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Last week, it was Liam versus the world as he called out Sheila, Steffy, and Taylor and asked the pivotal question: When will Thomas' bad deeds outweigh his talents? Probably never, but here's a look back at Thomas' most outrageous moments and a plan about how Liam can use Wyatt to neutralize Thomas. Plus, are Deacon's Pickleball skills really to die for? Let's scoop!

Liam earned this Two Scooper's sympathy last week for his resilience and patience while shoveling away all the horse pucky piled up around our Beverly Hills Stallion, Bill Spencer. After all the others declared they'd dig in and fight for Bill, Liam seems to be the only one still showing up to chip away at the evil forcefield surrounding his father. Liam even showed up twice in one day, prompting Bill to wonder if his son had even gotten as far as the stop sign before coming back.

Liam at least figured one thing out: Bill can't possibly love Sheila. Not if Sheila is complaining about Bill's bedside manner. I refuse to believe that Bill, who kept Brooke and Quinn coming back for more, suddenly lost his neigh in the bedroom. My guess is that Bill just ain't interested in Sheila sexually. He must be going through the motions because he thinks that's what she wants. And she's pretending it's what she wants because she thinks it's what he wants!

Bill is doing all this opening up and talking about feelings with Sheila, probably because Katie taught him that it's what women want, but if he's so intent upon sharing, I wish Bill would reveal to his son what is really in his heart and mind about Sheila. Bill finally conveyed that if Sheila crossed him, she'd pay, but in a nonsensical scene, the moment Bill stated that he'd freed Sheila for a reason, Liam up and left. Umm, Liam, you can't stay to find out the reason?

I wonder if anyone out there still cares what's up with Bill, or, like Brooke and Katie, is everyone focused more on new "friendships"? Maybe folks are like Taylor, who's moved on from the blackmail because she's decided that people shouldn't have to pay for a mistake for the rest of their lives. Oh, wait. That just applies to her and Thomas, I think. With support like this in Bill's life, it's no wonder he entrapped Sheila. It was probably either that or steal the Hope mannequin, and you know he hates Hope.

Now that we know Sheila is faking it with Bill, it won't be long before she's caught, especially if she keeps coming home, reeking of convict.

Where have you been? You smell like convict.

While it's humorous that Sheila and Bill have reversed the stereotypical gender roles in relationships -- she can't stand to talk about feelings, and he wants her to open up -- it's not lost on this scooper that Bill refuses to open up to Liam, while Sheila can't stop opening up to Deacon, literally and figuratively. Or literally and sexually? But are Deacon's Pickleball skills worth Sheila's freedom?

If Sheila's gonna cheat, she needs to come up with better excuses than she was browsing Rodeo Drive just because she can. I know Sheila says that she's not used to answering to anyone, but come on, she's gotta remember that she once had a warden. And in a relationship, you do kind of have to be accountable. She needs to get used to it and to get her excuses in order. I heavily advise her not to push up on Bill while smelling like a "hot and bothered" convict or a pizza oven. Sheila hugging Bill without taking a shower was just vomit emoji.

And please, for the love of the soap gods, I pray that the writers do not make us endure Deacon and Bill double-dipping with Sheila.

That apology Brooke sat through

Speaking of vomit emojis, the look on Brooke's face said it all as she was forced by her new BFF to chew and swallow a pathetic apology from said bestie's son. Thomas' apology to Brooke couldn't have been more insincere. Here's why:

First, Thomas had to be told to apologize. When Hope arrived at the end of the apology, he told her that he was doing what she'd instructed -- apologizing and begging. When he said that, Brooke should have told Thomas to try again when he felt the need to apologize, not when someone else told him to do it.

Second, Thomas hasn't even talked to his father or apologized to him. Ridge was the one who ostracized Thomas. Shouldn't Thomas know where Ridge stands before returning to the company? Instead, Thomas wants to worm his way in before Ridge can stop him.

Third, Thomas actually sat there and tried to say his nefarious actions had a bright side: Taylor and Brooke's friendship. Granted, his mother said it first, but it sickened me that either one of them thought Brooke should see that the bright side of being lied to, cheated on, and divorced was that her husband's mistress became her friend. I could feel the slap in the face when Taylor said it. I'm glad Brooke didn't fall for the "I lost my husband, but I got you, babe" routine.

Brooke insisted that she wouldn't forgive Thomas for ruining her marriage, but she'd give him a chance if his obsession with Hope had ended. Well, you can stamp a big "NO GO" on that one, because Thomas told his therapist, "I've had moments where I'm still attracted to her, but I haven't been fixated on her."

Right then and there, Dr. Howard should have pulled out his Rx pad and written Thomas a big dosage of "no Hope Logan for the next six months." Taylor is staking her friendship with Brooke on the promise that Thomas is past it; however, that friendship has an expiration date, and I think it's the day Ridge returns to town.

