The Pinecone of Destiny reveals Ridge's fate -- to forever pine for Brooke

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A pinecone did a better job of nagging Ridge about Taylor than his kids did, but "forever" is only as long as "just like that" when it comes to Bridge, even if the CPS call truth never gets revealed. Viewers likely know who faked the CPS recording, but here are some ways the call and the truth might change the Bridge and Douglas crises. Plus, was Hope checking Thomas out or scamming him?

Have we come to the end of Bridge or the end of Tridge?

As Ridge and Taylor kiss on what looks like the same spot -- Ajax Mountain -- as Steffy's combat-boots and toilet-paper mask wedding (and Brooke is suspended in the jet), I wonder if the writers think we viewers forget that we've "been there, done that" with Ridge even more than Taylor has. We know that the CPS call is probably a scam, mostly likely perpetrated by Thomas, and if the truth comes out, Ridge will either leave Taylor or pine away for Brooke while with Taylor -- just like he always does.

This story is sadly redundant. Just put the pinecone in place of Quinn, and you have the run away to Vegas story. Put the pinecone in place of Katie's fake heart attack, and you have the sister-love-and-poetry story. Put the CPS call in place of Thomas' lie about Berry Island sex or in place of Steffy and Thomas stealing Ridge's phone, and you have two more Bridge breakup storylines replayed before your eyes. They all end the same -- Ridge back with Brooke. The only question is whether Brooke or Taylor puts a stop to Ridge or lets him keep doing this to them.

Yes, the Pinecone of Destiny has spoken, folks, and it was more persuasive than all of Steffy's squawking ever could be. In fact, Taylor and I finally agreed on something for the first time when she told Steffy to shut her pie hole about the inevitable Tridge reunion. From out of nowhere, Taylor gained the epiphany that even if Ridge chose her, it would only be because Brooke did something wrong, and Taylor didn't want to be number two.

So, why is it that, by week's end, Taylor was locking lips with Ridge and accepting the silver medal in the Ridge backflip Olympics? Ridge gets the gold because he literally was flopping between Brooke and Taylor while telling Taylor that he wasn't that man anymore! What is this then? His last flip before retirement? He needs a medal for lying, too, by saying it wasn't about Brooke when Brooke and her "betrayal" were tattooed on his frontal lobe while he spoke to Taylor.

For a woman who wanted to stand up for herself and not fall for Ridge's lines again, all Taylor could do was talk about how gushy-gooey good Ridge's words were. But let's review what Taylor didn't bother to ask -- whether he'd broken up with Brooke or if he'd started divorce proceedings. If Ridge had any respect for either woman, he would have done at least that much before coming to Taylor with these adolescent professions.

Speaking of childishness, I'm not gonna get into a 60-year-old woman literally running, all "La la, la, I can't hear you," instead of standing her ground in the relationship. What is Taylor? Four? Grow up, girl. Who was your last boyfriend? Forrester Gump? Ridge is not in shape like that. You'll give the man a heart attack before you even get some.

Is this the end of Bridge? Let's get on the same page. We all know Brooke didn't call CPS. If the writers allow it to be revealed that she didn't, one of four things could happen. One, Ridge gets his ass back to Brooke faster than Eric can say "get your ass back to Brooke." Two, Ridge pulls a "Shauna" and attempts to marry Taylor out of guilt. Three, Taylor does the right thing and bails out before she's bailed out upon, or four, Brooke is damn done with Ridge's flipping behind.

Personally, I'm voting for number four. I see it as very possible that Ridge will be in mid-waffle, and either Brooke or Taylor will have to save him from humiliation and hurting his kids again by one of them being the one to let go of Ridge. Taylor is probably stuck to Ridge like Alien Tape, so I hope Brooke decides to let the "robbed" family recoup -- especially because she has had it up to here with Thomas, the person I suspect set up the CPS recording.

Thomas strikes again

For anyone wondering if Thomas changed, let me make it clear. No. He has not changed. In fact, I believe he called up his buddy Walter and used Douglas' voice app to make the recording of Brooke calling CPS. I'll go a step further and say those people who showed up at the house were not even CPS. I think Thomas paid some people to do this and conveniently suggested to Ridge that good old Walt come over and play a privileged recording that should take a lot of red tape to access, not be readily available through his cell phone!

