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The Bold and the Beautiful commemorated 9,000 episodes with a spotlight on Steffy Forrester. While the episode was campy and cute, did they really celebrate Steffy's birth and life without a word about her twin's death? Also, should Taylor be gloating about getting off scot-free for attempted murder? Plus, Bill goes from hero to zero when he returns to begging Katie. Let's scoop!

Faithful wife flirting with a "sneaky link"?

Hope and her mind-cheating is getting on my last nerve. Hope disrespecting her mom by saying she doesn't want to be like Brooke is also on my last nerve. In fact, last week, Hope was on my now damaged last nerve in general for reveling in how stupid Sheila was to trust bad boy Deacon. Was Hope's condescension toward Sheila supposed to be a shot of irony juice from the writers? Because all I could think of was how stupid Hope looks laughing at Sheila when Hope has been an idiot to trust Thomas for years.

As I said in my last Two Scoops, Hope enjoys bad boys and their bad deeds. In fact, her father is the top bad boy, and she was thrilled that bad boys Ridge, Deacon, and Bill had tricked Sheila. I thought Hope would have had an ounce of empathy for Sheila after Hope has been continuously duped by Thomas -- and might be getting duped again presently. But no. She was practically getting off on how the rogues duped Sheila.

Hope might be titillated by bad-boy drama, but will she go from being a faithful wife to Thomas' next sneaky link? I don't know, but she sure does love stirring that fantasy pot while denying to others what's plain as the attraction on her face when she looks at Thomas.

One can tell that Hope is up to something just by the way she put Steffy up to talking to Liam again. Why would Hope think Liam would listen to Steffy a second time if he hadn't the first? No, Hope just wants to put Liam and Steffy in each other's orbit to give Hope an excuse to cheat. Hope knows good and well that when Liam and Steffy start hanging out, they answer each time the booty starts calling, which will give Hope an excuse to trip and fall in Thomas' lap -- naked.

Hope's worried about being like her mother, but she needs to realize how much like her Aunt Katie she actually is. I think Hope loves to "flirt and deny" Thomas just as much as Katie loves to bait Bill like a sports fisherman. What do you think? Is Hope more in danger of being like her mother or her Aunt Katie?

And what's so bad about Hope being like Brooke as a wife? Brooke only ever cheated on Eric, making love with Ridge on the lab floor after an incredible breakthrough at work -- oh, wait. I think I answered my own question!

Hero to zero for the love of Katie

After what Bill has been through, if anyone in the dynamic trio who took down Sheila deserved to see a Logan in her underwear, it was Bill. Instead, Ridge, who only yelled at a monitor while cramming doughnuts in his face, got the sneaky peek from Brooke. All Bill got from Katie was a bait kiss and the chance to fall off his valiant pedestal to grovel in the Batie quicksand at her feet.

Y'all...Bill has been begging Katie since pre-COVID. I repeat: Since pre-COVID. They have not been a couple since Quinn exposed him for kissing Brooke in her cabin on the eve of Thomas' wedding to Zoe. Remember that? As I said above, Katie gets off on letting Bill chase her, just like Hope enjoys teasing Thomas. These two Logans are worse than Lucy swiping the football away from Charlie Brown.

I guess the writers call them "Batie" for a reason. Katie spent decades "baiting" Bill in one way or another to get him to prove his love or grovel to get her back. Katie has been trying her whole life to be the center of a triangle. She just might have the opportunity now with Carter and Bill.

Carter ain't dumb, though. Carter has been the B-Boy enough times to know that when the A-Boy comes around, Carter winds up on the curb like trash. Maya chucked Carter to the side for Rick. Zoe was ready to stick him in the recycle bin for Zende, and as much as Carter loved Quinn, she tossed him in the garbage chute to reunite with Eric. Carter sees hero stars in Katie's eyes when she looks at Bill, but is Carter smart enough to get out before he's tossed out?

In my opinion, Katie likes to try out other guys, but all roads lead right back to Bill unless Bill is in a relationship with someone else. If I were Carter, I'd set Bill up with Taylor, because the only way off the Batie carousel is if Bill is with another woman. Otherwise, Carter's future is the same as what faced Thorne -- being in his own house, watching Bill, Will, and Katie be a family right in front of his face.

Katie being in a love triangle with Bill and Taylor would create an exciting obstacle for Braylor. Imagine Brooke being BFFs with the woman trying to take her sister's man or just giving Taylor advice on Bill. I can't imagine Ridge will appreciate his new BFF plucking women from his garden, either. Go there, writers! Carter will survive jilted and alone -- as usual.

Two peas in a jail pod

How many characters does it take to stick it to Sheila Carter? This isn't a joke. It's a serious question. Because every single character on this show salivates at the chance to take her down, yet the Unsinkable Sheila Carter remains unscathed. She's in prison, but it seems to me that the more the hypocrites pile on Sheila, the more empathy surges for her.

