Will B&B bring us Hope for the future?

Posted Monday, July 27, 2015 11:56:19 AM
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Will B&B bring us Hope for the future?

Rumors are swirling that Kim Matula will once again be making a return as The Bold and the Beautiful's Hope Logan.

The only thing more shocking than the death of Ashlyn Pearce's Aly on The Bold and the Beautiful last week is the jaw-dropping "oh, my God, really?" dose of sexuality Kim Matula (ex-Hope Logan) dished out in her latest film project. Will the actress take a more modest step back to her roots by returning to B&B? Rumors say yes!

Ever since Aly's untimely demise, the Internet has been abuzz with rumors that Matula's Hope will be returning to the canvas for the redhead's funeral. As fans may recall, Hope seemed to have a soft spot for Thorne and Darla's daughter, so a return to show her support and say her goodbyes wouldn't be surprising.

Matula, who left the role of Brooke's daughter in 2014 and returned for a brief appearance in April of this year, hasn't dropped any hints on social media. And since B&B reps have a policy of not commenting on rumors, it looks like fans will just have to wait and see if Hope for the future comes true.

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