Liam was utterly right about Taylor when he said that she always thinks Thomas is making progress, and then he does something psycho. She can't be objective when it comes to Thomas. The proof of it is telling Brooke that everyone made mistakes, but they didn't have to pay for them for the rest of their lives and that bad choices didn't make bad people. I guess that means Taylor is no longer turning herself in for attempted murder, eh? Taylor even told Thomas he shouldn't feel shame for his crime and that he was the right person to spread the message of love and acceptance. I can't even with that one.

Did you guys buy this apology? Or the therapy session? Or his mother's philosophies?

Past Thomas tells Present Thomas to "hold my beer."

Liam did the unexpected this week when he went off about Steffy, calling bull on her reasons for forcing Thomas on Hope. And I don't blame Liam. There he is over at Bill's, telling Bill how wrong he is for blackmailing Steffy over her criminal mother's past, and in the meantime, Steffy is shuffling her criminal brother off on Hope. Liam had the line of the week when he asked Hope if there was anything Thomas could do that would be a dealbreaker. Liam was afraid that Thomas could throw an intern out of the CEO's office window, and Hope and Steffy would still compliment him as a designer.

Well, I don't have an intern handy, but will an uncle do? I doubt anyone has forgotten the time Thomas threw Rick out the window of the CEO's office. It was October 2012, and Thomas' "impulse control" was nonexistent. He yelled at Rick for not respecting him as CEO. He shoved Rick, and when Rick shoved back, Thomas threw him through the window. In the middle of his apology and claim that it was an accident, Thomas went right back to telling Rick to respect him as CEO. There were no repercussions.

That wasn't the only time Thomas has been out of hand and had impulse-control problems. Cue the flashbacks.

Thomas causes vehicular manslaughter. Many will dispute that it was Thomas' fault that Emma went over the ravine in her car while he was chasing her, flashing his lights at her, and aggressively tailing her. We'll never know because the police were unable to investigate it. Ridge buried the whole ordeal like the good father of a rich, spoiled son.

Thomas takes advantage of a drunken Caroline. I'm always gonna call it rape because, by California law, drunk, drugged people can't consent. Thanks to Thomas' lack of impulse control, he was all over the inebriated Caroline the night that she and Ridge broke up, and, well, nine months later, there's Douglas.

Thomas targets Rick on several occasions. Before throwing Rick out the window, Thomas also blew up Rick's car, set fire to Rick's house, and sucker-punched Rick in the face.

Thomas socks Ridge in the face. Keeping with the theme of having no impulse control, we flash back to Thomas punching Ridge in the face when Ridge walked in on Thomas seducing the intern Charlotte. During that scene, Ridge hinted that Thomas had also done some shady stuff in Paris that has yet to be fully disclosed.

Thomas lies that he slept with his stepmother. To get his stock numbers up, Thomas entered into a deal with his grandmother that, in exchange for her Forrester stock, he would tell everyone that he slept with Brooke while they were stranded on Berry Island. Like the CPS call lie, this lie got Taylor and Ridge to their wedding day but just short of an exchange of vows.

But to answer Liam's question about whether there's anything Thomas can do that will get him canceled regardless of his talent? Yes, and it already happened. Steffy canceled Thomas for ruining her Parent Trap and refused to let him back until he had sufficiently begged at her feet. Now that Thomas has made it up to Steffy, he can come back, Liam's marriage be damned, but could Wyatt be the key to neutralizing Thomas?

Someone else made HFTF an unqualified success -- Wyatt

Anyone got an HFTF diamond lying around? Because HFTF could use a campaign gimmick to kick-start into the stratosphere right about now. While Liam was telling Wyatt that Thomas had made HFTF the most successful it had ever been, I had visions of photoshoots in Paris and Amsterdam. I had thoughts of exotic jewels and silver bullet campers. There was a time when HFTF soared, and that was because Wyatt was in charge of PR.

I think it's time Liam suggested to Hope that Wyatt might be a helpful consultant for her line at this time. He might be just the thing HFTF needs to make waves again in the industry and prove that it really isn't about the clothes. It's about who is in the clothes and the message they send. I would love it if Liam and Wyatt teamed up this way to keep an eye on Thomas and shake things up a bit. Wyatt and Thomas have never really been friends, not since Thomas' cousin-seduction routine, and Lord knows Wyatt needs a storyline.

Really, Douglas?

Is Douglas for real? So, now that his parents are going to work together, he wants to come home? And by the way, now he slipped in there that Hope and Thomas have to be friends, too. I see you, Douglas. Something tells me the whole move to the cliff house was just his version of the Parent Trap.

In a look ahead: Ridge is back

Spoilers indicate that Ridge should be back in mid-March, and it's about time. I don't know what his storyline will be, but my guess is that he won't be pleased by Thomas' return to Forrester. Otherwise, Taylor and Steffy would have already said Ridge approved of it.

Another familiar character will return to Los Angeles in the coming months. Ridge and Brooke's son, R.J. Forrester, will return to Los Angeles this spring.

Thanks again for scooping with me this week. I'm interested to know what you think of Liam's rundowns on Thomas, Steffy, and Sheila. Let me know in the comments section below. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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