B&B star Ronn Moss, wife hurt in car accident

Posted Monday, July 30, 2012 12:47:55 AM
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B&B star Ronn Moss, wife hurt in car accident

The Bold and the Beautiful's Ronn Moss and his wife, Devin, are recuperating from a serious car accident. Moss sustained facial lacerations, and both suffered some bumps and bruises. Moss has been a B&B cast member since the show's debut in 1987.

Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester) and his wife, Devin Devasquez, are counting their blessings after an eight-car accident totaled their new truck on Friday, July 27. According to Devasquez's Facebook blog (called DevRonn's Blog), it could have been a lot worse, and the truck probably saved their lives.

The couple was outside a Starbucks, when, as Devasquez reports:

An old guy came out of nowhere and hit two cars before hitting us that caused us to spin a 360 and hit several other cars including a lamp post that fell on top of the truck. It was quite a scene and poor Ronn had a bad bump on his head that was bleeding along with a shoulder injury.

Devasquez is stiff and sore with bruising to the right side of her body. Moss, who'd never been in an accident before, was shaken and disoriented, according to his wife. Since the accident, Devasquez has updated her blog entry with pictures of the accident scene and damaged truck.

For Devasquez, the most surreal part of the accident was people asking her if she was with "Ridge Forrester." She says she and Moss are counting their blessings that no one was standing outside the café when the driver barreled into the sidewalk.

On his Twitter page, Moss reports that he is toughing through his pain, because he doesn't want to take hospital medications. The Bold and the Beautiful is on a week's hiatus, which will give him a little time to recover.

"Strange how depression slips in. Have to fight that. Not a victim," Moss wrote, adding that he had to undergo an MRI to determine the extent of the injuries he'd received in the crash.

Other details of the accident have yet to be released, and it is unclear what caused the instigating driver to spin out of control.

Moss and Devasquez both thanked fans for their love, prayers, and support.

Ronn Moss has portrayed Ridge Forrester on B&B since the show first aired in 1987.

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