One Forrester is finally where he belongs, plus, cat fights and catwalks ain't what they used to be

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Douglas' living arrangements are up in the air, but another Forrester is finally where he belongs, thanks to Donna. Are the portrait wars finally over? Catfights -- and cat walks -- ain't what they used to be on The Bold and the Beautiful. Do you enjoy hissing and meowing between men and women, or are fashion wars more your thing? Plus, Trouble just found Deacon again, and will we ever find out how Sheila makes her dough?

One Portrait to rule them all

Family wars are heating up over prime Forrester territory -- Ridge and Douglas -- but Donna finally settled a forever-raging property dispute when she took it upon herself to unveil the next portrait to hang over the fireplace at the Forrester mansion. Good for Donna to take the initiative, just like a true matriarch. Too bad she didn't assert herself and invite her sister to the party. Wasn't it kind of strange to see the Logan haters being hosted by Donna Logan?

With bated breath, we waited to see if Donna was an ultra-vain maniac with a death wish to unveil a Logan portrait at the Tridge Mafia convention. Or maybe she'd be a neutral ninny and place Stephanie Forrester back on the wall. For a moment, I thought maybe she'd return the mirror to the wall, just so the Tridge Mafia can see how grossly hypocritical they are when it comes to kisses, gunshots, road rage, and "biological" family.

But alas, Donna did the completely unexpected, the long overdue, and the most logical thing anyone who actually loves Eric ever could have done. Donna unveiled a portrait of the man himself -- Eric Forrester -- and he will hang over the fireplace from now until eternity, definitively ending the portrait wars. Nothing could be more appropriate, more suiting, and more deserving than for the portrait of the only "biological" Forrester on the show to hang in a place of honor.

Isn't Eric Forrester so handsome up there on that wall? It caused me to think of all the years Eric has lived in that house, the kids and grandkids that have played in that living room, and the legacy Eric has built. It's no coincidence to me that John McCook won his first Emmy as Eric Forrester in the same year that Eric takes his rightful place on the mansion wall.

Liam Spencer sighting!

Speaking of portraits, Liam's portrait with Steffy is probably one we never want to see again, but we did have a Liam sighting last week. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I was so glad to see Liam Spencer. Maybe it's because Scott Clifton has been working out to my heart's content. Maybe it's just that I love seeing Liam without Steffy. Maybe I've reached my Taylor quota and will be happy to see anybody who isn't Taylor. Maybe it's all of the above.

Liam rendered his opinion to Brooke about Douglas' custody situation, and I found his take interesting for what's missing from it. Everyone keeps pointing out that Douglas is a biological Forrester and that Douglas needs to be with his real dad and learn what it means to be a Forrester. What about the fact that Douglas is a biological Spencer and actually lives in a Spencer household? Shouldn't Liam, Douglas' godfather, be addressing this?

In fact, I wouldn't be mad if the Spencers got involved and staked a claim to Douglas. I think Bill Spencer might be just what the storyline needs. Bill always thought of Caroline as a daughter, and neither Liam nor Wyatt has given him a grandson. It might be interesting to see Bill sue for some kind of custody or rights where Douglas is concerned or use his money and influence to keep Douglas with Hope and Liam. If not, I think it's time to have Karen stake claim and move the boy off-screen to New York.

"Ridge and I," we go together like a glove on hand. That's right

I'm with Brooke on this one. What's with Taylor's new "Ridge and I" nonsense? I think that any wife who fails to check an ex who's popping off with "your man and I" like a Rick James song needs to have her head examined. Brooke indeed checked Taylor with the obligatory "Ridge is my husband," only to have Taylor clap back, asking why Brooke always had to remind Taylor of that.

Brooke has to remind Taylor's dysfunctional-family-having ass of it because Taylor apparently doesn't get it on her own. Taylor can play house with Ridge as much as she wants; she can drop her grown son off at Grandpa's with Ridge as if it's Thomas' first night away from home as many times as she pleases; she can sit on Ridge's desk, bring him Chinese food all the way from China if she so desires; however, none of that makes Ridge a single man on the market.

Taylor can "Ridge and, do, do" in her disco outfits, squeeze herself into white, altar-ready toothpaste-tube dresses, and squint-smile up his nose all she wants to. He's still married to Brooke. It's getting kind of old listening to these two women fight over him, too, and the catfights ain't what they used to be. If any of you think Brooke or Taylor needed to take a seat, you'll be happy to know that they both did just that when they sparred over Ridge and Douglas.

Brooke and Taylor sit-off

When Brooke declared that she was going to put an end to Steffy and Taylor manipulating Thomas about Douglas, I assumed we'd need to buckle in for an epic haranguing in which Brooke would tell Taylor off and maybe even dial up Deputy Chief Baker for that attempted murder tip call I've been dreaming of.

Sadly, the argument was so tame, I couldn't even call it a stand-off. It was more like a sit-off, with the women so low energy that they just sat down for it. The more characters change, the more things still stay the same. As usual, Brooke tolerated hand-me-down insults from the "Tell it like it used to be" Taylor without retaliating with some History 101 for Taylor in return. Luckily for Taylor, I've got the crib notes.