First of all, how many times do these people need to confront Sheila? Didn't Taylor do that back when ten-toes Sheila was initially arrested? Since then, Sheila hasn't committed any crime against any person, besides the Little Piggy who "stayed home." And, no, Illegal Li does not count. Li messed herself up by purposely driving onto a broken bridge, and she gets no sympathy points for getting beaten up during the commission of her own crimes.

Secondly, Bill claimed that Taylor would feel better if she got to confront Sheila, but wouldn't Taylor feel better if she got her crime off her chest? Please recall that Taylor was so consumed with guilt over what she'd done to Bill that she wrote a note vowing to tell the truth. Where did all her guilt and condemnation for herself for being just like Sheila go? Is the new motto "all's well that ends with getting away with it"?

I'm disappointed in Taylor for taking her second get-out-of-jail free card without apologizing to Bill or his family for basically accusing him of rape and for almost exterminating him. Viewers, you do realize this is the second time she's gotten off for a crime? She killed Darla by drunk driving, but by some legal miracle, she didn't even get charged with anything.

If Taylor had succeeded in killing Bill, Sheila would still be free right now. Li might not have been rescued in time to lead anyone to Finn, and the Monaco reunion between Finn and Steffy might not have happened. Those facts went right over Taylor's head as she harangued Sheila for almost taking Steffy and Finn from their family. Bill's life has value, too, Taylor! And not just because he got you out of trouble for shooting him.

Sheila was correct that Taylor belongs in jail right beside Sheila, and I couldn't have been more disgusted when Taylor mocked Sheila for pointing it out. I expected a paragon of virtue like Taylor to agree with Sheila and admit that she wasn't proud of what she'd done. I expected such a righteous woman as Taylor to say that, even though Bill had removed her avenue for punishment, she'd still pay penitence to him for it for the rest of her life.

But no. There's no humility within Taylor to think of a statement like that. Instead, she laughed at Sheila and started pointing out what one of her own "greatest gifts" was. What kind of narcissistic witch points out her own greatest gifts? That statement alone makes her perfect for Bill.

What do you think? Should Taylor have gone after Sheila that way, gloating about getting away with shooting Bill? Especially after Taylor has also gotten away with killing Darla? Or would a bit of humility go a long way toward perfecting the scene for you?

Thumbs-up for celebrating Steffy. Thumbs-down for forgetting Phoebe.

For The Bold and the Beautiful's 9,000th episode, the show chose to spotlight Steffy Forrester. It was a cute tribute. I absolutely adored the pictures Ridge displayed of "Steffy" as a child. I found it endearing when he seemed put out because he was no longer the most prominent man in his daughter's life. Liam visited Steffy to remind us of what a Crotch Rocket she'd been back in the day, and we heard the Scott Clifton song called "The Song that Never Played."

I even enjoyed Taylor and Ridge sitting together, talking about their daughter over cake. However, it was while listening to them and hearing Steffy later talk about escaping death that I realized something. Phoebe did not escape death, and, well, this was Phoebe's birthday, too.

So, why was there no mention of Phoebe by her twin or her parents? Yes, I get that the writers might have wanted to keep it lighthearted, but they could have mentioned Phoebe and kept it that way or at least allowed it to be bittersweet. Taylor and Ridge lost one daughter and could have lost the other a year ago. They should have been written to mention that, don't you think?

Thoughts? (You can leave 'em and thoughts on anything in this commentary in the Comments section at the end of the column.)

So, R.J. is an Influencer?

Ridge Jr. showed up at the end of the week. I don't know much about him except that he lost his urge to be in the family business. Remember when he was interning with Cocoa? He also bulked up and turned himself into a beefcake. Remember when Bill couldn't interest R.J. in money or adventure activities? Well, now, R.J.'s interested and getting paid to do things like bungie jumping with sharks in the Alps -- or whatever it is adventure influencers do.

Oh, and I don't know this, but I assume that he's not mad at his dad for ruining the longest-running Bridge marriage in the history of the show -- an iteration of Bridge that R.J. himself helped unite. I would think he'd be upset about drawing that heart in the sand for nothing, but so far, he's acting like he never knew the two were even married. What's your opinion of the new Ridge Jr.?

In a look ahead: the angry mob visits Sheila in prison

Spoilers indicate that the angry mob that took torches to Bill's house is headed to the prison to chastise Sheila. Since everyone in L.A. is clamoring to take their verbal shot at her, Bill should have just locked her in Thomas' former cage in the Spencer basement. That way, all her enemies could have stopped by to throw tomatoes at her on their lunch break.

Also upcoming, Brooke tries to reassure Carter about Katie, and Liam confides in Wyatt about Hope and Thomas. Bill sets out to woo Katie, and Ridge celebrates his blended family. Something tells me that this is the calm before the Parent Trap tournament begins, R.J. versus Thomas and Steffy in the final battle of parental reunions.

That's it. I'm all scooped out! Thanks for joining me in breaking down the week, and I'd love to read what you think of Taylor and what her "greatest gifts" really are in the comments section below. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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