Sex shamed! Are moral police like Li out of fashion? Plus, is Luna that bad at math?

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Last week, Li sex-shamed Poppy and claimed it was "like mother, like daughter," but how right can Li be if Luna is too naïve to tabulate that Bill plus Poppy might equal Luna? Speaking of Poppy's morals, is Li's diatribe against Poppy's lifestyle a storyline beyond its expiration date in society today? Maybe that's a question for Hope, who is driving her morals off the cliff along with Emma in exchange for passion. Let's scoop!

"Wait. I wasn't born in a hippie commune cabbage patch?"

The title above depicts the exact look on Luna's face when R.J. tried to delicately break down what Li so bluntly announces to the world about Poppy on the daily. "Luna, girl, yo mama sleeps around!" In fact, who did Luna think all those men drifting in and out of Poppy's life were? If Poppy was sleeping with as many men as Li says, I'm surprised Luna didn't latch onto one of them and mistake him for her father. "Are you my daddy?...Hey, you. Wake up. Are you my daddy?" That is a question Luna should have been asking every man she saw Poppy encounter, especially if Poppy was actively gold digging.

I'm amazed that Poppy was such a free spirit sexually and managed to raise a nonexperimental, naïve, virginal daughter. Luna told R.J. that she'd been happy while growing up that it had been just the two of them, her mother and her -- plus, you know, all the rando guys slipping out the back door before sunup, according to Li.

Poppy claims it wasn't as bad as Li says, and I'm inclined to believe that. After all, Luna described her life growing up as modest. She never once said a rich man bought her a pony! To me, that means Li either doesn't know what she's talking about when it comes to Poppy's manipulation of men, or Poppy is the worst gold digger on the planet. Was Poppy really doing all that sleeping around and couldn't even get a man to put her up in a penthouse? Poppy really couldn't get herself ahead using the dance moves that Bill can't forget for over 20 years?

It's a mystery to me how Poppy raised Luna without Luna having any idea of Poppy's active love life. Props to Poppy for having the best, most discreet men and babysitters, I guess. For as much of a flower child as Poppy claims to be, though, she had to be remiss in telling her daughter about the birds and the bees, because it seemed really hard for Luna to figure out that Poppy was indeed poom-pooming Bill Spencer as many years ago as Luna is old.

I've always wanted Bill Spencer to have a daughter, but I dislike the idea that Bill's children seem to come out of the adult cabbage patch, fully grown and ready to reap the benefits of his billions. Kelly didn't tell Bill about Liam. When Bill found out about Wyatt, he asked for an abortion. Bill had been all about building his company when Luna had been allegedly conceived, so would he have also wanted to abort her had he known?

Who cares if Poppy is a sex shooter in 2024?

First, if you don't know what a sex shooter is, Google it and come back. Okay, now, if Poppy wants to live free, pop gummies, and spend time in the company of a smooth, six-packed man, what's it to Li? She's giving Poppy the SFTV treatment, but viewers have zero evidence that Poppy has slept around. If she did, Luna would know it -- unless Luna's more oblivious to who her mother supposedly is than Lois Lane is to who Clark Kent really is.

Poppy was snarky with Li and playfully sardonic in a sense, toying with Li's obsession with Poppy's business, and as Li persisted to paint her sister as some Brooke-wanna-be vixen, I began to question how it was going over with other viewers. Is Li's Stephanie-esque obsession with another woman's morals an intriguing storyline or one past its expiration date?

Seriously, didn't we just do a sexual awakening with Hope, hokey porn music, hair fan, and all? Now we have to listen to a grandmother read her sister for filth for enjoying her life after successfully raising a daughter? I loved how Poppy laughed, thanking Li for saying she was too young to date a grandfather, but aren't we tired yet of women sex-shaming each other on this show? It's only been happening since 1987, right?

What do you think? Is sex-shaming a woman still a profitable storyline for soaps in modern times? Under what circumstances do you think it's okay for a person to go off on another one the way Li did Poppy? I get that Li doesn't want Poppy embarrassing Li and Finn with an unseemly relationship with Bill, but is Li aware that Steffy already did this?

