Melissa's debut put on hold

Posted Friday, December 21, 2001 9:35:41 PM
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Melissa's debut put on hold

According to a show spokesperson, the mysterious Melissa Forrester will not be making her first appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful any time soon.

Who do you think Melissa Forrester
will turn out to be?

 Choice   Votes   Approximate %
 I really don't have a clue who Melissa will be.  123  29% 
 I'm guessing it will be another Forrester kid.  93  22% 
 I think it'll be Eric's here-to-unknown sibling.  91  21% 
 I have a feeling she will be an ex Forrester wife.  58  14% 
 I think the name Melissa is being used as a smokescreen.  38  9% 
 Other  22  5% 
 Total Votes  425

   Posted On: Dec. 10, 2001
A casting call went out last month for the unknown Forrester family member, prompting many fans to wonder what Melissa's ties would be to Forrester clan. In a WT? On the Spot poll conducted by Soap Central, 29% of those participating in the poll stated that they had "no idea" who Melissa would turn out to be. About one-fifth felt that Melissa would be a here-to-unknown sibling to Thorne and Kristen and about the same number thought that Melissa might turn out to be Eric's sister. Few respondents felt that Melissa would turn out to be one of the Forrester men's long-lost ex-lovers. 9% felt that Melissa wasn't the real name of the character and that the show was using that name as a smokescreen to protect the character's real identity.

Apparently, Melissa was a character that B&B execs were batting and around. Melissa was never fully-developed and was merely a character outline. The show refused to rule out an eventual appearance by Melissa, however, she's not expected to be seen until well into the New Year.

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