Ridge is as dumb as the dirt he dusted up by running to Taylor instead of confronting his wife and telling her the truth about his "fortune" pinecone. Thomas knew Ridge would believe the CPS stunt but not verify, and that's why Thomas knew he could get away with it. Thomas put Douglas through that fake CPS call, and it proves Thomas has not changed one bit.

To me, the funniest part of the Ridge and Taylor conversation on the mountain was when Taylor asked Ridge what took him so long. I asked aloud, "You mean what took your scheming-ass kid so long?" Because so far, duplicitous Thomas has been the only way Taylor has been able to get Ridge since 2006 or maybe even his birth. However, while Thomas is busy scamming his father, I suspect that someone else is scamming him and getting away with it.

Hope will do anything for Douglas. And I mean anything.

Hope has proven over the years that she will do anything for Douglas -- even marry Thomas. The only place she drew the line was when Thomas tried to get her in bed with him in exchange for custody of the boy. So, it was no surprise to me when we heard that Hope has been, off-screen, spending nights at the mansion with Beth without telling Brooke about it.

The surprise to me is that Donna didn't tell Brooke. Katie still lives across the way, doesn't she? Did she not see through the telescope that Beth and Hope were spending the night? I find it hard to believe this topic did not come up with the gossiping crew, but even more incredible is that Liam let it happen. Is Liam really letting Thomas abscond with Liam's family without a fight?

To complicate matters, Hope was either looking at Thomas like she was pulling the scam of the year on him or looking at him like he'd be her midnight snack. And what was with the hand touch and the "I'll see you back at the house"? Liam, get your wife, dude. I can't figure out if she wants Thomas or is playing him. That means trouble for you, either way.

I think Thomas will wind up paying for the CPS scam in one of two ways. One, Hope will fall out of favor with him when she was actually drawing nearer to him, or two, Hope will use it to leverage custody of Douglas. For example, she'll say that she won't take Thomas to court and use this voice app scam as ammunition to take Douglas if Thomas gives up on custody.

What does Othello do again?

Was anyone else surprised when Bill called Othello to set up Steffy and Taylor's trip to Aspen? I thought Othello was Rick's dearest friend and a deejay? When did he become Bill's Aspen manservant and win the lead role for "Driving Miss Steffy"? I also could have sworn I heard him say to Steffy that "as a Realtor," he'd snatch that place up. Later, however, I think Steffy suggested she and Taylor call Othello to make them some dinner reservations.

Can the powers that be kindly explain how Othello went from deejay to servant? Thanks.

Bill, please freaking forget about Katie

I have never seen a man on a soap opera work so hard to get a woman to come back to him. Bill has been doing it for years. I'm here to tell him to just stop it. He needs to stop it even worse than Taylor needs to stop it. Katie hasn't been studying Bill since before COVID, Scoopers. Since. Before. COVID. That's all I have to say about that.

Speaking of Katie, though, did anyone notice that the wall and kitchen area at the Aspen house looked exactly like the wall and kitchen area at Katie's house?

In a look ahead: The nonsense continues

Next week, Brooke arrives in Aspen to get her man, but her man has already been gotten. Ridge, still withholding the full story from Brooke, tells her that he'll stay with Taylor.

Bill again asks Katie about their relationship, and I'm pretty sure we all know what she'll say in response, right? Carter gives Katie a revelation about Quinn, and it yields surprising results.

Douglas will be torn about his parents. Let me guess. With Hope spending nights at the mansion, he doesn't understand why they all can't just live there. By the way, the role will be resumed by the cute little Henri Samiri! Insert a love emoji.

I hear Shauna is headed back to L.A., and as much as I want her to be there to get between Taylor and Ridge, I think she's coming to tell us some news about Quinn.

That's all the scoops I have this week, but we'd love to hear how you felt about the plots in the comments section below! And congratulate me on finally getting married. It's not like it hasn't been 20 years in the making or anything like that. Just so you know, our first dance was to Dionne Warwick's,"High Upon This Love," Yes, that's how much we love B&B!

Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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