B&B casting male "heart throb" -- maybe not

Posted Saturday, August 11, 2012 4:24:41 PM
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B&B casting male 'heart throb?'

The Bold and the Beautiful had plans to add to its younger set. Those plans have apparently been altered now that original cast member Ronn Moss has announced his exit from the show.

The Bold and the Beautiful is looking to beef up its 20something set. Literally. A recent casting call indicated that the show wanted to add a new, "edgy" face to its roster. That decision is now under review following a high-profile departure.

According to the casting notice, the show was looking for an actor that is "Male. Caucasian. 25-28 years old. Heart throb. Very Masculine. Edgy. Not afraid to get the job done. Bit of a cad."

If and when that new character debuts, however, is now in question. In light of Ronn Moss's (Ridge Forrester) exit from the show, however, B&B has withdrawn the casting notice.

It's unclear if this casting notice will be reissued, or if the role has been permanently shelved.

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