The big Macy question

Posted Sunday, February 11, 2001 9:50:41 PM
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The big Macy question

Soap Central users have been buzzing at the news that Macy Alexander might not be as dead as she's believed to be.

Last summer, Macy (played by Bobbie Eakes) was presumed dead in a fiery explosion. However, in the scenes preceding the big blast, a lady trucker was seen frantically trying to extricate Macy from the car wreckage.

Fans were never shown if Macy was freed in time. So why are fans suddenly declaring the well-liked character alive?

On January 26th, Adam Alexander appeared on his daughter Kimberly's doorstep and asked her to run away with him. Adam promised his daughter that if she agreed, she would receive "something so wonderfully miraculous."

This month Eakes appeared in a non-speaking role on Days of our Lives. Her return to daytime television was the subject of much chattering late last year when it was revealed that the actress was up for a part on ABC's General Hospital. Eakes denied that she'd reached a deal with General Hospital and the rumors have been subsequently quelled.

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