My advice to Li is to find something better to do than roam the halls of Forrester, looking to catch Luna or Poppy living their best lives. To Poppy, I suggest setting up a craft booth at Forrester so she can have her own special space in which to properly "serve" Li the next time Li wants to pop off about things that are not her business.

It's been a second, so Thomas was checking in

When Thomas arrived at the cabin with Douglas' school work, basketball, fake letter, or whatever the excuse prop was, saying he needed to return it, I immediately thought Thomas probably stole it when Douglas wasn't looking, just to find a reason to show up there. According to Thomas, it had "been a second" since he and Hope had last spoken, so he wanted to check in. Yeah, it's been a literal second, and as usual, Thomas claims to give Hope space but doesn't and claims not to pressure Hope while steadily pressuring her.

Hope let Thomas know she was still processing things, and even though she didn't want to be ruled by the past, she couldn't completely forget it. She said she'd asked for time apart because she needed to figure out the same things that, frankly, she's been trying to figure out since Rome. She let him know that a lot of bad memories from the baby-napping period had cropped up, too. But in true obsessive, sociopathic fashion, Thomas continued to press Hope about how much he missed her, wanted a future with her, and wanted to touch her.

What I noticed most about the interaction between Hope and Thomas last week was that Thomas has gone from claiming he'd changed on his own to now making Hope the total reason for his change. He said that it was because of her that he'd become a man worthy of her, and folks, those are some dangerous words. If his change and worthiness hinges on Hope, what's gonna happen to him if she does leave?

Maybe we don't have to worry about that for now because, as usual, Thomas is able to lull Hope out of her doubts and into his arms by plying her with compliments and giving her the things she can't resist: total devotion and sex. It's true that Hope's friend crashed to her death while Thomas grinned, but hey, Hope can't live in the past. She's gotta live in the Hope-worshipping present of Thomas.

Umm, weren't Xander and Finn supposed to "put an end" to Thomas? What happened to that?

Odds and ends around town:

Here are a few other happenings around town that made me stop and think:

The Spencer men talk about Fate. Bill isn't one to believe in fate, but he'll never forget a good rump shaker. Bill goes on and on about the way Poppy looked and danced at that festival, but we have yet to hear Poppy recall one individual memory of that night herself -- have we? Li asserted that her sister is a gold-digging con, so I gotta ask -- was that really Poppy who Bill was with that night in his tent? Was it really they who made magic, or did the booze and drugs that R.J. hinted had been at the festival just make them think that?

Where is Liam living? Liam came by to pack up Wyatt's things at the beach house. I guess Wyatt had to hurry up and go nowhere and couldn't even pack. As Bill ate an apple and watched Liam work, I wondered where Liam is living and why Wyatt hadn't offered Liam the beach house first. When Liam and Hope first parted, Liam was staying at Bill's, but Wyatt pointed out that Liam had been doing it only because Bill was on the yacht in Europe. If Liam still lives with Bill, it would have been nice if Bill said it was the reason he'd taken Poppy to the beach house -- privacy.

In a look ahead: The romantic protests continue

R.J. and Luna continue to be interrupted, this time by Zende, who makes an appearance at the beach house. Look, if Zende hasn't also rented the place accidentally, he needs to get out. However, it does make me wonder if these kiddies keep getting interrupted because fate is trying to tell them that they are related. Maybe fate brought Poppy and Bill back together just so Luna could question her paternity before she makes an incestual mistake. Hell, what if both Luna and R.J. are Nick Marone's kids? It happened on our sister soap with Scott and Cricket. Although Nick isn't the crafts and festivals type, either, is he?

The Thope wars continue. Ridge finds out about Thomas' marriage proposal to Hope. I wonder what gave it away? The albatross around Hope's neck? Brooke and Ridge disagree about their children's romantic relationship. Just "eww" to even have to write that. Steffy and Finn side with Brooke, and that's how we know hell has frozen over.

In other news, Luna becomes suspicious of Poppy's secrets. Well, that means Poppy probably doesn't shout from the tent tops that she and Bill made a baby that magical night. Maybe she ran into Thorne or Nick or even Eric at that festival the next night? Don't sex-shame her. If Stephanie can do it, Poppy can, too!

That's it! That's all the scoops! I hope you enjoyed it, and until we do it again, I hope you stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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