The Bold and the Beautiful to simulcast in Spanish

Posted Friday, April 20, 2001 4:20:45 PM
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Later this year, The Bold and the Beautiful will make daytime history. The popular CBS soap will start to simulcast its episodes in Spanish over the SAP (Second Audio Program) setting available on most newer television sets. In its roughly translated Spanish title, Belleza y Poder, B&B loses some of its boldness, becoming known as Beauty and Power.

The move to broadcast the show in Spanish is an obvious attempt to lure some of the nearly 33 million persons of Hispanic origin in the United States to the show. According to executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell, the move should help propel B&B into a market left untapped by most American soaps. Until now, most Spanish speaking viewers have opted for Latin American serials on cable channels such as Telemundo.

According to insiders, ABC is already planning a similar move. According to reports, All My Children and Port Charles will be adding additional Latino characters to their rosters and Spanish simulcasts of the two shows are in the works. Several months ago, ABC introduced the SAP feature to its World News Tonight.

In addition to the audio changes, The Bold and the Beautiful will also reorganize its family structure by introducing more Latino characters to the show's lineup. Bell notes that the introduction of Latino characters is not a stunt being used to draw more Latino viewers. "It is important that [viewers of all ethnic backgrounds] get to watch more Latino plot and characters."

According to reports, two characters, possibly of Mexican origin, will be the first to debut. Bell hints that the pair will probably be a mother and her son. The door will be left open for other members of the family to enter the show down the road.

In related news, The National Council of La Raza honored former Bold and the Beautiful star, Gladis Jimenez (ex-Carmen) with an ALMA nomination. The ALMA Awards celebrate outstanding achievement by Latino performers in the media.

The scheduled first Spanish simulcast of B&B is slated for May 28.

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