Guiding Light couple to reunite on B&B... kind of

Posted Friday, December 07, 2012 12:09:33 AM

Karla Mosley and Lawrence Saint-Victor are both headed to The Bold and the Beautiful in 2013. Though the actors were romantically involved on-screen on Guiding Light, that reportedly didn't play into their hiring.

Karla Mosley (ex-Christina Moore) and Lawrence Saint-Victor (ex-Remy Boudreau) are joining the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful, but their mutual hirings were, according to TVGuide, purely coincidental.

On Guiding Light, Mosley and Saint-Victor played "on again, off again" spouses, Mosley mused in a recent appearance on Soap Central Live. The actress also shared memories of Guiding Light and talked about her new single, "Simply Lovely." Proceeds from the sale of the download of "Simply Lovely" benefit Covenant House, a charity helping homeless youth.

Mosley will make her first B&B appearance on January 17 in the role of Maya, a woman who shares a Skid Row past with Dayzee. Dayzee will reportedly be less than thrilled with the reunion.

Mosley appeared on Guiding Light from 2008 through the show's conclusion in 2009.

Saint-Victor, meanwhile, will debut on January 29. Though the actor's role has not yet been named, the character's place on the canvas has been established. Saint-Victor will play Marcus' adoptive brother.

"I will be joining the wonderful cast of The Bold and the Beautiful," Saint-Victor announced on Twitter. "Very excited!! God is good!"

Saint-Victor first appeared as GL's Remy in 2006. He remained with the show through its final episode in 2009.

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