Goldilocks orders Goldie Junior to stop sleeping in the bad boy's bed

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The surprise was on Goldilocks this time when she wandered into Thomas' bedroom and discovered that her daughter's been sleeping in the big bad boy's bed. R.J. and Wyatt begged Liam to forgive Hope, but he refused to waffle on the divorce. Why are Hope and Liam the only ones not trying to save their marriage? Plus, find out why Thomas owes Steffy a new house, and here's something Brooke and Taylor finally agree about on The Bold and the Beautiful.

If you want to ride, ride the bad boy

If you saw how much sex Hope and Thomas had last week, you might think Hope was on drugs. I certainly wondered if Thomas still had a stash of some of Vinnie's magic pills left over for a rainy day. I don't know how else to explain what has gotten into Hope. It can't be that she hasn't been properly satisfied all her life. Wyatt ain't no slouch in the bedroom, according to Katie, and Liam clearly turned on the older woman Quinn.

Maybe Hope's one-woman fantasy drives her wild about Thomas, and Thomas is in ecstasy because the girl of his dreams is in his face like porn pop-ups. Once their affair is out, I hope Thomas knows that he owes his sister a house. Remember the bet he made with Steffy? He expressed so much confidence in turning Hope down should she approach him that he was willing to buy Steffy a house if he failed to do so. Melrose or Malibu, Steffy?

Thomas didn't resist Hope. In fact, he embraced it with all the gusto of a young Thomas on Berry Island with his ultimate crush Brooke. It makes me question everything about his supposed recovery from his obsession. He lied about resisting Hope, and it took him no time at all to start bad-mouthing Liam from the mattress. "Oh, Hope, you fought so hard for your marriage in these last 24 hours. You're so valiant!"

A lot of people are excited about Hope and Thomas' sex scenes, but for me, the two were too horny, and the accompanying music too porny. I wondered where I'd seen hotter, and you guys may be too young to remember it, but it was when As the World Turns did a How Stella got her Groove Back shower scene with Katie and Mike, I believe.

While Thomas and Hope boinked the afternoon away, absolutely everyone talked about them, but no one wondered where they were. Did it not occur to anyone to call Hope or Thomas? The dream team didn't even show up for work, and no one suspected they'd be together. I'm at a loss on that one.

The talk of the town

What happened in Rome never had a chance to stay in Rome. The kiss is the talk of the town, but I'm curious to know how it got around. It was two days beyond the Rome trip, and Katie and Carter were in the office, discussing the kiss with Ridge like it was an item already on last week's agenda. Who told them? And for that matter, when did Thomas have time to tell Taylor?

I find it hard to believe that after Thomas' talk with Steffy, he called Taylor and told her about this kiss, and they simply made plans to meet for dinner later that day. Taylor didn't call Ridge immediately? She didn't stop by to talk to Steffy about it? Taylor didn't grab a golden gun and go hunting for Hope, the woman who's ruining Thomas' life? Taylor is slipping.

Steffy and Finn also discussed it. Finn seemed to be of two minds about it. First, he empathized with Liam to see his wife kiss his enemy. That made me think Finn would feel the same way Liam does once Finn learns about Liam's kiss. Next thing I know, Finn was saying Liam needed to husband-up and get over it for his family. That caused me to think Steffy had some words to throw back in Finn's face when he acts wussy with her about Liam's kiss.

Katie predicted a scandal, and if Hope is following in Brooke's footsteps, that's exactly what should happen. I look forward to Hope seeing the repercussions of her actions. I hope that as a result of finally possessing Hope, Thomas fails to be inspired to design anything but lingerie. Maybe he'll be so oversexed, he'll be too tapped out to design a thing. Maybe all of his creativity was based on unrequited love, and love now requited makes him draw a blank in designing.

Others were talking, too, and I'd like to serve a big, tall glass of shut-up juice to both of them -- R.J. and Wyatt. R.J. proved why he shouldn't be in the middle of family drama. He was angry that Liam insinuated that he was young and naïve, but dude. Come on. Negotiations 101 will tell you not to promise what you can't deliver. R.J. guaranteed Hope wouldn't do it again. He'll be so hurt when he realizes he went to bat for Hope and believed her lies. I suggest R.J. shut up and go back to making videos because he ain't ready yet for family drama.

I'm puzzled by why Wyatt is so persistent about Liam rushing to reunite with Hope after barely 48 hours to process the kiss. I guess it's because Wyatt knows Hope and knows how quickly she can hop jets and be on a yacht to marriage-ville over the tiniest thing. Wyatt also knows how Hope can be married to one guy and salivate over another. Remember Amsterdam?

No matter how much R.J. and Wyatt tried to convince Liam, divorce is one thing he did not waffle on. But it begs the question: why is everyone adamant about saving Hope and Liam's marriage -- everyone but Hope and Liam? Hope and Liam's marriage is a dead horse, and Brooke, Wyatt, R.J. Steffy, and all the well-meaning others need to stop beating it. Liam knew before Hope did that she'd chosen Thomas, and Hope ran right to the man. Case closed.

