It's not a dream: Patrick Duffy joins B&B

Posted Wednesday, March 08, 2006 12:17:13 AM
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It's not a dream: Patrick Duffy joins B&B

The Bold and the Beautiful will once again be visiting Dallas. But don't expect to see prairies and cattle farms, because the CBS soap will not be doing an on-location shoot. Former primetime soap star Patrick Duffy (ex-Bobby Ewing) will be joining the cast next month. And no, this is not a dream.

B&B head writer and executive producer Bradley Bell has been hinting in recent weeks that he wanted to cast two "big name" stars for some upcoming new roles. Last month, Soap Central reported that former Saved By The Bell star Mario Lopez would join the cast in the contract role of Christian Ramirez.

Dallas star Linda Gray to make B&B appearance. [Jan 17, 2005]

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