Taylor claims Ridge wants to be there for his children the way he wasn't in the past because of Brooke. First of all, it was the other way around; Taylor neglected her kids because of Brooke. Taylor was too jealous to stand Brooke being with Ridge, so Taylor abandoned her family.

Meanwhile, Ridge was there for every broken toenail and drama his brats had as adults. The only way he could have been there for them more is if he'd strapped them in a highchair and fed them. What can Ridge do for Steffy and Thomas now that he can't do married to Brooke? Tuck them in at night? Read them stories? Pick out the nighties Steffy wears for Finn?

The only new thing Taylor did in this catfight was refrain from calling Brooke the Slut from the Valley. Instead, she attacked Brooke for having families with Ridge, Deacon, and Eric. This is coming from a woman whose daughter carries paternity tests around in her bra.

It's true that Brooke has families with three different men. What Taylor should take note of is that all of Brooke's three families are well-functioning, unlike Taylor's constantly issue-plagued family with Ridge. Maybe instead of focusing on what families Brooke has with various men, Taylor ought to worry about the neglected child she has with Brooke -- Jack Marone.

What did you think of the catfight between Taylor and Brooke? According to an article in a recent Soap Opera Digest, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) says, "This has worked over the years and people seem to want to see it." Is that true? Do we viewers really want to see two grown grandmothers reduce themselves to Sweet Valley High simps for Ridge?

I'd rather see some fashion shows, but it looks like the catwalk ain't what it used to be, either. When was the last time we even saw someone working on or designing a gown in the Forrester building? We can't even get a peek at lingerie, let alone a whole collection. And that's what we used to watch Bold for back in the eighties and nineties, isn't it? The dramatic fashion?

Ridge told Deacon that it was Ridge's office that Deacon took the picture with Hope and Brooke in, but do you think Ridge will ever get around to using that office for designing again?

Trouble always finds Deacon

Deacon told Ridge that trouble always seemed to find Deacon, and I'm starting to believe it's true. Maybe it's Deacon's overused and outdated "Bad to the Bones" ringtone that attracts trouble. Or maybe Deacon just needs to learn to stop picking up women in bars.

If I recall correctly, didn't he meet Bridget in a bar? And Bridget was underaged at the time? I believe he met Quinn at a bar, too, and it was the same bar he met Sheila in. And that happened to be the same bar he met "Lina" in. Yeah, Deacon and bars are a bad mix.

Most recently, trouble with a capital "Ridge" came into the bar to berate Deacon about taking a family selfie in Ridge's office. The Thorsten Kaye/Sean Kanan testosterone chemistry is bubbling all my test tubes, but I have to ask -- why does Ridge get to have all the touchy-feely family fun with Taylor and the gang, but Deacon and Brooke can't even take a picture together?

Ridge also had the nerve to bring up to Deacon that New Year's Eve kiss -- even after Brooke forgave Ridge for his Monaco kiss with Taylor. What's sad is that Ridge knows he's not perfect, but he still gets away with everything and can lord other people's shortcomings over them ad nauseum. Ridge can know the crimes his own son committed and still support him to be around Douglas, but Ridge thinks he can bar Deacon from Hope's life because Deacon has committed crimes he actually paid for in prison. If the writers hadn't made this stuff up, I'd say you just can't make this stuff up!

Don't question my ways

Ever since Sheila left the show after waitressing at Il Giardino and returned balling harder than Snoop Dogg, I've been anxious to know how Sheila happened into her fortune -- if she indeed had one. When her feminine wiles failed to convince Deacon, she enticed him with the idea that she might have truckloads of money. Just when we were thisclose to finding out what Sheila did to become set for life, she warns Deacon not to question her ways.

Deacon might not question them, but I sure will. I want to know how she got the money. Where is the money, and how does she access it? I also want to know where she gets that libido from at her age, and who is more kinky -- Sheila or Quinn. I'd say Sheila was lying to Deacon if I hadn't seen her living it up in hotels and strolling around Beverly Hills like she could buy it, but I doubt the writers will ever tell us how she "earned" that money.

In a look ahead: Quinn and Carter and more catfights

If the Brooke and Taylor catfight last week was too tame or lame for you, the pair attempt to make up for it with a paint fight, which leads to them demanding Ridge pick a side in the Douglas battles -- as if Ridge picking a side will deem that side righteous. Liam advises his wife about the Douglas situation, and Hope goes to see Douglas at Eric's house. I, for one, will be glad that Eric's portrait will be the first thing we see when she gets there.

Delighted to have deceived Hope, Sheila devises a plan for "Lina" to meet Finn. How long do you think it will be before Steffy slaps the rubber off Sheila's face? Lastly, Quinn and Carter have a deep talk. Is he finally going to remind her that he wants a family and kids?

Thanks for getting two scoops deep with me this week. Please put your perspectives of the dramas in the comments section below. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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