B&B releases "Most Shocking Moments" on DVD

Posted Thursday, August 23, 2012 8:07:57 PM
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B&B releases 'Most Shocking Moments' on DVD

The Bold and the Beautiful has released a new DVD compilation of 15 episodes that feature the series' "Most Shocking Moments."

The Bold and the Beautiful has released its first-ever compilation of classic episodes. The DVD release is comprised of 15 episodes with some of the series' "Most Shocking Moments."

Lately, it would be safe to say that some of the most shocking moments on The Bold and the Beautiful have happened off-screen. But a quick look at some of the episodes included on the two-disc set offers an incredible reminder of why B&B is the most-watched soap opera in the world.

Among the episodes included are:

Episode 4156
After a romantic reunion in the rainforest, Ridge tells Brooke that he wants to start a family with her.

Episode 4361 and 4362
To Thorne's surprise, Eric chooses Ridge as Forrester's new leader. Nick finds out Felicia has cancer.

Episode 4544
Taylor returns to surprise Ridge in the cemetery while he digs for an answer.

Episode 4605 and 4606
Brooke finds out that Stephanie faked her heart attack. Eric turns to Brooke after hearing about Stephanie's lie.

Episode 4628
Bridget tells Nick that she lied about having an abortion

Episode 4835
Felicia is stunned to see Dante and Bridget kissing right before her wedding.

Episode 4850
While on her way to save Phoebe, Taylor accidentally strikes Darla with her car.

Episode 4913 and 4914
Taylor tells Thorne she was the one responsible for Darla's death.

Episode 5388
Donna discovers that Pam is her attacker.

Episode 5391 and 5392
Bridget finds out that Katie is pregnant with Nick's child.

Episode 5454
After a tragic car crash, Phoebe dies in Ridge's arms

"The Bold and the Beautiful -- Most Shocking Moments" DVD is available exclusively through Amazon, and can be purchased by clicking here.

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