Marital betrayal: can the two wronged make it right?

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Liam went from empathetic to pathetic when he used Finn's wife like lip balm to gloss over the pain of Hope's betrayal. Will Steffy set Liam straight, or is her couch open for business? Here's a look at the times Steffy gave in to passion when Hope "hurt" Liam. Liam's wrong; Hope's wrong. Can they make it right again? Plus, one friend helped Brooke solidify her reunion with Ridge, but one sought to tear it down. Will losing her lover and her bestie send Taylor to the dark side?

Did we miss an episode?

After a total of three episodes on the jet, and being with Liam and Bill on a jet, I'm feeling a bit jetlagged. I didn't expect to be parked on the tarmac after Friday's cliffhangers, waiting for Brooke and Ridge to drink coffee and receive a serenade. Unlike what Hope told Liam, you really can hold people on the jet up and make them wait. But is it just me, or do you feel like we missed an entire episode between Friday and Monday?

Steffy and her double-scotch eye rolls at Hope and Thomas gave me life as the gang waited for Brooke and Ridge. Scotch for breakfast made me think it had been a rough night; however, we have no idea what happened during the crucial time that three couples had alone together in Rome, away from the story-telling cameras. Yes, Hope said what happened in Rome should stay in Rome, but what exactly happened there during Liam's fourteen-hour flight home?

Let's start with Brooke and Ridge. After Brooke agreed to be Ridge's forever Logan, what did they do together? I'm amazed enough that they didn't run into Hope and Thomas, gaily frolicking through Rome, holding hands, which none of Bill's paparazzi saw, either, mind you. But did Bridge go to the villa to make love all day and night or binge-watch B&B season one on YouTube?

Next, there are Liam and Steffy. Liam kissed this woman in public for all the world to see, just as he accused Hope of doing with Thomas. Did any of the world actually see it? I guess not, since R.J. hasn't mentioned it trending on social media, but are you telling me that Liam kissed Steffy and just walked off to the airport? Writers, what happened?

Then there are Hope and Thomas. He told her that if they were gonna leave, they had to do it then. To go where? A secret hotel room to have sex? What did these two do all night? Did the whole gang have dinner together after the tour? It was mentioned that Thomas and Steffy knew about the Bridge reunion, so were they all at dinner together, eye-rolling and avoiding eye contact?

It seemed odd to me that all Hope told Thomas was to not speak of Rome. Even weirder, Thomas has had no reaction to her words or to what happened between them. He just wanted to go home and get into production. The mannequin spoke more in the last kiss story than Thomas is speaking now. When will he weigh in on this?

Do any of you think Hope and Thomas had sex and a "who's the daddy" story might be next?

You kissed Thomas. I kissed Steffy. Let's call the whole thing off.

When Liam kissed Steffy in Rome, I gave him the three-second rule people use with food that hits the ground. If it only stays there for three seconds, it's still okay to eat. I figured that if he apologized within three seconds, I'd forgive him for the kiss. Well, the missing episode thing screwed that up, so I had to wait. And wouldn't you know it? He kissed Steffy again, this time after he asked Hope for a divorce and told Wyatt that he had regrets.

I said in my last Two Scoops that Finn would be sorry for sending Liam to Rome when he knows Liam will use Steffy as a tissue anytime Hope hurts him. I was saying it jokingly because I had no idea Liam was going to do something so damn stupid, selfish, and reckless. And I didn't have any idea of it because I disbelieved that, after being married to Hope for all these years and getting forgiveness for sleeping with Steffy over a non-kiss, Liam would go off half-cocked like this again! Surprise!

Liam said there was no mistaking what he'd seen. Ironically, there had been the last time when he'd seen Thomas kissing Manne-Hope, but that hadn't stopped Liam from drowning his sorrows in Steffy. Once again, following the same pattern, Liam saw, and Liam reacted. This time, he did later get Hope to admit she did it, but he didn't come clean about turning to Steffy. In fact, he went straight to Steffy again, and at this point, I don't think there's any coming back from this for the couple for a long time.

As I said before, Liam told his brother that he had regrets. What are these regrets? Does he regret leaving Steffy for sleeping with his father? Because cheating's worse than kissing. Does he regret fooling around in the dressing room with Hope, resulting in Steffy giving her engagement ring to Hope? What exactly are these regrets that landed Liam's lips on Steffy's face again? And why does Liam have the nerve to think Steffy will respond?

It's probably because every time Liam does this, Steffy thinks she's won the spoils in her Logan War. Will Steffy let Liam have what he wants this time? If the past is a predictor, yes. Here's a look back at other times Steffy let Liam drop himself like a bomb in her life just because Hope supposedly hurt him:

Hope leaves her ring on Liam's mantel. Granted, Hope did that because Liam was kissing Steffy, so it's like a circle, but hurt by finding Hope's ring, the jilted Liam had sex with Steffy on that infamous couch and wound up marrying her on Ajax Mountain.

