Lustig and Buxton are out; Two Latino stars on deck

Posted Friday, May 4, 2001 4:20:45 PM
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Two Out, Two In

In a shocking turns of events, The Bold and the Beautiful will shed two characters this month... and then replace them with two new characters a few weeks later.

Sarah Buxton (Morgan) and Aaron Lustig (Tim) will exit the show on May 11th.

Buxton's departure has been fodder for gossip for many weeks now. In March, A B&B spokesperson had previously stated that Buxton was not leaving the show. Her statement, however, placed heavy emphasis on the fact that Buxton wasn't leaving at that time. Buxton has been with The Bold and the Beautiful for over a year, having landed the role after the cancellation of Sunset Beach.

Lustig hasn't had as much time as Buxton to get comfortable at B&B.

"I was surprised that my storyline ended so abruptly," says Lustig to TV Guide. Lustig insists that he loved working with Buxton, but hints that he isn't actively pursuing another daytime role. Lustig has appeared in many feature films in addition to his work on B&B and The Young and the Restless, where his character was created.

Guiding Light alum Paulo Benedeti (ex-Jesse Blue) will arrive on the screen as Antonio Dominguez, a budding fashion designer. This new role was first discussed by head writer and executive producer Bradley Bell last month when it was announced that B&B will begin simulcasting its episodes in Spanish. A bevy of former daytime stars had audition for the role. Benedeti was with Guiding Light for over three years, having played Jesse Blue from June 1997 to July 3, 2000.

Joining Benedeti will be Sandra Vidal. Vidal will play Sofia Alonso, a fashion model. Vidal is a relative newcomer to show business. The actress did appear in the 1997 film El Mundo contra mí, translated as The World Against Me.

The two newcomers are scheduled to make their first appearances during the latter part of the month.

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