Jacob Young on his Emmy-nominated "roller coaster of emotions"

Posted Monday, April 13, 2015 3:08:34 PM
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Jacob Young on his Emmy-nominated ‘roller coaster of emotions'

The Bold and the Beautiful's Jacob Young admits it was hard work earning an Emmy nomination this year.

The Bold and the Beautiful's Jacob Young (Rick Forrester) has been nominated for several Daytime Emmys and won in the Outstanding Younger Actor category back in 2002, but he's not ready to stop there. In fact, the work the California native submitted for this year's Outstanding Supporting Actor race proves he's working as hard as ever -- meaning the gold could definitely be his once more. With the big night fast approaching, Soap Central caught up with Young to get his take on his most recent nomination, how it feels to be up against costar Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer), and the one person who's more excited about his nomination than he is.

soapcental.com: You submitted the episode in which Maya [Karla Mosley] spills the beans about Caroline [Linsey Godfrey] and Ridge [Thorsten Kaye], right?

Jacob Young: Yeah, I think it was the same one that Linsey submitted, actually, when Maya calls her out and says she's having an affair with Ridge, and it's in the office. And in that same episode, I found out that my dad was going to give the company to Ridge and make him president or CEO, so it had a whole roller coaster of emotions, that episode. I wasn't sure, because we have the option, being a half hour show, to submit two, after the pre-nominations, and after looking at all of the other shows, I thought, 'This one really stands alone, so I'll just let it ride."

soapcental.com: Is it something you deliberated over a long time? Or did you just know immediately?

Jacob Young: You just kind of know when you have certain shows, and that one definitely stood out. I did a lot of work on that show. I was really trying to find all those levels, and I think I got pretty darn close to it.

soapcental.com: How does it feel to be going up against Scott Clifton? Is it weird to compete with a close costar?

Jacob Young: I'm really excited for him. If he won, I'd be ecstatic. I think it's great that we're both on the same show. I was actually hoping that Darin [Brooks, Wyatt Fuller] was going to make it in, because he was pre-nominated, as well. I was thinking, "At least one of us!" And we lucked out that there were two of us, so it's good.

soapcental.com: How did you find out that day that you'd been nominated?

Jacob Young: I knew they were going to be announcing it on The Talk, and I knew social media would tap it out, so I had Twitter going, because I wanted to see all the other nominations, as well. I didn't want to be surprised -- I hate surprises. I'd rather find out myself. [Our executive producer] Brad Bell did call right away, though, which was nice.

soapcental.com: Does the feeling of being nominated change over time? Or does it still have that same level of excitement your first nomination brought?

Jacob Young: Well, you know, it's interesting. When I was younger, I'd always get butterflies. But it truly is just an honor to be nominated. It's not like that excitement goes away, it's just kind of different. You never get used to it. [The first nomination] is overwhelming and everything you think about.

soapcental.com: How did your wife, Christen, react to the big news this year?

Jacob Young: She was probably way more excited than I was! She jumped up and down. She was really happy.

soapcental.com: Do you think about what you'll wear, or are you the typical guy about those kinds of things and don't really stress about it?

Jacob Young: Yeah, probably just a tuxedo. Traditional. But if Christen has a dress that has a color, then maybe I'll try to find a bowtie that has some of that color or something.

soapcental.com: Are you happy the ceremony is taking place at Warner Bros.?

Jacob Young: That's what I'm most excited about. That soundstage has been used for movies like Casablanca and on and on and on. It's so historical, so it's really cool. I've auditioned a ton at Warner Bros. and been to those big bungalows.

soapcental.com: What do you think about Tyra Banks being host?

Jacob Young: I think it's great. The fact that it's being televised, CBS has so many nominations in there, it's great. I think it's going to be a great award show this year.

Are you happy to see Young's name on the Outstanding Supporting Actor list this year? Do you think he'll take home the award? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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