away to slurp noodles with Taylor. However, Ridge had the gall to add, "We have so much to look forward to. Taylor, she doesn't have that. It's a tough place to be." I hate to be the one to tell Ridge, but I suspect Deacon will give Taylor something to look forward to.

If the bed's a-rocking, please come a-knocking! (In other words, help!)

Last week, Sheila had me on edge, wondering if she'd hobble Finn, hit him with wire hangers, or try to exorcize the "Steffy" right out of him. Judging by the redness around his eyes, he had to be possessed with something, and I think that something was the desire to whip his crazy mother's butt and find Steffy and Haze. Finn would have done it, too, had it not been for that spinal injury Mommy Dearest accidentally inflicted upon him. When Finn invoked the "C" word, I thought Sheila might kill him on purpose this time.

By "C" word, I mean "crazy." There are three words you can't use on Sheila: no, bitch, and crazy. She doesn't do well with any of those words. Finn seemed to be convincing and was winning her over, but when he told her what he really thought, it was lights out for Finn.

To be fair, I would have called Sheila crazy, too, if she rocked my footboard like a hurricane and refused to call my wife or let me use a proper toilet. Sheila urged Finn to trust her because the hospital had left him for dead. No, Sheila, that was you. You left him for dead in an alley on a bag of trash, and you need to thank Deacon yourself for him getting there in time.

When Finn informed Sheila that it was cruel to let Steffy think he was dead when he wasn't, Sheila said it was cruel to give Steffy hope, only for him to die. Was Sheila saying what I thought she was saying? Because that sounded like a low-key threat. That sounded like that old parental saying, "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out." Is Sheila capable of killing her child on purpose to preserve herself?

Yes, Sheila did shoot Finn, but as he keeps pointing out, she'd been aiming at his wife, not him. Sheila wanted to jump off a roof because she believed she killed Finn. Could Sheila's love for her son be the thing Finn can use against her to escape, knowing she'd never hurt him on purpose, or will we soon learn that if her back is against the wall, Sheila would really kill her own child?

I will say this -- if Sheila thinks she missed out on raising Finn, she's getting a firsthand view of what it's like to deal with her own ornery flesh and blood. Finn is sane, but he's also exactly like Sheila. He doesn't like the word "no" any more than she does, and he is just as determined to get what he wants as she is. I think Sheila has finally met her match in a man she created with her own DNA. Let the train collision begin.

In a look ahead: Mommy Dearest is losing control

Next week, Sheila probably shouldn't have let the prime suspect in her jailhouse escape know where her hideaway is. Ridge and Brooke finally figure out who Mike Guthrie is, and Baker brings Mike in for questioning. Finn finds out what became of Li. Bill opens up about him and Katie, and since he didn't take her to the failed wedding, I'm guessing it's bad news.

Thanks so much for scooping with me again this week. Please let me know in the comments section below what you thought of the week, and most importantly, is Taylor using Deacon? If so, should he let her go on and use him up? Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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