Both mothers agree: Thope is a bad idea

Just when I thought Taylor and Brooke would never agree on anything in this world except for how unforgettable Ridge is, I found out that they do have one more thing in common: neither wants to see their children hooking up. The motivations behind their opinions, however, are quite different. Each thinks the other's brat is a corruptive force in her child's life!

The thought of being a corruptive force ought to send the newest bad girl Hope grinning all the way to the "principles" office. Her new mantra is "if it's wrong, it's gotta be right," but Taylor insists that it's a bad lesson for her reformed son, Thomas. According to Brooke's math, a positive and a negative only make a negative. Hope, on the other hand, believes that two negatives will come out positive. And Thomas? He's just happy to accept all the quarters that Hope's slipping in his slots, and he's giving her the rides of her life.

When it comes down to it, I agree with both women, and if they can join motherly forces, maybe they can stamp out the sexual flames burning between Hope and Thomas. Brooke is right when she says Hope is recklessly riding Thomas down the primrose path to hell on earth by "following her heart." Brooke knows better than anyone where that leads a woman -- morally stoned, branded the town slut, and forever dragged by her rivals. Brooke doesn't want that for her daughter, but as my mama says, "a hard head makes a soft behind." Meaning, Hope's gonna have to learn the hard way.

On the other hand, Taylor is like Steffy, worried that Hope will make Thomas regress and fall back into his obsession. I happen to not only agree, but I believe that's where the storyline is headed. Hope will eventually learn the hard way that she can't play with Thomas' feelings and waffle between him and Liam as she did between Liam and Wyatt.

I can guarantee one thing: the silk-clad snake Taylor will find a way to use Thope to slither between Ridge and Brooke. Even though Ridge chose between the two, it sure looked to me like he was eyeing Taylor's menu Friday when he uttered that a kiss was just a kiss. I took that as a double entendre about not only the Thope kiss, but also the Tridge kiss last year in Monaco. Can we stand another round of Logan versus Forrester wars?

That might be just what we get. Just ask Steffy, who already uttered some fighting words, saying "Hope really is a Logan, isn't she?"

Other odds and ends that piqued my interest around town

Thomas bought a new house?Did anyone else notice that Thomas is living in Katie's house? When did Katie move? It's no wonder so much sex is going on up there. It was the same way when Katie lived there. That bedroom must be possessed by Aphrodite.

Douglas and Beth went to camp? Douglas and Beth got dropped off at camp. How considerate of the writers to slip that little detail in there, freeing Hope up for an afternoon romp session, but why didn't she tell Thomas that Douglas was at camp? Because he knows what she'll say before she says it? I guess that's the same reason they haven't talked about Douglas yet. They are mind-vibing about it. But let me ask this: is Beth old enough for overnight camp?

I got a foreboding feeling about Steffy and Finn. When Steffy and Finn were talking about Monaco again, and Steffy discussed being without Finn, did anyone get the feeling Finn might die for real? Or at least that he might walk out on her?

Unforgettable, like the song. Deacon visited Sheila in prison and seriously told her that she was "Unforgettable," like the song. As in Brooke and Ridge's song. Come on, writers, couldn't he have just said "unforgettable" and left it at that?

Brooke barging in on Hope and Thomas. Did you notice that Brooke saw Hope's keys but not her car outside? I found it hilarious the way Brooke charged into that room like she was about to put out a fully involved fire with a spray bottle. But no one on the show did mommy horror better than Taylor when she found Bill and Steffy rolling around in Steffy's childhood bed.

Is Thomas finally getting his Brooke? Bear with me a moment. Back in the day, Thomas had a thing for Brooke. I've always said he just wanted Hope because she was the next best thing. Now that Hope is acting more like her mother, supposedly, Thomas is at last able to have his Brooke. Or at least his very own Logan, just like his dad.

In a look ahead: Lope comes to an end

Hope and Liam end their marriage, and it couldn't be a moment too soon for me because that dead horse stinks to high heaven. Liam will supposedly admit the truth about something and hatch a plan. As long as it doesn't involve tequila and Steffy, I'm fine with whatever he does. Well, except stealing Manne-Hope and telling the kids that mommy's back home.

As Sheila's trial starts, Finn issues a warning but is surprised by his feelings for Sheila. Her trial comes to a "shocking" end. Let me guess, she's freed? That must be where Kelly's scary premonition from earlier in the week comes in. Maybe Sheila being free is enough to send Steffy out of town with the kids and kick off Jacqueline MacInnes Wood's maternity leave.

Also next week, Wyatt and Hope delve into their past. I suppose Wyatt will ask if she even remembers him, the original bad boy that rocked her world first -- and if she'll remember how it ended with his psycho mom causing her to fall down the stairs and her running off to Milan. Hope's gotta know it can definitely end similarly with Thomas, who's got a gunslinger for a mother.

That's it. I'm all scooped out! Let us know how you felt about the developments last week in the comments section below! And until we scoop again stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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