Hope is late for the wedding. Bill's plan to have Deacon delay Hope from her wedding in Puglia worked, and the jilted Liam almost had sex with Steffy and almost started a life with her. He didn't get that far because his bride finally showed up, and he left Steffy in the bathroom to go marry Hope as originally planned.

Hope annuls her marriage. Hope decides to annul her marriage to give Douglas a mother, and where does Liam wind up? Hungover at Steffy's house the morning after having drugged sex with Steffy, courtesy of Thomas.

Manne-Hope kisses Thomas. Liam witnessed an intimate moment between what he thought was Hope and Thomas, but it was really Thomas and his doll. Liam made a beeline for Steffy's couch and professed love for her until he found out -- oopsie, it hadn't been Hope, after all.

Now, we have Liam, Steffy, and an opening on her couch. Will Steffy break out the lime and tequila, or has she finally had enough of being Liam's failed rebound?

As for Liam and Hope, I don't think the two wronged can make it right. There are deeper problems than Thomas in their relationship. There's Steffy, and there's Hope's line. Hope feels about HFTF the same way Liam does about Steffy. Hope has chosen it time and time again over Liam, and she's fallen in love with men who work on it with her. Liam is better off finding a woman with a less romantic career who can control herself around the guys she works with. Hope ought to take a second look at Wyatt.

Some of Brooke's friends are better than others

Thank you, B&B, for inviting Andrea Bocelli to serenade Brooke and Ridge, and thereby us viewers, too. It was the romance I needed for the day. Brooke and Ridge were twinkling in love. Brooke mentioned that Bocelli's wife, Veronica, was a longtime friend of Brooke's and had helped Brooke make the serenade possible. What a stark difference there is between having a friend who is there to help versus one who is jealous.

Ridge and Brooke flew out of Rome in love, only to land in therapy sessions with Taylor about who they are and what they always do. As Taylor went on and on, cutting down Brooke, Ridge pitied her, wondering how he can make it better for her. Asking Brooke to be happy, Taylor claimed she'd keep living her life because she had her kids and grandkids. But didn't Taylor have those things before but abandoned them for Africa because she couldn't stand to look at Brooke and Ridge being happy?

Taylor tried to reason with Ridge, accusing Brooke of being with his father and brother. Kudos to whoever added to the script Taylor's admission that she'd been with Ridge's brother, too. For the record, it was all three brothers and his father. Taylor evoked Brooke's affair with Deacon again, which happened when Ridge was married to Taylor, but it almost made me wonder if we'll ever find out that Ridge and Brooke had sex on that flight from Paris, making it possible that Hope is really Ridge's child. Now would be the time to pull that card, writers, before Hope sleeps with Thomas.

It has to be hard for Taylor. She lost her best friend, such that the relationship was, right along with any chance of getting the love of her life back. That had to be a double whammy, something that might make a girl want to look through their windows or maybe leave them some bunny stew on their front burner. They say that the sweetest woman in the world can be the meanest woman in the world if you make her that way. I think Krista Allen could probably pull off a fanatically fantastic Fatal Attraction Taylor.

What do you think? Do you empathize with Taylor about losing her friend and lover? Or has she become a simp for Ridge? Do you see her teetering on the edge of obsessive revenge on these two, or will she actually finally let go and wish them well?

In a look ahead: Hope can't keep her lips off Thomas

For all the begging Hope did last week to save her marriage, she winds right back up in another kiss with Thomas. That's an interesting way of fighting her feelings and trying to salvage her marriage. Hopefully, this is where Thomas tells Hope that they can't do it for her marriage's sake and for the sake of the line. In my opinion, this will prove Thomas is "redeemed," but he'll still get a romance with Hope once she and Liam divorce.

Meanwhile, Steffy sets some boundaries, and I don't think it means that she buys a baby gate for Hayes. Nope, this baby gate is probably for Liam, who she hopefully tells to keep his lips to himself because she's done being his rebound booty call.

Brooke gets shocking news. My guess is she hears about Thomas and Hope and kicks herself in the butt for forgetting her other job in Rome -- to watch her daughter like a hawk. When Brooke finds out, I hope she rubs it in, telling Hope, "You're the one who said you were grown and didn't need anybody watching you..."

The Bold and the Beautiful will rebroadcast an episode from 2018 on the Fourth of July. You can learn more about that here.

As for later in the week, spoilers indicate that Hope confides in someone she shouldn't. We all know that the last time she told Paris that Thomas was hot, it got broadcast right to Thomas. Or could it be that Hope knows about Liam and Steffy's kiss and unwittingly tells Finn about it?

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That's all the scoops I have for the week. Please feel free to scoop more in the comments section below. We'd love to read about your take on the week. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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